Is Jamaican Jerk the Best in the World? The Ultimate BBQ King in Miami! 🇯🇲 – Video

Is Jamaican Jerk the Best in the World? The Ultimate BBQ King in Miami! 🇯🇲 – Video

In the quest for the best Jamaican cuisine in Miami, Chef Tally’s jerk chicken, ribs, and pork stand out as top contenders. Tucked away in the heart of Miami, Chef Tally brings the flavors of Jamaica to the Caribbean Capital of the USA.

With roots tracing back to Spanish Town, Chef Tally has been serving up authentic Jamaican dishes since 1994. His signature jerk chicken, ribs, and pork are cooked to perfection in the smokers, creating a tantalizing aroma that draws in customers from all over.

But it’s not just about the food at Chef Tally’s – it’s also about the experience. Stepping into his food truck is like stepping into a piece of Jamaica in Miami. The friendly atmosphere, the unique sauces, and the mouthwatering dishes all contribute to a truly memorable dining experience.

In addition to the delicious food, Chef Tally also shares a bit of his Jamaican heritage with his customers. From stories of growing up in Spanish Town to the secret behind his signature barbecue sauce, Chef Tally’s passion for his craft shines through in every bite.

Whether you’re a fan of jerk chicken, ribs, or pork, Chef Tally’s has something for everyone. And if you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to ask about their Manish water, a traditional Jamaican goat head soup that is sure to delight your taste buds.

So, next time you’re craving a taste of Jamaica in Miami, look no further than Chef Tally’s. With mouthwatering dishes, friendly service, and a true passion for Jamaican cuisine, Chef Tally’s is truly the King of BBQ in Miami.

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Video Transcript

I’m on the search for the best Jamaican Cuisine in Miami and today we arrived here to Chef tally jerk chicken ribs and pork we’re going to probably have some Festival as well and right now we’re in the smokers we have chicken over here we have ribs right here I’m excited let’s

Go talk to the chef and get some reactions let’s go so right here we have Chef thali my man you’re from St cish Town Spanish Town so that’s right outside of Kingston yeah and uh so how long have you been in Miami or Broward since

1994 94 and tell us a little bit about your Cuisine what do you do here jerk chicken ribs worken fish sometime Lobster P um do also catering whatever you need mhm um and pretty much that’s it try to keep it simple and good and the ribs I

See you’re making ribs right now you’re cooking ribs that’s every day or is that like no we only open Thursday Friday and Saturday from 11: to 11: all right let’s go inside oh man this is this is the good stuff right here that’s that pork nice fat

Right there and he’s cutting up ribs right here what is it like being a Jamaican in America good good everybody love Jamaican does it is there any differences I mean from what you um you know remember do you go back often yeah it’s came back from the new year and do

You always go back to Spanish town or do you go all over the place all over the place you look very busy today people are coming left and right and you also have like unique sauces so you make that barbecue sauce yeah I’ll show you to you

So what is your story um how did you start this truck this story is this when I my daughter baby shower when my wife pregnant the baby shower and I was cooking and everybody was like oh no you got to sell this chicken so I decided to

Sell it so so uh I make my own seasoning I make my own sauce and um it was doing good everybody love it first time I try I flopped because nobody know me and I went to a show and to a Big Show and everybody was going to the the best

People they know I was just a little tent and start doing a little stuff food was excellent nobody knew my wife went out in the crowd and sell the chicken and that’s how I sell a little bit of chicken and ribs and stuff but after that I decided to take it on

The street and we start doing it and it comes from 20 lb we start off with 20b of chicken at a a nightclub called swees not swees timeout the nightclub called timeout that’s where we start I start off with 20b of chicken next week will been 40 lb

And I then then I keep moving moving up I’m going I move to another spot and you keep starting out and keep starting out and I keep moving till I got this location about 20 years ago and um this is the city of West

Park okay and um I was here for a minute until the city decid say hey you can’t do this out here we went to court and um they allowed me to do it and then I’m grandfather and because I was here before the city becomes a city so that’s

Why you can do this cuz I haven’t seen this anywhere else in South Florida nothing like a truck with a tent and the smokers that’s very unique very authentic grand grandfather how are you so tall bro what do you eat what do you eat it’s that

Jerk it’s that jerk no it’s Ai and selfish not I can’t selfish my family family is tall yeah yeah my mom’s side they’re very tall and what’s your favorite dish your makan dish I don’t have a really a favorite dish so what do you recommend for us to try today everything everything everything

Everything no that jerk pork over there looks ridiculous I can’t wait pork is good uh the ribs is good the chicken is good fish is good lobster is good everything is good om make lemonade is good there’re like a friendly competition between the American Jamaicans and jamaan no because what

Happened is the sauce we use is a barbecue sauce and um that’s represent um the Americans and then um the season we use is Jamaican season so we put the two of them together and we have jerk chicken with barbecue sauce so it’s like a jerk barbecue and we got jerk ribs nobody

Have that ooh everything out here is a jerk you know but he’s not a jerk though I’m the biggest jerk no no you’re great so that’s something about Americans we love our sauces you know sauce is King smoky it’s that jerk sing on top try oh I’m going to try I’m

Breaking my fast with some jerk and this is the original jerk pork is the original yeah it’s like in Portland Boston Bay yeah oh my gosh I’m going to eat a lot more of that that’s fantastic man hey that’s meet and his daughter I’m David

By the way hi nice to meet you pleasure nice to meet you what’s your name Talia Talia yeah so Chef Tali yeah so it’s Chef Talia that’s how okay okay yeah okay got it got it now now it all makes sense and the story makes sense so you’re the reason we’re here yes

