The 15 Shocking Taboos and Strangest Facts of Italy That Will Amaze the World! – Video

The 15 Shocking Taboos and Strangest Facts of Italy That Will Amaze the World! – Video

15 Taboos In Italy And The Strangest Facts That Shock The Whole World!
When talking about Italy, the first things that come to most people’s minds are pasta, pizza, fashion capital Milan, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. However, Italian people will reveal to you that this country also has other very strange things that you have never seen anywhere else. In this video, join us in discovering 15 taboos in Italy and the strangest facts that shock the whole world.

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15 taboos in Italy and the strangest facts that shock the whole world when talking about Italy the first things that come to most people’s minds pasta pizza fashion Capital Milan and UNESCO world heritage sites however Italian people will reveal to you that this country also has other very strange

Things that you have never seen anywhere else in this video join us in discovering 15 taboos in Italy and the strangest facts that shock the whole world number 15 do not put hats on the bed we often have the habit of taking off our hats and putting them on the bed after

Returning home and this is considered normal however in Italian culture if you do not pay attention and accidentally put a hat on the bed this means bad luck because it is a symbol of death in most Italian funerals after the priest visits the deceased and says the last prayers

It will slowly take off the deceased hat and place it on the bed since then in Italian culture the act of taking off one’s hat and placing it on the bed has become an image associated with death if you visit someone’s house in Italy and do this you will most

Likely be kicked out because this action is like cursing the person in that bed there are two options for you when you come to Italy and visit people’s homes don’t wear a hat or if you do always remember to keep it as far away from the beds as Possible number four 4 do not spill salt in a superstitious country like Italy anything or any action can be considered unlucky and the same goes for spilling salt according to Italians kitchen space Fang is extremely important it symbolizes the health and Destiny of the homeowner in almost every kitchen there

Is a salt jar available and Housewives use it regularly to season their dishes if you are holding a salt shaker and drop it or accidentally spill the salt shaker Italians will will not think it was an accident according to Italians when you want to pass a salt shaker on

The table to someone else you must put the salt shaker on the table and let the other person take it in the opinion of Italians they believe that if the person receiving the salt jar directly from the hand of The Giver the two people will have many conflicts with each other in

The future Italians have this belief because in the past salt was considered a spice that was very difficult to produce in a great meaning to people salt was even once considered a currency for buying and selling transactions therefore spilling salt is extremely wasteful and it will not bring

Luck number 13 do not tip to acquaintances tipping ini itally is not mandatory in this country tourists should only tip when the service quality is good however there is a taboo in Italy you absolutely should not tip a whiter you know in Italian culture tipping is very tactful and some

Italians may not feel comfortable accepting tips if you know the waiter and tip there may be a risk that they will feel offended or may feel uncomfortable as they may see it as an unnecessary action or a show of arrogance if there is a strong personal relationship between the Tipper and the

Recipient this action can create a feeling of debt and discomfort the person receiving the tip may want to keep the personal relationship purely from a friendship or family relationship without the financial element others have person principles about not accepting financial support from others and they want to maintain their own

Lifestyle in general if you meet someone you know who is serving compliment them instead of Tipping number 12 wear red underwear for good luck if you don’t know Italy is considered one of the most superstitious countries in the world with many strange beliefs one of them is the belief in red underwear on every festival or New Year t I not only focus on choosing the most

Beautiful and most suitable clothes to celebrate but also have the habit of choosing underwear that must be red the special thing is that not only women but men also have this habit because Italians believe that red can help them attract luck not only that but they also

Try to wear see-through clothes to show off their red underwear in the belief that they have as much luck as possible one very interesting thing about Italians is that not only on New Year’s Day do they dress beautifully and choose colors that bring luck both women and

Men always adhere to a luxurious and Elegant Style in any situation whether going to Big parties or even when shopping at small convenience stores Italian women are always very stylish in dressing and are therefore always famous for their certain attractiveness number 11 taboo numbers tourists to Italy are quite surprised

When they go to hotels and cannot find the number 17 the reason why hotels in Italy do not have a floor number 17 is simply because people here think that 17 is a number unlucky according to the explanation the Roman number 17 is written as exzy just changing the

Position of the letters will become Vixie in Latin Vixie roughly means I have lived that is now I’m dead because the number 17 is related to death it naturally becomes an unlucky number in addition the number 13 is also a number Italians are very afraid of on the plane

People avoid sitting in seat number 13 many buildings in Italy have also replaced the 13th floor with floor 12 the room number and address number also replaced with 12a instead of 13 at parties if a total of 13 people are invited to dinner to avoid bad luck

People will invite one more person to create a group of 14 people because they believe that 13 people are extremely unlucky reminiscent of the tra to guard at the last dinner number two flip-flops are prohibited flip-flops are one of the most popular items in the world especially at beach resorts tourists

