Hanging with Sharks as They Swarm Our Boat: Ep 275 – Video

Hanging with Sharks as They Swarm Our Boat: Ep 275 – Video

The video “SHARKS SWARM our boat (so we SWIM with them!) Ep 275” takes viewers on an exciting adventure as the Z-Crew explores the beautiful waters of the Bahamas. From scuba diving to kite surfing, the family enjoys all the activities the Bahamas have to offer. But the real highlight of the video is when a group of lemon sharks surround their boat, prompting Keith and Kate to jump in and swim with these peaceful creatures. The stunning underwater footage captures the awe-inspiring encounter with the sharks, providing a glimpse into the natural beauty of the ocean. The Z-Crew’s fearless and adventurous spirit shines through, making for an exhilarating and unforgettable experience for all involved. If you’re a fan of exploration and marine life, this video is a must-watch!

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Video Transcript

Oh my gosh son I tell you a story about me and you out on the water surrounded by the blue they scream it only I’ll be saved they toss out the L that I just let it flow away yeah I let it flow away I’ll let it

Flow away I’ll let it flow away Flow Away shine in yeah I’ll let it flow away iow away I Flow Away welcome to the Bahamas this is our happy place we’ve spent the last couple of weeks moving North in the Caribbean and are now in what we consider one of the most beautiful places in the world white sandy beaches lush tropical forests and the clearest water we’ve ever Seen we’ve cruised through the Bahamas several times on our 8year sailing journey and made some precious memories with our family from playing with the swimming pigs to family snorkeling in the crystal clear water to the place where our kids first first experience to Epic scuba diving fun hikes on the beach and the

Start of the cliff jumping Obsession of our kids the Bahamas are one of those places that’s both tropical and exotic yet the islands are just so close to home our home in the United States that it feels safe and comfortable with easy access to friends and family Stateside and one day

We hope it’s sort of a home away from home for us except during Hurricane Season of course this time we can only spend about a week here so we immediately began swimming and exploring we’d heard of an inlet that’s supposed to have lots of underwater life

So we decided to scope it out first to see if we needed to wait till high Tide what do you think the I I think this way half a meter green turtle look at Okay we’ve been in the water all morning that’s why it looks so beautiful um and we had to come back to shut hatches we have some storms coming through look at those big old puppy clouds so we are shutting hatches securing everything Jack I’m on let the

Boom come why are you doing that cuz you got to get to the zipper you want to zip it up yeah and we are stuck in this hideous place for the next week because of weather we got a big blow coming through as Keith likes to call it a lot

Of winds so kids are going to kite we’re going to stay put here it’s kind of nice and secure in this little Cove and stay here for a week life could be Worse so what’s the wind supposed to be over the next few days oh 2530 that’s not bad not bad everybody gets worried about 25 30 knots and it it doesn’t worry me until we get 40 or 50 yeah there was enough boat here but they left a couple boats but they

Left I totally missed this dude no what’s going on past us no rain put it put it put that in in first so there was no rain the clouds have passed for the most part we’re going to go over to this Lazy River looking place where Keith did

Some research yesterday and there’s a lot of Life a lot of turtles and Stingrays and manays and things so we’re going to go uh drift as uh the tide comes up and just kind of drift slowly as it goes out through the cut and it should be beautiful it should be great footage

Hopefully if it’s not then I’ll throw some other footage over all right here we [Applause] Go I got to go over here it it shallow oh you got it I like that there oh be touching now uhoh uhoh look what are you doing we got to get out there we go we got it just going to go play We’re drifting out in the boat The Tide is going

Out but it is chilly and the clouds covered the Sun up and I don’t want we F get in we’ll see a turtle we’re moving 4 knots an hour right now five nowo oh can’t we see six can we see six throw the sails out how fast are we going

Almond cells show us the speed one not right now for some reason trim it up Jack mine is trim yours needs to be trim that sail oh I can’t stand all the way over here I’ll fall off I’m standing but yeah but you’re not mean yeah use those toes Mama

