“Samsung Takes Center Stage at CES 2024 with Keynote Presentation” – Video

“Samsung Takes Center Stage at CES 2024 with Keynote Presentation” – Video

Samsung Keynote at CES 2024

In the Samsung Keynote at CES 2024, CEO and head of the device experience division at Samsung Electronics, JH Han, discusses the advancements in connectivity that power our world. He emphasizes how personalized services and technology enrich our lives and make our experiences better. With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), Han explains how Samsung is redefining how we live by integrating AI into their products and services. He discusses the social responsibility that comes with advancing technology and highlights Samsung’s commitment to prioritizing security in the digital world.

Shin Beck, a member of the Security Team, explains how Samsung is prioritizing the safety and security of users in today’s hyperconnected world. He discusses Samsung Knox, a multi-device security platform that provides end-to-end encryption across Samsung devices to protect data and prevent security threats. Beck also emphasizes Samsung’s commitment to collaboration and innovation to address security vulnerabilities, setting new standards for privacy.

Inhe Chun, the vice president of the corporate sustainability center at Samsung, discusses the company’s efforts to build resource circularity into their devices. He highlights Samsung’s use of recycled materials in their products and their focus on energy management through features like smart things AI energy mode. Chun also announces the integration of smart things energy with Tesla power wall and solar inverter solutions, allowing users to manage energy and prepare for power outages through smart automation.

The Samsung Keynote at CES 2024 showcases the company’s dedication to advancing technology, prioritizing security, and promoting sustainability while shaping a more intelligent and hyperconnected world for consumers.

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Video Transcript

A Ah W Good afternoon please welcome CEO and head of device experience division at Samsung Electronics JH Han [Applause] hello CES it’s great to see you again today advaned connectivity Powers our world P homes even cars are connected these Technologies along with personalized Services act as the foundation of our connected lives they enich everything we do and they our best they see in the background pleasant but not

Intrusive this connected world is about to get even better with is the emergence of artificial intelligence smarter better experiences we will redefine how we live AI is reshaping Industries Beyond technology and it has the power to make life easier more than inclusive for all as samong AI is not

New our investment in AI spent over a decade and today these investment are coming to life not just in our most popular products we are integrating AI into our services and operation new generative AI tools like Samsung cows will boost productivity however we also recognize and embrace the great social

Responsibility that comes with the advancement of Technology AI cannot be truly transformational about security so Samsung no will act as a security companion in our Digital World of devices Services platforms and even development environment with Samsung no consumers just safer in using the latest Technologies as Samsung we also believe

AI can have a big impact on our planet after all powerful technology like AI should do more than simply servers that is why Samsung is proactively deploying AI to help us conserve more energy optimize our operations and T in renewable energy sources and we are enabling you to use

This same technology to do this in your home with services like smart things energy we all can play a role in helping to protect our beautiful planet 500 million smart Samsung devices from TV and refrigerators to vacuums and smartphones are sold every year powering our digital lives most importantly Samsung is

Enabling on open ecosystem millions of devices work seamlessly with our smart things platform to help us with ltin and make life more convenient we are confident that collaboration across borders and industries will accelerate Innovation ultimately bearing fruits for our consumers semiconductors and displays will also play a big role in maximizing

The utility of AI Samsung’s broad portfolio of powerful devices along with the pursuit of open collaboration will help bring Ai and hyperconnectivity to all for many of us time May the most valuable asset and the AI has the potential to save us a lot of it yet AI isn’t just about being more

Efficient or making things easier to use we believe it’s the F for creativity the engine for a new wave of consumer experiences intelligence is becoming part of how you enjoy your classic movie cook a new favorite dishy or capture precious memory with friend AI will play an inspe living role

In making things more personal by understanding us parents and habits intelligent services like smart things and bigv will work together across all facets of Our Lives the home office car and every place in between for AI to be transformational its capabilities must be safe and accessible to all that is our goal as

Samsung to bring AI to Millions around the world to make it work for you to make it work for all a is not novelty it’s core to all of our digital moment and moving forward AI will do e even more easier to use simpler and more creative my colleagues will show you how

