The 15 Countries That Are Most Despised around the Globe – Video

The 15 Countries That Are Most Despised around the Globe – Video

15 Most Hated Countries in the World!
The United States, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Russia,… The most developed countries in the world are all listed among the most hated nations on the planet. Why is it so? The reasons include supporting terrorism, racial discrimination, authoritarian government policies, meaningless wars,…
Join me in exploring the top 15 most hated countries in the world and the reasons behind it! If there’s any country you also dislike from the list below, feel free to comment and let me know!

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15 most hated countries in the world the United States China Japan the United Kingdom Russia the most developed countries in the world are all listed among the most hated Nations on the planet why is it so the reasons include supporting terrorism racial discrimination authoritarian government policies meaningless

Wars join me in exploring the top 15 most hated countries in the world and the reasons behind it if there’s any country you also dislike from the list below feel free to comment and let me know number 15 China China is also on the list of the most hated countries in

The world the primary reason is that China is governed by a regime considered even more oppressive and controlling hatred towards the Chinese government stems from various factors the government controls many businesses leading to frequent corruption and forced labor China also trades in products made from cheap materials that are harmful to health or

Pose risks to users China is the world’s largest polluter and emitter of CO2 greenhouse gases the Chinese government denies Independence to Hong Kong Taiwan and mawi interfering with taiwan’s efforts to establish political sovereignty moreover China is accused of implementing debt trap diplomacy lending substantial amounts to developing countries that struggle to repay gaining

Significant political influence in return internet censorship is severe forcing citizens to find ways to bypass the great firewall human rights in China are at a low level with freedom of speech and labor rights being suppressed the government is accused of committing genocide against the weaker people lastly China known for the Ulin

Dog meat Festival engages in horrifying animal cruelty causing discomfort among many westerners and animal lovers in general what are your thoughts on this country feel free to leave a comment below number 14 United States you might wonder why the United States the most developed country globally is also the most hated

Share your thoughts in the comments while the appearance of this country on the most hated list may surprise many Americans it is considered well-deserved by few in Asia or Europe similar to China and Russia the main reason for the hostile attitude towards the United States is its tendency to exceed limits

While trying to influence international events in ways beneficial to the US the US frequently deploys troops to other countries such as Vietnam Panama Afghanistan Iraq sparking Wars for extremely dubious reasons the United States is known for its significant political influence which can sometimes be perceived as oppression or bullying towards people in

Other countries in particular the US intervenes with or supports oil rich countries for its own interests American culture is sometimes mocked for various reasons deep political divisions and increasing hostility between proponents of freedom and conservatives a perception that Americans tend to believe the US leads the world in almost

Every aspect however the country’s slow response to the covid-19 pandemic has perplexed the world Additionally the US is disliked because it legalizes gun use leading to a continuous increase in violent crime far food environmental issues racial and gender problems gun regulations income inequality Healthcare and the rights of

Americans are all issues contributing to the us being considered the most hated country in the world number 13 Russia for many people Russia is the most hated country in the world however Russia seems unconcerned about that reputation the current President Vladimir Putin continues his effort efforts to reunite the former

Soviet republics into a single nation in addition Russia often engages in military conflicts with other countries especially those sharing borders and tends to act as an aggressor the invasion of Ukraine in 2022 is a prime example it is considered one of the cruelest and most highness invasions since World War II Russia is

Also known for alliances with despised leaders and countries such as its partnership with Syria’s Bashar alassad and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un in 2022 Russia purchased weapons and ammunition for the war with Ukraine from these figures further adding to its controversial International reputation Russia is particularly unpopular in the United States due to

Reasons such as its involvement in the Cold War the nuclear arms race and interference in the 2016 presidential election through hacking campaigns and misinformation on social media the Russian government is also known for severely restricting personal rights and freedoms as well as undermining democracy in general number 12 North Korea North

Korea is disliked primarily because of its authoritarian government that oppresses its own people the government also pursues extremely aggressive foreign policies ruled by Third Generation dictator Kim Jong-un North Korea has significant control over people’s lives and has one of the worst human rights records globally however this is

Challenging to verify due to the extreme secrecy of the country all media in North Korea is State controlled TV and radio can only broadcast government approved content their devices cannot access the worldwide web and citizens can only use an internet controlled by the government additionally North Korean phones cannot make international calls

