“Introducing Samsung’s Innovative Dual-Bend Flip Phone Concept” – Video

“Introducing Samsung’s Innovative Dual-Bend Flip Phone Concept” – Video

See Samsung's New Concept Flip Phone That Can Bend Both Ways

Samsung has just unveiled some groundbreaking new foldable display concepts at CES 2024, and they are sure to excite tech enthusiasts everywhere. One of the most intriguing concepts is the Flex In-N-Out flip, which takes the foldable phone design to a whole new level. Unlike traditional foldable phones that only bend inwards, the Flex In-N-Out flip can also fold backwards, offering the unique ability to transform into a miniature phone that fits in the palm of your hand when bent all the way back.

This innovative design eliminates the need for a secondary screen, providing a seamless user experience with a single consistent display. The potential for this concept to revolutionize the way we use smartphones is immense, and it will be fascinating to see if it becomes a reality in future Samsung products.

In addition to the Flex In-N-Out flip, Samsung also showcased another intriguing concept called the Flex Lightel, featuring a slightly curved top display that wraps around the phone. This concept harkens back to the old Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, offering a bar for viewing notifications and app shortcuts.

While these concepts are still in the early stages and not yet available for hands-on interaction, the hardware looks promising, and the potential for these designs to shape the future of smartphones is undeniable. For those eager to see more of Samsung’s latest innovations, be sure to stay tuned for further coverage of CES 2024 from CNET.

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We’re here at the Samsung display booth at CES 2024 checking out some of Samsung’s new foldable display Concepts and one of the most exciting ones is called the flex In-N-Out flip so what this is is it basically looks like a Galaxy Z flip 5 but instead of Folding

Inwards It actually folds backwards as well so basically the big benefit of this is that you have one screen that can serve as a regular Smartphone when it’s opened but then also a miniature phone that can kind of fit in the palm of your hand when it’s bent All the Way

Backwards the other way and yes you can kind of already get that experience with the Galaxy Z flip 5 because it has that big cover display on the front but the difference here is that it’s all one screen you don’t need that secondary screen so I can just imagine what that

Might be like if this ever shows up in a phone the idea that you have one display that’s consistent and you don’t have to decide to like optimize what apps you want on the cover screen versus not on the cover screen I think it’s a really interesting idea and it’ll be promising

To see if this ever actually comes out in a real product but the other concept that is also interesting that’s being shown at CES 2024 is the light bul and that’s basically another concept that looks a lot like the Galaxy Z flip again but the top of it is just slightly

Curved the top of the display actually curves around the top of the phone and it just kind of subtly wraps around so that you have a bar that presumably can be used for viewing notifications and things like that and the interesting thing about the flex lightel concept is

That it actually kind of reminds me of an old Samsung phone from years ago called the Galaxy Note Edge if you’re a longtime Samsung fan you might remember that this version of the Galaxy Note Edge also had a tiny little curved part that could show um things like notifications and app shortcuts and

Things like that so it’s interesting to kind of see that sort of idea revived in A New Concept that’s even more curved the liel is also just a concept it may or may not show up in future products down the line so I haven’t had the chance to actually get my hands on

Either of these Concepts were not allowed to actually touch them but I did get to see them up close and the hardware does look really promising and also I noticed on the flex in and out hybrid it does look like it’s a looped video playing rather than the actual

Software but the video does give you an idea of what apps will look like and what the home screen would look like when you bend the phone backwards and unfold it regularly so we just took a look at the new flexible display Concepts at Samsung displays booth at

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