Incredible apparently so tell me a little bit about Jamaican food to me it’s I don’t want to say I’m biased but it’s the best food for me it’s really well seasoned it’s very you can get a little bit of everything when it comes to Jamaican food you can get if you love pork

There’s a lot of variety of pork that they have we eat jerk we have goat curry goat I know if he told you about Curry gold but Jama that’s really really good do you have today no we don’t sell Curry gold but we do cater and if you want

Catering food we do have that type of stuff another um traditional Jamaican Cuisine is called Manish water that’s goat head soup that’s another thing that’s really good that we eat holiday time and like really special occasions um she’s a vegetarian yeah I don’t eat

Meat but because of my dad I have to eat meat holiday time because he cooks and it’s so good I canot eat it holiday time so that’s one of the things that we haven’t tried as the Manish water we were told to do it but it’s usually holidays right yeah holiday times you

Can get it um at some restaurant sometimes they’ll do SE like soup of the day and maybe some days they might have that soup you can try it out it’s really good though I recommend it so your job was born in Jamaica you’re first generation American and I guess tell me

Differences and being born here I mean do you grow up around a lot of Jamaicans or I mean I did because my private school was was a Caribbean private school I had a lot of Jamaican teachers I had a lot of Jamaican students or first generation like me students that

Went there the culture in the school was very much kind of Jamaican so like even though I wasn’t born there I was surrounded by a lot of Jamaican culture um here and especially growing up in mymar there’s a lot of Jamaican culture in myar too there’s a lot of Jamaican restaurants Jamaican supermarkets

Jamaican bakeries here they have like um Independence Day at the park for Jamaicans so like it’s a big thing in the city like a lot of Jamaicans are here so let’s go to the back let’s see what they’re doing wo is that look at that a million

Onions a mountain of onions we make our own season so we do it from scratch it’s a little secret we use a lot of scotch banet Pepper or habanera pepper where we can use or the onions and a lot of mixture and stuff like that and um we

Prep like Monday so our food can marinate and sit so if you go inside here oh this is going to be amazing let’s see this is the secret right letting a marinate this it’s freezing what is this like negative it must be like negative Celcius here woo I can’t be in here too

Long if you lock me in there I turn into an icicle so we have all that for this week so hopefully we sell it off if possible you always sell man we’re going to sell more with you for sure obviously we use this to make the seasoning

Blender blend up everything pump it in there we do all the mixture and stuff like that that reminds me of going to like a brewery you know the big big bats like that huge this is called a tumbler so we put it in there and it rotate and

Spin and get the season get on meat so it’s a huge so instead of using instead of using your hands used our hands back in the days one at a time so each chicken get one rub at one at a time so we do enough now do like ,000 lb one

Time no it makes more sense if once you start scaling up you have to go up cuz we do like probably three p a p and a half ribs A500 lb of pork and that’s like every week wow wow I’m ready I’m hungry through the pork just

Blew my mind it was so good see you Wow Wow Bow is like a slow cooked beef it’s so good in Masa if you ever go to managa nicara you drive about half an hour to Mas right there the best inan They roll out the cheese and then they put it in a bag and the reason they do the bag is because people in nicara get back in the bus they just get it quick everything’s in a bag Taco bag everything then you just open a hole food is amazing yeah Miami Pandia P we have go pandia narwa hit me up that’s great this is why I do what I do because this is how we interact this is awesome in YouTube David’s been here see David’s been here in English David’s here wow okay graas all right let’s go let’s go hey how you

Doing all right soar nicara what up mananga oh yes do the best of pranga are you Nar no I’m Mexican oh you’re Ming okay very much American though yeah no for sure in the mole where’s the mole mole oh dude it’s too good where we going I don’t even know where I’m going

I don’t even see Secrets oh we’re going to the secrets back here no no no not no secrets just charcoal we use we use we use Kings for charcoal and um this is where we Supply we so this is your storage for your charcoal bottles more spices these spices together and become

The greatest jerk chicken ever wow you know all this is the spices where we used to mix all the stuff incredible yeah so you say you have the best jerk we sell to everybody white blacks Chinese Asian you name it they come here and they come from all over the world

Cuz people come here from you name it they come here and they’re like oh my God Chef T is the best people from Italy come and tell me that Europe all over the place I went to England and I was talking to a security over by Buckingham Palace the the garden

Queen garden and I just asked him a question we just chitchatting I say hey whenever you come to Florida come check me out at Chef tal say oh my God I was there a couple weeks ago and I was like you’re crazy it’s crazy everywhere I go

I find somebody who know about me or taste the food and they go W incredible dude I love the story let’s go eat all I think it’s time I’m really hungry no I’m serious you go to brickton did you go to Brick we were just there yeah brickton

Was amazing that’s where we had I was all over the place I’ll do a tour last year no this last year last year in Europe two weeks two weeks week I was all over the place nice yeah we did a big tour right now in London we went to

Brixon we just released a video so good we did Trini we did ganese we did Jamaican I mean it’s like the Caribbean right there in one neighborhood okay but colder lot definitely colder and wetter Brixton I’m going back we’re getting everything today chicken pork ribs hello hello sir how you doing you good

Fantastic where you from Jamaica Jamaica where in Jamaica St Mary St Mary St Mary is near Ultra re right yes yeah I have to go next time we’re going to when I fly over there I’ll go there’s nothing like Jamaican jerk pork and jerk chicken nothing like it

It’ll make your mouth water every time just watching it I’m coming back so what’s your name Jolly no he has the best name he’s so jolly all the time man this guy’s been laughing the whole time it’s amazing don’t make him laugh too much he’s got a knife in his

Hand Ultra Ultra res we going we’re going you know it’s the one spot I haven’t been well I haven’t been in the grill either yeah but I have to go to to ultra res next you have to man cuz St Mary’s you got Portland there but they

