“The Hidden Truths About Dances With Wolves That You Didn’t Know” – Video

“The Hidden Truths About Dances With Wolves That You Didn’t Know” – Video

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Dances With Wolves: Surprising Facts About the Classic Western. Dances with Wolves wasn’t just a movie it was a story that took audiences deeper into the American frontier than ever before. It was nineteen ninety, Kevin Costner was in the director’s chair and starring as Lieutenant Dunbar, a Civil War soldier who finds himself living among the Lakota Sioux. But beyond the silver screen, Dances with Wolves had a whole other life, full of secrets and surprises waiting to be uncovered. This video will take you behind the scenes of this iconic film, showing you what really went into making it one of the most award-winning westerns ever. Buckle up, because we’re diving into the fascinating world of Dances with Wolves!.

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You Never Realized This About Dances With Wolves

Two Socks—Dances With Wolves

And the Oscar goes to Dances with Wolves Jim Wilson and Kevin [Applause] C Dances with Wolves wasn’t just a movie it was a story that took audiences deeper into the American frontier than ever before it was 1990 Kevin cner was in the director’s chair and starring as Lieutenant Dunbar a civil war soldier who finds himself living among the Lakota Sue but beyond the Silver Screen

Dances with Wolves had a whole other life full of secrets and surprises waiting to be uncovered this video will take you behind the scenes of this iconic film showing you what really went into making it one of the most award-winning westerns ever buckle up because we’re diving into the

Fascinating world of Dances with Wolves the Unseen struggles Michael Blake a screenwriter with a passion for stories about the Plains Indians dreamt of bringing his vision to the big screen he had written a screenplay called Dances with Wolves but his journey to Hollywood wasn’t exactly paved with gold he

Pitched the idea to Kevin cner who was a friend intrigued by the story but cautious about the competitive screenplay Market Cosner had a bold suggestion he urged Blake to turn it into a novel believing its epic scope and immersive detail would grab the attention of Studios more effectively

Than a standalone script with this encouragement Blake and embarked on a challenging Journey driven by his vision and determination he spent months meticulously crafting The Narrative often finding himself riding in his car or crashing on Friends couches including Cosner’s own the process wasn’t without its hardships despite pouring his heart

And soul into the book Dances with Wolves faced a barrage of rejections from numerous Publishers undeterred Blake persisted sending his manuscript out again and again finally after over 30 rejections he received a glimmer of hope when a small Publishing House called faucet decided to take a chance

On his story this marked a pivotal moment opening the door for Blake’s novel to reach a wider audience and pave the way for its eventual cinematic adaptation into the award-winning film we know today from Strife to success Kevin cner ever the supportive friend wanted to see Michael Blake succeed

Before Dances with Wolves became a cinematic phenomenon Cosner attempted to help Blake break into the industry by setting him up with numerous interviews at various Studios unfortunately each meeting turned into a disaster according to Costner’s later accounts Blake fueled by frustration and Desperation would argue with Studio Representatives alienating himself and sabotaging any

Potential opportunities despite the friction Blake continued to work on Dances with Wolves residing with cner while writing he desperately wanted Cosner’s feedback and constantly pestered him to read The Unfinished manuscript cner wary of their recent clashes consistently refused and Blake’s presence soon became a strain on their friendship eventually Blake felt

Unwelcome and moved to Arizona scraping by on a meager $335 an hour washing dishes in a Chinese restaurant in a moment of desperation he reached out to Cosner for financial assistance though their relationship Cosner responded with compassion by sending Blake a sleeping bag and a portable stove even in challenging

Circumstances Blake’s tenacity wouldn’t be stifled he continued writing finally finishing the dances with wol manuscript unable to ignore his friends please any longer Cosner hesitantly agreed to read the completed work as he read through the pages something extraordinary happened it was the clearest idea for a

Movie that I had ever read cner later marveled that moment marked a turning point for both men transforming their tumultuous friendship into a powerful collaboration that would change the landscape of Cinema The directorial Dilemma of Dances with Wolves after making the Bold decision to bring dances

With with Wolves to life Kevin cner knew the next crucial step was finding the right director determined to ensure the film’s Integrity he entrusted the script to three directors whose names he has respectfully chosen to keep private each while acknowledging the story’s potential proposed significant changes that clashed with Costner’s Vision some

In Vision trimming the opening Civil War sequence deeming it unnecessary others found the film’s length daunting and recommended Cuts perhaps most controver ially one director argued against the central romance between a white character and a Lota woman fearing it would fall into cliches these disagreements while respectful highlighted the inherent risk of

Entrusting his beloved project to another director cner a man known for his Fierce Independence and unwavering commitment realized that the only way to ensure the film’s integrity was to take the Reigns himself it was a Monumental decision a leap of faith from actor to director fueled by his profound

