I’m Not With Him for Money – Love Knows No Size | LOVE DON’T JUDGE – Video

I’m Not With Him for Money – Love Knows No Size | LOVE DON’T JUDGE – Video

Jet and Angel have faced judgment and scrutiny from others due to their height difference, with many assuming that Angel must be using Jet for his disability checks. However, the couple shares their love story and how they found a connection beyond physical appearances. Jet’s disability, which stunted the growth of his legs due to a staff infection as a child, did not deter Angel from falling in love with him. They met on social media and instantly connected, finding out they share the same birthday. Despite the hurtful comments from strangers, they have been together for 10 years and have a son, who sees Jet as a superhero. Jet’s passion for music and his unique style of wearing designer shoes with orthopedic lifts has gained them a massive following on social media. Together, they have embraced their differences and proved that love transcends judgment and societal norms. Their story is a reminder that disability does not limit a person’s ability to have a successful career, a happy family, and a fulfilling life. Their love stands as a testament to the power of acceptance and understanding beyond physical appearances.

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This is jet he fell in love with Angel Jet was just a kid when he contracted an infection it affected my growth plates in my hip and my knees drop here my legs just never grew though his disability didn’t stop him from finding love others are often cruel to the couple about

Their height difference she’s 1,00% cheating on you people would like to say she just using me for my money or she’s a gold digger I used to read the comments all the time and get upset they say a lot of hurtful stuff my name is jet I’m Angel and

People judge us because of our height difference so we met on social media he asked me for my phone number we exchange phone numbers and he was like you know we should meet up for my birthday and I was like when’s your birthday he was like November 1st and I was like that’s

My birthday so we decided to meet a little early we spent about 3 days together and after that we just hit it off it was like my soulmate Nally when I uh first spoke to Angel on social media I was like uh I have a little leg and

When I told her that she was like okay cool and we just kept conversating you know so it it was like she didn’t really care my man Jack is a short King I wasn’t born like this I actually caught staff infects in the hospital affected

The growth plates in my hip in my knees and it also left me completely deaf in my left ear I remember all the way up till two three maybe four my legs were the same height but because of that staff infection it stuned the growth of my

Growth plate so my legs just never grew when we started talking to each other we was already at that Vibe so we like just clicked so when he told me I was like okay whatever don’t care I didn’t really judge him it was like a special thing we

Had the same birthday so I looked past his flaw I was like that’s something special oh your hands are way too cold for that no look they W let me try that’s cold that’s cold take it it’s love most of the Judgment we get is really on social media they say I’m a

Gold digger they say I’m using him for his money he get disability checks his girl is giving off a lot of men Vibes glad I’m not the only one thinking his girl is actually his guy like God they say a lot of hurtful stuff she’s 1,00%

Cheating on you your rap name should be leggy Smalls that clever I give you that you better stop thr around that medical money she there for that check get your leg chopped off and get a fake leg amputate your little foot and get a fake one go to the body part section at

Walmart jokes on you cuz I bought a fake leg on Amazon they also say that I don’t look happy when I be with him oh she looks miserable oh she’s definitely using him she don’t even look happy it’s like how can you tell just from looking

At my face like okay all right yeah it’s it’s crazy it gets to me it doesn’t get to him he thinks it’s funny but to me I guess cuz we’re different it like it actually bothers me cuz I’m like I’m not a guy we’ve been together for 10 years

How am I using you or how am I gold digger but I understand cuz they don’t know from the outside looking in he used to read the comments all the time and get upset and I used to be like stop reading the comments only thing I I can

Say that really bothers me about it is um people feel like on social media people with disabilities can’t have a good career they can’t have a good wife they can’t have kids they can’t have money they can’t work for themselves we’re numb to it now like you can say

Anything it doesn’t hurt but that’s not cool nobody no human should be numb enough to where nothing affects us emotionally this is the jet cave where all the magic happens where you see the the cool shites with the lifts on it the way this all started was uh me standing