Say the food over there is just something special especially the seafood aspect yeah yeah yeah where in Ultra Rus yeah Ultra res yeah ult Rus is yeah and they got waterfalls they have Rivers gun Rivers right right so much we have our friend uh farm girl just there curry

Goat is over there best Curry goat’s over there yeah yeah yeah yeah the malice water yeah and they have the um the ocean and the river cide wow Christopher Columbus you know discovered Discovery Bay uh that’s like between uh monteo bay and Ultra that’s where Discovery Bay is and obviously it was

Spanish for a little bit so they used right right right right dude this is too much I can’t I got to eat I got to eat yeah they got some food on the yeah we got some we got some I’ll correct myself Christopher colus didn’t discovered there was already people

There he just took over and got rid of everybody yes horrible horrible he’s he’s cancelled now the gas mask for me is what makes this like too much I’m about to put it on get that on mean liso all right so here we go this is what makes the food so good these

Massive I guess they’re called barbecue I don’t even know what is this called Chef Tali Chef Tali Chef Tali so Chef can you explain to me a little bit about um your setup here okay all these grills are custom bills this one is BU in Texas it’s buil right here in Florida okay

Special Grill woo got ribs and pork on this grill right here so ribs and pork on this Grill m and um this one over here we have chicken let me show it to you mhm so over here we got the chicken wow that smoke this is why they

These guys wear the gas mask so much and you sell out every day yeah yeah yeah no for sure I mean I I don’t like I don’t think I’ve been here a minute that somebody didn’t order something it’s just non-stop and plus he’s getting phone calls slow days it’s a slow day

Well it was a wet day it was raining earlier rain or storm they come they come this is so good my friends look the seasoning the seasoning the charcoal this the grills just the whole experience here that it takes me back to like some of the barbecue places I’ve

Been to in Texas that’s totally the yeah this is the vibe this is like the true Texas VI we use hin oh hin use hin good evening color nice flavor amazing wow so that’s the secret sauce the hin no I’m joking just preparing it right so

When you taste it you don’t have to put the sauce but the sauce is another additional mhm so I’ve been cooking since I was eight I’m in the kitchen since I was 8 years in the kitchen since you were 8 years old wow see that’s the good thing about jerk chicken jerk pork

You don’t have to add sauce that’s the American in us that wants that sauce unfortunately I left my my sauce at the store today it’s all good wow wow and so you uh make the ribs three times a week or yeah everything three times a week everything three times a week the fish

Sometime cuz we have the fish tomorrow and uh no Lobster this week got it yeah well I’ll come back for the lobster lob Lobster esic spicy with the Scotch bonnet oh man I’m I’m mesmerized like literally mesmerized man more we light up this one this back there everything like yeah on

Friday Friday so Friday is their Friday Saturday Sunday most popular days no no Sunday no Sunday no Sunday that’s a day off yeah yeah that’s a day wife days of course of course yeah so we got chicken we have pork and then we have the the pork ribs that’s the mild

Barbecue and then you have ketchup and mustard so then we’re going to no no you want ketchup no I don’t I don’t this is a hot sauce I’m going to name this Bumble Cloud sauce Bumble cloth and this is the Ros cloth sauce Ross cloth this is pepper that’s pepper

All right it’s between this and this created this one oh okay okay so this is pepper and this is sauce and then that makes this baby nice marriage so what I’m going to do is I’m going to serve myself a little bit of everything so myself some of this all

Right guys the pork when we do catering and we do pork mhm that’s the first thing to finish the pork is the first thing to finish Jerk Fest same thing awesome and then I’ll what I’ll do is I’ll get some of this and splatter it I mean try it first with

All the sauce no I’ll put it on the side here I was going to put both all the sauces just so I see so right here we have the pepper get some water a don’t worry man I’m I’m so used to it and that so those two make that

One what a Jamaican guy says to you let me go get water for you that means it’s pretty spicy I think he doesn’t know how much Scotch Brown I have EA in though yeah that’s saying oh my God now I’m going to get some of the chicken some organic

Chicken I love jerk chicken this like my go-to anytime I go to Whole Foods I live for that jerk so juicy oh my gosh I’m going to try some of the sauce so this is the mix is both M oh lemonade it’s like sweet Tangy when you get that that pepper at the

End not too hot I’m going to try the actual pepper I love pepper this is hot but it can enjoy it yeah yeah yeah you feel it right here yeah I it’s going to ease up and then you can cont no I’m going to eat this now this is going to be the

Best forget flanigans guys the meat just falls off the bone M love the smokiness wow look at that I’m blown away I’m going to add some of this oh it’s amazing without the spice this is the one with no spice right that’s the number one spice that’s the number one sweet like

Barbecue the ribs are the best congrats dude this is the best check best you ever have it might be we went to Boston Bay me and him no this is better way better it’s better I I travel makeer and I can’t find nothing to compare I mean you have a nice touch

With this oh my gosh the pork guys everything is good is just what you want I just love the seasoning that peppery a little hot got to try this though no try the lemonade oh the lemonade first you try this all the time yeah yeah I was going to say the cola I’ve

Already tried yeah you know it’s funny I didn’t feel the pepper before now I’m feeling it it’s going through oh quenches the heat it’s perfect nice lemonade you guys do it here but if you want you can go with this they also have ginger beer true Jamaican

Style you know it’s funny cuz I haven’t been in Jamaica uh for 20 years and then I went twice last year and now we’re going twice this year so we’re playing the grill and Ultra res nice make is very nice m is amazing you know that end

It’s like a I think it’s called the butt poke shoulder Pok shoulder yeah but I mean the the very end that’s like crispy it’s more like fat in there too and this this one with some pepper I’ll do this for the my trinis my trinis love this

