OpenAI gears up to compete with Google as ChatGPT learns to search the web

OpenAI gears up to compete with Google as ChatGPT learns to search the web

OpenAI is reportedly enhancing ChatGPT with a new feature that enables the AI to perform web searches and cite sources, according to Bloomberg, positioning it as a direct competitor to Google’s search engine and AI startups like Perplexity. This development could significantly change how users interact with ChatGPT by integrating more dynamic and referenced information directly from the web.

According to Bloomberg sources, the new feature in development would allow ChatGPT users to ask questions and receive answers that pull information from various online resources. These responses could include citations from Wikipedia, blog posts, and potentially even visual aids such as diagrams when relevant. For example, a query on how to change a doorknob might return a step-by-step guide accompanied by a diagram illustrating the process.

The move to expand ChatGPT’s capabilities comes as OpenAI faces increasing competition in the AI sector, where search functionality has become a significant battleground. Competitors like Perplexity, which recently reached a $1 billion valuation, and tech giant Google are also enhancing their search technologies with AI to improve accuracy and user experience. OpenAI’s initiative to integrate search functionality directly into ChatGPT could set a new standard for interactive AI systems by providing users with a more comprehensive, self-contained tool for information retrieval and task assistance.

The potential introduction of a search feature by OpenAI has sparked widespread speculation online, especially after social media users noticed a URL,, which led to a “not found” message but hinted at future capabilities. Over one weekend, the URL briefly redirected to ChatGPT’s main site, fueling rumors about the imminent launch of this new feature.

Currently, the ability to search the web is available only to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, and it can answer queries such as current weather conditions. However, there have been issues, such as outdated responses, highlighting the need for improvements in how ChatGPT retrieves and verifies real-time data.

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