“Removing My Illegal Butt Shots | HOOKED ON THE LOOK” – Video

“Removing My Illegal Butt Shots | HOOKED ON THE LOOK” – Video

The video titled “I’m Getting My Illegal Butt Shots Removed” follows the story of a woman who has spent over $200,000 on plastic surgery in order to transform herself into what she calls a “Barbie doll.” She has had numerous procedures, including illegal injections in her butt at the age of 18, and is now experiencing complications and regret. Her family and boyfriend are urging her to stop getting surgeries, but she is determined to continue changing her appearance. She shares the negative and positive reactions she receives from the public, as well as the impact of her surgeries on her personal life. The video captures her emotional conversation with her grandmother, where she reveals her decision to remove the illegal injections from her butt. The woman also discusses the pressure she feels to maintain her current appearance and her desire to be a “hot grandma” in the future. This video offers a raw and honest look at the physical and emotional toll of extreme plastic surgery and the importance of self-acceptance.

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I’m obsessed with plastic surgery I’ve spent 200,000 and I’m not going to stop always look like a Barbie doll I love to keep my makeup done every day my hair done and the body has to match my body has made me over a million dollars but I got illegal injections

When I was 18 and I regret it so much my boyfriend and family is begging me to stop I don’t want you to look crazy I would be devastated if anything ever happened to you I was always referenced in high school is the white girl with

The big butt so I had a great Foundation to start out with people call me Barbie because I always look like a Barbie doll I love to keep my makeup done every day my hair done and the body has to match even as I grow older I want to be a

Good-looking older woman I want to look like a hot grandma I’ve had a lot of plastic surgeries done I started when I was 18 years old with the illegal injections now I’m on my third boob job tmy tuck lipo a few times and I’m also had a BBL non-surgical procedures would

Be my injectables on my face maintenance Botox fillers lips I would say I’ve spent around 200,000 I would like to reverse my legal butt shots I’m starting to have complications when I first got in the illegal butt shots I nervous because this isn’t a doctor you know it’s like

Very much Black Market Hush Hush you lay down on a table and they start injecting your butt at the end of the day we don’t know what it is that they’re truly injecting the side effects of my illegal injections is some slight discoloration pain and random tingling in my legs

Numbness I’m worried that if I don’t get the injections removed that they’ll continue to deteriorate you just don’t know what will will happen my message to girls who are looking to do the same procedure is don’t do it it’s illegal for a reason and it’s just not worth it

So I’m going to look at some pictures of me from before the surgery just how far I’ve come and some people look at the pictures and be like you look so much better before but I don’t know I think I look better now I was always popular in

High school but I wasn’t confident with myself and I think people making fun of me push P me to want to change myself and change my appearance and I feel like with plastic surgery I got to take control of my narrative and that’s what

I did so this is when I was 18 little bit of Curves but not enough for me I wish that I would have waited and just let my be a woman at 18 that’s still growing and let my curves grow on their own but I don’t regret it my body has

Made me over a million dollars so it is what it is when it comes to the internet I share probably too much than what I should but I like to be in control of my narrative the negative messages I’ve gotten about my look is saying that I’m

Shaped like an ant my legs don’t match my butt I look disgusting I look gross it low key looks like the booty and thighs are always mad pink and swollen you know comments like that hurt my feelings it’s like do you know why though like you don’t even know what

I’ve been through and I just wish sometimes people could be more sensitive on this same post it says you really inspire me to not take from no one and to be my own boss I do like when I get positive messages because it makes me feel like people understand

Me so because of my body I’ve had a lot of nice gifts a lot of things done for me probably the nicest thing that somebody has ever done for me the first day I met them they took me on a shopping spree and spent around 60,000

On me I would describe my style is very expensive I like to stand out so when I walk in I want them to see me I want to look like a Barbie it’s so hard to find the right jeans because I have a super small waist my waist is about 26 in and

My hips and butt is 51 in most of the time I have to get them tailored when I do go out I like to have my butt covered I don’t like to wear see-through things just because I’m really insecure about the injections so today I’m going