Samsung is using AI to turn our connected reality into a more intelligent world of hyper connectivity in 2024 thank [Applause] You Please welcome Shin Beck of security Team Mobile experiences at Samsung [Applause] Electronics hello CS thank you for having me and it’s great to be back at at CS JH just shared how AI is critical to building a better future and our responsibility to safeguard users remains at the top of our priority list in today’s era of hyperconnectivity

There is a growing need for Security Solutions that stretched Beyond just one product we need to protect multiple devices and the data they share across your entire ecosystem with that in mind Samsung is uniquely positioned to bring the industry’s most holistic security solution to the entire device

Experience from many be when we when you set up a device to when it becomes part of your connected home through smart things that solution is Samsung nox originally created 10 years ago as a mobile security platform Samsung nox has become so much more Samsung nox has evolved into a true Multi-Device security

Platform take nox Matrix it has evolved from a protecting connect your connected devices to offering true end to end encryption across Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets and starting this spring nox Matrix will also extend to protect Samsung Smart TVs and family Hub refrigerators with nox Matrix devices

Will be able to monitor each other for security threats and can actually isolate a compromised device to keep the rest of your connected devices safe and of course your connected devices often contain your most important data so we are also expanding nox Vault to more products and democratizing our security Innovations

Too and now the Galaxy a series will get the same protection that our galaxy S and Z series already enjoy Hardware level tamper resistance security for the most sensitive information like PIN codes pass passwords and patterns and since last year Samsung neq LED AK TVs are also protected by KNX

Vault we also know that robust security calls for collaboration since we are stronger and safer when we work together our partners and leading security researchers help us identify vulnerabilities proactively address threats and set new standards for privacy your way that includes features like our security and privacy dashboard and auto

Blocker which provide transparency control of your over your data on the latest Galaxy devices in an increasingly connected World Samsung remains committed to protecting your data and democratizing Cutting Edge security privacy demands strong security and we will continue evolving and innovating to keep you and your connected ecosystem

Safe so you can live life on your terms thank [Applause] you Please welcome to the stage inhe Chun vice president of corporate sustainability Center at Samsung [Applause] Electronics hello everyone it’s great to be back last year I shared how Samsung is using Innovation and Partnerships to safeguard guard our future that included changes to our manufacturing and operations which contribute towards a low carbon circular economy while we are continuing to fulfill these commitments we’re also

Expanding our efforts to build resource circularity to our devices from how they’re designed to how we use them at home and finally how they’re reused and recycled we start by incorporating recycled materials into some of our most loved products such as recycle fishing nets in our galaxy smartphones recycled plastic in our TVs

And recycled aluminium in our bespoke refrigerators recycled plastic accounted for 14% of the total plastic used in our products in 2022 we’re working towards increasing this amount we’re also mindful of the impact our products make during their use when you’ve unboxed your latest phone TV or Appliance for example

Features like smart things AI energy mode can immediately help you manage energy at home by harnessing connected intelligence in fact our data suggests that the number of smart things energy users worldwide has increased by more than 75% in 201 23 and at Samsung we’ve always believed that Innovative collaboration can create

Unique new ways to improve our Collective impact so today I’m excited to share that smart things energy is now integrated with Tesla power wall solar inverter and wall connector EV charging Solutions what this means for example is that smart things energy can enable Tesla power W storm watch to notify you

Before a severe weather event on your mobile phone or on your TV furthermore smart things can help prepare for power outages by activating energy saving automations like AI energy mode for heat pumps appliances and TVs to extend the power wall backup Reserve pretty cool right well we’re also introducing a new

Partnership with us energy leader Southern Company to bring the benefits of smart things and smart things energy not just to individual homes but to entire neighborhoods starting this year in Mississippi this is one of the first steps in our broader partnership with Southern Company to provide a smarter

And more sustainable future where your home works with a grid for enhanced performance and reliability all of these Technologies offer energy and cost savings when you’re using your devices but once you’re done using a device its Journey isn’t over reuse and recycling are major priorities at Samsung programs like

Certifi renewed here in the US and in select European countries offer refurbished phones for a more affordable price while Galaxy upcycling helps you reuse or purpose your old phones in Creative new ways speaking of upcycling let me share with you our work with Partners like the

