Ryan Reynolds stars in the final trailer for IF (2024) – Video

Ryan Reynolds stars in the final trailer for IF (2024) – Video

In the upcoming movie “IF” (2024), we follow the story of a man played by Ryan Reynolds who possesses the unique ability to see and communicate with people’s imaginary friends. These imaginary friends, often forgotten or discarded, are longing for love and friendship. However, some of them, devoid of these essential elements, veer towards the dark side and pose a threat that must be stopped. As the protagonist befriends these imaginary friends and tries to guide them towards the light, he must also face the sinister forces that seek to cause chaos and destruction.
Starring alongside Reynolds in this heartwarming and thrilling family movie are John Krasinski and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. “IF” promises to be a captivating and emotional journey that explores the power of friendship, love, and the imagination. Don’t miss the chance to experience this enchanting tale when it hits cinemas on May 17, 2024.

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