The 30 Most Controversial SNL Sketches of All Time – Video

The 30 Most Controversial SNL Sketches of All Time – Video

The Top 30 Most Controversial SNL Sketches Ever is a compilation of sketches from Saturday Night Live that caused quite a stir. From insensitive portrayals of different cultures to jokes that crossed the line, these sketches definitely sparked debate and outrage. The video includes sketches like Starbucks Verismo, Biker Chick Chat, and Alan Ditz Visits Hell, each pushing boundaries in their own way.

Some sketches faced backlash from viewers, while others led to apologies and retractions from the show. The skits covered a wide range of topics, from politics to religion, and showcased the show’s willingness to take risks, even if it meant facing criticism.

With appearances from big names like Samuel L. Jackson, Ronda Rousey, and Tiger Woods, these controversial sketches challenged societal norms and made audiences question where the line should be drawn in comedy. Whether you found them funny or offensive, these SNL sketches definitely made an impact and are sure to be remembered for years to come. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be shocked by the Top 30 Most Controversial SNL Sketches Ever.

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I’m learning Russian so I can trade recipes with my Babushka I’m learning Spanish so I can communicate better with my co-workers welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 30 SNL sketches that caused the most controversy point is you guys got

To help yourselves a little I mean can you do that for me number 30 in a box censoring a song is easier when it isn’t performed live with this iconic digital short song it was clear that the Lonely Island and Justin Timberlake had delivered a winner

W know it’s Christmas and heart wide the song even won a prime time Emmy however the title alone was a red flag for the FCC SNL reached a compromise airing the song with one particular word bleeped 16 times something special girl SNL didn’t need the fcc’s permission to share the explicit version

Online though the uncensored cut received backl Flash from parents television council president El Bren bozelle who called it quote a new low for NBC that didn’t stop the song from becoming a viral sensation and breaking new ground for shows digitally releasing content to risque for Network TV number

29 gen Z Hospital Elon Musk plays a doctor at a hospital specifically for Gen Z for many viewers the sketch not only failed to authentically capture how gen Z talks but also went to unexpectedly offensive places just give us the tea okay well as you may have

Seen on her live your besty took a major L while driving her Hellcat critics argued that some of the lingo stemmed from African-American vernacular English which has been frequently appropriated on Tik Tok and Twitter John rickford a Stanford University Linguistics Professor called the sketch quote an embarrassment claiming it quote negated

The powerful positive ways in which African-American English is used in everyday life this just looks way better for the gram than a dead body that earn is really iconic fire Michael Chay who came up with the sketch wasn’t familiar with aav until after the backlash Chay responded quote look the sketch bombed

I’m used to that I meant no offense to the aav community I love aav aav to the Moon number 28 Shark Tank the sharks on Shark Tank can certainly be intimidating but not as intimidating as the pictures in this jaw-dropping sketch with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria taking

Center Stage this sketch dived head first into bad taste and never came up for air the sketch ends with the pitchers being captured thanks to Damon JN who is played by Keenan Thompson the real JN wasn’t so amused however the shark group founder said that he quote

Wasn’t excited about the topic and quote found it a little insensitive however JN did appreciate the fact that he was the one who saved the world because because that’s when I called Homeland Security to collect your $30 million Bounty free Dr the weapons nice play Damon thank you very

Much a sensitive topic for sure but it wouldn’t be the last time SNL parody this controversial group number 27 Bambi 2002 it’s a good thing that satire is protected under the First Amendment otherwise we’re not sure Disney would have been so lenient about this TV Funhouse segment Bambi is going into to

The Disney Vault for 10 years depriving your child or future children of a significant emotional Milestone even if SNL avoided any legal action Bambi 2002 still pushed the envelope of how far you can go in sterzing a beloved Disney classic giving Bambi a 21st century makeover this faux direct to video

Sequel is hilariously Relentless in its send up of corporate greed shamelessly succumbing to the latest trends and the essence of childhood Bambi and the Gang are back in business and the forest has never been more fun I’m a r bab I’m here to say I’m the FR of the forest every

Day Robert Smigel wasn’t a huge Disney fan growing up although he developed a love for their movies upon becoming a parent that didn’t stop him from depicting Bambi’s mom with head trauma or an adult film version of Pocahontas come on I’m do your exercises what’s next a pre- scandal Jared number 26

Africa tourism in this sketch three women who all coin accidentally have the same name explain why Africa is the best destination for divorcees of a certain age two things overshadow their monotone dialogue however first there’s Adele repeatedly breaking throughout the sketch jungles the mountains the ranges the Rhythm the drums the