Yeah they love they eat so much pepper pleasure it was nice meeting you nice meeting you too thank you so much we’re going to see you at The Jerk Fest for sure in November hey Chef you’re the best bro your food is the best jerk on this planet guys come here definitely

Come here wow I’m going to dream about it yeah it’s jerk heavin right here thank you no problem what this come home with me Cleveland ice cream Jamaican ice cream right here in South Florida guys I’m excited this going to be good Cleveland hello good morning welcome to

Cleveland ice cream how you doing today very good and you wonderful wonderful amazing amazing amazing Place nice ice cream so you make Jamaican ice cream mhm so what does that mean well I uh I create some flavors um with made of Jamaican product like bun and cheese and

Bun and cheese and um sour so and dragon and dragon Stout and I make like grape nuts and um rum nut rum nut is a flavor combined with grape nut and rum raisin together so you get both in one so it’s very exciting come check it out and see

The see all the flavors I sort of know which one I want the dragon Stout that is their beer and over here we have a little bit of your history correct yes yes yes I I worked for Jackson’s Ice Cream for 37 years until till he passed

The owner name was Monro Udell until when he passed after he passed and I carried the torch and I create my own ice cream in this facility right here um so Chef T told me that you also served ice cream there before you got yes yes

Yes I used to serve ice cream over by Chef tal also too yeah I’ve been there for a while and then I moved over here and and this is it and your story is you came from Jamaica how long ago or I came here since I was 11 years old 11 years

Old and I’m 65 now so do the math and and where you from in Jamaica St Elizabeth St Elizabeth St Elizabeth I don’t know St Elizabeth well someday you probably go to Jamaica and might go there it’s a nice place it’s a beautiful place great man hey man Dragon Stout ice

Cream that that must be so bomb Stout right in Dragon Stout yeah I mean I just want to try maybe some unique stuff like maybe sour sou bun and cheese right bun and cheese let me so what I’ve noticed cuz we had Haitian ice cream the other day

And it feels almost more like sorbet some of their ice creams this is smooth silk the best of the best okay this is this is a sour sa sour grab yourself a SP grab a spoon over there right over there over there let’s do this you made me feel at home man thank

You appreciate that supposed to be oh wow it is like silky perfect mhm what you think it’s super smooth feels like a vanilla ice cream but then you have that sourp flavor nice fruit juice I made from real salasa W it’s fantastic yeah it’s great but the bun

And cheese is eyeing me I’m going eat try to burn and cheese also too bun and cheese here go here go your burn and cheese burn and cheese burn and cheese and so you also have iin saltfish flavor I have but I don’t have it right now I

Run out I make it it goes that’s the national dish of Jamaica guys yeah and I make um Ras u n Berry also too M oh it’s amazing the breadcrumbs in there so then the heat of your mouth melt the cheese the heat of your mouth melts the cheese the chees is that

It’s real no it’s real Jamaican cheese real Jamaican cheese real Jamaican cheese beautiful that is real Jamaican cheese it’s very unique flavor M contrast of flavors here mhm yeah oh wow I’m the first person in the world to make it it’s diverse I like it I prefer

The sour stuff though how about Dragon stuff Dragon sty let’s go you’re going you’re going all out hope you’re not driving no I’m not driving that’s okay that’s that’s okay that’s all the touch what I’ve noticed if there’s ever beer or any flour in it it doesn’t affect it

The same way okay okay and you also have jerk yeah but I I’m out right now you’re out that too I’m out it doesn’t last long make it post it and it disappear M this is amazing this tastes almost like a like a coffee ice cream close in it

Yeah yeah cuz a stout usually has that coffee chocolatey taste in it it’s it’s excellent now I have one more I want you to try one more yeah I have 80 flavors 80 flavors so whatever you want to try let’s see whatever you want to try so

Again this is um their beer the dragon Stout best dragon Stout it’s one of their beers oh yeah yeah yeah the coconut rum you got a spoon that’s a coconut rum coconut rum coconut room and being a Jamaican in this neighborhood um a lot of Jamaicans for

My but I um most of my customers are diverse we have um Spanish um black white everybody this is number one this is the best one guys it it’s a little alcohol alcoholic but um I I love the coconut aspect yeah the coconut beautiful coconut so this

One here now is rum nut rum nut It’s a combination of grape nut and rum raisin together so instead of getting one flavor you eating two flavors so digging rum nuts that’s the rum nuts combination of grape nut and rum raisin together okay this outdid the other one like

Everyone gets better and better it’s Unique flavors yeah it is it is and so what is the the American Jamaican um I guess experience here well as a matter of fact when the customers walk through the door first thing they look they said wow it’s amazing in here and I do give

Give out samples so when they taste the samples they become amazed and once they have the ice cream one time they’re my customers forever they keep coming back I have one lady she come here like twice like twice a day sometimes wow twice a day yeah and I have a gentleman I could

Hold my breath every Wednesday he showed up at the same time and eat the same flavor he’s like 95 years old oh my gosh yeah he’s like 95 years old he show up and he eats that mocha chip every Wednesday chip same time well then he

Hasn’t tried this one no mo chip is his favorite so I have some very um dedicated customers and what is your day like I mean do you make these scratched daily yeah I make it I make it I make so you start really early in the morning

Yeah as a matter of fact I could I could set up and let you see me make a run if you want you don’t make it’ll take a few seconds let’s do it yeah yeah okay cool okay I can’t stop with this one I’m making great my ice cream so this my

Flavor then I’m going to pour it in I’m going to pour it in the machine grape nut ice cream yes po the machine on and power up and you’re ready to go oh wow so you’re going to throw some grape nuts in there from there yeah

Okay it’s going to be very nutty yeah put a whole l in there yeah don’t skip out on me man put the whole put the whole thing in the whole thing in I got it I got it in you have to you have to I got it in there I

