St. John (USVI): The Most Beautiful Island in the U.S.? 🇻🇮 – Video

St. John (USVI): The Most Beautiful Island in the U.S.? 🇻🇮 – Video

The video titled “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND IN THE U.S? 🇻🇮 ST. JOHN (USVI)” takes viewers on a breathtaking tour of the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The video showcases the natural beauty of the island, from its stunning beaches to its untouched national park areas.

The hosts share their adventure as they explore the island’s main town of Cruz Bay, rent snorkeling gear, and embark on a drive along the North Shore Road, stopping at various viewpoints and beaches along the way. They also capture beautiful moments of snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters and share their experience of encountering wild deer on the island.

In addition to the stunning visuals, the video also features helpful tips for travelers, including recommendations for VPN providers and other essential travel gear. The hosts also share exclusive discount codes for travel insurance and GoPro vlogging cameras, providing viewers with valuable resources for their own travel adventures.

Overall, the video provides an immersive and inspiring look at the natural wonders of St. John, making it a must-watch for anyone dreaming of visiting this beautiful island. Whether you’re a travel enthusiast or simply looking for a virtual vacation experience, this video offers a captivating journey through one of the most beautiful destinations in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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Video Transcript

Good morning everyone here from the US Virgin Islands today we’re going to be exploring the island of St John we just arrived here from St Thomas where we’ve been staying and we came here on the car ferry so we’re able to bring our rental car and the carfry wor $70 overall and

It only took about I don’t know 20 30 minutes to get here right now we’re in like the main town of the island it’s called Cruz Bay some pretty nice Stone buildings here and we got on the early Ferry it was like 7:00 a.m. and we’re

Only going back on the 6:00 p.m. ferry so we basically got the entire day here so we’re planning on doing a lot of things and we also stopped on the beach front here to rent a snarkle mask cuz we haven’t done any snorkeling yet in the

Virgin Islands that was just $5 for the entire day so not bad I thought it was going to be more expensive and we’re going to be mainly traveling along the NorthShore Road I think it’s called there’s many beaches and different things to see that’s the Plan so within about 5 minutes of driving on the North Road we stopped at this beautiful Viewpoint here overlooking Trunk Bay which is supposed to be one of the best beaches on the island looks incredible so I think that’s the beach we’re going to go to

First isn’t that the one like the view that it shows online yeah I think every time you we searched for this island this uh the image of this Viewpoint always appeared and at first we thought it was a drone picture but it’s not it’s from here

And as we were driving around we saw other viewpoints so we might stop up then the the island is really really beautiful so far yeah so I think over 60% of this island is a national park so completely untouched and like this you won’t find any constructions or anything

And you probably saw that we actually saw a deer on the side of the road first time we’ve seen a deer in the Virgin Islands so far and one thing I forgot to mention in our first US Virgin Island video is that over here you still drive

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Video description which has the discount code jumping places to get up to 6 months for free and that also includes a 30-day money back guarantee policy so you have to pay to come to this beach I’m not sure if you have to pay to go to

The mall we’ll see if any of them are free later since we’re going to be going to some other ones it was $5 per person they don’t accept cash so only card or online payment wow so we were up there somewhere on the Viewpoint man what a

Beat can see people snotling there there was a sign saying that that’s the snorkel Trail like circle around those rocks where should we stay on the deserted side or closer to where we’re going to be snorkling over there yeah dreamy Water So the snarling was pretty good quite a few colorful fish and they were all very close so easy snorkling spot we come to the far corner of the beach now looks nice with all these rocks and cliffs here another Beach back there and we just realized that that

Island in the distance is part of the BVI just van djk that we went to in our last video I think on those islands really nice place you can also visit there from St Thomas the have many day tours I think so that’s a good option there’s like a little secret

Beach around this corner The Hideout no sun though on this Side All right so our next Beach also has a Viewpoint from the road so I think that is M Bay no idea what that one is over there looks kind of deserted it kind of seems like this island has way more beaches than the other Island that we’ve been on in both

The US and the British Virgin Islands so far cuz yeah we’ve just been constantly passing loads of little ones it seemed like on the other Islands it was more like Cliff edges stuff like that could be wrong though maybe it’s just this area that we’re we’re on right now on