Like to wear this type of sandal because it’s very compact but in Italy you can be fined up to £2,000 for wearing these sandals it sounds hard to believe but this is purely for your protection Italian authorities have issued an order Banning tourists from walking along the

Famous sing Caribbean be in Italy and flip-flops the decision was made after Mountain Rescue forces repeatedly reported cases of tourists walking in flip-flops slipping and falling due to the rugged terrain in this area previously tourists coming here often wore flip-flops or even high heel when walking on Mountain Trails and

Encountered problems after a series of accidents the management board in sink care issued a maximum fine of £22,000 if tourists were found to be wearing inappropriate Footwear s is a land imbued with Mediterranean culture with five beautiful small villages a world heritage site located along the Riviera

Coast this place is located on a Terra Hillside with stretching Fields connected by a 42 km long Coastal Road Local people grow grapes to make wine and fish but tourism is the main source of Tourism coming here visitors can find the beauty of fishing villages built in medieval Italy this tourist destination

Attracts about 2.8 million visitors each year and none of them wear flip-flops number nine wear horned accessories the Italian horn also known as Cornell or Corno is a type of amulet or Talisman popular in Italian folklore Italian horns are often worn as jewelry and are believed to bring good

Luck and protect against the evil eye it is often described as a twisted horn-shaped pendant usually made of gold red Coral or Sil the gold Cornell necklace has been considered the best and more powerful amulet for Century we can say Millennia as it is believed to date back to the Neolithic period Cornel

Is said to ward off the evil eye an evil look or curse that is believed to bring harm or Misfortune it is considered as a Talisman that brings protection and protection against negative energy or bad intentions cornello is a cultural icon that represents Italian Heritage and identity he’s often by people of

Italian descent or as a way to connect with Italian traditions and Customs many people will feel that these horns look quite similar to Chili Peppers but let me assure you that these items are called Kung in Italians in addition to the meaning of fighting evil it also symbolizes the reproductive health of

Men in this country number eight drinking wine to celebrate is bad luck Italians are very taboo about raising a full glass of wine and never clink glasses with the person sitting next to them in addition drinking wine from a plastic cup will also bring bad luck when two people

Clink their glasses together they must both look into each other’s eyes the most interesting thing that that Italians believe that if someone refuses to take a sip after toasting their sex life will not be very good for the next 7 years if you go to Italy you must

Learn how the locals drink wine because in a country famous for its fine wine drinking wine is considered a true art when pouring wine remember that in wine culture in general and in Italy in particular wine glasses are often filled half full or nearly full in addition the

Taste of wine is very important swirl the wine in Your Glass to expose the liquid to more air this helps spread the aroma of the wine then smell the wine even smell it several times you will smell floral herbal fruity notes depending on the type of wine you have

Chosen the overall beauty of wine is the combination of tastes and flavors so don’t ignore this smelling stage during the wine tasting step Italians and wine connoisseurs in general will drink small sips hold the wine in your mouth for about 5 to 10 seconds before swallowing this sipping will help drinkers fully

Enjoy the complex flavors of the wine after swallowing pay attention to the taste that remains in your mouth highquality wines tend to have clear flavors even after swallowing number say a black cat crossing the street is a bad sign surely we have heard legends about black cats and the

Terrifying Omens they bring for Italians black cats are considered by the people here to be the devil’s pet and the lord of the graveyards a black cat running across the street means something bad will happen even someone will die a black cat in SS is simply a cat with

Black fur the source of that color is entirely due to pigmentation and there are 22 species of cats with black fur usually the amount of pigment that creates black fur in male cats is greater than in female cats black cats have a bad reputation for a long time in

Italian History black cats were considered a symbol of evil and evil in most European countries they are also considered the embodiment of bad luck a black cat running across the street means something bad will happen someone will even die according to Medieval European culture black cats also had the

Ability to transform into human form and act as a spy for witches and black cat skulls are used by witches to prepare poison since then people began to consider black cats is a sign of Satan the pious European community at that time was always suspicious and considered black cats to

Be a part of voodoo related to the devil and so black cats became Outcast creatures anyone who had anything to do with them was punished or number c stay away from brooms if you are single and accidentally see someone ahead using a broom to sweep the yard

Run as far away as possible Italians believe that if a single person accidentally hits their feet with a broom they will live alone for the rest of their lives I don’t know where the real reason for this belief comes from in fact there is no evidence that being

Hit by a broom will affect someone’s single life rumors and Notions about this are often created from folk beliefs and word of mouth without any scientific basis or exact reason but like I said Italians are very superstitious and if you see unmarried young men in Italy running away from brooms don’t be too

Surprised just consider it a unique feature of their Culture tabos in eating and drinking if you come to Italy in addition to some basic dining skills you need to equip yourself with some of the following knowledge to avoid receiving negative looks from local people first never go to Food Stores and Order take out food Italians do not sell takeout food

