“Keke Palmer Discusses Motherhood, KeyTV Network Launch, and Podcast No-Gos at Cannes Lions” – Video

“Keke Palmer Discusses Motherhood, KeyTV Network Launch, and Podcast No-Gos at Cannes Lions” – Video

The Evolution of Kiki Palmer: From Actress to Media Mogul

In a recent Youtube interview, Kiki Palmer, the multitalented actress, musician, and podcast host, opened up about her vision for the future and her plans to evolve past her current platform. Palmer talked about her inspiration for starting her own network, Key TV, and how she aims to support and empower other young creatives.

Palmer spoke about her desire to take her platform to the next level, comparing herself to Walt Disney and her brand to Mickey Mouse. She expressed her admiration for Tyler Perry and Brian Robbins, who have successfully created opportunities for other creatives. She aspires to do the same and provide opportunities for other emerging talents.

A major source of inspiration for Palmer is her new role as a mother. She described how her baby has breathed new life into her and given her a fresh perspective on her career and creativity. She emphasized how empowering and fulfilling it is to pour into her child and how it has changed her approach to her creative projects.

Palmer also discussed her burgeoning podcast and her outspoken nature. She expressed her love for engaging in real discussions and diving into deeper conversations, particularly with experts in various fields. She spoke about her decision to start her own network, driven by her desire to give a platform to stories and voices that are often overlooked in the traditional media space.

In her network, Palmer intends to support and empower young Millennial and Gen Z content creators, as well as people of color, by investing in and showcasing their unique stories. She emphasized the importance of providing opportunities for these voices and enabling them to tell their stories in a meaningful and authentic way.

Throughout the interview, Palmer highlighted her passion for supporting other creatives and lifting barriers to provide opportunities for those who may not have the resources to share their stories. She emphasized her commitment to empowering other people, particularly those in her generation, to shine a light on voices and stories that are often overlooked in mainstream media.

In summary, Kiki Palmer’s journey from actress to media mogul is driven by her desire to empower and support young creatives. Her dedication to lifting barriers and providing opportunities for diverse voices exemplifies her commitment to evolving past her current platform and creating a more inclusive media landscape.

Video “Keke Palmer Talks Being a Mom, Launching KeyTV Network, & What Her Podcast No-Go Is at Cannes Lions” was uploaded on 06/21/2023 by Variety Youtube channel.