You’re not 50y old M use those toes Luke already did it Luke was the guinea pig there you go old F Mater thing interestingly we didn’t see much underwater life a few Turtles running away and an eagle ray from the surface but when it came close to Finn he didn’t

Have a camera all right well Finn saw spotted eagle Rays yeah super super long call Tails tails long tails it took off where I could get a GoPro out uh visibil is not even like Yeah yeah he’s big what are they doing so these are called lemon sharks which are often found in Shallow habitats like coral reefs they’re typically social they like to travel in groups but aren’t particularly aggressive so they’re not considered a threat to people in the water however

We’re all still very calm and respectful of our peaceful visitors oh my gosh then Keith changed the light color so we could get a better look at them dad wants to determine what kind of sharks they are before you get in sorry Dad wants to determine what type of

Shark which what what does that mean a lemon they’re not as dangerous as any other shark a little more than n sharks but not much great just a bit more the things he’ll do for content content Kate just wants to get in she doesn’t even need content Finn you are

Brave there is a fine line between Brave and stupid though come on and Kate is going to cross that line right now we are literally hours from good Medical Care long I’m staying out you a see me in oh Kate has left the stairs oh my gosh you

Guys she needs to have a GoPro in her hand oh my gosh son and I just had to take this opportunity to introduce you to this episode sponsor obviously cers shark just like these lemon sharks steer clear of my children when you have cers shark VPN turned on hackers will not be

Able to penetrate your data or steal your information and now to Kate watch them away Kate with the surf Shark app it’s super easy to select a location click connect and stay protected until you turn it off oh back to Jack you can also have it autoc connect in certain shark infested

Wi-Fi which are any public Wi-Fi you’re not familiar with oh my gosh what you’re going to get a selfie with them surf shark is like a secret force field that protects your most vulnerable and precious Parts keeping you connected to the world without the fear of Invaders hackers or other dangerous

Predators they’re way down there though aren’t they Kate yeah they jack is not giv up yet right now you can get three months free with my discount code Zara go to surf shark. dealss satara or scan the QR code on the screen with your smartphone and it’ll

Take you directly to the website or if you’re watching this on your smartphone the link is also of course in the video description below was that scary that was so cool that was so cool oh C lemon sh it’s about Time oh yeah these gray gloomy clouds and 20 knot winds are here to stay for the next several days as indicated by the orange areas here on the predictwind forecast so we’re just going to stay tucked in here and make the best of It it was okay it was just too Gusty for me and it’s not even strong enough whenever it is Gusty so I decided I’ll wait till tomorrow oh that’s it okay I was using this last all right I’m going to the right right uh-huh that way you got

It there we go there you go SE some action I want to get away from make sure you pull that bar in dive it pull the bar in there you Go yeah buddy yeah yeah woo W K’s going to go a lot more get it get it get it get it here she goes here she goes Laing like a Pro so Gusty I feel like I’m getting yanked into Oblivion it’s time team rescue got a board no he doesn’t have it he lost his board where is it just park your kite l look your on the water here de power that kite all right depower it really

Quick depower your kite like that no pull that the yeah pull that pull that all the way there you now you got to pull it and that’s good all right for it yeah you were a long way from you got to get some speed so you

Have parent win pull the bar there you go there you go there you go there you go looks good there hey guys it’s almost summer and that means it’s time to get out there and get some big air zatara and cabrina are teaming together we’re doing a

Giveaway get a chance to win a brand new 2024 switchblade kite and bar by doing these two things Step One is make sure you subscribe to cabrina kite surfing here on Youtube it’ll be right here and in the description below and make sure you’re subscribed to sailings Atara I

Know most of you are but if you’re not subscribe step two comment cabrina giveaway and the size of kite you want that’s all you got to do we’ll be announcing the winner 2 weeks from today so stay tuned and good Luck We’re going to move a mile and a half down down the uh conception Island here see if we can find some less Gusty wind for King cuz the wind coming over this hill here is pretty Gusty and it’s not real good for King and I just learned that a lot of our viewers are from California so if you are in California watching us right now I want to say thank you we love you all California Florida and Texas we have the the largest amount of viewers so anyway we love you East Coast West Coast