Pounding second there’s the black men in the background getting comfortable with other ladies some found the sketch ill timed given the end SARS movement and ongoing police brutality it didn’t help that about a month earlier Adele posted an Instagram photo of herself sporting a traditional African hairstyle which was criticized as cultural appropriation

Timing aside some took issue with the usage of words like tribesmen finding that the sketch objectified black men although others felt that white women were the real targets of the satire and don’t tell anybody you’re going to beautiful beautiful Africa Africa you’re going to want that coconut water number

25 Adrien Brody’s dreadlocks going off script is rarely if ever a wise idea on SNL unless you’re looking to get on Lauren Michaels bad side Adrien Brody’s urge to improvise would get him banned from SNL please please I only get one chance here it’ be one thing if the

Adlib was funny but this incident demonstrates why Brody is probably better suited for drama than comedy introducing musical guest Shawn Paul Brody went rogue with dreadlock blocks and a Jamaican accent and yes Paul is Jamaican which only made the bit more offensive Michaels wasn’t the only one Brody antagonized speaking with Howard

Stern Tina feay called Brody quote cocky and said he pitched quote terribly unfunny ideas number 24 reg’s co-host auditions with Kathy Lee gord’s exit all eyes were on live with Regis to see who would be the new co-host I tell you G I can’t wait to meet my PO new co-host the

Setup paved the way for the SNL cast to break out their Impressions with Tracy Morgan as Star Jones Sher oer as Barbara Walters and Anna gasty as Darva Conger I will be your friend your lover and your partner throughout whatever life has to offer us things took an awkward turn

When Jimmy Fallon popped up as Chris Rock complete with a tooth Gap and full makeup while the impression was jarring in 2000 it gained even more not notoriety two decades later when it resurfaced online Fallon apologized amid the backlash calling it quote a terrible decision I I I want to move forward and

And going forward I want to work on being a better Ally rock didn’t Express anger towards Fallon calling him a quote great guy who quote didn’t mean anything however Rock still considers the impression quote bad comedy number 23 Jesus visits Tim TBO and the Denver Broncos Jason sedus is known for playing

The devil on SNL but it was his portrayal of Jesus that summoned a plague of controversy as Tim TBO of the Denver Broncos thanks Jesus for taking the team so far the Messiah himself enters the locker room he everybody Jesus he has risen no no no

Not not really it’s just a quick visit so uh Hey everybody take a seat go ahead take a seat chill out Jesus Takes full credit for their six-game winning streak but requests that they start pulling their own weight he gets the team pumped and also confirms that Mormonism is the

Real deal there’s really nothing mean-spirited or anti-religious about the sketch but whenever Jesus is sazed there are bound to be naysayers here’s the thing I uh you know I just go where people call me the most you know nowadays that’s a lot of football games uh also the Country Music Awards you

Know I decide all those tele evangelist Pat Robertson called the sketch quote anti-christian bigotry that is just disgusting Fox news’s Bob Beckle called it quote despicable but it’s not like their SNL’s Target demographic anyway I love you okay I really I love you too okay all right uh but just uh take it

Down a notch will you buddy all right yes Lord whatever you command okay not a command just a request number 22 what up with that Samuel L Jackson and Carrie Brownstein what up with that is a recurring sketch that never gets old even if it basically recycles the same

Formula over and over again Keenan Thompson’s DeAndre Cole repeatedly sings the irresistible theme song sidelining his high-profile guests and Bill hater as Lindsey Buckingham what’s up with that what’s up with that we usually know what we’re going to get but Samuel L Jackson helped this iteration stand out as the sketch

Wrapped Thompson was apparently supposed to interrupt Jackson mid profanity but the timing was off according to Thompson the Q card only had an f on it but Jackson went all in and threw in an extra swear word I want to thank my guest the incredible Samuel jackon man

Hey the incident LED Jackson to believe that he was banned from SNL although Thompson later clarified that he still welcome on the show hey Sam it’s all good bro yeah you’re welcome anytime from what I’ve been hearing number 21 Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank on the financial bailout being an election year 2008

Offered no shortage of political material for SNL to work with I’m sorry I want to phone a friend while most of it was comedic gold there were a few missteps one sketch featuring Jason zedus as President Bush and Kristen wig as Nancy Pelosi proved so controversial that it had to be modified online