Like this I stand like this naturally and then one day I I looked at a picture of myself and I said wouldn’t it be cool if I tilt myself and made it look like I’m flying and this is what we come to right here the jet the infamous jetpack

Boot in 2018 I actually dropped an album called the jetpack kid so it all started really from the music the music is what turned the jetpack into this into a video I was about 3 or 4 years old we walked into a uh a doctor office and

They gave me a boot on my suit Orthopedic GPH ever since then I just been wearing a lift on my shoes when I was younger I didn’t care about having a you know a little leg and a boot on my shoes but when I got into about high

School that’s when you start becoming more self-conscious and that’s when I kind of started worrying more about the shes I have on so the best thing was to get the coolest Sneakers a lot of time the Orthopedics I would bring shoes that have like bubbles in the soles and they would tell me they couldn’t cut them but I would force them to cut it God behold they would able to put these Orthopedics on these nice designer shoes that’s what initially

Started me you know wearing these designer and brand name shoes the orthopedic I just wanted it to be cooler when you have a disability people want you to uh be fine with the bare minimum and I don’t think that’s cool I own over 100 pairs of shoes the process of

Getting an orthopedic boot on these shoes is oh my God it’s crazy the quickest I ever got a shoot back with probably in 3 weeks but generally it takes about nowadays 3 to 6 months prob one sho I’m always giving my Orthopedic probably over 10 pairs of shoes so I can

Understand why it takes such a long process it cost $165 per boot to put the shoe on I wish I could say an expensive hobby but it’s more like a expensive Hobby and medical you know the way I looked at it when I walk outside you know people going to

Stay up my shoes or my legs regardless I always figured Med would have like the coolest sneaker on I think it’s actually cool cuz I never seen nobody do this before and the kids love him like when we go out they be like oh my God you’re

The guy with the shoe you’re the guy with the shoe like every time we go out they just love him and our son he looks at him as a superhero it’s Flamingo man overall on social media I have well over a million followers probably over a

Billion views on Tik Tok and the very first video I threw up did 2 million views and ever since then we just kept posting and posting and then eventually it came to me sharing my fiance into our videos the first video that we did was like in our dining room it was like

Acting like we was in a museum he’s trying to come up to me trying to you know holler at me or whatever and I’m like I don’t date short guys and then he stands on his T leg like what about now it shows that just because you got a

Disability you can still have a family a nice beautiful girl and all this other stuff oh you’re so short because you know people hate people do not like relationship they be like how he get a girl with a little leg and I’m like this what am I doing wrong it’s like you’re

Not doing anything wrong you just judging people instead of you know taking the time out to actually get to know them keep being negative in the comments helps the algorithm there it is I guess we just got to wait and see what the people going to say yep yep

Hopefully they like it y they’re going to troll Us in the comments I know they are well one thing my parents always taught me was never judge a book by its cover you never know what somebody’s going through or any of that when I met

You it show me that there is hope there is somebody out here that could love you for you and just not unconditionally from your parents and I think I needed to see that and that’s what show me and gave me motivation to be a better person

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AFTER connecting online, Jett and Angel discovered they shared the same birthday and decided to meet up, instantly hitting it off. Jett was just a kid when he contracted an infection that stunted the growth in one of his legs, leaving him with one leg shorter than the other. Right from the beginning of their relationship, Jett was upfront about his disability, he explained to Love Don’t Judge: “Initially when I spoke to Angel on social media, I was like ‘I have a little leg,’ and when I told her that she was like, ‘Ok, cool'”. Angel added: “We already had that vibe, so we just clicked. I didn’t really judge him. We had the same birthday, so I looked past his flaw.” However, their height difference does attract a lot of attention online – and not all of it is positive. Angel admitted: “Most of the judgement we get is online. They say I’m a ‘gold digger’. They say I’m ‘using him for his money’. They say a lot of hurtful stuff.” Reflecting on their relationship, Jett told Angel: “When I met you, it showed me there is hope. There is someone who can love you for you.” In this episode of Love Don’t Judge, we’ll hear about the scrutiny Jett and Angel face and how they deal with the challenges.

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