Got it in there and in 8 minutes you be ready 8 minutes yeah when it comes out I’ll let you so I I literally ate all of them I think this is my favorite that one yeah the bread and cheese yeah oh gosh it’s so good it’s awesome and sometimes I

Have like a whole bus bus load of people just pull up unexpected amazing yeah and I did most of the events for the city yeah and how’s business now business excellent was excellent excellent good for you man I’m I’m happy to hear that I’m here now 3 and A2 years

And can be can do better fantastic yeah yeah cuz you know people going through such hard times right now you know I know I started in Co you started in Co you started in the the heart of CO as as um as a matter of fact I team up with

The city and the health department so when the customers get a shot they get free ice cream oh wow yes I did that through a CO that’s smart marketing yeah super smart yeah and it was it was was work up pretty good I think I’m going to do that for my

Store everybody gets a shot gets a no I’m joking but it but it’s it’s a nice trip good good good for you I’m happy Sundays and like on the weekend it’s crazy great I can’t keep keep can’t keep up I’ll come here one day and work with you I we

Should do a video like that me working it okay okay ice cream vender for the day yeah you you could you could come in but then you got to give me a boatload of jerk no problem no problem I when when time you come in I’ll just make up

Whatever Flav you want Bank it and I got it done you’re great man hey clevand you’re really amazing special man man thank you all right so when it’s ready yeah we got a few more minutes left yeah my favorite ice cream to make is rum raisin rum raisin I salt my own raisin

And nourish it and put it out it’s the best made it with love made with love what kind of rum you use for that rum it’s a secret no it’s El Dorado we got the guy in KN no I’m joking you know that’s the best in the world they say

Yeah I I use um like two different type rums two different types two is M gay one of them or no no no I use two different type of rum I I use a real Jamaican rum and you know it up a little bit the Caribbean is too too much

Rum yeah of course sugarcane that’s how it was invented can’t be too much rum N I know can’t be too much rum it can’t be yeah no no no no unless if you’re driving dude in Barbados I went on a r tour I don’t remember how I got home

Like I was like and I have a I have a 85 year- old lady to sometime she call and she want a special rum raisin I got to make it for her for her yeah so I I I think I still have a little bit left I’m

Going to let you try it oo I’m going let you try it okay okay and here we go we have the great n woo great M that’s great iceam this the fastest going wow I go you like 30 30 cans for meat this is the best ice cream guys

Cleveland Cleveland ice cream Jamaican ice cream oh my gosh am I okay baby what did I had too much ice cream that’s freshly made I’ve never had ice cream this tasty yeah I’m never going to be able to eat ice cream again after that one man that was so

Good that was that was the freshest thing I ever had my God it is I would lick it all what you think um oh my gosh it was just like so silky just went down my throat so easily nice crunchy nutty but extremely soaky and cold bro

I’m going to buy ice cream is the best I’m going to buy machine like that I’m going my own ice cream yeah oh you never done homemade ice cream I’ve never done homemade ice cre I dude I I’m not a cook I’m not a chef Friday Friday Saturday

And Sunday I like 35 containers just that one flavor wow yeah oh my God you have lines it’s it’s pack business is good it’s back it’s back so you have vegan and you also have over there I think it’s no sugar in the yeah yeah so they got vegan black cherry you got

Pumpkin pie don’t do this to me the Oreo tastes amazing mango mango mango pineapple s b my special flavor it’s R it’s rum raisin the problem with Cleveland is that he doesn’t understand that I can’t eat that much ice cream bro again go he’s room for ice cream always

Room room so this is a special uh rum raisin yeah there’s one with extra rum or is it I don’t know whatever you want to think it’s okay with me so I already had this right but this is a special one that’s that’s that’s a special one ooh this is Nice let let it melt in your Bo slowly this when you taste the rum like heavy rum you just spiked it extra huh it feels like it I mean compared to the other one this is good that’s good stuff W good stuff that’s why I keep my freezer

Home this what I keep too this an amazing ice cream Jamaican ice cream some of the best in the world 40 years ago I went to Danel and I I met uh man Udell and he offered me a job and I told him I’m working I have a job I used to

Work for Sizzler I know if remember sizler the steakhouse oh yeah yeah that’s old school though old school Steakhouse yeah so on my way back he stopped me again and he insist I walked inside with him he showed me around and I become his cook for um 2 months and

The ice cream maker end up crit and I went back with him for about 4 five days he looked at me and said you’re on your own wow and I just pick it up from then and eventually I changed everything make it my way wow yeah for 37 years I’ve

Been making it that’s amazing that he saw something in you and then yeah yeah I didn’t see it myself I just go along and get it done you know that’s that’s the beauty of life you know sometimes that happens when one person can just change your life you know yeah it is it

Is and it’s my passion I wouldn’t do anything else except this I love making ice cream you know see everybody happy old young everybody happy hey man appreciate it man all right stop ice cream stop by anytime man anytime best of the best I’m coming whenever I’m in

The area I’m coming up here it’s so good that rum raisin I’m looking forward to I’m going to sleep with this tonight it will that’s what I wanted to do thank you thank you so much my man I’ll see you in Trinidad bnm Market Restaurant this place is famous cuz the

Late great Anthony Bain came here in 2015 and he had cowfoot soup this going to be great look got everything cow soup fish soup chicken soup forever and we got the aien saltfish hello he’s the owner he’s actually Gan but he doesn’t have Pepper Pot they have Jamaican but they also

Have some Caribbean food as well and it’s a market look at this oh you have matuk you have all the different spices you have these sauces these sauces are great piek up pepper sace that one’s homemade pepper sauce which one this one so this is what they make here West

