Taylor Swift Takes the Number One Spot on Power 100 List, UMG Removing Music from TikTok, and Other Billboard News – Video

Taylor Swift Takes the Number One Spot on Power 100 List, UMG Removing Music from TikTok, and Other Billboard News – Video

Taylor Swift Tops Power 100 List, UMG Pulling Music From TikTok & More | Billboard News

In this episode of Billboard News, we have a lot of updates on your favorite artists. The top story is that some of your beloved songs and artists may be departing from TikTok due to a dispute with Universal Music Group (UMG). UMG has accused TikTok of not paying fair value for the music they use and might pull its entire music catalog from the platform. On a brighter note, there are exciting updates from artists like Adele, who is set to perform in Munich this summer, and Ice Spice who is dropping her debut album soon. Additionally, Siza hinted at a possible collaboration with Paramore, and Taylor Swift graces the cover of Billboard’s Power 100 issue, showcasing her incredible success in the music industry.

Furthermore, Grammy nominees Black Pumas shared their experience of being nominated for the first time and discussed their favorite road trip playlist, shower playlist, and workout playlist.

For more detailed information and all the updates on your favorite artists, you can head to billboard.com. So, make sure to stay tuned for more exciting news and insights into the music industry.

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Some of your favorite artists are leaving Tik Tock updates from Adele ice spice and siza Taylor Swift Grace is the cover of billboard we catch up with Grammy nominees black Pumas and black runs down his playlist welcome to another episode of billboard news I’m Tetris Kelly it’s

Wednesday January 31st and we’ve got a great episode for you let’s kick things off with our top story BTS Taylor Swift Drake some of your favorite songs and artists may be missing from Tik Tock and it’s all because of a dispute with universal music group let us break it down for you

To make this as simple as possible Universal Music Group thinks artists should be making more from their music on Tik Tok in a letter the music giant has accused the Wally popular platform of trying to build a music based business without paying fair value for the music their contract expires today

January 31st and umg houses labels like Republic with artists like Taylor Swift hyve and their artists are at umg so nor more Jim BTS or new jeans dances and even artists like Billy ish and Bad Bunny are under the music giant umg says it will pull its entire music

Catalog from Tik Tok when the contract with the service expires today inited other issues such as the level of hate and harassment on the platform and Tik Tok es on artificial intelligence AI Tik Tok is calling their narrative false saying umg has put their own greed above the interest of their artist and

Songwriters will this affect your usage on the platform we’ll keep you updated at billboard.com it’s Grammy week so you know your favorite artists are on the move and making news it’s a big day to Get Hype because some Mega stars made some Mega announcements going to be an

Album soon yes yes there’s going to be an album go this year yes ice spice dropped by The Today Show to let Hoda and Jenna know she’s dropping her debut album soon um it’s called Y2K it’ll be it’s it’s almost finished so and the good news didn’t stop there I have a

Crazy collaboration that just got locked in like two days ago can you tell us no speaking of collaborations fans have been begging for a siza Paramore collab forever siza and Haley Williams constantly show each other love and siza gave an update to Apple music oh the

People want to know is a PA moris say a clab in the works we need it yeah soon soon it’s in the works finally Adele is killing it in Vegas but if it’s hard to make it to the desert she’s giving fans another option to see Her she shared a flashy video on IG followed by the news she’ll be playing four shows in Munich in a custom designed Stadium just for her she said this summer will be the first time she’s performed in Europe since 2016 let’s check in on The Newsroom I hear Melinda

Newman is talking about one of my favorite topics I’m happy to share that Taylor Swift is on the cover of our power 100 issue she’s had such an incredible year that she’s actually number one on the power 100 list here are some reasons why her massive era stadium tour which began last March

Grossed an estimated $96 million in 2023 and is poised to become the highest grossing Global tour of all time before it wraps in December Taylor Swift The Arrow tour film taped during her six Show run at Sofi stadium in Englewood California has grossed more than 2061 million worldwide since its October

Opening that makes it the highest grossing concert documentary film ever released her latest album 1989 Taylor’s version spent more than 5 weeks to top the billboard 200 and at the end of 2023 she beat Elvis Presley’s record for the most weeks at number one by a solo

Artist on the chart and her industry market share last year was 1.72% if she were her own genre she’d be bigger than Jazz we reached out to Taylor about receiving this honor and she had this to say the piece of advice I would give to the other Executives on the list is that

The best ideas are usually ones without industry precedent the biggest Crossroad moments of my career came down to sticking to my instincts when my ideas were looked at with skepticism when someone says to me but that’s never been done successfully before it fires me up we have to take strategic risks every

Day in this industry but every once in a while you have to really trust your gut and take a flying leap my re-records are my favorite examples of this and I’m extremely grateful to my team and fans for taking that leap with me because it absolutely changed my life

Congratulations to Taylor Swift for more on the power 100 check out billboard.com thanks Melinda we’ll be at Billboard’s power 100 event tonight in the songwriter showcase you can catch all that in tomorrow’s show but let’s get to the Grammy nominated black Pumas they stopped by our studio ahead of Sunday’s

Big Show yeah that was the first time we were leaving a radio station um in the UK preparing for a show that evening and I remember we probably shared you know an array of different emotions I mean there were some tears it’s just a high level of um gratitude for the that kind

Of acknowledgement it was like just really wild and a lot to take on even for you know someone I think you know know I know I’m speaking for Adrian but someone who’s been in the industry for over 20 years I mean it was new for all

Of us no one had ever been there in that way to that uh uh magnitude so now you have seven Noms do you think this is the year that you’ll get your first win I know this might feel cliche to to to most but I it’s just true I feel like

Just being acknowledged just being welcomed into the uh the conglomerate you know feels like a win within itself so yeah I feel like we’re winning and and you know what you know who know who knows I I I was to be honest I was really surprised at the traction the

Amount of traction and the amount of you know desire for for that specific song you know you you never really know which one people are going to react to and so when we’re done recording it it’s really out of our hands so it’s it’s kind of hard to Telegraph what people are going

To do it’s really none of our business for the full interview head to billboard.com what up this is black and this is my Playlist so my favorite road trip playlist currently I would say is by Stella with the sigma and the name of the album is Up and Away really good car music really good time passing music sometimes there’s no words on it at all just instrumentals so that’s my favorite uh road trip Playlist my favorite singing in the shower playlist Maybe Nostalgia Ultra is a is a really good let it play through the house sing it in the shower type of album I still remember like my first time listening to Frank Ocean and how infectious it was uh so to this day that

Project holds a special place in my heart and I think I do a really good job of singing it and the show my favorite workout playlist any Young Thug project honestly any Young Thug album and Young Thug mixtape gets the blood flowing it keeps me like

Moving around the tempo is always up the energy is always high the drums are always hidden so any Young Thug album or mixtape is a good work Al one that’s it for today come back tomorrow for some Grammy party inside information and see who’s on top of the Tik Tock Billboard

Top 50 I’m Tetris Kelly and this is billboard news

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