Dlab at MIT and Quaker to develop new useful ways to upcycle Samsung devices and divert them from becoming electronic waste or e-w together we’re teaming up with communities in Africa where the impact of ews can be felt the most to share sh more about this intriguing project let’s hear from Amy

Smith founding director of the daab at MIT daab is a 21-year-old academic research and fieldwork program that develops collaborative approaches and practical solutions to Global poverty challenges I’m here today to tell you about our newest program designed for Second Life Innovations this program is focused on upcycling electronic devices to create a

Transform impact in lowincome communities we are grateful to be working with longtime Community Partners kulika Uganda TW Innovation Center in Tanzania and the youth social advocacy team in Uganda and South sudam these efforts are part of our creative capacity building program it’s a methodology developed by daab and

Implemented by our partners to enhance people’s creativity and build their confidence in developing technologies that can improve their lives working with you used digital devices is new to us and we’re excited for MIT students and our Community Partners to collaborate through our digital portals on upcycled Samsung TVs and to design

Alternative uses for upcycled Galaxy devices together we can give New Life to Samsung devices in innovative ways to create income generating and labor saving opportunities while also enhancing the agency resiliency and self-determination of these communities many thanks to our project sponsors KOA and S Son thank you

Amy our collaboration with MIT is part of samon’s continued work with impactful Partners we believe in the power of new thinking which is why also through our cab outside program we discover and invest in inspiring ideas and companies to address Global Environmental challenges we’ve also collaborated with extreme Tech Challenge to create a

Climate and circularity proam program for startups and innovators who can bring meaningful solutions to life this belief in Partnership and inclusivity also means that Samsung is committed to accessibility that brings everyone along with us on this journey and we are trying to reflect this Vision in our products and

Services for example the auto Open Door on many of our home appliances responds to hands-free gestures our mobile devices can provide autogenerated subtitles during calls and our TVs and displays now offer audio subtitles a new AI enabled text to speech feature on top of that I’m happy to

Share that we have upgraded our relumino mode on Samsung TVs with a new feature relumino together relumino mode is a viewing mode made specifically ically to Aid users with low vision relumino together will enable users of all abilities to watch TV together with or without visual

Adjustments so when there is a scene in a movie or a breaking news moment everyone is able to participate as it happens including those with visual impairments as we look to a smarter better connected future breakthrough techn Technologies can help us be more responsible and inclusive about how we use our

Devices which in turn can impower us to build a better tomorrow thank you and I hope you enjoy the rest of the [Applause] Conference please welcome to the stage Jonathan Gabriel head of connected experience Center at Samsung Electronics [Applause] America hello thank you it’s great to be here at CES Next Generation Technologies are creating new experience across so many of Samsung’s devices take our micro LED screens the Pinnacle of finely crafted display technology in 2024 we’re taking this technology one step further with our new

Transparent micro LED you really have to see it to believe it clearly our screens are evolving and redefining the standards in premium visual display technology our 2024 screen lineup comes with on device Ai and intelligent integration across devices allowing you to upscale the experience the latest Samsung Neo 8K is

A beast of an AI screen with our most advanced Neo QED chips set to date the nq8 uh AI gen 3 chip features a neural processing unit with over 500 neural networks that’s eight times more than our previous model meaning our latest TVs are even smarter the npu of this processor runs

At Double the speed of our previous model this also means that every action is smoother and every command more responsive visuals are strikingly sharp and detailed thanks to Samsung Neil’s 8K Ai upscaling and AI motion enhancer Technologies sound and dialogue are optimized based on active voice amplifier Pro which analyzes and adjusts

Voice tracks against background noises and if you’re big into gaming Samsung Neo’s AI engine instantly optimizes picture and sound quality based on the game or genre you want to play and if you don’t know what to watch just go to Samsung tysen home on your smart TV

Members of the household can now set up their own profiles on the 2024 tysen OS to enjoy a customized experience including personal recommendations this year we’re also introducing the new premiere 8K with an expansive 150 in display this projector is the world’s first to feature Wireless 8K transmission it brings yes please go

Ahead it’s super cool it brings a fulls scale movie theater experience right into your home now another exciting addition to our lineup is the music frame this customizable speaker seamlessly integrates into your space with dual built-in woofers and intelligent audio processing it syncs effortlessly with your Samsung TV and Soundbar via Q