And International Communication is entirely prohibited people are assigned jobs by the government and they have no say in their professional position food distribution is tightly managed leading to severe shortages no one is allowed to leave the country without difficult government permission people can be arrested for trivial reasons and are often handled

Outside the legal system instead facing extrajudicial punishment or becoming unofficial slaves in labor camps North Korean women are believed to be frequent targets of sexual assault especially from powerful men however despite widespread poverty the country allocates a significant portion of its meager income to military development including its nuclear weapons

Program number 11 Israel as the country with the highest Jewish population globally Israel is a Middle Eastern nation with territorial disputes with Palestine where the majority is Muslim the conflicts involve both territorial disputes and the political religious beliefs of both Nations as a result Israel is widely hated by many Muslims worldwide Israel

Is also often accused of using its major supporter the United States to carry out wrongful actions for example Israel has been criticized for its handling of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories treatment of Palestinian refugees and the use of targeted killing operations to eliminate individuals often Palestinians perceived as threats to its

Security moreover the Israeli government has been accused of turning a blind eye to the rise of organized crime evident in its lacks response to this issue cases of violence against officials especially healthcare workers and hospital security facing assaults continue to increase affecting the entire country number 10 Pakistan the main

Reason Pakistan is considered one of the most disliked countries in the world is due to being one of the few Middle Eastern countries with access to nuclear weapons furthermore the country is seen as a Haven for terrorism and a hiding place for criminal groups such as the Taliban and Al-Qaeda these criminal

Groups frequently engage in bombings and other Insurgent attacks resulting in the deaths of thousands of people each year legal institutions in Pakistan rarely hold accountability for human rights violations and those who violate the law often secretly sentenced to death after dubious legal proceedings in court Pakistan is also frequently accused of

Oppression and violence against women like many other countries transgender individuals and other members of the LGBT community are not recognized and face oppression the government also opposes freedom of speech arresting those who condemn its wrongful actions number nine Iran Iran is disliked due to frequent outbreaks of violent conflicts with protesters often

Vandalizing the security forces facilities after the killing of Masa amini on September 16th Iran experienced the largest protests in many years Additionally the country has severe human rights regulations and mistreatment of women the police force responsible for enforcing strict regulations on attire and behavior arrested a 22-year-old girl for

Allegedly not wearing a headscarf properly and wearing tight jeans in Iran it is considered a crime for women to go out without properly covering their heads and the country is also often accused of sponsoring terrorism there are concerns that Iran May secretly invest in developing nuclear weapons number eight

Iraq like other Middle Eastern countries mentioned above you can probably guess why Iraq is disliked right please comment to let me know your opinion this country is the birthplace of many terrorist groups such as the Isis terrorist group established in Iraq which is the main cause of hostility Isis has committed numerous atrocities

From Mass executions of civilians to bomb attacks and using prisoners as shields for violators of course Iraq was previously ruled by Saddam Hussein who governed with countless atrocities such as terrorism ethnic cleansing genocide assassinations illegal imprisonment and torture violating human rights number seven Syria Syria is ranked as the most hated country because

Living there is extremely dangerous while many Syrian refugees want to escape the dehumanizing conditions of refugee camps and return home most of them are not safe to do so the homes towns and cities of some people have been destroyed and they have no place to go according to a recent survey 75% of

Syrian refugees want to return home however only over 30,000 out of 5.5 million refugees returned in 2020 returning to Syria poses a risk of being threatened assaulted and imprisoned kidnapping or conscripting soldiers is also commonplace additionally Syrian president Bashar al-assad is considered a military dictator number six India before delving

Into why this country is disliked do you know anything about India or have you ever visited this country comment below and let me know India is primarily disliked due to the harsh treatment of women in the country women here are often kidnapped raped and brutally tortured in some cases rape victims are

Afraid to report the perpetrators due to shame or they might face imprisonment themselves for provocative dressing such crimes still occur frequently in India where researchers estimate that 25,000 to 100,000 women are killed annually due to disputes around marriage in some horrifying cases women are even burned alive Indian women not only face

Violence but also experience domestic abuse family disputes and the practice of female feticide as well as the neglect of children and the elderly these issues disproportionately affect women and children much more severely than men and young males some Indian women are lost before they are born as mothers in the country

Still use abortion methods if they find out the unborn child is a girl in addition to gender discrimination India also faces severe economic disparities the rich poor Gap is a significant issue in the world’s second most populous country nearly 800 million people in India depend on the government’s often under funded food security

