National Geographic Explores New York Fashion Week: Fit for Royalty | NYFW – Video

National Geographic Explores New York Fashion Week: Fit for Royalty | NYFW – Video

National Geographic made history by bringing the majesty of the animal queendom to New York Fashion Week with their innovative hologram technology show, “Fit for a Queen”. In celebration of their upcoming series QUEENS, which showcases ruling female matriarchies around the world, the activation wowed audiences with a stunning display of nature-inspired fashion and imagery.

From the narration by Queen Mother Angela Bassett to the choreographed dance performances and intricate wardrobe designs, the event was a unique fusion of fashion and wildlife conservation. The show aimed to spotlight the power and leadership of female animals in the natural world, highlighting the importance of female representation and talent in all industries.

With a mix of classic, minimalist fashion inspired by late ’90s and early 2000s trends, the event stood out among the other shows during New York Fashion Week. The use of hologram technology brought the animals to life in a way that was both immersive and captivating, offering a new perspective on the beauty of nature.

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, events like “Fit for a Queen” showcase the importance of celebrating female talent and leadership. By shining a spotlight on the queens of the animal kingdom, National Geographic is setting a new standard for inclusivity and representation in the industry.

Overall, the show was a celebration of female energy, confidence, and excellence, encouraging audiences to embrace their inner queen and embrace their abilities to lead and inspire. With the QUEENS series set to premiere on Disney+ and Hulu, viewers can look forward to more empowering stories of female leadership and strength.

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Video Transcript

[Applause] Queens is a project about female leadership not only in front of the camera but behind the camera telling a story about nature in a new way and there couldn’t be a better time in history right now to be getting that message across the title fit for a queen pairs

Fashion Week hence fit as well as being fit or befitting of a queen and when I heard the narration by Queen Mother herself Angela Basset I was blown away and we’re really talking about the animal matriarchs of the natural Kingdom who are really leading the charge from the Hologram production to the

Choreograph dance to the models to the Wardrobe to the designers we really thought intentionally about how to make sure that we put as many women as possible at the Forefront of what we’re doing to really represent Queens from the inside out this event is different than anything else going on during New York

Fashion Week just because of the production of the different animals it’s giving drama it’s giving just everything I think there’s just so much magic and inspiration that can come from simply just observing nature coexisting with it the colors the pattern Silhouettes I mean animals are absolutely beautiful

And they serve as a constant inspiration dollar a lot of the elements when it came to Fashion I drew back to late ’90s to about the early 2000s I wanted to draw from those to make sure that we still had an element of Integrity when it came to the styling which is

Minimalistic classic something that’s not too over the top but still beautiful Timeless the Hologram installation which is incredible and uses some technology that a lot of people haven’t seen before is on par Holograms are a really great way to bring the content into the real room so in this show we wanted the animals to actually feel like they are right there with the

Audience I think this is probably the first time that an elephant has walked the runway at New York Fashion Week which is really exciting to be a part of some of the responsibilities about being out there and filming queens were to make sure that we get all the

Subtleties and Nuance it’s about looking at these delicate moments as well as the big po moments and I think that queens has got all of that it’s got the wow in every single episode this is a moment in time where we’ve got to celebrate female talent and

Spotlight it and grow more of it and I’m so proud to have been on a project that has literally changed the face of our industry made it a feminine one cuz it was male dominated for many years I think it’s really important to recognize how females in the natural world Rule

And gain power and I think it represents the many different ways that females can lead it doesn’t have to be one way and women all around should also use that as an example I think representation is so important the reason I started filming is I saw Sophie in a behind the scenes

And to me that made it possible they’re going to be so many little girls that see themselves in the TV that they’ve never had that before and being able to be like I can do that now things have been done in this space in the Natural

History film making space in one way for a long time so what these women are doing is platforming these voices elevating and encouraging more of that I think it’s really important with women’s um history month coming up that we show that there’s constantly new things that women in nature and behind the scenes

Are [Applause] Doing what makes a queen is someone who leads someone who isn’t afraid they have different level levels of intellect they have different levels of confidence I think that you can be a queen at any level a queen is about energy it is about existing unapologetically in your

Magic and it is knowing that you are Fierce darling what makes a Queen to me is really your inner energy I know I’m a queen when you have a standard of Excellence that is above and beyond that represents being a queen so pass on your queen energy embrace the fear get out

There put yourself in front of things hopefully maybe somebody will see me today and go she’s a wildlife cinematographer I can do that it’s worth It am I allowed to say Kickass

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