Indian and American product oh that looks good sorry what do they make here pineapple Ginger drinks pineapple Ginger drinks back here right here and they also have roties hello hello hi how are you I’m fine are you uh the owner’s wife yeah yeah how are you everything good can I

Come in I’m waiting for him but he’s on a call right now he’s on a call yeah no worries smells amazing in here smells like Pepper Pot no a no Pepper Pot a no Pepper Pot what’s that right there oxtail that’s oxtail sorry I thought it look like ca

No that’s that’s um soy sauce that’s that’s soy sauce wow looks amazing so soy sauce making that nice rich oxtail you have some squash here the boiling some water and over here this is rice and peas yeah I mean rice and peas with coconut cuz it smells like coconut

Heavy NAA nefisa David pleasure nice to meet you and where you from I’m from Guyana you’re from Guyana Yeah Yeah from Georgetown no I’m from M oh yeah so what are we cooking here today oh this this is recipes I just finished cooking a second pot for today that is oxtail and

That is a soup I’m going to make with a pumpkin a goat soup wow so Anthony Bain came here correct and he had the the cow foot he had the cot he had the curry goat the curry goat as well o my man how you doing everything okay oh man not that

Great but I’m sh he he goes to Guyana I I think I see him on the Guyana he was withy RA yeah yeah she’s great with the uh with the president yeah the president’s the man how long oh man that was a was a year and a half ago now yeah

And they they’ve been asking me to come back I’m thinking of doing like a tour like Trinidad Guyana Surinam you know 3 day 3 day 3 day and just going back to back so what’s your story how long have you been here time uh 34 almost 35 years

34 years yeah wow and uh so what can you tell me about like I guess the guyes here in Miami there’s a lot of Jamaicans of course but we’re L of Jamaicans but they all move they all move up north now it’s a mixture of all kind of people

Around here more yeah very um diverse and what neighborhood is this is a portal or this like a actually this is a this is Little River Little River this is called Little River yeah how long have you been cooking your whole life um no actually I only start cooking when I

Got married oh wow which was like 22 years when I was 22 years old that’s when I started cooking but then when I came here uh in 1990 I didn’t cook I had a chef then after one Chef leave and another Chef come and they leave then I start cooking like maybe

210 and then I start doing my own thing and so what do you recommend I try today the oxtail oxtail is really really good it looks amazing and the curry goat C and we have now now you’re speaking my language is it a go Curry go go curry curry go

Curry so so do you Curry the goat or do you put goat into curry curry is very no but they’re laughing because like chiny people would say go and ganese people would say curry goat yes now I’m getting confused in India the same thing it’s like the

Opposite yeah I think um didn’t say um they start with the animal yeah yeah they start with like chicken curry chicken curry and we say curry chicken because you’re you’re cooking the curry first then you add the chicken curry you’re currying the chicken right am I wrong no

You’re right you’re right commment will let you know soon I’ll let you know yeah but they’re going to be biased yeah to be quite honest and so you’re a restaurant but you’re also a market yeah we’re also a market well we do more most of our business on the restaurant part

Got it you know and you do roties as well oh yes I do look I have my door right here oh man can you do a for us sure do you do pepper Roti or which one no I only do the doll Puri or the bsom

Shop bsom shop is what we need to see we need to see that I love B shop I’m going to be I’m going to be with you we’re going to do together okay all right um couple days ago this guy came and he wanted to he wanted a shrimp

Prot so I made the shrimp proty and then he then he said he’s a bler and then um he said he went to this place called LC Roy shop and he said he give LC a nine on the Roy and he G 8.9 woo so putting uh curry chicken yeah

This is curry chicken then he did another one where he compared a Patty to a doubles comp you compare Patty with a banana not with Doubles Doubles is CH from India exactly and then he said oh the doublers beat the party and I was like stupid can you it’s called we cause

Controversy so you guys can comment amazing fact uh he just told me is that people still come here to this day because of what Anthony Bordain did um what like 8 years ago 2015 he came 2014 2014 so even longer 10 years ago a decade ago and this is the Roe guys if

You’ve never had a roe it’s one of the best things on planet Earth it’s like a wrap but the bread the way they make it is phenomenal cariban burrito it is the Caribbean burrito and right now she added uh curry chicken right not chicken curry yes curry chicken and so do you uh

These roties what’s the what’s the menu like uh how many different things do you have here okay we have I don’t have too many things because I’ve been selling this upale oh that’s that’s cabbage that was a stew chicken this one is a curry goat and that one was a curry chicken

Which I have more stuff well I love curry goat that’s my that’s my ultimate uh all day that’s curry goat oh wow so you still do it with the bones too no I don’t take out take listen I don’t do the bones because I don’t want to be

Super for bone no no no you can’t you have to take them out unless you ask me for bone you’re not going to get bone some people bring it on they CH it back in my face because oh this is not a roe because it doesn’t have the bone I think

This is my Roy right yes oh you have the the doll right there right oh you know the doll too mhm of course come on so the story behind do pory and bus up shop that all came from indenture uh labor that came from India correct right so that’s how it was

Influenced in both Guyana Surinam and Trinidad they were the the three countries that received the most yeah and then um so bus up shop is almost like onara they mash it or they they smash it with uh two big paddles or two big uh wooden oh you do with your hands

That’s the Indian way though the Indian way is like now people get late they don’t do the oldfashioned way they either take two piece piece of pder and they go like this or they put it in a mug like a picture and they Shake It Up

Wow or both and so this is a split peas guys split PE ground split PE no I love this this with some Tamarind Chutney some coconut chuty I make my own Tamarind chuty oh do you I make my own pepper sauce you you I’m trying it I’m

Trying it for sure you try is it super super pepp you also know me G also you do me G as well we we we used to but since all the guyes people from around here move we we we don’t we just do the basic like k a Jamaican Chinese chicken