The island so it’s kind of hard to find parking around here I don’t know if we can sandwich in there man if that guy just parked a bit to the right that’s perfect spot I think it’s too too tight a big car it’s a wide car yeah this one too once again that

Would have been two spots but people park right in the middle maybe hereo in this ditch definitely need a big car for this one and luckily we got an entrance right here to Mobby so we just checked on Google reviews this is the one with the the turtles yeah this beach looks super

Chill I like how you have the the plant dangle over so I think before the bad hurricane that they had here there would have been all these like palm trees dangling over you can see in the old pictures so the guy that I rented the snorkles from recommended for us to come

To this B since it’s so calm basically a zero waves Here So the total mission was a success yeah so we saw like two and they were quite big it was like a big one and a small one yeah yeah it was really cool and they were just hanging around they were not afraid of us eating eating a lot and

You actually saw some stingrays I didn’t see any Stingray yeah I saw three of them all right nice to meet you that’s me too where you from uh South Carolina spbg where South Carolina okay so that was cool the first time we got recognized so far here in the Virgin

Islands I never know if they want me to be filming them or not so so I stopped filming but yeah the the snorkeling was really really good uh there are not uh tons of fish but like the turtle and the squid I see I saw like little squit even

The turtle was hard to find I was swimming for like 20 minutes and I didn’t see anything yeah but it’s cool cool goods norly and this beach also has a place to eat nearby so I think we’re going to head there Now so it seems they also have rental places here like standup paddle I guess you can probably get some snle gear I like the little trucks they art on them looks really cool and then I think there’s another one with more food trucks that we’re going to head

To Carib beer it’s a little less windy today might have to get one of those yeah this one’s the the coolest so far beach bar so it turns out that only this place serves food that one over there the cool looking one is just like uh drinks

Alcoholic drinks what is that like a fle but I’ve never seen it like this yeah I’ve got one in mine too pretty pricey though that’s what the review said so yours was 20 yeah 20 because I added cheese and it’s a veggie burger it comes with this the the burger is really big

But it’s pricey yeah and then I got this called the big dog just a big hot dog and that was uh $13 and then the Coke’s are $5 are these guys playing that game I don’t know what that’s called I always see in bars Beau so we’re now going to visit the ruins of a sugar Plantation called annaburg from 1731 there’s quite a few on the island that you can visit but I think that this is one of the easiest ones to access since it’s kind of on the North Road

That we’ve been on some of the others you have to do long trails to get there welcome to annaburg Plantation so this tells you about the different things that are here dungeon Sugar Factory windmill enslave people’s quads which must be this here heavily damaged though as you can

See can’t really make out how it would have Been So the signs just saying about the treatment that the people received during the enslavement times brutal living and working conditions and you can see here how it’s mentioned in the Danish so I mentioned in the video of St Thomas that it was actually the Danish that had colonized the island for the

Majority of the time so they were also on this island too this is also including Ed in that island that they sold to the US in the 1900s I also read yesterday at one point the enslaved people took over they kind of defeated the Danes and I think they had control

Of the island for 6 months and then the Danes got help from the French soldiers in martinque which I guess is around here and uh yeah took it Back It’s So and this right here is the main building the Sugar Factory so it says that the extracted can juice flowed from the windmill or animal Mill through gutters and into this boiling room this number two here I think you can still see it over here the like

Metal bowl or whatever you’d call it not even a bowl that thing is huge and this sign’s mentioning that in 1834 a massive uprising of enslaved people forced King William of Great Britain to abolish slavery in the nearby British Virgin Island over a decade before slavery

Ended it on this island so the island that you see in there is TOA in the British Virgin Island so imagine how horrible it must have been to know that the enslaved people over there have been freed for like over 10 years and you were still enslaved on this land here right next

Door N So we’re now at a place called peace Hill that also has a windmill here we’re not coming for the windmill we heard that you can go to a kind of more isolated Beach here looks like you can go in this windmill the other one at the sugar

Plantation was closed off oh pretty cool view from this window so that’s the first Beach that we went to I think trunks Bay we’re trying to get to a beach that is down here in Dennis Bay just need to work out how to get there but this is what I was talking

About earlier look like everywhere there’s just beaches empty Beach there what is it a big iguana oh yeah it is or a lizard I don’t know no I think that’s in iguana like the ones that we saw in punana usually you can get pretty close to them basically everywhere you stop on

