Misconceptions About NYC People That Just Won’t Die… – Video

Misconceptions About NYC People That Just Won’t Die… – Video

Are you ready to debunk some of the biggest myths about New York City? In this video, we’ll explore the truth behind common misconceptions that people have about the Big Apple. From the belief that New Yorkers are rude to the idea that the city is only expensive to visit, we’ll shed light on what’s real and what’s not.

One of the myths we’ll tackle is the assumption that New Yorkers are rude. While they may seem standoffish at first, New Yorkers are actually known for their kind hospitality, especially at restaurants. Another misconception is that street food in New York is dirty, when in reality it is often safe to eat and can be a delicious and affordable option.

We’ll also address the idea that New York is too expensive to visit, offering tips on how to save money on airfare, lodging, and activities. Additionally, we’ll explore the myth that New York City is just Manhattan, when in fact the five boroughs each have their own unique charm and identity.

From debunking the belief that all New Yorkers are liberals to dispelling the notion that New York is all skyscrapers, this video will challenge your preconceived notions about the city that never sleeps. And if you’re a foreign visitor worried about internet access, we’ve got you covered with a game-changing solution that will make your trip to NYC much smoother.

So, if you’re curious to learn the truth behind the biggest lies about NYC, be sure to watch this video. You’ll come away with a new perspective on the city and maybe even some insider tips for your next visit.

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Video Transcript

New York City a name that instantly brings many images to mind many of them not so positive there are so many myths floating out there about the Big Apple and today I’m going to be debunking the most common ones New Yorkers are rude I think New Yorkers get a bad rap for lots

Of reasons and being mean or being rude is near the top of the list I just want to say as far as hospitality is concerned especially at restaurants I find we have some of the best waiters many of them making it a profession and say what you want about tipping but for

Customer service I think New York is tough to beat at sit down restaurants now the people are a different story because they have that Gruff exterior on the outside especially in Manhattan where everybody always seems like they’re in a rush because well they are

In a rush and I didn’t come up with this quote but I agree with it New Yorkers are kind but not nice meaning they won’t be fake nice with you but they’ll be real and if you’re in trouble you’ll be surprised how quickly New Yorkers will

Come to your Aid just don’t waste their time or expect a lot of small talk one little Quirk is if you’re lost and a New Yorker over here is where you’re going they may shout out which way to go as they keep rushing on by that literally

Happened to me a week ago when we were filming in the West Village and I couldn’t find this little side street some girl walked by and said one block that way she just kept on hurrying along very New York moment now you’ve probably heard the term before Dirty Water Dog

But what that actually means is the water in the vat has been seasoned with spices giving it that darkish appearance I will be the first one to jump up and exclaim that it is safe to eat street food in New York I have had more of it

Than most and I’ve never gotten sick there are exceptions I’ve heard the stories I’ve read the reports about some unsavory practices at some carts as well as a proliferation of unlicensed food vendors but keep this in mind at least you can see them while they prepare your

Food at a restaurant you have no idea what’s going on back there you know what you really need to worry about as a tourist not how sanitary the food is but getting ripped off at a food truck because if the vendor does not list his prices I have heard so many stories from

All of you about getting charged $50 for two hot dogs and two cokes so if the price is not listed make sure to ask before you order New York can be one of the most expensive trips of your life if you don’t do your homework I mean if you

Blindly just book things during the Christmas period you’re going to spend more money on your hotel in one night and probably your flight cost and the two biggest expenses you’ll run into are airfare and lodging here after that you can make it work with a moderate budget

But for airfare the best thing I can tell you is to pick an off seon to visit it’s early March as we film this and it’s almost 60° I had to take my jacket off picking the shoulder Seasons to visit is one of the best ways to save

Money on flights the other being if you can get Reward Points through credit cards or frequent flyer miles also realizing that there’s three area airports that you can fly into Newark and New Jersey LaGuardia and JFK in Queens and I say pick whichever one is the cheapest because in the end it

Really doesn’t matter that much which airport you fly into for hotels the best tip I can give you is don’t stay in Midtown Manhattan or better yet avoid Manhattan entirely I have a good friend who’s visiting soon with his kids he’s staying in South Brooklyn saving a ton

Of money he’s going to be walking distance to some of the best pizza in the US and under 30 minutes from Manhattan by Subway so if you are willing to stay just a little bit outside of the popular tourist areas you are going to save a fortune on hotels as

Far as saving money on food and activities well I mean you’ve come to the right place watching this channel hint hint we just did a video about the 50 best free things to do in New York so definitely watch that if you want to save some money and as far as food is

Concerned we have covered so many budget Cheap Eats street food on the channel just look around there’s a lot of ways to save money eating out in New York going to sit down restaurants that is going to cost you so what I would say is budget that in but don’t be afraid to

Grab some quick bites and cheat beats this city is full of it and while I’m not the biggest fan of them if you absolutely must check off all the attractions of New York getting one of the attraction passes will save you money New York is just Manhattan this

Myth really needs to die and I’m not just talking figuratively there are people that believe New York City only consists of Manhattan when I moved out of Manhattan to Brooklyn almost 4 years ago I can’t tell you how many comments I got saying they were so sad I was

Leaving New York and while people living in the tri-state area call Manhattan the city it’s just a figurative reference New York City is actually five buroughs and this came to pass in 1898 when New York County which then included the Bronx Kings County Richmond County and a part of Queens County were Consolidated

Under a new city Charter now Manhattan does get most of the worldwide attention which I understand it is the icon it’s what you see in all the movies and TV shows but you are just as much New Yorker if you live in Forest Hills Queens or the South Bronx or even Staten

Island as somebody who lives in Hell’s Kitchen and you may even hear the term outer Burrows which refers to the four Burrows outside of Manhattan but they are all still New York City getting internet access is a hassle if you’re a foreign visitor when you visit New York