Upst yeah so if you don’t know there’s three main dishes in Guyana Pepper Pot it’s like the altimate beef with casser then you have metam G which has dumplings uh dumplings you put fish inside our beef and then they invented something called the egg ball dumpling yeah Dum the egg

Ball is pretty much you boil an egg then you boil potato you mash it you put the egg in the center you put a potato over it and you um bre like you make a batter with split peas or flour and you dip it

Inside and you fry yeah so I did it in Georgetown I went to an egg ball uh Street cart like a huge one they had a million and then they cut it in half and they put like some spice pepper and then they put some jelly

Fantastic well she said 10,000 a day she says yeah yeah they did 10,000 a day I you know something I wouldn’t doubt her because these people that would get up like we hour like 1: for one because when I was a kid I used to go visit some

People in church toown and they used to cook dalpi and they used to sell it with um mango chutney just that alone and they used to make cane juice and they used to cook like 500 Roy a day wow yes by the way do you have any can juice

Here do you have anything like that no no W Apple no W Apple no no you would get that it or like well that that or coconut I need one or the other no we don’t pineapple Ginger and we make a soral drink oh you do yeah well then

I’ll try the Sor cuz the Soro is very Guyanese it’s it’s hibiscus flour yeah it’s hibiscus flour yeah man it’s crazy how the knowledge is just right there it’s a pumpkin oh it’s pumpkin that’s not goat it’s goat meat soup goat meat soup goat meat soup and then you have

Pumpkin on top yeah sometimes I get confused with squash cuz people like mix it up planting and then after this is cooked I’m going to put it in a bigger pot and put potatoes dumpling and yams you know what I love aayana the accent you know it’s like our first our

Friend Chef Dev like oh you know it’s different wow that looks good too everything looks phenomenal here my friends we have to come here and eat do you know a little bit of your history um pretty much all I knew my great-grandfather um he was from India mhm my great-grandfather he he fought

Borar right and then he went to Guyana as they put them on a boat to go work as slave I don’t know well and then they paid them but they were still slaves in a way yes and let me ask you gu in Miami is there a lot they are but they’re

Mostly either down south or up North so we down south um candal areia oh they do mhm but then they going to Jamaican Kitchen and Jamaican restaurants cuz there’s no gy over there like restaurant I guess maybe they cook their yeah well guy guy invite me for pepper pot please oh

Christmas time they oh yes yes yes we’re very diverse here I have all kinds of tourists I get mostly tourist because of Anthony Bordain wow um from Serbia Germany Philippines China you name it uh Dubai every place and but I mean before like I used to have all like Caribbean people but

Now I have a mixture American Cuban Italian Chinese all different kinds of people because most of guyes are actually in little Guyana in Richmond Hill in New York and queens I used to live there before oh you did I live in New York from 1979 in Liberty or

No no I live in Wakefield estate you know where that is no I’m noide by Kennedy Airport Oh by Ken when I used to live in New York it was very it was mostly Italian people um Caribbean people or gese people s move in the neighborhood the tellalian people

Flee born community in um in New York is gye second largest it’s amazing yes and so I moved from New York 1990 and I came here wow so when I moved there it exploded real big you know every corner you see gy store all guyes gy yeah and I love

Liberty Avenue because it is an Eclectic feel of G you have cies gone back since I left New York me NE so Miami is changing a lot how’s business right now it’s pretty good I can’t complain I could live comfortable pay my bills and but you feel the inflation correct some yeah if

I go to the supermarket if I go to Publix any Supermarket even Walmart it’s not like what it used to be you know you guys are here a little bit that’s my thing that I cook my on yeah yeah the tawa the tawa me India started

The the teaching and then it it went to the Caribbean you know yeah yeah that’s what I always tell people people always ask me um well how be um the food in Guyana how how did it arrive there and I was like oh the um Indian people took

Their culture there and whatever they took their their their spices and everything they make do with that and then they start you know Christmas week I had these um three kids came from Michigan and they ordered food and they sat in the dining room and I give them

Knife and fork and plate and you know I went in the dining room and I see the fork and everything put in the corner and then I asked the kids I said what happened then I see them eating with their using their fingers to eat and

Then I said you guys are eating with your fingers they said to me oh the food tastes better with your fingers and that’s how they eatting um it is true fromia don’t hate me America they they were from Malaysia right that’s they said that’s how they eat in Malaysia in

Asia it’s a hand or Chopstick culture that’s it no fork and knife yeah that’s true it doesn’t exist which is crazy mhm you won’t find it in restaurants foring knif utensils is fake when I’m home I use my fingers if I’m eating gese food so what do we got right here that’s a

Oxtail but taste it it’s like Pepper Pot looks like it sticky yeah cuz you know that cassar is like a sticky like this is not C this is this is just um this is um mushroom so it melts yeah oh I’m so happy ox tail wo look at that nice I like

The it literally fall the bone the the soy it’s a unique soy though it’s mushroom it’s mushroom better than Pepper Pot no because you seeing your eyes dude no see Pepper Pot H has they make it with different stuff they make it with like cof feet

They make it with pig face they like when I make pepper Bo I I don’t eat coffee so I would do oxtail and like beef the beef Shang and um and and maybe I put a little piece of um coffee for my husband he likes that but that’s what I do I am

Speechless and this is Cris I’m going to put some CCO here then I’m going to pull it right that and that that would be the B so what’s the difference for you well this is all flour and the other one has the the split piece the split piece and

The reason I make that one is because um I do a lot of um vegetarian so with the vegetarian peas has a lot of protein so this is where they get their protein from because a lot of people don’t like to eat soy I do soy too but they don’t like to eat

