Most Infamous Top 10 Undercover Operations – Video

Most Infamous Top 10 Undercover Operations – Video

These top 10 most infamous undercover operations changed the course of history but remained secret for years, until now. From the Israeli operation to induce chaos in Egypt with Operation Susannah to the joint CIA and Canadian government mission to rescue diplomats in Iran with the Canadian Caper, these operations were conducted in secret and had far-reaching consequences.

The list also includes operations like Donnie Brasco, where an FBI agent successfully infiltrated the New York mafia, and Operation Gladio, a NATO stay-behind operation aimed at rooting out communism in Western European countries.

The most frightening operation on the list is Operation Wrath of God, where Israel’s intelligence agency targeted members of Black September and the Palestine Liberation Organization in retaliation for the Munich Massacre. And finally, the failed attempt to assassinate Hitler with Operation Valkyrie shows the lengths some were willing to go to stop a tyrant.

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At 12:35 p.m. Stenberg entered the conference room exactly 7 minutes later the world would be forever changed welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the most famous Andor Infamous but still noteworthy operations that were conducted in secret the cia’s attempt to control people turned out to

Be just the opposite number 10 operation Susan an this is better known as the leavon affair named after Israeli defense minister pinhas leavon in 1954 Israel was at odds with Egypt and hoped to destabilize the government of G Abdul Naser they hoped to induce sociopolitical chaos within the country

And Foster anti- Egyptian sentiment in the west to carry out their plan Israeli military intelligence hired a group of Egyptian Jews to bomb public places in Egypt The Hope was to place the blame on nationalists and induce an atmosphere of unrest however the operation did not

Work the bombs that went off were weak and caused little damage meanwhile an Israeli agent named AI alad informed the Egyptian authorities of the plan and most of the bombers were arrested number nine Ellie Cohen we return to Israel for the story of Ellie Cohen Cohen was personally recruited by The Mad Israel’s

National Intelligence Agency he was trained as a field agent and sent to infiltrate the Syrian government in the early 1960s going by the name kaml Amin tabat Cohen was recruited as an Israeli spy but then sent undercover in South America using an alias to prepare for his eventual deployment to Syria Cohen

Posed as a successful Syrian businessman and relayed important military information back to Israel during The Six Day War this included taking photos of Syrian defensive positions and informing the Israeli government of strategic military plans among other successful Endeavors Cohen was eventually captured and publicly hanged in 1965 this came

After a plea to the Israeli government that he stopped working in Syria in Israel Ali Cohen continues to be celebrated as a super spy number eight Donnie Brasco the story of Joseph pastone was made Popular by the 1997 film Donnie Brasco which is titled after pistone’s undercover name who wants to

Make a move mie about me you know pistone was an FBI agent who infiltrated the New York mafia primarily the bonano crime family the first director of the FBI Jay Edgar Hoover forbade his Agents from going undercover as he feared they would be corrupted by a life of crime

However castone proved that it could be done and done very successfully pastone was not killed and he was not corrupted in fact his work led to the convictions of over 100 mafia members and the complete downfall of the bonano crime family he spends the next 6 years in court testifying against the American

Mafia he resigned from the FBI in 1986 and now lives under witness protection no one has ever done the damage in one Fell Swoop to the mafia that Joe pastone did number seven operation chaos the 1960s was a tumultuous decade in American history known for its vehement anti-war gender and race-based movements

President Lyndon B Johnson ordered the CIA to conduct operation chaos an Espionage project which hoped to uncover possible foreign influence on these domestic movements the CIA spied on over 300,000 American citizens including the activist group women strike for peace and the Black Panther Party on November 15th 1967 director of Central

Intelligence Richard Helms told Johnson that they had found no evidence of foreign interference but the project continued for several more years George HW Bush later admitted that operation chaos conduct conducted some quote improper accumulation of material number six operation gladio launched on January 1st 1952 operation gladio was an

Extensive stay behind operation executed by nato in the entire Western Union during the Cold War andreotti admitted that the secret organization gladio existed he also revealed that it was part of a much wider network of secret stay behind armies a stay behind operation consists of a clandestine

Network of spies that stay behind after an invasion and conduct Espionage from Behind Enemy Lines the aim of operation gladio was to root out communism in Western European countries and prevent the spread of Soviet ideology in each country the network had its own name gladio in Italy sd8 in Belgium the