To the beach with my boyfriend and he doesn’t like me to show a lot of skin so I’m hoping the outfit that I decided for today is up to his standards hey honey big glass for my king cheers yes so do you notice anything no what babe my outfit this is

What I’m going to wear to the beach today to the beach this look like a club fit a club outfit yeah you know when you got with me you didn’t sign up for no basic girl like you want a goodlooking girl right like this is what comes with

It okay okay so if you P change anything about my body would you nah you good right now no more surgeries though it’s quiet no more surgeries quiet babe babe bab bab you know that I like the fake look I don’t work out I have to keep getting surgery you know I’m always

Going to get surgery till the day I die nah it’s not going to happen what do you mean it’s not going to happen you’re going to start going to the gym no more surgery and I don’t want you to look crazy you can’t work your lips out to

Make them bigger I mean I can think of other workouts but that’s not what I’m talking about so I’m about to call my grandma and I’m a little nervous so my family feels like I’m beautiful without the surgery hey how are you they make fun of my butt

Saying it’s too big they’re embarrassed by me when we go places because no matter what I wear my body is going to show I just wanted to call and talk to you about some things that I’m getting one more surgery and well let me hear what it is well I’m

Going to get the illegal injections from my butt removed so I’m going to get them taken out that makes me happy because when it’s ugly it feels like you got a big 10 lb bag of potatoes on this side and on this side my stand up I was like what the hell

Happened either going to have to open my butt up I’m going to have to go to Colombia out of the country to get it done col why can’t they do it here well they’re just not as good as it in the states like they they’re they’re going

To leave my butt looking like lumpy and clumpy no already is Lumpy no it’s not you’re a hater no more gifts for you I’d love you more than anything in the world and I would be devastated if anything ever happened to you I just can’t tell you love how

Precious you are I love you Lord a don’t cry you’ve helped me so much BEC to the lady that I am today and I’m so glad to have talked to you today but don’t cry everything’s going to be all right bye Grandma I love you I love you J thank

You a that’s so sad H try not to mess up my makeup I get a lot of reactions anytime I go in public most of the time negative it’s either husbands looking or wives with a mean face but I know they’re just mad cuz they want to look like this if

You’re hating you’re not happy with yourself I receed a lot of love too though a lot of girls will come up to me think you look awesome my hopes for the future is to get these injections removed safely keep looking fabulous and I just want to be a voice for young

Girls that are thinking about getting injections and just plead with them not [Applause] to all

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BLUE, otherwise known as ‘Barbie’, is a former dancer turned reality TV personality. She felt pressure during her career, comparing her figure to the physiques of other dancers, which caused her insecurities to grow. Blue wanted to enhance her body, so she would look good, make more money and receive more attention. Now her body has made her over 1 million dollars. Blue told truly: “I love to keep my makeup on every day, my hair done, and the body has to match. I’ve always wanted to look like a Barbie doll.” Adding: “I’m obsessed with plastic surgery. I’ve spent $200,000 and I’m not going to stop.” Her long list of procedures includes three b*** jobs, a BBL, liposuction and a tummy tuck. She also gets fillers and Botox regularly. However, some of her plastic surgery experiences have been less than positive. At 18 years old she got illegal b*** injections that were administered in a hotel room. She explained: “When I first got the illegal shots, I was nervous because, one, this is not approved by the FDA. This isn’t a doctor, it’s like very much on the black market. You lay down on the table and they start injecting your b***, they tell us it’s silicone, but at the end of the day, we don’t know what it is that they’re truly injecting.” Now she plans to reverse her shots as she experiences complications from the procedure. “The side effects of my illegal injections are that now, years later, there is some slight discolouration pain and I will feel like random tingling in my legs, and numbness,” she said. “I’m worried that if I don’t get the injections removed, they’ll continue to deteriorate. Or maybe worse, discolouration, worse pain. You just don’t know what will happen.” Blue wants to educate young people on the risks of these kinds of practices, “my message to girls who are looking to do the same procedure is don’t do it, it’s illegal for a reason, and it’s just not worth it.”

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