Symphony leveraging Samsung’s AI sound Technologies Q Symphony allows all of your compatible speakers to augment base and Surround Sound while intelligently adapting to the Acoustics of your home now many of you here may remember our Bali prototype from 2020 I’m excited to introduce the New Bali it is it is your true AI

Companion with more advanced intelligence Bali can come right to you and project visuals on your wall it can also help you interact with other connected devices or take care of hassles like turning switches on and off let’s take a look hey Amy can I call you back soon sure

Here is today’s exercise result could you call Will okay hey bully we’re going to bed now bring home your new companion Bali Pretty cool right I’m especially excited as we continue to advance Ai and connected technology now it’s clear these capabilities are making our days better and a great way to see this in action is with home appliances let’s start in the kitchen this is the bespoke four-door Flex refrigerator with AI family Hub

Plus with a 32-in screen it can help you explore all the connected possibilities available in the kitchen and this year we’re introducing AI Vision inside it uses the power of connected intelligence to make your fridges internal camera a little Smarter with AI Vision inside your fridge can recognize what goes in or is

Taken out and it will update your food list the fridge can also send you a notification for items you’ve set up with an expiration date this can help you use up the ingredients before they go bad reducing the amount of food that goes to waste each week the benefits of reducing food waste

Extend far beyond your home as Agriculture and food production account for a significant portion of the world’s carbon emiss missions so every step to reduce food waste counts all of this extra intelligence gets even more helpful by connecting AI Vision inside with Samsung food with a better understanding of

What’s on your shelves as well as your preferences and dietary needs Samsung food can propose new recipes including ways to use produce before it expires or fun family recipes that you’ve saved to your profile and when it’s time to start cooking you can also use your connected

Kitchen in a way that works for you with Samsung food and smart things just select the recipe you want to follow and smart things know is to connect your family Hut plus to your connected oven and start preheating before you even start chopping those onions and speaking of cooking Samsung’s

New any place induction cooktop is a built-in range that can heat up any place on the surface so you’re no longer limited to just four or five burners now even better you can pull up that recipe you saved to your Samsung food app right there on the cooktop 7-in

Touch screen so you can easily see it while you’re cooking smarter connectivity gives you the freedom to manage your home how you want to and this goes far beyond the kitchen so you can focus Less on household chores and more on just plain living first Samsung’s new bespoke AI

Laundry combo not only frees up space at home but it also uses smart technology it automatically senses fabric types and soil levels and adjusts the wash time and detergent as needed we’re also launching a new AI powered Robot vacuum meet Samsung’s latest bespoke jetbot combo it recognizes a wide variety of

Flooring types including hardwood and carpets and tailor its settings based on the material for example when you’re approaching the carpet area the BET bespoke jetbot combo detects and decides whether to lift the mop or go back to its station and leave the mop behind it also uses AI object

Recognition to avoid getting stuck on cables or rugs while identifying specific spaces like bathrooms and entrances and doorways our Innovations with screen equipped appliances featur AI are made possible through our outstanding AI chip specifically made for Samsung appliances and ties in OS advancements that support this now Technologies like these solve

Pain points but they also have the power to change how we think about chores and how we take care of ourselves and our families AI is going to help us work explore and create differently too whether it’s exchanging ideas or collaborating with others we all could use a boost to get the most

Out of our days that’s why we recently reimagined our Flagship notebook Galaxy book 4 of course today’s laptops are powerful tools already and they play a central role in our personal and professional lives yet with better seamless connectivity across devices we believe we can make these tools even better

Partners making routine bass a breeze so you can focus on those l stier to-do list items unveiled in December our new galaxy book 4 Series is our most connected and intelligent lineup of Galaxy books yet the galaxy book 4 Series is equipped with a new Intel Core Ultra processor

That features a newly added neural Processing Unit the galaxy book 4 ultra also comes with a dedicated Nvidia GeForce RTX 47d laptop GPU these components enable unmatched new AI capabilities and help boost your productivity but we’re not done here at CES I’m happy to share the latest developments for our continued partnership with

