Shamed for Being Pregnant at 14 | My Amazing Family Story – Video

Shamed for Being Pregnant at 14 | My Amazing Family Story – Video

“Pregnant At 14 – Everyone Shamed Me | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY” is a powerful video that follows the journey of a young woman who became pregnant at 14 and faced judgment from friends, family, and strangers. She shares the challenges she faced as a teenage mother and the stigma surrounding teen pregnancy. Despite the negative comments and struggles, she persevered through high school and graduated while caring for her son. The video also highlights her close bond with her son as they navigate life together. She reflects on the impact of judgment and the strength she found to thrive as a young mother. Through her story, she aims to inspire other teen and single mothers to pursue their dreams and build successful lives for themselves and their children. The video also touches on her journey as a real estate broker and the support she received from friends and family. Ultimately, the video is a testament to her resilience and determination to create a better future for herself and her son.

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Video Transcript

I was 14 years old when I got pregnant the first year of motherhood for me was difficult you can’t even drive yet at 15 what have some of the more negative comments said a lot I don’t even know if I can say how dare you promote teen

Pregnancy if I could go back I would definitely change my reaction having a 7-year-old son as a 22-year-old is fun it feels like we’re growing up together he is my little ball of joy you want me to help you yeah okay grab me CR I would

Say Milo has a very fun personality he’s very into sports he loves being active now we’re both writing cards what’s a goal of yours for 2024 Milo what’s something you would like to accomplish to play flag football flag football you Donut okay grab the pink one and let’s cheers it ready cheers you got to say cheers when I found out I was pregnant I was definitely terrified I don’t feel like I got to enjoy my pregnancy being a Teen Mom because it was something that I hid and

Was very like scared of telling people and kind of there was a lot of Shame around it so when I saw him for the first time it was magical what do you want to do today Milo did you want to go over to n’s yeah Woohoo I told my parents pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant they were pretty Disappointed I felt like well being a Teen Mom myself I felt like a failure it like really hit me hard if I could go back I would definitely change my reaction really because I was like I feel like I could have been much more supportive to you it’s a whole learning thing you

Learn from it I don’t feel like anybody’s ever prepared for that you know you’re never prepared to tell your parents that you’re pregnant at 14 and you’re never prepared to hear that your 14-year-old’s pregnant I think being young moms has bonded us in a way because we’re almost kind of like

Sisters we grew up together our relationship is it’s so beautiful the first year of motherhood for me was definitely difficult I was 15 um you can’t even drive yet at 15 you did everything for Milo you got up with him you took care of him you were a very

Independent mother we truly had a better relationship after I moved out because I felt like I could just be the head of my household cuz I I was trying to be that for Milo when I moved out I was 18 and Milo was is three well you’ve done a great job with

Everything I’m so proud of you I wouldn’t change anything honestly let’s talk about your love life all right so that’s going to me to be a whole other a whole other episode I have high standards because I’m a mom like I I I’ve had people that have almost deg grade moms and they’re

Like you should lower your standards because you’re a mom or you’re expecting too much as a single mom like no if you’re a single mom you should have higher standards why would you lower your standards when you have children that makes zero sense Dad’s here I’ve

Seen such a strength over you I just know that you’re going to be successful at whatever you do and anything that you put your hands to I’m so proud of you I’m so thankful for you such a good mother I think being a grandparent is the greatest thing Ever I experienced a lot of judgment when I found out I was pregnant at 14 it got through the school pretty quick a lot of people would call me names in the hall and there was horrible rumors that were going Around I think that when people hate on you it says more about them than you I didn’t drop out of high school I persevered through high school I did however stop going to public school after I had Milo I started doing online school so I was able to graduate and I

Still walk at my ceremony with Milo on my hip I do still experience judgment I’ve gone out multiple times and people will be like oh you look really young I you know you don’t look like you’d have a seven-year-old I certainly experience more judgment online I’ve received tens

Of thousands of hate comments that are pretty brutal what have some of the more negative comments said I don’t even know if I can say most of them are honestly just them calling me people will be like how dare you promote teen pregnancy I would never I

Wouldn’t wish this on anybody and I would never promote it I totally believe that you should wait till you’re married a lot of the more positive comments are people just proud of me for being a good mom for giving Milo a good life I really

Thrive off of those and I don’t pay any attention to the negative there definitely is a stigma around being a Teen Mom A lot of people have their own opinions they think that the child is just in a bad situation I think that being a young mom also doesn’t determine

How good of a mom you Are hello hi Beau a you guys look so pretty good to see you good to see you when we first met you didn’t know that I was a mom right what did you think when I told you that I had Milo at 15 I was surprised but I also you’re

Just such an amazing person that hearing that made me really happy for Milo to have you as a mom I thought Milo was your little brother Alia definitely brings out my goofy side having Milo so young I feel like I’ve always had to be grown and so

When I don’t have Milo and like Ollie and I get together and we just like kind of we’re just like high schoolers again so you guys are business partners now tell me about that how’s it going so good oh yeah and something that J and I

Loved to do was like when we’re out we’ll we be anywhere we’ll be out at a bar we will be out at a restaurant I don’t care where we’re at a party we’re selling houses and we’re selling houses having Milo at such a young age definitely caused me to be more driven

Because I wanted to be able to provide a good life for him I am a real estate broker I would say I’m successful am I where I want to be probably not I think there’s always room for growing I think Alex is just such a role

Model for women I feel like sometimes I see you know these Teen Moms you get labeled as a teen mom and it has negative connotation she did everything and so that’s something that like you should be like proud of people need a real model like you like people need a

Role model like you to know they can do it too a well that’s crazy you guys say that cuz you guys are my role model so that means a lot coming from you guys I really would like to use my platform as a platform to like encourage other moms

Encourage other teen moms or single moms and like building success and building their dream life and not letting their circumstances prevent them from that I feel my life is way better with Milo than without I couldn’t imagine it any other way told him that he can

Achieve any of his dreams if he just works towards it and if he really believes that he can I would describe my teen mom Journey as honestly a wild roller coaster if I could go back in time and tell my younger self when I was 14 and found out I was

Pregnant I would just say that you know life is really it’s really not that serious people opinions of you just really don’t matter in the long Run

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ALEX was 14 years old when she got pregnant. Now 22, Alex is thriving with her seven-year-old son Milo. When she found out she was pregnant, she felt scared. Alex said: “I told my parents pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant – they were pretty disappointed.” Her mom, Sara, explained: “Being a teen mom myself, I felt like a failure.” But the mother and daughter assert they have a close relationship now and both being young moms has bonded them in a way. Having given birth when she was 15 years old, Alex found the first year of motherhood ‘difficult’, she added: “You cannot even drive yet at 15.” She moved out of her family home when she was 18 years old and Milo was three years old and the single mother has become a real estate broker. Alex said: “Having Milo at such a young age definitely caused me to be more driven because I wanted to be able to provide a good life for him.”

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Videographer: Kevin Forrest
Producers: Kim Nguyen, Emika Berry & Georgia Embling
Editor: Alex Saunders

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