Shocking German taboos and strange customs that will surprise everyone! – Video

Shocking German taboos and strange customs that will surprise everyone! – Video

18 Taboos in Germany and Weird Things That Shocked the Whole World!
A big brother of Europe, a country that is considered the most civilized in the world, but encourages prostitution, allows people to be naked freely and is extremely addicted to alcohol.
Come on! Welcome to Germany, and here is a video about 18 strange bans and weird things in this country.

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18 bands and weird things in Germany that surprise the world a big brother of Europe a country that is considered the most civilized in the world allows people to be naked freely and is extremely addicted to alcohol come on welcome to Germany and here is a video

About 18 strange bands and weird things in this country it’s forbidden to run out of gas on the highway as most people probably know highways in Germany are called when it comes to driving there are many regulations you must follow when you are a driver in Germany for example your car

Must pass an inspection every 2 years called 2v otherwise you will not be allowed to drive driving on the road you must also equip some equipment such as a first aid box a reflective vest in the vehicle and in Winter you must have winter tires on your car and you should

Also always keep enough gas in your tank when driving if your car runs out of gas on the motor way you could be fined and could have to pay between 25 and €120 as this is considered something you can proactively prevent it is also generally illegal to stop or park on the

Highway even in the emergency late unless your vehicle is breaking down and in the US you often see broken down cars on the side of the highway parked there and of course because most places in the US don’t use radar sensors to enforce speed limits but instead when there is a

Police officer stop usually see a car stopped and then a police car also stopped behind it in the emergency Lane but on German motorways this is considered a real threat to traffic safety especially since on many parts of the motorway there are no speed limits interestingly apparently this also

Became illegal in a small town in Ohio earlier this year so don’t do it there it’s forbidden to keep the ashes of the deceased in private home or this topic is not often mentioned in everyday life but fortunately Germans have probably wondered about this when watching American movies because in

America it’s quite common to bring a box of Ashes home after someone dies however in Germany there is a law called compulsory Cemetery burial which means that all remains of the deceased must be buried in a cemetery or there can be a cremation and then proceed with a sea

Burial if desired in recent years this regulation has been relaxed in some cantons for example in Breman now you’re allowed to scatter ashes on some private property but you’re still not allowed to take home a box of the dece ashes in general there are large differences between the law

And practice regarding funerals and cemeteries in Germany and the United States I even put this topic on my list before so let me know if you want me to discuss this in more depth another time number 16 do not call the police with the word you you will be find if

You call a police officer you for German speakers this law may be immediately understood but for speakers of other languages an explanation may be needed in German the word do is a word used to say you in an informal friendly way while the word say is a more formal

Respectful word in talking to others especially to powerful people like the police you often use the word Sai if you use the word do instead of sigh with a police officer this may be seen as disrespectful and even considered an insult specifically you may have to pay

A fine of up to €600 if you violate this law however if you are an unnatural German speaker and encounter the police and just make a mistake while speaking German it may not be a big deal but I think they will only impose a fine if

They think you do it on purpose and if they see you are a German speaker and you are likely to know about the rule it’s forbidden to wish an early happy birthday in most countries around the world it is normal to wish an early happy birthday when you cannot attend a

Birthday party to which you are invited you can send an early happy birthday to that person along with a small gift however you should not do this to Germans if you do not want to receive Anger from them because according to German beliefs wishing an early happy

Birthday is a sign of bad luck or more accurately a sign of death it’s best to wait for the right birthday and send them meaningful congratulations it is also a way to show respect and politeness when wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly wanting the best for the birthday person on this special day

Everyone will sit together laugh talk and enjoy beer wine and traditional Cakes number 40 nudity is legal if you feel that your clothes are cumbersome and uncomfortable on hot days then go to Germany where you can be naked in the middle of the street without any hindrance from the police 600,000 Germans are members of 300 nudist clubs they buy cars they can walk around

Without clothes comfortably nudity is normal in Germany where many locals feel comfortable being naked an organization called fkk has for many years been helping naturalists have access to nude beaches in those areas you required to take everything off nudty is considered a long-standing tradition in German the

Country is considered more open than its neighbors Germans are also very familiar with the word fro oric culture body Liberation culture when you come here to travel don’t be surprised to see that people strip in saers Swimming Pools Parks or on many beaches Germans are even famous for their nudism when

Germans started vacationing in other European countries they brought their Hobbies with them everywhere body Liberation Resorts began opening in France in the 1950s later the movement spread to many Baltic beaches today the majority of new tourists on European resorts are German they always like to

Be naked at Peach in the park and on mountain climbing trips it’s forbidden to wash your car at home in most other countries around the world if you want to wash your car yourself you just need to buy a high capacity hose set take it out to the

Yard and wash comfortably however in Germany the can be considered illegal and Carries heavy fines in many in Germany to wash your car you will have to take your car to Professional Care wash stations or public Car Wash locations the purpose of this law is to protect the environment because in

