Marlon Brando’s ‘Mythology’ Is ‘Annoying’

Marlon Brando’s ‘Mythology’ Is ‘Annoying’

Christoph Waltz is calling out the “posthumous sanctification” of late legendary actor Marlon Brando.

According to Waltz, the revelry around Brando’s legacy is “annoying,” to not mince words.

“Now it’s Brando’s 100th birthday. I read two articles and I found them both really annoying, and this posthumous sanctification […] to make him […] a mythology,” Waltz told Interview magazine while in conversation with Caleb Landry Jones. “And it’s ridiculous, because he was a ham.”

Waltz added of Brando, “In the beginning he was fantastic. No one had ever seen anything like it.”

However, Waltz also called Brando’s performance in “The Missouri Breaks” “difficult to watch.” He added that Brando’s reputation of being “difficult” on sets, or accusations of inappropriate conduct on the set of “The Last Tango in Paris,” did not affect his perspective on Brando’s acting ability.

“I don’t care about that one bit,” Waltz said when Jones referenced Brando’s alleged “difficult” professional demeanor.

Said Jones, “I remember hearing you [Waltz] talk about Brando and going, ‘It’s frustrating and self-absorbed.’ You’d think after a year on stage [for ‘Streetcar’] you’d have something. But then I think that created some of the frustrations that are in the film.”

The actor added that while Brando is “just all over the place” in “The Missouri Breaks,” there was still…

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