Microsoft from March this year galaxy book 4 and Galaxy smartphone owners will be able to experience the incredible new capabilities supported by Microsoft co-pilot simply connect your Galaxy book 4 and your Galaxy smartphone with link to Windows to to find read or summarize text messages automatically create

Drafts based on your prior usage and even send messages directly on your PC we’re planning even more ways to bring co-pilot features to Galaxy devices so stay tuned work these days often requires lots of video conferencing so we thought let’s make our powerful smartphone cameras enhance the those virtual

Meetings starting with our latest flagships smartphones later this year people will be able to use the Fantastic Clarity and resolution of their Galaxy smartphone cameras to enhance a meeting on services such as Microsoft teams switch between the front and rear cameras and apply AI camera features such as background blur and autof

Framing to make the experience even richer all available on our next Flagship smartphone now to tell you how Samsung is innovating when you’re really On The Go please welcome vice president of product management at Harmon Automotive Michelle Gatuso hello and thank you Harmon and Samsung have been Partners since 2016 Samson’s leadership in consumer technology together with Harmon’s Automotive expertise have opened the door to gamechanging experiences like Ready Care ready vision and ready display today Harmon Technologies power over 50 million vehicles around the

World but now the work we do with Samsung is getting even more integrated Samson and Harmon are working locked up to bring even more impactful experiences to the entire in Cabin ecosystem last year Harmon in in announced Ready Care our driver safety technology to keep you more alert and aware when

You’re on the road I’m excited to share that with the advancements to AI Ready Care can now map your movements in addition to assessing your cognitive alertness to identify generate and deliver personalize alerts and reminders Ready Care will send a custom alert to remind you to keep your hands

On the wheel but it’ll also remind you to keep your eyes on the road Ready Care can distinguish between children and adults for critical safety features like airbags this is all possible through a combin ation of computer vision and deep learning experiences in short we’re using AI to provide more accurate and robust

Interventions this is the same Innovation that is also powering ready Vision our intuitive heads up display right on your windshield as you are driving ready vision is your connected co-pilot augmented reality objects can be placed with more Precision while a forward-facing prediction algorithm does the real world matching between your map

And your actual route plus ready Vision can deliver personalized recommendations from where you want to stop for coffee to the volume of your music for your morning and evening commutes so let’s say you’re in a new city for a work meeting and you want to grab a bite a breakfast on your way

You’re not really sure of the streets or the restaurants around but with ready vision and Ready Care your vehicle will not only show you where to turn and watch out for a hidden stop sign but it will actually give you recommended points of interest right on your windshield these alerts are

Non-intrusive and safe so you’re not fumbling for your phone for directions while driving now safety concerns and outdated features can cause many of us to upgrade our vehicles before their lifetimes are up but keeping a vehicle on the road for longer can make a big difference less

Waste more time for you and your favorite car I’m excited to share that Harmon ready upgrade was just created to do just that ready upgrade offers hardware and software scalability which is upgradeable every 18 to 24 months Partners can keep their vehicles modern reliable and relevant for longer we are optimistic about the

Future of Automotive sustainability and we’re just as excited to see how AI Technologies can help all of us stay safe and better connected on the road thank you and enjoy [Applause] CES please welcome to the stage Jay Yan Jung Executive Vice President and head of smart things team at Samsung electronics Hello at Samsung we’ve spent the past few years finding new ways to connect our devices and services including better integration between smart things and Bixby now with the power of AI we are bringing more automated and personalized services to the Samsung Experience but what does that really mean for you

Well the more Samsung devices you use the smarter they become and the better they understand and support your daily life let’s start with where we spend most of our time home with the power of spatial AI smart things has a better understanding of your physical living space as well as

How you use it are you a movie watching Family more of a gamer or do you regularly host dinners at your place these factors shape how you manage your home and smart things is there to help you do exactly that first smart things is able to intelligently map your layout and your

Furniture thanks to lighter from connected devices like robot vacuums and even Bly using AI this information is then seamlessly translated into a digital map and with our smart things map view you can access it from anywhere I’m excited to share that in March we’ll offer an upgraded 3D map