Program researchers estimate that an additional 100 million people in India need food subsidies to survive but are not included in the program the global hunger index published in November ranked India as one of the world’s hungriest countries placing at 107th out of 121 countries in the 2022 list the hunger crisis is particularly

Alarming as India is the world’s fifth largest economy and hone to hundreds of billions iones like go madani and mes shambani according to oxfam’s report 73% of wealth generated in 2017 belonged to the top 1% while 670 million people in India half of the poorest population saw their wealth increase by only

1% do you find this wealth disparity horrific as it contributes to the intense dislike of the country number five United Kingdom are you surprised that the UK made it onto the list of the most hated countries please comment and share your thoughts with me the reason the UK is

Disliked is due to its historical colonization of other countries turning them into colonies for many centuries when countries become colonies they are often exploited with the colonizing Nation plundering wealth natural resources and even the people while the era of global Empires has long passed some people still Harbor

Resentment towards the UK for these historical actions moreover the British are disliked for being rude and lacking empathy for others they are often seen as ill-tempered and unpleasant to strangers number four Germany while Germany is currently a highly developed country with few negative aspects its history still lingers in the minds of

Those who remember World War I and World War II Germany played the role of the Mastermind in both Wars and was particularly ruthless in World War II with horrific Nazi regimes additionally Germany used concentration camps causing the Holocaust and engaged in severe racial discrimination today some Germans still

Hold racist views due to historical influences do you think these reasons justify the dislike towards Germany or is the past truly in the past let me know your thoughts below number three Japan similar to Germany Japan is disliked for adopting fascism during World War II especially now Chinese people still

Harbor extreme hatred towards the Japanese due to Japan’s treatment of the Chinese during World War II furthermore political and civil freedoms are often praised in Japan but racial and gender discrimination and the tight relationship between the government and private sectors are significant issues causing dissatisfaction among the population number two Arab countries oil

Rich Arab countries are ruled by authoritarian governments with strict violent and religion-based policies primarily Islam human rights especially women’s rights are severely suppressed in Arab countries these nations have refused to sign the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights furthermore in the Arab world the death penalty is

Legal and often used to punish crimes ranging from murder to adultery apostasy or or leaving the Islamic faith police and security forces are believed to abuse and torture suspects to wrongfully extract confessions there are instances of brutal torture simply to eliminate dissent as seen in the case of the

Journalist Jamal kogi who was tortured and killed homosexual acts in this country can be punished by death and LGBT rights are not recognized forcing someone to adhere to the Islamic faith is legal and individuals may face execution if they abandon that belief women in this Society have very

Few rights they are treated legally similar to minors and nearly everything is under the control of their male Guardians women were not allowed to vote until 2011 when it was mandated by the king and they were not granted the right to drive or attend school without male permission until

2018 legal rights to refuse marriage were not granted until 2005 as marriage was considered a contract between the woman’s father and her future a husband moreover domestic violence against wives and children was legal until 2013 as of the end of 20122 this country still does not have laws against rape according to Legal

Definitions furthermore victims can be imprisoned if an unrelated man is present as a witness or if they are dressed too revealingly victims can be stoned to death for bringing shame to their families Arab countries are also frequently accused of being breeding grounds for terrorism giving rise to terrorist terrorist groups such as Isis

Al-Qaeda and the Taliban the country also has a high level of militarization and is accused of war crimes for actions against Yemen in 2015 are these reasons enough to make you find this country detestable if you know any additional reasons please comment and let us Know number one Nigeria firstly the government of this country is causing Nigeria to face numerous issues simultaneously such as poverty unemployment housing shortages prolonged ethnic and religious conflicts and more adolescents are the most heavily affected by these difficulties and it’s easy to understand why many Nigerian youths are lured into or forced

Into a life of crime coupled with the weakness of the police force many organized crime gangs are thriving and extremely active in major cities in Nigeria additionally people in Africa also strongly dislike Nigerians in fact becoming a Nigerian on the African continent is synonymous with being ostracized by Family Society or both

This is because Nigerians are considered too aggressive dishonest boastful of their wealth and always noisy some Africans are also unhappy with the significant influence of Nigerians on Africa’s economic health and education systems so have we explored the 50 most hated countries in the world which country do you think deserves the most

Hatred remember to comment and let us know what you hate most about these countries such as the appalling racial discrimination in India thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to stay updated with our latest videos see you in the next ones

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