Texas Governor Faces Wild Scene Caused by Pro-Palestine Activists – Video

Texas Governor Faces Wild Scene Caused by Pro-Palestine Activists – Video

Pro-Palestine activists caused a wild scene at a campaign event in Colin County, Texas, where Governor Abbott spoke in support of State Representative Candy Noble’s re-election bid. The activists heckled and booed the governor, sparking tension among the crowd. Some even brought Palestinian flags, causing chaos and disrupting traffic. The situation escalated when one man threatened to run over the activists with his car, while another altercation occurred between the protesters and airport police officers. The activists now face arrest on riot charges and for attacking a peace officer. The situation got so out of hand that protesters were even seen collecting palm fronds to light a fire at the entrance of LAX. The video footage captures the intense and chaotic nature of the event, shedding light on the ongoing tensions surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict. The incident has stirred controversy and sparked conversations about the right to protest and the use of force in response to activism.

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Video Transcript

[Applause] [Applause] That is some new video showing some pretty tense moments at a campaign event in Colin County today this happened as Governor Abbott spoke in in support of State representative candy Noble’s re-election bid for house District 89 and you can hear him being heckled that heckling came from two pro Palestine

Activists both of whom are booed and then shoved outside by other members of the crowd we also saw people driving outside the event as well flying Palestinian Flags now you’re destructing traffic idiots you can’t do that that’s against the law bro I’m not to start whing I’m not to start throwing fist at y bro I’m not going to run y over get away from my car bro get away from my car don’t touch it

BR don’t touch it in my car I have a daughter in Brooklyn tou get out of the way to get home go go go run over run them Over I hoping I’m [Applause] Very what the VPD you just let that happen dude you know what it’s a free country we can protest when dude you parked down there you didn’t see the guy drive into people here your car is literally right there are you asleep what are you doing what are you

Guys doing here what the man what the the protesters were last running towards 98 they were also running through parking lots and they are subject to arrest now at this point because it’s gone on so long they’re subjected to arrest on Riot charges and also apparently there was a scuff between

Protesters and LAPD or airport police officers cuz they’re also down there on the scene and now they’re going to be charged with attack on a peace officer so the situation getting very violent at one point we’re told that protesters were collecting palm fronds and appeared

To want to light them on fire to cause a sort of a bonfire at the entrance of LAX

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