Google Assistant is removing these 17 features

Google Assistant is removing these 17 features

Google has announced it is removing 17 features from Assistant in a shakeup of its virtual software application.

Given the advances in artificial intelligence (AI), Bard could be considered to be the future of Google Assistant and as part of ongoing changes to the tech giant’s service offering, it is removing what it describes as “underutilized features”.

In the blog announcement, the search giant detailed how it is “prioritizing the experiences you love and investing in the underlying technology to make them even better.”

The changes will disappoint some but the full breakdown details how users will still be able to access the generic features from a device, just not directly using Google software.

Amongst the key features to be hit, is the ability to set or use media, music, or radio alarms on Google Assistant-connected devices. The blog explained you can create a custom routine that has similar behavior or use a standard alarm. You will no longer be able to send an email or audio message with a voice prompt but that doesn’t seem like too much of a burden, given how those options are generally utilized.

Anyone who wants to give feedback or to relay their dissatisfaction with the changes has been invited to say “Hey Google, send feedback,” to leave a comment.

Google Assitant losing these 17 features

As confirmed by Google, the affected features include:

  1. Playing and controlling audiobooks on Google Play Books with your voice,
  2. Setting or using media alarms, music alarms, or radio alarms on Google Assistant-enabled devices,
  3. Accessing or managing your cookbook, transferring recipes from device to device, playing an instructional recipe video, or showing step-by-step recipes,
  4. Managing a stopwatch on Smart Displays and Speakers.
  5. Using your voice to call a device or broadcast a message to your Google Family Group,
  6. Using your voice to send an email, video or audio message,
  7. Rescheduling an event in Google Calendar with your voice,
  8. Using App Launcher in Google Assistant driving mode on Google Maps,
  9. Asking to schedule or hear previously scheduled Family Bell announcements.
  10. Being able to ask to meditate with Calm,
  11. Voice control for activities will no longer be available on Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 devices,
  12. Viewing your sleep summaries will only be available on Google Smart Displays.
  13. Calls made from speakers and Smart Displays will not show up with a caller ID unless you’re using Duo,
  14. Viewing the ambient “Commute to Work” time estimates on Smart Displays,
  15. Checking personal travel itineraries by voice,
  16. Asking for information about your contacts
  17. Asking to take certain actions by voice.

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