Sterzing the bailout the sketch targeted herb and Maran Sandler of World savings captioning them as quote people who should be shot after being released online NBC’s lawyers removed the sketch while the Sandlers reportedly didn’t pursue legal action NBC stated they found quote elements in the sketch that didn’t meet their standards the sketch

Was eventually reposted albeit edited and and now with the real estate market down you’re stuck with two dozen times your condos that you can’t sell unless we sold them for like 10% more than we paid number 20 Weekend Update Pete Davidson’s first impressions of midterm election candidates with the 2018

Midterm elections approaching Pete Davidson offered his opinions on the candidates but walked right into controversy this guy’s kind of cool uh Dan khaw oh come on man let go hold on as a picture of ex-navy seal Dan khaw appears you can hear Michael Chay laugh nervously off camera Pete isn’t thrown

Off in the slightest and proceeds to mock the Veteran’s war wound which definitely upset some viewers khaw included I’m sorry I know he lost his eye in in war whatever the following week the newly elected representative was invited to appear on the show and given a chance

For rebuttal Pete was also made to apologize live on air something practically unheard of on SNL Davidson later addressed the incident in his 2020 standup special alive from New York poking fun not only at himself and his apology but once again at Crenshaw number 19 Air Lingus ladies and

Gentlemen welcome aboard flight 192 from Dublin to Cork making connections to New York City it’s hard to say whether viewers were more annoyed by the lazy stereotypes in the sketch the accents or just the fact that it wasn’t particularly funny you know about the words it sounds like not saying any more

About it and the word we’re talking about Ser rhymes with Ronin the Irish Airline crafted a tongue-and-cheek response calling the sketch unwatchable in a tweet written in the style of American president Donald Trump I collect my point on ouring that’s how that’s how Sara Ronin who is Irish said she was

Surprised by the backlash and is actually a frequent flyer with Air Lingus also can anyone explain the joke about all the dogs of course this wasn’t the only time SNL relied on Irish stereotypes and failed to stick The Landing number Tre why don’t you make me

For supper um wait the cousin is still playing number 18 Rosetta Stone this commercial parody starts off innocently enough with some happy Rosetta Stone users showing off their Newfound skills May gusten Los Cameron in a rapid escalation of events things take a turn for the creepy when

We cut to some men who purchased the Thai version of the software for a rather perverse purpose I’m learning tie so I can go to Thailand for a thing I’m also learning Thai for business While most language programs teach simple conversational phrases the Thai vocabulary seems to be

Tailored for very specific ends with Rosetta Stone Thai you can learn great conversational phrases like how much is that for the whole night the show received backlash from the Thai government with the cultural Minister demanding the clip be removed from YouTube for quote tarnishing Thailand’s image number 17 biker chick chat welcome to

Biker chick chat I’m Don it’s not unheard of for someone to drop an accidental F-bomb on live television but imagine doing so on your very first episode as a featured player you freaking just threw an as straight full of butts at my head you know what you

Stood up for yourself and I love you for that during the biker chickchat sketch Jenny slate accidentally lets one slip and you can instantly see that she is completely mortified she has since denied the speculations that this was the sole reason reason she was fired after just one season but years later

With a little perspective and distance she decided to flip the narrative questioning whether a man would have received as much backlash on the day that I got fired I ordered like four pizzas and like ripped into a bong and was just like well I don’t know man

Number 16 Michael Cohen wiretap c open Mr Trump we’re in big trouble Donald Trump and his administration have been the source of many sketches over recent years with countless big names jumping on the bandwagon Stormy this is Michael Co are you alone yes and what are you wearing so when the Scandal emerged

About Stormy Daniels and Trump we knew SNL would be quick to respond just tell me what do you need for this to all go away a resignation yeah right while your political stance might affect how outrageous you find this Cameo the adult movie actress made quite a storm with

Her surprise appearance in the cold opening a lot happens in this skit but it’s the final few minutes that really grab our attention and amidst all the action stormmy had a message for the president I know you don’t believe in climate change but a Storm’s a coming baby number 15 Weekend Update Leslie

Jones when people named lupan yongo the most beautiful person in the world Leslie Jones’s response at the update desk sparked some serious backlash and I agree that she is very beautiful but for me personally I’m waiting for them to put out the most useful list you know what I’m saying Leslie acknowledged Yo’s

Beauty but also joked that back in the days of slavery her own size and strength would have been considered more important leading to a better love life master would have hooked me up with the best brother on the plantation the sketch ignited a firestorm on Twitter where commentators took issue with her