Soy we make that little ball and then we put it in magic but which one you want me to the bus up shop no the the one with you roll it so I spread out a little bit like that yeah yeah and then r a little bit of you roll

Just roll first yeah and then so it sticks so that’s why you have to put more flour yeah than this yes you know how to do that let me do that to you okay so what’ you add there that’s Crisco Crisco vegetable shorten it and then let it

There no no no you going to roll it on your hand now let me see how you going to do it like this this and then you roll it around yeah got it got it and then with this it over like this correct and then I fill

It might be a little messy a little messy this is like the worst okay and then I close it then you get all the edges press it on down all the edges now you pull the edges from the bottom and put it all together and then you close up and then

After that you go like this guys ready one two done a little hole in there it’s really it’s not good it’s not the best but you know what it will do as first dry it’s yeah try it actually is my first try I’ve never tried it this is

Mine that’s hers so this is the one cross between Trinidad and Gana they both have this yes yeah they both have both and then we do also do one um like Peter bread we call that one s Roi it’s it it has more baking powder and a

Little butter and um a little sugar and you cook you make it a little thicker that’s the parata from Northern India it’s like almost the same thing yeah something like that so the Roy comes from biar okay so then after this it goes to the tawa yes so I have the to

Here so Tower’s a FL flat griddle super hot as soon as he drops it on top you’re going to see it’s going to Bubble Up ooh look at that see that does look like AATA the same like thickness yeah oily in Deli man they have that in

Deli and you also have the Tamar and Chutney yeah I do I have my own that I made and this is a bus up shop this is a bus so once she’s done here she’s going to smash it love that air pocket you can smell

The ghee I don’t use ghee you I used to use ghee but it’s hard to get sometimes yeah clarifi butter is hard mean like sometimes you know the Imports don’t it’s always hold something okay this is it look at this this is it yeah yeah woo how do

Your hands feel good yeah if it’s a hot day it it’s terrible yeah this is the perfect bus of shop at that this you grab that get some goat Curry mhm and then you just mix mhm and this one is the um the doll FY wow you know recently when I was in

Little Guyana one year ago I had the pepper Roti mhm it was so amazing oh yeah when just how I put this they put the pepper yeah same come woo and this is davidi cooking that’s the horrible one no but look I make it nice wrong and nice no it’s perfect see

So you wouldn’t do this one you would do BU of shop with this cuz then all the all the lentils will come out all the slippies come out wow you know it’s something about watching food and then eating it there’s nothing better when you actually see it being made mhm

Always tastes better yeah I mean this is just basically flour dough um in this case I don’t think you said no ghe it’s just regular uh butter or Crisco Crisco um and then they throw it on the tawa so it cooks and that’s it so it’s just

Bread that becomes very flavor so when she does this when she smashes that’s the bust up shop but Trinidad make it even more like break it’s all like in pieces because they put so much butter and they like double roll it it’s actually bigger too I’ve seen it way

Larger yes yes cuz this is actually a small to why they cooking it like this it would break fall apart because there’s so much like shorting inside butter and crisco you know we also we saw some trines in Granada in Grenada not Granada and uh they made some amazing bus up

Shop for us yeah yeah it was good it looks so rich that Curry looks outstanding you have some pepper uh corn in there yeah yeah pepper corn is inside fantastic no that’s good it’s good I I love pepper corn I can I always crush them oh okay

Okay py bus of shot bus up shot aome shot a they call PL Road Aus I’m diving in guys this is how we do it this is how I learn how to do it with the hand so shouldn’t really use your left so we go this you can I mean you

Can use your left I just I’ve I’ve been taught certain ways so then we go in here right throw on top let it soak up the gravy there you go beautiful Curry it’s so tender very yeah mhm I love the the black pepper peorn there

Pepp yeah a little hot too right oh this is great yeah I can eat this all day this is my favorite meat you know there’s something about goat goat lamb my top I rather that over having uh cow lamb has a more gim taste mhm you know goat is a is a

Unique actually a worldwide meat it’s very good for your heart also better than beef and better than meat this is the best guys when you cut up there you go beautiful gravy right and the curry chicken also has potato right now you take a bite of that

Wow mhm for so you can get a piece of meat try this is that Village chicken yeah wish it was V chicken you wish it was I know it’s hard to come by here in hard yeah very hard in Kai Halal Halal chicken oh it is halal yeah you have to

Dip it soak up the gravy it’s part of the the culture with the bread M this good but number one is the goat number one is a goat go all day but the goat and the ax is a number one sell oh Is It restaurant and also so Ro

Also yeah but goat is a meat that always has so many bones in it I know no matter how you try to to to get the bone out and I’m cutting the meat up it’s very hard but I feel like the meat gets way more flavor when bone is connected it

Does it is much tastier with the bone much much tastier with your food’s amazing and I’ll tell you what’s special here is your wife she’s the best she’s like she sure is no no she’s too much I married her for 46 years so 46 years congratulations so Sor

Cheers you were empty that’s why how how that s it’s nice and thick yeah the ginger it’s potent this one yes good this store was owned by my uncle in 1980 he migrated from um Canada and he came over here the whole area was predominantly Jamaicans and this is why the store is

Known as a Jamaican store but it’s not really it’s a Caribbean store we you know we carry stuff from all over and we took over the store in 19 Ed are we here until now woo let me let me some like meat feel that’s some spicy pepper you’re killing

Me I I said hot sauce right I don’t think they no you said hot sauce you didn’t say murder sauce I said hot sauce hey thank you so much you’re welcome thank you for everything thank you so much the food’s amazing I’m coming back for sure okay but next time you made me

Pepper Pot special request okay for Christmas for Christmas let me know and the meth G of course of course you gotta let me know you got can be heads up I will I will head up well guys I hope you enjoyed this video peace

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