Professional car repair places they have a system to clean detergents and oils that drain from Cars before they seep into the ground helping to preserve the environment protect groundwater resources and optimize water usage on the contrary if you watch wash your car at home these substances can flow straight into the ground polluting

Groundwater sources in a state that prohibits this if you still intentionally wash your car at home you could commit a civil offense and be subject to heavy fines a warning from the landlord or even cancellation of the rental contract therefore to be safe in Germany you should wash your car at a

Professional place which not only saves energy but also the car washing fee is not too high number 11 drink beer all the time Germany is a paradise of beers and is the fourth largest beer consuming country in the world beer to Germans is not simply a cool drink to quench thirst

But is also culture and contains the soul of the German people Germany has more than 1,300 beer factories that produce about 5,000 types of fresh quality and world famous beer so don’t be too surprised to see even children drinking beer in Germany it is legal for children under 18 to drink beer because

They always value equality between children and adults this is also an interesting culture in Germany draft beer is considered a specialty in Germany and is also the most popular drink in this country they appear at every meal from Banquets restaurants to family meals Germans believe that a

Glass of fresh beer will help energize them to work more enthusiastically all day for guests offering beer is polite and shows friendliness therefore if Germans invite you to a meal and a beer drink your heart out with them not name your child Superman this is not actually a law and you will not

Be fine for it but the reality as unbelievable as it may sound to Americans is that in Germany you can’t name your baby whatever you want name will have to be approved by the local civil registry office and there are rules about what you can or cannot name your child

Of course it makes sense to have rules for this because in Germany there are literally rules for everything whether or not the name you choose for your child will be approved depends on many factors such as whether it is an existing name whether it will be painful

For the child when he or she grows up and sometimes they also do not accept names that are not clearly male or female more specifically here are some examples of names that have been rejected before for white Mis Meister meaning guy Rosen hey meaning guy Rosen

Hining pink heart by your stup type of beer Pub Satan or names of politicians such as and just as your thinking you can’t name your child hit although the name ad ala provided there are no extra names is acceptable these rules are one of the reasons you don’t see many odd

First name in Germany and the reason Germans are often so curious about how American celebrities name their children number nine Sunday van German love peace which you will notice if you ever visit Germany especially if you come from a noisy culture like the American one Germans tend to speak quite

Softly especially in public and we also appreciate having some Quiet Moments at home that’s why there are so many laws and regulations about how much noise you’re allowed to make and when Sundays and public holidays have been designated as rest periods meaning you are not allowed to make loud noises that could

Disturb others this includes mowing the lawn or using a split drill so if you try to do some repair work at home on Sunday you will be punished this also applies to the evening break which usually begins at 8:00 p.m. and sometimes even extends to lunchtime lunchtime regulations often change

Depending on where you live in Germany and some rules may even be decided by your apartment buildings manag the Supreme federal court has even decided that playing music in rental apartments is only allowed at specific times from 8:00 a.m. to noon and from 2: p.m. to 8:00 p.m. pianists are only allowed to

Practice for a maximum of 2 hours a day and drummers for example are only allowed 45 minutes in the summer and 90 minutes in the winter yes German law is very detailed like that no driving speed limit Germany is the birthplace of many outstanding racing driver such as Michael schumacker

Rol Schumaker Sebastian vettle Nico Hulen Bergen is the home of Mercedes Porsche BMW Opel and wwen that’s why Germans have been addicted to driving almost since they were born this country owns the only specialty in the world the utaban highway with no speed limit the autoban is equipped with hards speeed

Warning signs like on other roads and electronically allowable speed can be changed by programming speed will be limited on roads near the city or in cases such as repairs Road expansion or or bad weather conditions crane otherwise in places where there are no restriction signs people can fully step

On the accelerator when traveling on the autoban but one surprising thing is that the autoban is a safe Highway with almost lowest accident rates in the world because the driving ability as well as the road awareness of Germans is amazing the feeling of testing the car’s

Full speed on the road is very exciting the car saws before reaching the speed limit of 225 km hour Opel cars have a 2.0 diesel engine even higher cars like Audi Mercedes BMW can reach the vehicle speed limit of 250 km hour Supercar enthusiasts from Arab and European countries also carry Ferrari Lamborghini

Bugatti and speeds can reach over 300 km per hour the feeling of being at a speed of 225 km per hour with a car passing by is very indescribable if you are truly passionate about speed go to Germany and experience this feeling right Away number seven crazy perfectionism although it does not have Rich natural resources Germany is still Europe’s largest economy and the world’s second largest export power after China this result makes people imagine that Germans will be extremely hardworking however Germans only have to work 35 hours per

Week and have 24 days of vacation a year the question is how do Germans have such high labor productivity the answer lies in German perfectionism and production they work hard and play hard they promote rigor self-awareness and honesty because when we truly understand the simple things we can change the smallest