Casual approach in a series of 15 tweets Jones fired back stating that the joke was about her painful realization that black men aren’t really interested in her number 14 heroin am as will soon become apparent SNL loves a good spoof commercial in this case they used the format of a typical

Pharmaceutical drug ad to introduce a much harder substance I want to use heroin but I also want to get stuff done that’s why I reach for heroin am it follows three parents who use heroin am to keep up with their hectic lives so now I can chase the dragon while I also

Chase this little guy this sketch divided viewers with some unimpressed at how flippantly the issue was being addressed especially as SNL alums Chris Farley and John Belushi both died of drug overdoses however others loved the sketch crediting it as a good way to get America talking about an uncomfortable

Subject side effects include it’s heroin so all that stuff number 13 first he cries in this skit host B Arthur plays a doctor delivering biopsy results to a couple and it is not good news will I still be able to play the violin the name of this sketch parody’s NBC

Correspondent Betty Rollins book first you cry where she documents her struggle with breast cancer however this version has the self-centered husband playing the victim as he’s distraught about living with his wife post mastectomy what about me I’m stuck with some kind of hideous deformed freak Dad no not only did this prompt a

Barrage of complaints but bar Arthur received an angry phone call from a viewer who tracked down her hotel room number Larry’s going through hell right now now you took away something very important to him on the flip side Betty Rollin did write in to voice her support

Of the sketch number 12 Weekend Update Governor David Patterson State of the State SNL’s take on politics is usually comedy gold but that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally miss the mark Hello Yankee Stadium when Fred armison paried New York Governor David Patterson rather than focusing on his political career or

Scandals they focused on his BL blindness everything will be reduced to rubble and flaming piles of garbage or as I like to call it where am I got it New Jersey needless to say the governor was unimpressed accusing the show of relying on offensive stereotypes stop stop

Stop however when he appeared on the show beside Fred Armon it looked like it was all water under the bridge he was able to laugh at his own expense but also gave the cast a taste of their own medicine by throwing in some shots of

His own you know working in alany is a lot like watching Saturday Night Live there’s a lot of characters it’s funny for 10 minutes and then you just want it to go away number 11 the Jesus uncrossed if you’re going to parody Jesus Christ be prepared to ruffle a few feathers guess who’s

Back Kristoff Waltz takes the lead and in a movie trailer that gives this biblical story a Quenton Tarantino style makeover it’s incredibly gory and bloody plus we’re pretty sure that the source material never included guns I need me 11 aples we’re going to be doing one thing and one thing only killing romance

Some religious groups were offended by this sketch which portrays Jesus as super violent rather than forgiving the Council on American Islamic relations released a statement saying that they understood the show wanted to quote provoke a humorous response but that it was quote a distasteful portrayal number

10 Alan dtz visits hell you know those jokes where you don’t know whether to laugh or groan I’m a huge fan oh well thank you in this sketch attorney Alan dtz makes a pit stop in hell where he’s greeted with open arms by the devil in

Hell we meet the writer of baby shark Flo from Progressive Mr Peanut and Mark Zuckerberg look who it is Jeffrey Epstein great to see you what are you doing here yeah just hanging but it’s Adam driver’s Epstein that receives an audible mix of groans and laughter due

To his edgy punch lines I wish you could have been there in person yeah yeah yeah it’s too bad I was murdered I know from a punt about his death to a joke about how the devil appears to him we’d be lying if we said

We didn’t wince even a little yeah to me the Devil is a woman my own age number nine world’s most evil invention well at a super villain convention the attendees compete for the most evil invention in the world it can reduce a monument to the size of a toy

There’s a shrink ray and freeze gun pretty standard villain stuff but when Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s character steps up things take a seriously dark turn and even the other villains voice their outrage oh my God what’s wrong what’s wrong my most evil idea was a blizzard in

July right well I went in a slightly different Direction with the assignment a number of viewers objected to the skit arguing that it trivialized sexual abuse the sketch also takes a strange turn as it’s revealed that this has all been a disturbing commercial for White Castle number eight teacher trial with Ronda

Rousey you know when they say some things are better left to the imagination now Mr Daly can you point out your former teachers for the court uh yes uh they’re right there giving me butterflies so cheesy blurring fantasy and reality this sketch sees a student testify in court after his affair with

His teachers is exposed the defendant Miss Luna texts I’m with Miss Tolson come over for some private tutoring winky emoji face the apparent joke here is that everyone is super impressed by a teen scoring with his teachers despite the legal and moral implications and how long would you say the encounter lasted