Understanding of the story and his faith in its potential impact this bold move would not only shape the destiny of Dances with Wolves but also launch Costner on a new and exhilarating chapter in his career Financial struggles facing a wall of rejection from American Studios who deemed the

Film too risky cner refused to let his vision die determined to bring Dances with Wolves to life he embarked on a bold quest for funding instead of focusing solely on Hollywood he set his sights beyond the borders seeking support from International investors his persistence paid off when he secured a

Crucial seed investment from a small group of foreign financiers however this initial funding was only a fraction of the film’s estimated $15 million budget undeterred by the financial hurdles cner took a leap of faith and began filming with the limited resources available the pressure was immense but his strong

Belief in the story fueled his determination fortunately his gamble paid off when Orion pictures impressed by the early footage stepped in they agreed to pour 10 million into the production offering a much-needed Lifeline but even with oran’s contribution the costs of filming in the expansive South Dakota Wilderness and

Meticulously recreating the Lakota Sue culture proved to be more than the combined budgets could handle when all was said and done Dances with Wolves ballooned 3 million over budget cner by then a rising star with a growing bank account thanks to his success in films like Field of Dreams steep up and

Personally covered the shortfall this financial sacrifice a major gamble for an actor not yet established as a director showed the depth of his belief in the film’s artistic Merit and its potential to redefine the Western genre the Lakota language in Dances with Wolves the Lakota Sue language resonated

Throughout Dances with Wolves with more than a quarter of the script requiring translation this was a bold departure from traditional westerns where Native American characters typically communicated in English however translating Lota posed a significant challenge finding individuals fluent in the language let alone skilled translators was incredibly difficult

This was where Doris leader charge came in at the time she was an educator at South Dakota’s cin glesk University renowned for her expertise in Lakota language and culture when director Kevin cner heard about her he immediately sent the script to her and about 3 weeks later he received a complete translation

It was a Monumental feat considering she had never even encountered a movie script before recognizing the invaluable resource leader charge represented Cosner didn’t stop at mere translation he extended an invitation for leader charge to not only guide the actors with their pronunciation and delivery but also to take on the speaking role of

Pretty Shield wife of the Lakota warrior 10 Bears initially hesitant due to her teaching commitments leader charge was persuaded after cner contacted the University president and secured an extended leave for her the Buffalo scene was real forget fancy computer tricks or special stunts the amazing Buffalo Stampede and Dances with Wolves was all

Real no film magic just 3,500 angry buffalo charging across the plains but filming this wasn’t a walk in the park each day they had one chance to capture the ca why these weren’t trained animals waiting on Q Wranglers spent half the morning guiding the herd into position and once those beasts started running

They wouldn’t stop for Miles producer Jim Wilson described the process to Entertainment Weekly saying that they would start hurting at 5 a.m. hoping they would be ready to run 11: it was a whole production 8 Days 20 Wranglers a helicopter and 10 pickup trucks rigged with cameras they chased the thunderous

Herd across the Prairie hoping to snag the perfect shot of hooves pound pounding and dust swirling so the next time you watch that scene remember you’re not seeing some computer creation you’re witnessing the awe inspiring power of nature captured in all its raw Beauty and unpredictable might and that’s pretty darn impressive even

Without the fancy stuff Kevin Cosner’s Fearless stunts in Dances with Wolves Kevin Cosner’s dedication to Dances with Wolves went beyond directing and starring in the film he committed to performing 95% of his own stunts including hiding shooting fighting and even the iconic wolf dancing scenes this was no easy feat the stunts were

Physically demanding and sometimes risky Cosner’s commitment left the crew on edge as they constantly worried about his safety but cner wouldn’t be deterred he believed that performing his own stunts would make the film more authentic and immerse viewers in the story well things got especially hairy during the buffalo hunt scene remember

That part where a bunch of riders charge into a herd of buffalo well in one take another Rider accidentally cut it in front of Cosner’s horse sending him flying everyone on set froze fearing the worst but cner being the trooper he is just brushed himself off hopped on his

Stunt doubles horse and finished the scene like nothing happened this incident highlighted both Costner’s commitment to authenticity and his resilience in the face of danger his willingness to take on so many physical challenges added a layer of realism to the film that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise and his quick

Recovery from the fall showed his determination to deliver the best performance he could even in the midst of unexpected chaos of course not everything went according to plan there were certainly times when stunt doubles stepped in for the more dangerous Maneuvers but Cosner’s unwavering commitment to performing his own stunts

Set him apart and contributed to the film’s overall success so next time you watch Dances with Wolves and see JN Dunbar charging across the Prairie on Horseback remember that it was likely cner himself pulling off those impressive stunts the wolves on set filming with Wolves turned out to be