Because it spoils the flavor of the food only Pizza is takeout in this country second all fruits must be peeled Italians do not eat the peels of apples Pierce peaches instead they will peel them and leave them in advance which is something most foreigners find unusual the explanation for this is that

Italians think that fruit peels contain pesticides even if washed they will remain so it is best to peel them off they also do not use eggs for breakfast popular breakfast in many Western countries include fried eggs bacon bread and butter however Italians like to eat sweet things in the morning like cereal

Cookies fruit and a SP another very important rule is to place the bread on the right side and in the right direction according to Italian beliefs bread is considered a symbol of life so if it is overturned or worse pierced by a knife it is considered a bad Omen if

You do this while dining at an Italian family congratulations you about to be kicked out number four do not feed pigeons if you are planning a trip to the floating city of Venice in Italy immediately write down the following note in your notebook that is even if pigeons

Surround your feet don’t feed them if you don’t want to be fed like many other major cities with many pigeons such such as New York and London the Italian city government of Venice has long been aware of the dangers that pigeons can pose to human health it is estimated that there are about

130,000 pigeons residing in the St Mark’s Square area about 40 times the number that International Studies have suggested about the ideal density per square kilometer the birds themselves are cute but they also pose a danger to human health ording to test results on birds each bird carries at least one one

Pathogen so medical experts have reason to be concerned not to mention the damage caused by bird dropping because when eating too much food pigeons will digest faster this bird’s droppings are acidic and can destroy artwork on historic buildings around the square the situation has become particularly serious as the number of tourists has

Increased estimated at 20 million per year causing the consumption of bird food and the amount of waste to increase as as well as the number of pigeons here increases and causes significant damage and pigeons like chickens seek foods containing calcium carbonate to form eggshells they wool they Peck at marble

And Stucker walls statues and house walls are often riddled with bird pecs this costs 16 to €23 per year pigeon to fill in the pecked areas and this is taxpayer money all the above caus the Venice city government to decide to ban feeding pigeons to reduce the number of B

Number three is a gizm for the new house when young couples in Italy just buy a new house they will perform an exorcism Betto Scarano or devil chasing conjuro Kony in some cases Italians May perform traditional ritual to remove bad or evil energies from the new home these rituals

May include burning ingredients such as leaves and spices or releasing spiritual words to expel negative forces and bring good luck to the new home the fact that the people of beautiful Italy are passionate about the mystical has been proven by many Studies by sociologists not long ago a survey

Showed that almost 30 of Italians interviewed were certain that they had been subjected to Witchcraft and black magic at least once about 20 of respondents admitted that they had participated in at least one shot so don’t wonder too much why the new house has to go through such rituals to clean

Number two the contrast between Night and Day in Italy most people often stay indoors and gather enjoy meals after work and rarely go out restaurants in Italy are often empty at night because for Italians dinner at home is very important in addition the evenings here are often cold and wet so many people

Are afraid to go out there is a very contradictory thing in Italian cultural life if at night Italy is very peaceful during the day this place is filled with hustle and bustle sounds wherever you are you can easily see people laughing freely singing playing musical instruments on the streets and children

Playing freely in every street corner it can be said that Italy is the most vibrant and fun country in Europe during festive events and special occasions Italians can appear especially Rowdy and jovial Traditions such as the Carnival festival in Venice or the organization of sports and art events are all also

Occasions for people to enjoy the joy and dynamism of life this personality is not only part of Italian culture but also forms an important part of daily life and makes the experience here unique and vibrant number one throwing things out the window in Italy on New Year’s Eve no

One goes out because there is a custom when the clock shimes 12 hours people will throw old items on the street Italians especially love pine trees during tet right from the night of December 25th people gathered around the party table waiting for Santa Claus to visit and give Tech gifts on New Year’s

Eve no one left the house people here have long preserved a unique custom throwing old things out of the window to welcome the new year on New Year’s Eve Italians throw out all their old items they can be old furniture ovens or old televisions but to avoid injury to

Passersby and tourists Italians still keep this custom but will choose small and soft soft objects to throw according to Italian beliefs throwing all things means getting rid of the unhappiness and bad luck of the previous year throwing them away also means they are ready to welcome the new year with new things to

Come at the same time they also believe that when old items are thrown away the family will have new items in the New Year in addition to the custom of throwing away old things Italians still preserve other equally interesting Customs on the first day of the New Year

People and tourists will gather at the Cav bridge to jump into the Tyber River under freezing weather nearly reaching 0° C this custom has been around since 1946 and is believed that those who are brave enough to jump down will have good luck and success in the new year it

Seems that welcoming the New Year in this country is truly an extremely interesting experience that we can try in our lives so we went through an interesting journey to learn about the prohibitions and strange things only found found in this wonderful country Italy from special culinary rules to incomprehensible spiritual rituals Italy

Is truly a mysterious and unique country if you find this video interesting don’t forget to click the like And subscribe button to update new videos from us please share your opinion about strange things in Italy or suggest a topic for the next video

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