Thoughts and habits to become more perfect right from the time they were in school German Elementary School students were meticulously corrected by their teachers for every punctuation comma Etc error to form the habit of being meticulous in everything ignoring even a small mistake will create sloppy behavior in the student later when they

Enter Society they will easily make mistakes because of their ease with themselves if they don’t learn from experience for the next time they will have to spend more time correcting mistakes affecting work efficiency and productivity therefore from an early age Germans are educated to be perfect they

Believe that is the only way to shorten the path to success of a person in the whole Country number six t drink filtered water when you go to any restaurant to eat the drinks served here are always carbonated drinks even if you insist that you want filtered water the drink they bring out is as white as filtered water but still has gas drinking carbonated drinks is a common Habit in

Germany carbonated water is considered a traditional beverage and is popular with many people there are even diverse options with different levels of effervescence in some cases filtered water without gas can be considered too normal not unique especially when inviting guests over for some Germans serving sparkling water can be seen as a

Way of showing care and respect towards customers Germans never invite guests to their home to drink filtered water filtered water according to the German definition must be at least effervescent Germans say everything they think in life and work we often have to speak artistically so as not to make the

Listener feel uncomfortable but in Germany that never happened Germans are famous for being straightforward employees can directly report to the director about what they feel is not right they use business language concisely and clearly without having to look for flowy or roundabout words and they also do not hesitate to express

Opinions that go against the majority because the purpose of this frankness is to find what is right and protected on the contrary they also know how to accept mistakes and are willing to accept a criticism from others if their point of view is wrong this straightforwardness is also shown in a

Decisive attitude agreeing or disagreeing when they receive an invitation from therefore it is unlikely that two Germans will misunderstand each other laid to ineffective coordinate because Germans are very straightforward and love Clarity Germans love the question why there is a saying for Germans never start saying something

Without thinking of the answer to the question why number four don’t bargain many tourists are accustomed to haggling on prices when shopping but don’t do this in Germany if you don’t want to receive strange and unfriendly looks from the people here prices at stores in Germany

Are listed in advance so you can only choose to buy or not to buy for some customers discussing price can be part of the shopping experience and a way to ensure they’re getting a fair price but Germans are famous for their highquality consumer culture and appreciate quality

In products that’s why sellers also try to provide the best and highest quality products for you if you still deliberately bargain and point out the limitations of the product the seller will feel that you insult their business ethics and they will refuse to entertain you or Worse curse you

Number three is close all windows if you are someone who likes to stay in a well ventilated room with a gentle breeze it’s best not to go to Germany because people here have the habit of closing all the windows in the house Germans believe that wind blowing from Windows

Can make them sick many Germans believe that exposure to Cold Wind from Windows can increase the likelihood of Contracting infectious diseases posing a risk of illness this attitude has its roots in medical history and folklore where it was believed that cold wind could weaken the body and increase the

Likelihood of infection therefore to protect their health many Germans often close their Windows discreetly especially in cold and humid weather however among today’s generations there are people who have a different opinion considering having air circulation and natural light from Windows is important for health therefore this habit may

Change to depending on personal views and level of belief in Tradition number two how to handle when picking up dropped items in case you accidentally drop your gloves at the train station go immediately to the trees to look for them because the person who picked up your gloves will

Hang them there lost items hanging from trees are quite common on most roads or train stations in German in particular the people of this country will not come to take any item that does not belong to them the habit of picking up Fallen items and hanging them on trees also

Known as Fair loss is becoming a cultural feature in Germany keeping Fallen items and hanging them on a tree is an act of respect showing kindness to others they hope that this action will help owners quickly get their lost items back some communities May adhere to this

Principle as part of their local culture with the hope that if they keep dropped items then when they lose an item others will also help them find it although this is a positive and nice action it should be noted that not everyone follows this habit and high value items

Will often disappear rather than be found on the Tree number one raising the middle finger is illegal in Germany rotten fingers is an extremely taboo thing another driver may even report to you if they see you giving them a one finger salute which will result in you being issued a police invitation and of course being fined because it’s illegal to give

Them a thumbs up offensive actions including directly or indirectly by sending messages in Western culture showing the middle finger is considered rude this is an insulting and contemptuous gesture the middle finger has been around since ancient Greece to represent the penis over time it gradually became popular with its

Derogatory meaning many artists such as singers actors rappers hardcore punk bands have also made this gesture besides many people believe that the index finger and ring finger next to the middle finger in this gesture represent the testicles as a civilized country Germans do not accept such ugly Behavior

Towards those around them hopefully you have found this journey to explore the laws and Oddities of this country interesting and entertaining don’t forget to leave your comments below about this video and suggest topics you’d like us to explore in the future thank you for accompanying us and see you in the next videos

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