Program has been accused of utilizing psychological warfare and endorsing right-wing terrorism including the assassination of Eduardo mlan the president of a mosambique socialist party however these accusations have been vehemently denied by the US state department in November 1990 the European Parliament condemned gladio and stay behind requesting full investigations

Number five the Canadian Caper made popular through Ben Affleck Argo the Canadian Caper occurred in the midst of the Iran hostage crisis on November 4th 1979 a large group of armed islamists stormed the American Embassy in tyan and took 52 diplomats hostage however six diplomats had managed to evade capture

So the CIA and the Canadian government began a joint operation to rescue them together Mendes and sidel form Studio 6 a fake company named after the six house guests trapped in Iran the diplomats were given fake Canadian passports and posed as a film crew scouting locations

For a movie called Argo Studio 6’s fake movie Project is named Argo the government even set up a production office and took out ads in trade magazines to help bolster their cover story on January 27th 1980 the diplomats boarded a plane and flew out of Iran and the operation remained secret for nearly

30 years after stopping in Europe the six house guests arrive back in North America to widespread celebration number four co-intel Pro as is shown throughout this list the American government is not shy about spying and testing on their own citizens short for Counter Intelligence program co- Intel proo ran

From the mid-50s to the early ’70s and consisted of the FBI spying on American organizations most of these organizations were deemed subversive and potentially dangerous to the status quo and the list included the Black Panther Party the American Indian movement and a number of anti-war protesters the FBI

Aimed to discredit these movements and organizations in the public eye by smearing them in the media forging fake documents and throwing people in prison some were even outright assassinated including Fred Hampton the deputy chairman of of the Black Panther party number three MK Ultra one of the most infamous undercover operations in

History MK Ultra was a blatant attack on American citizens conducted by the CIA in the early days of the Cold War the CIA ordered the creation of a secret program intended to find ways of Mind Control the agency experimented on their subjects using unsuspecting citizens to test various brainwashing techniques

They hoped to use in future interrogations the project was carried out at hospitals prisons and universities under the guise of academic research with subjects being exposed to sexual assault sensory deprivation and any number of actions that could be deemed psychological warfare that was beside my bed constantly repeated

250,000 and 500,000 times perhaps most infamously some subjects were secretly dosed with LSD in the hopes of identifying the Drug’s properties and its potential uses this operation was carried out between 195 53 and 1973 and revealed to the public 2 years later and during those hearings the CIA finally

Admitted that this program existed they admitted that it was probably not the right thing to do number two operation wrath of God let’s just say operation wrath of God has to be the scariest sounding project and with good reason in September of 1972 a Palestinian organization called Black September

Infiltrated the Summer Olympics and killed 11 Israeli in what came to be called the Munich massacre in Israel the reaction to the massacre was one of horrified disbelief almost immediately afterwards the prime minister of Israel gayer personally authorized operation wrath of God carried out by the country’s intelligence agency mad it

Targeted members of Black September and the Palestine Liberation Organization barely 3 weeks after the Munich Massacre committee X had approved its first assassination in the next 20 or so years mad assassinated a number of individuals but the operation faced enormous criticism when they accidentally killed an innocent man in Norway Ahmed biki an

Innocent Moroccan waiter had lived in Norway for 5 years furthermore the primary Mastermind behind the Munich Massacre Abu daud was never killed did it help in any way to bring peace to the m Middle East no strategically it was a complete failure before we continue be sure to

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Valkyrie you may ask yourself why did no one attempt to assassinate Hitler well they did but it was an enormous failure following the major blow that was the Battle of Stalingrad German Military Officers lost morale and began plotting Hitler’s assassination as a mean means to end the war the plan was to kill

Hitler in a bombing then take control of Germany by using the Vermont to Stage a coup the operation was mainly headed by Claus Von staenberg a German army officer who personally planted the bomb in Hitler’s conference room of all the conspirators he was now best placed to become the Assassin unfortunately the

Bomb did not work as intended and Hitler escaped with nothing but a burst eardrum he said that he had just spoken with kitle and was told that fura was very much alive the subsequent coup also failed and nearly 5,000 people were executed including venberg Stenberg hon Al and kinheim were summarily condemned

To death did you know about any of these operations let us know in the comments below it’s it’s strictly business they had choice to be gangsters I chose to be an FBI agent did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring

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