And our home state of Texas love to all Mah maybe we’ll bring the boat to California is there a boat show in California that we could bring our boat to that is something I’m going to look into you just always filming why you always filming filming everything oh my

Gosh why are you always filming everything it’s like it’s my job or something it’s a job good thing your job ain’t dancing I would not be getting paid very well if that was my job look at this beautiful water I’ve said that in my video so I

Can say in my video yes I can my video you can’t be in my video you’re leaving anyway get out of my video get out of my video’ll be out of your life soon enough no never mind I changed my mind I want you back why are we putting the sail out

Right now did you put a sail out five more minutes you’re lazy I block my view there’s a lot of bombies around here we got to pay attention to that’s true sounds like he’s just he’s just lazy Jesus Wendy yes Wendy more Gusty here nice what do you think yes I don’t Know no the water is blue beautiful so also I don’t know if you know ESP Aquarius they also have a YouTube channel we sell with them for a little while Ken and Seville and they were crossing the Atlantic uh just uh the last few days in my time this is today’s

January 22nd and they lost both masts they their boat hit a wave or something and the main Mast fell it banged on their mizen MK for a couple hours and then that fell as well so hop over to S Aquarius we get a chance I’m sure she’s

Told the story by now they were both fine nobody got hurt but they had to finish their Atlantic Crossing with no masks so some kind friends both Motors took some fuel out to them so they could make it all the way across and uh anyway

I’ll put the link in I’ll put the link I think it’s right there and you can go check it out and support them and help them out I can hear it that’s Good Down Down Jack what’s wrong I just got a hose leak a hose leak yeah lovely okay yeah the raw water do me and it it’s called The siphon food it keeps salt water from going back into the engine so they raise it up higher than the water line or else water keep going into

The all right I guess they fixed it all right the Sun is up today the clouds have passed it’s still a little bit windy but it is time to play Keith and Kate are going to do some more scuba diving and I think Jack might do some

Kiding but it’s a beautiful day in the Bahamas how’s your foot the last thing we heard it was hurting and he thought it was broken and now it’s better I think I just strained some tendons in there when I was climbing those rocks at that waterfall and it’s better now better now YY and he can dive he can

Walk hobble I can make love to my wife what about the hair do you get the hair back yet sorry lot of problems out here sorry did you just fart shut up I did not fart I would own it if I did Kate’s super into scuba diving

Now we fill up our own tanks we have a skiing compressor down somewhere I don’t even know where it is it’s down there Luke Bosworth what are you doing I’m filming you while you’re texting all that dirty things you’re texting I can see I’m responding to all my comments I

Get each day on YouTube on YouTube yeah how’s it going it’s good it’s good I’m uploading right now actually are you really yeah I am oh excellent all right comments take a lot of work of responding to and I mean Renee knows all about it it’s good though you got to

Stay in community that’s the whole platform YouTube is to be in communication with your audience exactly exactly yeah sweet hey Kate did your BC try to fill up again yesterday we Go what is the purpose of so I don’t get any more blers so you’re in a hurry well you better calm down we’re all around you just join the fun cuz if you’re in a hurry you’re missing the point and I’m on Dy Duty and it’s really

Windy if I can’t hear what I’m saying I’m going to follow this dive diet boy the Diet it’s Beautiful is it all so come let’s is good it’s great you won’t find that anywhere in the world awesome that’s a good di babe very good what did you see lots of Life lots of life huh so much Fish the rain is coming you look like the Virgin Mary hey I’m the Virgin Mary the Virgin Mary was transgender watch of sticks we’re all filming nobody’s helping all right go hey hey guys make sure you’re surf surf Cina comment get a chance to win a brand new 2024

Switchblade kite and bar and bar okay okay okay okay not going to Lie oh my god did he bite you a little too close dude did it touch you oh no but he was he was cl he was going to sniff you do it again but this time don’t no put my legs he’s going camera oh

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