“Samsung Unveils the World’s First Transparent MicroLED and 8K Wireless Projector” – Video

“Samsung Unveils the World’s First Transparent MicroLED and 8K Wireless Projector” – Video

Samsung Shows World’s First Transparent MicroLED, 8K Wireless Projector

Samsung has been busy innovating television displays for the year 2024, and they are introducing some groundbreaking technologies that are sure to change the viewing experience. First up is the Samsung micro LED transparent display, a revolutionary invention that allows viewers to see through the screen to the other side. Utilizing millions of tiny LEDs, the transparent micro LED display offers stunning brightness and superior color quality, outperforming other transparent display technologies such as transparent OLED. While transparent displays may not have immediate practical applications, Samsung envisions scenarios such as displaying scores and information in sports arenas, creating an immersive viewing experience.

Another first from Samsung is the 8K Wireless Ultra Short Throw projector, which boasts a massive 150-inch screen and utilizes wireless transmission technology to deliver content without the need for messy wires. The projector can be placed right up against the wall, offering a bright and clear picture with no visible cables, making it a sleek and practical addition to any home theater setup.

In the realm of OLED televisions, Samsung has introduced a game-changing Glare-Free screen finish, significantly reducing glare and reflections to enhance the viewing experience. This revolutionary technology, available in their high-end s95D series, offers a nearly reflection-free viewing experience, making it ideal for watching content in bright environments.

Overall, Samsung is pushing the boundaries of display technology and is set to redefine the way we experience television in 2024. With these exciting new innovations, the future of television displays looks brighter and clearer than ever before.

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Hey everybody I’m here with Samsung and here’s some of the coolest things that they’re doing this year for television displays in 2024 first up micro LED transparent that’s right Samsung has invented a way to actually see through the micro led to the other side so microed displays in case you haven’t

Been paying attention Samsung uses in their massive wall-sized television it’s basically millions of tiny little LEDs super bright great picture quality so now they’re making a transparent version of those screens so the idea is you look through the screen and you can see whatever’s behind it and meanwhile

What’s on the screen is brighter with better color than what you get from other transparent Technologies namely transparent OLED so transparent OLED has been around for a while it’s a little bit dimmer from this demonstration that I’ve seen right now than transparent micro LED and so it has that advantage

Microed of being not only brighter but also having better transparency so you actually see- through a little more now transparent displays not really the most practical thing thing but you can imagine for example behind me Samsung showing a sports Stadium scenario where you’re sitting in a sky box and you’re

Looking through the glass and you have the scores and everything kind of displayed on the screen in front of you behind is the actual event itself which is pretty cool they also have a demo here showing close-ups of all the different transparent display technology so really cool of course this technology

Brand new hasn’t really been in the market yet whether commercial or for consumers so Samsung just started to introduce it now and we’ll see where it takes it later in the future so another worlds first that Samsung is going to be talking about is an 8K Wireless Ultra

Short throw projector this is the highest end version of their Premier line these Ultra short throat projectors you can put them right up against the wall and get a gigantic image this one is 150 in about 12 in from the wall really big screen really bright picture

But the cool thing is that it actually is a wireless transmission technology so you plug all your stuff into a box across the room it shoots that uh HDMI material whatever from a game console or a cable box to the projector itself with no wires the only thing you have to plug

In is the projector itself so really cool technology with this 8K Wireless transmission now let’s go check out their new actual TV screens so Samsung is the biggest TV maker in the world and sure we’ll see plenty of Q LED OLED TVs coming out this year big sizes small

Sizes up to 98 in on the Q LEDs but the thing that I saw that impressed me the most in the booth is this glare free screen finish that they’re putting on their new OLED televisions now Samsung’s OLED televisions were superb last year my second favorite TV that I’ve tested

Up all time in terms of picture quality now this year I think it might be even better because of this glare-free screen finish I didn’t love the screen finish last year it really did kind of show some glare it kind of washed out the picture a little bit but from what I’ve

Seen in person with this one behind me this TV is really kind of almost glare-free so you have glare on a TV screen it collects from lights in the room or Windows what have you that can really detract from the picture quality especially if you’re watching something

Dark in the middle of the day where it’s really bright so this thing it looks like just from what I’ve seen really reduces that that glare on the screen I was able to wave around a light and it really you couldn’t see it at all now

Next to this glare-free TV they have a conventional OLED TV with a standard screen finish which is pretty glossy and reflective in comparison so waving that light around you can see the light in the screen really clearly if you’re sitting and wearing a white shirt on a

White couch or even some windows in the room you can really see that reflected in the screen with the glare-free OLED TV tech really very little reflection so I’m excited to check this out in the lab there might be maybe a picture quality detriment for this maybe it doesn’t look

Quite as sharp but I’ll see when I test it out for now looks really promising now this glare-free OLED TV tech only available in their s95 D series of OLED televisions so that’s their highest stand OLED TV relatively expensive but again not crazy if you’re in the

High-end market for one of these high performance televisions so that’s a quick look at some of the Innovation Samsung is going to be bringing to TVs projectors and even transparent technology in 2024

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