View on smart things to be available on the TVs and mobile devices with map view and smart things you can make sure your smart luck is secure while when you’re out for the day turn off appliances while you’re on vacation or customize your lighting adding users is getting easier

Too if you’re welcoming A New Roommate or your kids are home for the holidays smart things provides a QR code to get them signed up once everyone is on board smart things knows how your routines should be but it also knows when something’s different and maybe even unsafe using smart sensors with AI

Capabilities in your home combined with the understanding of your living environment and routines smart things can detect unusual circumstances such as a fall then it can inform designated family members and caregivers by sending emergency alerts and what about our furry friends the newly launched Galaxy smart

Tech 2 attaches easily to a color or a harness to track their activity and can digitally store information like name and address if they are lost now your smart home is ever more Dynamic where the capabilities of smart things are combined with the power of Bixby two key Technologies make this

Possible Multi-Device wakeup enables all the relevant devices to hear your requests but only the most appropriate one knows to respond and Samsung devices connected to smart things share a protocol to communicate with each other and understand required tasks so Bigby understands what you really want when

You’re in the kitchen and call out hi Bixby play music while all the devices in the room may hear you Bigby will play music from your smart speaker while you continue watching a recipe video on your family hub all of these experiences need a home base a control center for your connected

Home for many of us the center is the TV our new Samsung daily plus is a customizable digital Hub that allows you to control your smart home and access a wide range of useful Services all in one place it provides provides easy shortcuts to your favorite activities

And services such as connect Time video call Pet Health Services and workout tracker so if your pet Sims on well you can use Samsung daily plus to easily access Pet Health Services 247 across the US during a virtual meeting with a vet you can even show the affected area of

The pet in real time using a mobile camera Samsung daily plus also let you view your workout data from your Galaxy watch while following an exercise routine on the TV we’ve also found new ways to have your TV proactively engage with you to assist your daily life our new Samsung now plus service

Displays timely and curated information such as weather home status or even a live fit from connected home security camera based on contextual understanding it can even be activated by voice command when you’re not watching TV features like this make life easier and more enjoyable and I’m happy to share our latest partnership is

Extending these capabilities well beyond the home smart things is bringing connected experiences to the car with a new partnership with hunde I’m excited to have a special guest from H join us today to share more about our work together please welcome vice president and head of infotainment Development

Center at hund Motor Group heyang Guan thank you jayen hi everyone I’m honored to be here today to share an exciting new AI collaboration between Samsung and Hyundai Mor group using Hyundai Mor groups soft to Define vehicle smart things will now work with hyai Kia and Genesis vehicle through the out with remote access to your car you

Can easily check when you parked close and open window start or stop your vehicle from afar and manage the in Cabin temperature especially handy on chiling mornings or when you’re searching for your car in a busy parking lot this also proactively maintain your vehicles and provide driving insight for your safety when you

Leave or arrive home smart things can automatically close or open your garage door based on your cars location and with simple voice commands you can control your smart things connected devices at home just say turn off the heat at home while you’re committing and your home will be cozy when you’re

Working all of us at H mot group appreciate our partnership with Samsung and we are excited about the enhanced feature brought to the vehicles as part of our new collaboration thank [Applause] You thank you he with Partnerships like this Samsung is continuing to invest in your everyday moments from waking up to starting your day commuting cooking dinner life gets a bit easier and a bit more enjoyable with connected intelligence it’s so exciting to be here at the start of our new AI powered era

Thank you Please welcome CEO and head of device experience division at Samsung Electronics JH Han back to the Stage hello again what it just what it just showed you is AI at work for you and for all all you device experiences smarter more personalized services and intelligent efforts to protect the planet samung continues to believe that by bringing together believe millions of connected devices and infusing them with Cent

Intelligence you will see and experience the difference in your home under go and everywhere in between speaking of device Innovation I hope you’ll all stay tuned for f wi stor for you next year thank you and have [Applause] Graus W It could be it could be a New Hello and welcome back we just watched Samsung CES 2024 keynote and there is a lot to discuss the thing that is top of mind for me is we got a new an updated version of the Bali robot uh I talked about this in the pre-show but did not

Expect it to come up so I’m very excited uh this new Bali is described as a little companion the quote they used was bring home your new companion um it can hang out with you project visuals which I thought was really cool it can interact with other devices like it can

