Maximize Your Ford EV with Tesla: Here’s What You Should Know – Video

Maximize Your Ford EV with Tesla: Here’s What You Should Know – Video

Supercharge Your Ford EV with Tesla: What You Need to Know

Ford is breaking new ground by being the first automaker to unlock the Tesla supercharging network for its drivers. With the introduction of the North American charging standard adapter, Ford is making it possible for F-150 Lightning and Mach-E drivers to access the Tesla supercharger network for high-speed charging. This adapter is being offered for free for a limited time on

Both the F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E can charge up to 150 kW for DC fast charging, but with the 250 kW supercharger, drivers can expect a quick 10 to 80% state of charge in around 36 minutes. The cost of using the supercharger varies depending on the time of day, with non-Tesla EVs paying slightly higher rates. However, Tesla offers a monthly supercharging membership for third-party EVs to access lower rates.

To access the supercharger network, drivers need to sign up for a Ford Blue Oval Charge Network account and use the Ford Blue Charge app to find available superchargers. With the plug-and-charge system, drivers can easily pay for their charging without any hassle. Overall, this partnership between Ford and Tesla opens up over 1,500 new charging points for Ford EV drivers, making it more convenient and accessible to stay charged up on the go.

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Video Transcript

Ford was the first automaker to announce that it’s adopting the North American charging standard last year so it’s fitting that it’s also the first to unlock Tesla supercharging Network for his drivers this year we’re here with an F-150 Lightning to see how it works now the way that Ford is bringing

The North American charging system to its drivers is via this adapter here which it’s offering for free to F-150 Lightning and Mach drivers at for a limited time both the F150 Lightning here and Ford’s Mustang Mai top out at just below 150 KW for DC fast charging so this 250 Kow supercharger

Should be able to Max either out expect around 36 minutes to go from a 10 to 80% state of charge the DC speed sweet spot for the standard range battery or around 41 minutes if you’re spec up to the extended range battery now how much is this going to cost supercharging isn’t

Free and non- Tesla EVS pay more to use the supercharger Network than native Tesla vehicles that said the prices are still fairly competitive with other DC fast charging networks that I’ve used this station uses onoff Peak rates that range from around 45 Cent per kilowatt hour to around 63 cents for non- Tesla

Vehicles during peak hours like now for an F-150 Lightning you can expect to pay between $31 and 56 bucks for a 10 to 80% charge depending on whether you have the standard or extended range battery and what time you plug in for the Machi you’re looking at 22 to 40 bucks Tesla

Offers a monthly $12.99 supercharging membership for thirdparty EVS that allows them to charge at the same rates as native models between 33 and 47 cents at this station at these rates an F-150 charge drops to between 23 and 43 bucks in the mai to 16 to 30 again depending on your

Battery size and what time you plug in but if you’re planning on doing a lot of supercharging this isn’t a terribly bad deal for context many other major d fast charging networks like Evo and Electrify America offer similar monthly tiered subscriptions to lock users into lower

Rates for frequent use now in order to get your free high-speed charge adapter you’ll first need to sign up for a blue oval charge network account which is important because that’s where you’ll put in all of your payment information for plug-in charge payment once you do

That you’ll be able to use the Ford blue charge app in order to find a supercharger the same way you search for any other charger you go into the search for Chargers give it a second to think and it’ll bring up the available Chargers and here we see our daily City

Supercharger there and available stations we are currently parked at 4A right there and so it tells us that we’re going to need an adapter we click that button and we’re ready to rock or you can use the charge Assist app in the dashboard to search for supercharger

That will show you in either locations when a supercharger is available and whether you need an adapter so once you’ve activated in the app you will unlock the Tesla plug which you will connect to the Ford high-speed charging adapter like so now you’ll take the whole kit and Kaboodle and plug it into

The CCS Port of your Ford vehicle and because of plug-in charge you don’t need to fiddle with a credit card or mess with a touchcreen or anything all of your payment information is stored in your Ford blue oval charge network account you just plug in wait to

Charge unplug and you’re on your way if you are a Mustang Mai or F-150 Lightning owner and you’re looking to add over 1,500 extra DC fast charging points to your list head over to fastcharging adapter to sign up to get yours free until June 30th and if you’re

Interested in the lightning or the Maki head over to where we’ve got full reviews of both of those EVS

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