“Katy Perry Honors Michelle Jubelirer as Executive of the Year at Billboard Women in Music 2024” – Video

“Katy Perry Honors Michelle Jubelirer as Executive of the Year at Billboard Women in Music 2024” – Video

Katy Perry Presents Michelle Jubelirer With Executive Of The Year | Billboard Women In Music 2024

Katy Perry presents Michelle Jubelirer with Executive of the Year at the Billboard Women In Music 2024 event. In a heartwarming speech, Perry lauds Jubelirer for her groundbreaking work in the music industry. As the first woman to assume the role of CEO and Chair at Capitol Music Group in its 80-year history, Jubelirer has made a significant impact on the label’s success, with a 25% market share growth year on year.

But it’s not just about the business metrics for Jubelirer. She has been a beacon for artists, nurturing their talents and supporting their personal growth. Perry credits Jubelirer for her unwavering support through her journey of motherhood, emphasizing that she creates space for artists to thrive. Jubelirer’s empathetic nature and her fierce determination make her a force to be reckoned with, earning her the title of Executive of the Year.

Perry’s speech celebrates Jubelirer’s ability to inspire, uplift, and transform the lives of those around her. As the applause rings out for Jubelirer, it’s clear that she is not just a boss; she is a punk rocker who has made her mark in the music industry. Cheers to Michelle Jubelirer, the woman who is changing the game for women in music.

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Video Transcript

[Applause] hi guys I walk slowly because I’m walking on stilts you know patriarchy I am so grateful to be here today to celebrate my dear friend and I latte hiking Bud Michelle jubiler this is a woman who has accomplished so much in the music industry after starting her career in mergers and

Acquisition law she transitioned to the music industry and that’s where she clearly found her groove even with all those vinyl lead times am I right yes she spent the past decade at Capitol Music Group serving as CEO and chair for her last two years there this made her

The very first woman to assume that role in the the company’s 80y year history during her tenure the label grew its market share 25% year on-ear and in just the last year capitals chart wins include hits for DOI Troy Savon ice spice NY horen but Michelle’s impact in extends

Beyond business metrics she’s empowered women as well as aligned with men who make space for the divine feminine look at I feel like under this roof I can safely say it’s a woman’s world and you’re lucky to be living in it her mind is connected to her heart

And she has been a beacon for artists nurturing their talents and supporting their personal growth she heard me she saw me created space for me even supported me through my journey of motherhood she was there for me not only as an artist but as an executive on

Those iced latte hikes we talked about artist development for the kids signed to my own very record label unsub she always had time for me whatever it was about but I don’t want you to get the wrong idea while she has a deeply empathetic side she is still the woman

Who has a name plate on her desk that says off AKA do not mistake our kindness for weakness Queen boss punk rocker this is Michelle Jubilee in celebrating Michelle today we’re not just applauding her professional achievements but also her profound ability to inspire uplift and transform the lives around her I’m

Incredibly proud to know her and excited to see her journey continue to unfold let’s hear it for this year’s billboard woman in music executive of the Year Michelle [Applause] jubiler [Applause] w

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