Turn off your lights that kind of thing AR what are your thoughts on this I love that all of our robot dreams are coming true today our wish list items have become a reality um I also love the fact that the crowd seem to like audibly like

A when it came on so who doesn’t love a cute little robot that can help you out and do things I think the the pet compan Canon element or like helping to you know make check on your pet is a really cool way to make the seam functional and

Like a like a nice to have you know um but yeah I I’m curious to know uh more details about when it’ll be kind of rolling out me too rolling out rolling I’m going to keep saying it I’m going to keep saying that it’s the one I got and

I’m going to use it yeah I love it um I I totally agree with you I’m really excited to hear more information about it and we also wanted to hear from you all about what your ideal robot would do uh so we asked you we asked you a poll

What function would your ideal robot carry out a household chores B work assistant C friend or D pet and ABR what are those results looking like okay this is not too much of a shock I think the only thing that I’m Amazed by is the margin here because for household chores

70% of you said household chores none of us want to do these things that are so mundane and so boring so I fully understand uh then 15% of you said work assistant which makes sense I kind of would have expected maybe like a little bit more

There but I think we’re also all scared of robots taking over our jobs so I totally get it the hesitancy there uh 8% said friend and 6% said pet and that’s interesting to me because we talk a lot about like robot pets like when I was a

Kid I had a little robot dog toy you know and it was so cute um but we’re not into Pets As for robots I mean I get it it’s not a living thing I’m not that shocked but that number is really low you don’t want

I agree I feel like it it sort of reveals this like interesting um this interesting takeaway which is like we maybe we don’t want robots to to take those like human and pet things away right now exactly yeah like we still want the connection which is good I’m

Glad to hear that we all still want to be around living things that is a very real feeling so those those results are very interesting the other buzzword we of course heard during the keynote um was AI um a lot about AI in the smart

Home how AI Works to kind of map your home and um and then be incorporated to into other devices like that smart vacuum that can like detect what type of floor it’s on um so not a huge surprise there also we heard about Ai and Bixby Bixby was another thing we hadn’t heard

About for a few years she made a comeback she made a comeback um we heard about her today um and just how like relevant devices will be able to hear your voice in your house and and the most relevant one will respond back to you that was interesting to me um how

Did you feel about the Samsung AI discussion today there’s a lot there to unpack there’s a lot and I think you know it’s one of those scenarios where a lot of the things that they talked about are Concepts that or products that have been out but it’s but it’s you know

Punching in that AI element and so like let’s just reemphasize that we have ai in our products and our services we’re going to talk about it um but I think you know the the smart home is a really um you know it makes sense there because that’s you know that’s where you want

Things to be smart and and you want the right devices to respond to you want your devices to um make your life easier what’s the point in spending a ton of money on a smart home appliance if it’s not doing what you need it to dot if things aren’t communicating the way that

They need to be communicating so I think there’s just like a lot of potential there um and again like you know we saw with LG like uh AI in in in appliances we’re seeing it with Samsung we’re seeing it in in smart things so um it

Just it clicks there it’s a big theme yeah it’s probably gonna continue to be a big theme this CES the other thing I thought was interesting about Samsung’s discussion of AI was how it needs to be secure it needs to keep all of our devices and data all the data that they

Share very secure and protected it talked about Samsung nox as sort of like the answer to that and something I thought was really interesting is it said that this Samsung nox platform will protect Samsung Smart TVs and family Hub refrigerators which makes me wonder bra how do you feel about a fridge needing

Data security protection in this day and age that we are in yeah I’m often worried about security risks to my refrigerator it’s something keeps me up at night uh so I’m really glad I don’t have to think about that anymore um I just think it’s so funny I mean I guess

It makes sense because again our these appliances are smart and they um are connected right they’re all connect it’s not just sitting there it’s it’s all connected and so I security to see that kind of go from just Security on your phone or your device to something like

You know an appliance this is the age we’re living this 2024 baby we’re just going to see it more yeah we are here I I totally agree I think like if the fridge has the data it definitely should be protected exactly I didn’t necessarily think we’d see a day where

