Journeying to an Unnamed City in China: A Mystery Awaits – Video

Journeying to an Unnamed City in China: A Mystery Awaits – Video

Join Gabriel Morris on his adventure as he travels from Bangkok, Thailand to a mystery city somewhere in China. With the excitement building, Gabriel takes us through the process of getting to the airport, checking in, and going through customs and security. Excitedly waiting for his flight, Gabriel takes us along on his journey, sharing the sights and sounds of the airport and giving us a glimpse of his last moments in Thailand. The video also gives a hint about how he is able to travel to China without a visa and takes us through the exchange of currency and other experiences at the airport. This video is perfect for those who love travel vlogs and experiencing the anticipation and excitement of a new adventure. Join Gabriel as he embarks on his next journey into the unknown!

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[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Hey there this is Bangkok Don moang international airport so the taxi ride there was coming from BKK suum airport I flew there yesterday afternoon from kosui stayed in a hotel right there uh near the airport and then had to get over here to Don moang to catch my flight going to

China very very excited for where I’m going next I’m not going to say which city so one sort of a hint is that I do not have have a Visa for now to China but there are some exceptions that uh allow you to enter China without getting a Visa in advance

So there are three places that I know of and maybe more where you don’t need a uh Visa at all to visit them they are Hong Kong pan Islands maau so they are places that are part of China that have a special designation politically economically Etc

And so there are different uh rules for entering and then from there you would need a visa to go into mainland China but there is another option which is the 144 day Visa free policy that is 6 days and that allows you to go to certain cities within

Mainland China without needing a Visa you can then only stay right within that City or close by you can’t travel throughout other parts of uh China so that is another option there so I am doing one of those things it is currently 11:00 in the morning my flight

Isn’t until 1:50 p.m. so in almost 3 hours as you can see I don’t have my uh big backpack I am already all checked in I just got dropped off here by the taxi and then uh the check-in was super quick and easy Air Asia nice and cheap flights

And then I wasn’t sure if I needed a onward flight from where I’m going before entering and so in the taxi then I booked another flight going out of where I’m flying to today just to be sure so uh that is the situation going to now go get some

Breakfast I am starving I have plenty of time so I’m going to get breakfast here outside of the uh International Zone before going through security and customs and then uh get that over with and get into the uh main part of the airport so uh it’s not going to be too

Exciting right here the US little airport scene but it should be really interesting getting to this city looking forward to it it is going to be very very different from other places that I have been recently all right here we go D boying airports let’s find something to eat

Also I need to change currency I have a bunch of Thai bot left over but first breakfast paid for that with the uh bot there is a food court over here let’s see what the breakfast options are it would be nice to get something genuinely breakfasty otherwise I guess it’ll be Thai food

Oops I guess I’m on the wrong one but neither of them are working I’m alive all right they have an American breakfast hoping they will still be serving that we’ll see and then uh go for some juice or a smoothie or something they got some good looking

Smoothies and look look at that that is definitely going to do the trick also waiting for a smoothie cup cup good timing oh yeah mango strawberry okay let’s do the escalator correctly this time so what happened the last time is that I came up to the escalators and neither one of them were

Going and I wasn’t sure which one was up and which was down and then another guy came up this one walking up it and so I thought well I guess I should follow him but then it turned out that they are motion sensitive and there are in

Fact arrows pointing Which Way but you have to be looking down so anyways now it is currency exchange time we have the desks over here and I have 4,000 taii bot that is $12 us I am not going to get $112 us from them but hopefully it isn’t too

Much of a ripoff so let’s see what this turns into boom so I did not get $112 us I got $111 us that was amazing so exchange rates are super variable people always say rightly so but not completely accurate don’t change money at an airport because you’re going

To get ripped off but that is not always the case as you just saw it depends a whole lot on the country and I presume how regulated things are or it’s just a matter of honesty on their part or whatever but my guess was that it wasn’t going to be such a

Horrible exchange rate here just because Thailand is Thailand I didn’t expect it to be that good so that was great uh got my dollar still have about 500 bot left that I will plan to spend because it was in 100 notes and uh I’m going to have time to uh kill

Here so I’ll buy some stuff with the other bot that I have left over all right looks like this is pass Port control okay let’s get through security and Customs goodbye Thailand let’s take a quick look at uh what I guess is sort of a replication of the Royal Palace maybe not but

Anyways a uh Thai Buddhist temple here Another amazing trip to Thailand my eighth time 3 weeks went to Bangkok huin rang kopay Coen chuman kotow Copan Ki great trip you can’t go wrong with Thailand okay I’m all through security gate three it is now 12:30 my flight leaves at 150 in an hour and 20 minutes that

Actually does not leave all that much time since they will probably start boarding you know 45 minutes or so before departure for an international flight so in that case I actually have to keep in mind the 46 bot that I still have left because I’m probably not going to spend that in the

Next like 30 minutes or so and so I’ll be back here uh exchanging a little more bot but uh let’s kind of scope things out see where the gate is and I’m going to give some hints about where I’m going so hint number one I have never been to this city before I

Have been to China technically more about that in another video once I get there but uh hint number two 2hour flight hint number three they use a very obscure little known to me anyways currency that I had never heard of so not the Yuan and then four it is freaking

Expensive the dirt cheapest room that I could find was $115 a night but uh after coming from Thailand spending 20 to you know it was expensive on Kota Copan $75 $80 a night but uh what I was seeing online then the deal that I found was actually spectacular compared to everything else

Was even more expensive this is the like cheapest hotel in town it seems like okay let’s get to the gate and make sure I don’t have another security line to go through or something huh and there it is gate number three and they do have some

Uh food and drink options down here I was thinking of grabbing a beer for uh the weight even though it isn’t going to be long what do we got the usual stuff I think the best looking one here is going to be aahi something a little

Different but before I buy the beer and perhaps they’re going to open it when I buy it and then I have an open beer to deal with I’m going to exchange the currency now get that done so that I don’t have to run back later last minute like as

They’re announcing boarding or whatever because that beer is all I’m going to get so let’s just get it over with it’s 215 bot expensive like $6 which means then I only have like 240 bot to change which is kind of silly oh well let’s uh see what happens

Here I just ate I don’t need a sandwich can’t think of anything else that I would want to buy I have 220 bot and then okay so what happened there is that I exchanged two 260 bot and I got $6 us and had 220 bot left actually 230

Because I have some coins the beer is 215 and then I remembered on the way walking over here after having Chang the money that I didn’t have any water because of course I had to dump out my water B bottle before going through security and so I wanted some water the

Water was 50 bot and I didn’t have enough bot but uh fortunately I had two $1 us bills so I gave them at the uh cash register there the 220 bot and $2 us and then they gave me back my 20 bot so we are in good shape now there is the

Gate about an hour so it will be starting boarding pretty soon like I might not even be able to finish this beer but uh and then what I will do with the water is pour it into my water bottle which is insulated and it will keep it cold all

Right heading to China very soon man I am stoked about this one a good solid beer here and so a couple more hints which is that when I checked in for the flight they did not ask me for a Visa or for an onward flight so I’m not going to tell you what

That tells you but that tells you something specific Beautiful lovely tm22 behind the bo Behind over St fish this is Rose Carol stupid fish stupid fish this is my hand job On you See Oh Yeah

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