Having data on your phone is going to make your trip so much easier from ordering an Uber to takeout from just finding directions off of Google Maps you definitely need access to data but data roaming from your home country is expensive and spending the time at the

Airport to buy some ripoff package just isn’t worth it which brings us to our partner for today’s video olly get unlimited data with an Olaf eim in New York an eim is a virtual Sim which lets you add a data plan to your device just by scanning a QR code the eim is

Actually located inside of your cell so you don’t have to insert a physical SIM card anymore and the great thing is you get instant delivery to your email it’s so easy to set up just head to the Olaf website and type in New York City it’s

About as hassle-free as you get you keep your number and your sim card buyby roaming charges they’ve got 24/7 technical support available via email online chat and WhatsApp in more than seven languages and a special offer for my viewers use promo code John bar for 5% off of your purchase see the link

Down in the description Ola fly definitely a game changer if you’re visiting from overseas Central Park is New York’s only green space now I could understand how you’d come to that conclusion if you just stayed in a small bubble in Midtown heck we’re standing on a Green Space right now the elevated

Acre my favorite secret Park in New York and not only is Central Park not the only green space we have but it barely cracks with top five in New York for size pelay Park in the Bronx is actually number one so while Central Park is probably the world’s most famous park it

Is certainly not the only one we have in New York there are so many for you to go explore Broadway tickets are very expensive Broadway tickets are expensive if you only want to see the hottest shows or the newest shows but if you have some flexibility you can get some

Pretty good deals there’s always deals to be had with Rush tickets buying at the tkts booth or the today tickets app or even just monitoring the secondary Market sometimes there’s also two for one week or better yet see an Off Broadway show where you’re always going to save money except for little Shahar

That is extremely expensive because Darren Chris and Evan Rachel Wood are in right now so there’s exceptions to that rule too celebrities are everywhere I actually think you are more likely to see a celebrity in New York than you are in LA because in La they’re hiding in

Their cars they’re hiding behind large fences in front of their mansions in New York you’ll see celebrities riding the subway that being said Don’t expect it unless you’re stalking movie sites or going to a movie premiere heck in my 13 years living in New York and all the

Years across the water in Jersey commuting in I’ve seen celebrities twice one time I saw Shawn Penn walking your Port Authority and a few years ago near my old apartment in the village I saw Jake Gyllenhaal walking on Hon Street and that’s many many years here so now

You’re all going to tell me how you’ve seen celebrities in the comments and how it is common but at least for me and I think for most don’t expect it the city never sleeps compared to most US cities New York is the city that never sleeps

Well it’s the city that goes to bed later at least although I will say since covid-19 a lot of that has changed many famous spots like cat’s Deli Vela even many McDonald’s do not stay open 24 hours anymore so is New York really the city that never sleeps still I would say

No but a lot of things are open late and Deli and bodos well those are always going to be 24/7 all New Yorkers are liberals I like to stay away from Politics on the channel and this is the one time I’m going to get into it without giving any of my personal views

New York does have an extremely liberal reputation worldwide rightfully so but just just as an example Lee zeldon a Conservative Republican won 30% of New York City’s vote in his unsuccessful bid to win the New York State governorship less than two years ago which was the highest amount for a republican in 20

Years almost 40% of queens and 66% of Staten Island voted for zeldon so while the majority of New Yorkers are Democrats not all New Yorkers are liberals New York is all sky skysc scrapers well from where I’m standing right here it might appear so but if you’ve watched my channel for any length

Of time you’ll have seen us filming outside of Midtown Manhattan and Lower Manhattan where the vast majority of skyscrapers actually are most people who live in New York aren’t surrounded by skyscrapers on a daily basis sure as a tourist you’ll be surrounded by them constantly but according to Wikipedia as

Of July of last year New York has 316 completed skyscrapers that are at least 492 ft in height more than any other city in the Western Hemisphere and third in the World Behind Hong Kong and Shenzhen so yes New York has the most skyscrapers in North America but there’s

Plenty of locations where the only skyscrapers you’ll see will be far away in the distance the water is unsafe to drink now I wouldn’t recommend you go swimming in the East River or the Hudson River but New York City tap water I think it’s an unfair wrap New York gets

Its drinking water from 19 reservoirs and three controlled Lakes spread across a nearly 2,000 square mile Watershed that Watershed is located Upstate in portions of the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains that are as far as 125 Mi north of the city in fact the state is so confident in that water

Quality that the Department of Environmental Conservation has called it the champagne of drinking water I don’t think I would toast with New York City tap water during New Year’s Eve but it is quite safe to drink this one really gets under my skin New Yorkers only wear

Black it’s impossible to live in New York without a high-paying job I would say it’s impossible to live in New York in a trendy neighborhood without a high-paying job unless your parents or somebody else is paying your rent so many newcomers arrive here and they have three roommates I lived with my twin

Brother to save money for 8 years in the village or scary enough they don’t live below 14th street or in Williamsburg and have to commute 30 minutes to get into Manhattan prices tend to go down a lot if you’re willing to concede your own place or live outside of the popular

Areas but it is still expensive versus other US cities I will not deny that New York is just a place you visit to quote Fran leoy no one can afford to live in new York yet 8 million people do how do we do this we don’t know if you really

Want to live here you find a way and you sacrifice space or location for all the amenities you get here until you find it too much of a hle to continue doing so because hundreds of people leave New York every single day fed up with living

Here and for many there’s no other place in the world they would ever consider calling home and we call them New Yorkers now that you know many of the biggest lies that people keep believing about New York in this video I’m going to share 10 Things I wish I knew before

Moving to the Big Apple this is an eye openening video watch this next

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