The fridge has the data but it does so this is the age we’re living in we’ll keep her protected what a time to be alive I know what a time to be here um the other thing that I thought was cool was the smart things Hyundai collaboration um so the smart things uh

App will work with your vehicle so that you can remotely open and close your car windows change the temperature in Cabin I thought that was really cool cuz I feel like it’s a scary paranoia that I have that like I accidentally left my window open so absolutely great to be

Able to see that from home and it also works the opposite way so if you’re in your car you can like change the temperature in your home which I thought was cool but BR what did you think of that collaboration that’s very cool that makes maybe I’m biased cuz I’m feeling

Chilly and I want to be warm and I’m like that sounds nice bump up yeah exactly is the season for that um I think that’s cool I think you know again this idea of of finding practical ways to make those Integrations it’s a random integration you’re like what what are

They what’s this collab but it it works I mean if they find something that they can each bring to the table um clearly they can do that here so I’m again where the cars are just going to keep making an appearance it seems like uh for the foreseeable future all these companies

Are trying to get a piece of the pie here I totally agree we heard about more car stuff we heard about I think like an update to the smart car platform that Samsung introduced last year and just how it can better detect how you’re doing cognitive alertness give you more

Personalized alerts it can also distinguish between a child and adult for safety stuff like airbags which was really interesting so that’s really smart too I think that’s just genius that safety element is really the selling point totally totally yeah there was navigation stuff too with like being able to see directions and and

Indicators like on the on the windshield on the dash which is cool yeah I think the alertness element is really important too cuz there’s so many distractions you’re like on your phone or you’re like the changing picking the perfect song and Rising your life while doing so not great it’s not worth it

Yeah so cars are are perhaps shaping up to be another big theme at this year’s CS we’ll see it’s still early but we definitely heard about them today uh what else did we get we got a bespoke AI laundry combo that automatically senses fabric types and makes adjustments as

Need needed so again AI everywhere uh we got a new Galaxy 4 book which has some in interesting integration with co-pilot what did you think of that ABR yeah I thought this is cool because you know we’re going to be hearing a lot more about co-pilot and Microsoft um recently

Are they announced that they’re adding a co-pilot key to Windows computers and it’s the first time that Windows is getting a new key in 30 years which is like a really big deal and you’re seeing this in you know a lot of like some of the Dell computers will have them the

Surface laptops will eventually have them a lot of these computers um will get them and so seeing kind of uh Samsung find ways to integrate co-pilot um in other ways as well like this is really something that’s just going to be everywhere as we all kind of just get

Used to the fact that that these AI assistants are are just going to be they’re not going anywhere obviously so to have easier access and easier integration I think is just very very telling totally I totally agree um the other themes that reemerged were sustainability and accessibility so we

Heard about this in a prior press release but smart things energy and Tesla are integrating uh so that you can use smart things to keep track of energy production from your car that sort of thing uh and yeah we heard about accessibility in terms of again the

Announcements that we already got so um audio subtitles and the relumino mode split screen update which I was just happy that they reemphasized it yeah I’m glad that they still kind of very much leaning into that and and continuing to update things that’s a good sign when

It’s not just a onetime thing that was announced at a show a while ago and then you never hear from them again I’m glad that they’re continuing to build upon that I totally agree continuing to make it the best that it can be uh I think those were the major things the other

Things were again stuff that we’ve heard about that fridge that like keeps track of what you’re putting inside of it the vacuums I feel projector the fridge would judge me like the fridge would be like your fridge is pathetic and you need to go grocery shopping and you need

To cook more because this is sad you have like day old fries some baby carrots and like a smoothie it’s so real I feel like mine would judge me too I’m already like I’m thinking of all the things in my fridge right now that I know are expired I think it would just

Make me feel worse cuz I I already know I just put myself on blast right now but my fridge would also put me on blast so I think I’m yeah no that’s that’s very real I don’t know I don’t know if we need it’ll see I’m going to pass and

Then I don’t have to worry about security ARR to my fridge so it’s a win-win really yeah think I I totally agree um I think those are all of the major things from today this was so much fun watching with you guys and chatting about all of this uh you can

See us back here at 4:45 p.m. Pacific time and we will do a pre-show for Sony so we’re so excited and thank you again for Watching

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