“Samsung Unveils Ballie: The AI Robot Designed to Assist with Household Tasks” – Video

“Samsung Unveils Ballie: The AI Robot Designed to Assist with Household Tasks” – Video

Samsung Has a Ballie: AI Robot Helps Around the House

Samsung has a new AI robot called Bali that is set to be released later this year. This innovative robot is designed to help with daily tasks around the house and has some impressive features. In a recent demo, Samsung showcased how Bali can assist with exercise routines, using its built-in projector to display workout videos on the wall or ceiling. This projector can also be used for a variety of other purposes, such as displaying appointments, monitoring the oven, and visualizing information from devices that do not have screens, like fridges or stoves.

Bali is designed to follow you around the house, learning your patterns and identifying areas where it can be most helpful. It can also be used to monitor the home when you are away, featuring a camera and the ability to communicate remotely. Additionally, Bali has special pet features, allowing it to keep an eye on your pets when you are not home.

While Samsung has not yet released pricing information for Bali, this AI home assistant is certainly an exciting and innovative addition to the world of smart home technology. With its ability to assist with a wide range of tasks and its advanced AI capabilities, Bali has the potential to truly revolutionize the way we interact with our homes. Keep an eye out for Bali’s release later this year and get ready to welcome this helpful little robot into your life.

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Video Transcript

Samsung has a new robot this thing is called Bali and it’s coming out later this year and before you ask no they don’t have a pricing yet but it can do some pretty cool things it’s built as an AI home assistant so it kind of rolls around your house and really helps you

With some daily tasks so in this demo that we just saw Samsung showed how Bali could actually help with exercise routines so you can sit set up Bali right next to you as you’re doing uh sit-ups push-ups whatever watching the exercise routine on the wall that’s right Bali has basically a little

Built-in projector and it can shoot on the wall and you can also have it switch let’s say you’re doing situps in this example and shoot right up onto the ceiling pretty cool so that projector can actually be used for a bunch of different variety of uses for example if

You want to have uh the projector Go and show you your appointments it can show you what’s in the oven it can do a lot of different things to kind of visualize what’s going on don’t forget your wedding anniversary the idea is a lot of devices don’t have screens so if Bali

Can interact with them and react to your voice and use AI it actually allows you to see a screen on a device that normally doesn’t have it like a fridge or a stove or something like that so Samsung says this thing will basically follow you around it’ll learn your

Patterns it’ll obviously figure out like parts of your house that are good for projecting maybe parts of your house that it really needs to do things and in the video we saw Samsung actually has some pet uh features on this as well so say you’re away from home you have a a

Dog at home Bali can actually monitor your house drive around your house it has a camera obviously and you can communicate remotely with it and it’ll show you what’s going on maybe the pooch you know jumped on the couch and did a little p or something like that bali’s

Going to take care of it so that’s a look at Bali the AI home assistant that Samsung’s coming out with later this year basically a little robot AI ball it’ll help you out around the house

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