This island though it’s just amazing views all of the islands the Virgin Islands have been like that though pretty much and just get out anywhere and the views are Incredible All right here we go really is a hidden Beach I don’t think there’s anybody else here Dennis Bay Beach we thought there’d be people here cuz we saw the car right yeah I don’t know where the the people are there was nobody on P and there’s nobody here yeah that’s weird maybe

They’re lost lost in the forest yeah oh it stretches on yeah it’s a very nice Beach looks like there’s way more Corals in the water on this beach probably head to that far end part cuz the blue color looks amazing down there that’s nice looks like a

Wing the Virgin beaches on the Virgin Islands yeah we definitely chose a Perfect final Beach on this day trip to St John amazing all to ourselves yeah it really is all to ourselves and check this out inside there’s like a a a ruin here well barely anything just a old

Walls I don’t know if that’s from the colonial days too okay it’s a bit bigger than I thought seems like there’s another building here these islands are probably full of abandoned places like this He so even on the other side of the beach there’s another cool palm tree another bent over one and there’s also more ruins here but it say it’s private property it’s called Dennis Bay great house on Google Maps on this side at the far corner of the beach there’s like a a

Pathway he definitely looks man-made if anyone’s from St John and knows what this is let me know cuz I’m curious that Mansion Place back there yeah it looks like there’s some more ruins this way some other old building not sure if it was like another Plantation place cuz

You had the windmill right not so far Away So our last stop of the day before we get the carfry back is a place called The Windmill bar supposed to be one of the best places for views kind of strange that we had to pay $5 for the parking even though we’re going to stop

Here and drink I figured if you were a a customer you would’t have to pay for parking so it says that this was also a sugar Plantation so that’s why you got the windmill there and there’s also some ruins here but the good news this time is that the descendants of the enslaved

People own it yeah they own the the land and probably this place too yeah this place is theirs so that’s nice so these are the beautiful views that you get loads of options of good places to sit at to get the views we thought that maybe we wouldn’t

Be able to find a place but it was fine we were just down here before that final Beach is just like around that corner and you actually looking at staying on This Island right yes cuz uh we read online that this island would be more

Chilled out and we can see it now that we’re here so we thought about staying here but the accommodations were more expensive than in S Thomas and that’s why we stayed there but we definitely have preferred this island though just cuz it’s more calmer the traffic’s less

Crazy St Thomas is still great though it’s still beautiful just a lot of people that’s all and we got some drinks here so I got a local beer that’s actually brewed on this island St John Brewers Island Summer Ale Virgin Islands brand so that should be a cool to taste

I think that’s like6 OR7 though she said and Carol went for the coke let’s see how it tastes oh yeah a real nice light taste they had other options but it’s more like IPA hoppy beer and I’m not really into like hoppy beer so yeah I like this one

Summeral I think you would like this just have one one sip I don’t like beer so compared to other beers you might think it’s okay no I mean yeah it’s better than others but still not my thing not your thing I like the cam too nice Design So we’re at the ferry terminal now about to head back to St Thomas wish we could spend more days on this island it’s it’s so beautiful probably the most beautiful place we’ve been in the US yeah yeah sometimes I even forget that we are in the US

Cuz this is really different from like the mainland but it’s really amazing a very beautiful place and if you are getting the car furry like us it’s best to get there 30 minutes before the departure time cuz we read many reviews of people running into problems so we

Bought the tickets online but apparently that doesn’t always guarantee that you’re going to be on that ferry that you booked so it seems to be more of a deal of first comes first serve so even if people arrive that haven’t booked it yet and and you’re at the back of the

Queue and you’re not able to get on the ferry apparently sometimes you can miss that Ferry and you have to go on the next one that might be like 2 hours later so yeah you don’t want to be that person just keep that in mind and we do

Plan on making another video here we got like 2 and 1 half days still on St Thomas so and tomorrow is Chris birthday yeah my birthday might be a birthday surprise from Carol it just depends on the weather if she’s going to be able to

Plan it or not I have no idea what it is obviously so yeah we are hoping to make another video if the weather is good the forecast is looking real bad but sometimes it’s completely wrong so we just have to see if you like this video

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