Uh about 5 hours oh I remember those days some pointed out out that if the genders had been flipped no one would think the sketch was funny once again SNL was Under Fire for joking about a serious subject as some viewers argued they’d gone too far well well let the

Record show the witness means my mate number seven going to get me a shotgun name Garett Johnson in this sketch Garrett Morris plays a musically talented Prison inmate who presents a song about his life philosophy I’m going to get me a shotgun and kill all the whes I

See Morris later said this was his favorite skit but he can only imagine how it would be received in the age of social Media won’t bother me going to get me a shotgun and kill all the wh I see according to him the song was inspired by a racist old woman from North Carolina who had a similar song using the n word he argued that political incorrectness is what made SNL

So great back in the day but now people are too afraid of causing offense number six fatherdaughter ad Chris Rock’s Shark Tank sketch may have missed the mark but it was this spoof of a Toyota commercial starring guest host Dakota Johnson and cast member Taran kilum that drove

Viewers to express their outrage on Twitter you need any help with your bag no that’s all right I got it how about some walking around money Dad it’s okay viewers are lulled into a false sense of security thinking that what they’re watching is a heartwarming moment

Between a father and a daughter then a pickup truck full of heavily armed men comes into view you be careful okay Dad it’s just Isis the controversial cherry on this dubious Sunday is when a tearful father tells these men to look after his daughter and one responds death to

America so really they couldn’t have been all that surprised that this sketch would incense viewers number five Starbucks Verismo you know when you go to a coffee shop and let’s just say it’s not the coffee that’s bitter well this sketch was about bringing that experience home with the Starbucks

Verismo this is tea I ordered a latte okay so one tea one latte no I I just no tea I just want the [Applause] latte okay the coffee machine is rude stupid and incompetent the female version verquan is no better what viewers noticed though were stereotypical black accents and jokes

That reinforce negative stereotypes why she ask for a tea if she want a latte I don’t know man that’s stupid surely there was plenty to laugh about without falling back on racist tropes to get to the punchline needless to say the sketch left viewers with more of a sour taste

In their mouths than expired milk number four safe light AutoGlass this sketch first made headlines when safe light AutoGlass tweeted their disappointment the controversy only continued when SNL suddenly made it disappear without saying a word at Safe Light we know how busy life can be the sketchy spoof

Commercial involves a safe light repair man played by Beck Bennett who keeps smashing a woman’s car windshield in order to essentially stalk her teenage daughter played by Melissa vork you know I came out at halftime and it was cracked again no worries so who won the

Game this time while the sketch does a pretty good job mirroring The Source material these very dark added undertones just seem unnecessary so basically a full woman while SNL did their best to erase any memory of this sketch the damage had already been done number three word association we

Guarantee that this skit would never fly today in a job interview sketch Chevy Chase and Richard prior engage in a word association game fast slow rain snow white things start out innocently enough but the game soon exposes Chase’s characters Pres prejudices becoming heated and racially charged colored redneck jungle bunny peka

W in a climactic moment that makes us wince Chase throws out the n-word and prior is not taking it lying down dead hunk Paul Mooney who wrote The Skit said it was inspired by his own interview for SNL it’s been called one of the show’s most shocking and greatest sketches your mama

Number two canteen boy and the scout master this recurring character played by Adam Sandler is considered an SNL classic but this particular sketch divided audiences you know it seems like the moment you get out of the city all your problems just sort of Fade Away Alec Baldwin plays a scout master

Who makes obvious and uncomfortable sexual advances towards canteen boy according to Baldwin the sketch caused 300,000 phone call complaints and the loss of seven Affiliates problem solved your problem Sol but I think my problem’s just beginning the Boy Scouts of America weighed in on the controversy too in response to complaints when showing

Reruns the sketch was preceded by a disclaimer saying that canteen boy is actually 27 given the character’s childlike nature though the clip has a considerably darker tone before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you

Have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one The Situation Room Tiger Woods accidents SNL’s toned deaf take on tiger woods’ Affairs left some viewers understandably fuming I

Will strive to be a better person and the the husband and father my family deserves yeah you will we see the golfer at press conferences and every every time the camera Cuts back to him he’s sporting a new injury clearly caused by his wife played by Blake Lively I’ve uh

Been really clumsy this week even his cries for help are turned into a punchline believe it or not I actually ran over myself many viewers pointed out that if the roles had been reversed it would have never been treated so lightly while some people did see the funny side most

Thought the show had gone too far which of these sketches do you think went too far let us know in the comments when it’s bestie it just hit different did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be

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