Mother Attacks Police Officer After Her Son’s Arrest Caught on Body Camera – Video

Mother Attacks Police Officer After Her Son’s Arrest Caught on Body Camera – Video

A shocking video captured the moment a mother went wild when her son was arrested for DWI. The bodycam footage shows the mother becoming increasingly agitated and hostile as the officer tries to handle the situation. She repeatedly tries to intervene, becomes physically aggressive, and even attacks the officer, leading to a heated confrontation.

The video highlights the mother’s refusal to accept her son’s arrest and her combative behavior towards law enforcement. She is seen yelling and cursing, and even attempting to physically restrain the officer from taking her son into custody.

The situation escalates as the mother’s outburst continues, and she is ultimately warned about the possibility of being charged with battery on a police officer. The video captures the chaotic and intense nature of the encounter, with the mother’s emotional distress and the officer’s efforts to maintain control of the situation.

The video serves as a stark reminder of the challenges law enforcement officers face in handling difficult and volatile situations, and the intense emotions that can arise in such scenarios. It also raises important questions about the role of family members in the enforcement of the law and the consequences of interfering with police procedures.

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Video Transcript

Hey hey no don’t you hear my kid that’s I don’t know where this is coming from that you think that we’re going to beat you up nobody’s even yelled at you or anything if you listen to him he’s the one with the cussing and everything else but so right now he’s

Being arrested for DWI we’re going to let you have the car okay that way you don’t have to pay a toe Bill no please don’t do this man please we already did okay please we’ve already had hey hey no don’t you hear my K tell her not to leave that not to

Touch that officer stop you better quit no you me what the is wrong with you I you touched the other officer you attacked him you want to get charged with battery on the P off police officer D on my purse wrong with you look a considerate officer what

The’s your problem man you don’t touch him I didn’t hit him you jumped on his back no he did yes you did don’t touch my kid don’t touch mying kid you guys a problem okay whatever don’t touch my kid okay whatever you a who you you keep it up no

Hey Hey where’s where’s my Stu what stuff did you lose I don’t know what else I I I don’t know ask this point hitting a girl who is the girl I your problem I didn’t hit you what’s your problem I didn’t hit you you your problem is you’re drunk F

You who cares drunk I don’t give a don’t come in here to I didn’t hit you don’t hit a I pulled you off of his back whatever you oh yeah what okay hold on let me put on my shoes put your shoes on

Do it we can do it if you want we can do whatever the you want don’t hit her problem listen listen you like don’t my kid what you didn’t hit your kid you did you hit him my kid you you right that’s you don’t square off on

Me what are you who are you who are you who are you who are you come on come on here come here get it with him I’ll get it with him are you go are you willing to go over here and talk to me I talk to you exp to the to

If what who are you I didn’t even hit you pulled you off of go talk to the sergeant don’t you ever talk to the sergeant

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