Quite the adventure while Cosner’s character Dunbar forms a close bond with a wolf named two socks the reality behind bringing this relationship to life involved two furry Stars buck and Teddy now while trained any animal lover knows trained wolves still hold on to their wild ways this meant buckets of

Patience and no doubt even more delicious meat scraps were essential to keep buck and Teddy Cooperative the filmmakers weren’t above a little embarrassment to capture the perfect shot either behind the scenes footage shows Wilson and cner desperate to coax a howl from the Wolves resorting to their own best wolf call Impressions

These attempts while admittedly not award-winning showcased the dedication and humor that went into creating the film’s most captivating animal relationships working with wild animals comes with its own set of challenges and the crew of Dances with Wolves embraced the unconventional their dedication to authenticity meant accepting that not everything could could be perfectly

Controlled and sometimes the best performances came from the most unpredictable Stars so next time you see two socks on screen remember that howl might have been inspired by A Chorus of human howls not just the wind on the Prairie the unexpected stars of Dances with Wolves while Dances with Wolves

Featured a magnificent herd of 3,500 wild buffalo to capture the sweeping Grandeur of the ples filming also required some close-up shots with domesticated Buffalo that’s where two unexpected stars came in first up was Mammoth a buffalo owned by none other than legendary singer songwriter Neil Young Mammoth already accustomed to the

Hustle and bustle of touring life proved perfect for the film’s intimate scenes his calm demeanor and willingness to cooperate made him a valuable asset to the production for the more action-packed Buffalo moments the crew Enlisted the help of Cody the mascot of a South Dakota meat manufacturer Cody

Known for his impressive physique and energetic Spirit was chosen for the scene where a young Lota Brave falls off his horse and gets charged by a buffalo but getting Cody to run on Q wasn’t as simple as saying action producer Jim Wilson told Entertainment Weekly that Cody’s true motivation was Oreos all it

Took was a glimpse of the black and white treat and Cody would take off like a bullet straight for you as producer Jim Wilson told Entertainment Weekly these furry co-stars each with their own unique personalities and quirks added a touch of levity and charm to the film process their contributions further

Enriched the film’s portrayal of the relationship between the Lakota people and the Buffalo a vital element of their culture and way of life casting Against the Grain in Dances with Wolves Kevin cner broke away from the typical Hollywood Casting mold instead of pairing himself with a much younger

Actress for the female lead he set his sights on someone older and more experienced this was Mary mcdonell then a 37-year-old stage actress who breathed life into the character of STS with a fist STS with a fist is a white woman raised by the Lakota Sue tribe after

Being orphaned as a child she serves as a bridge between John Dunbar the film’s protagonist and the Lakota Community eventually falling in love with Dunbar Cosner’s decision to cast McDonald against the typical Damsel in Distress archetype was deliberate he wanted someone who could embody the strength resilience and intelligence of STS with

A fist a woman who had carved her own path with within the Lakota Society McDonald embraced the challenge wholeheartedly she dedicated herself to learning Lakota lines quickly and flawlessly capturing the nuances of the language and pronunciation additionally she mastered the delicate balance of portraying stands with a fist’s gradual

Return to speaking English after years of immersion in Lakota life this transition from speaking Lakota with ease to hesitantly relearning English added a layer of complexity and depth to the character McDonald’s performance perance resonated deeply with audiences and critics alike her portrayal of STS with a fist earned her an Oscar

Nomination while her wind blown hair may have drawn attention it was her raw emotional power and nuanced portrayal of a woman defying traditional gender roles that truly stole the show casting McDonald was a bold move that paid off handsomely for Dances with Wolves it challenged conventional Hollywood practices and resulted in a powerful

Unforgettable performance that continues to resonate with viewers today Dances with Wolves silenced the naysayers word of Dances with Wolves troubled production spread like wildfire through Hollywood Whispers of a ballooning budget a demanding director and a virtually unknown leading lady all stoked doubts some insiders gleefully predicting disaster nicknamed it

Cosner’s last stand While others remembering the Epic Financial flop of Michael Chino’s Heaven’s Gate dubbed it Kevin’s gate the film’s critics weren’t shy about sharing their doubts they scoffed at the idea of a three-hour Western finding an audience mocked Costner’s decision to direct and star and questioned the wisdom of focusing on

A Native American perspective in a genre known for romanticizing Cowboys but when Dances with Wolves finally waltzed onto the big screen the tune changed the film’s sweeping Landscapes raw emotions and Cosner’s performance captivated audience’s worldwide critics who had sharpened their knives for a cinematic Massacre were forced to eat their words

Instead of the predicted bomb Dances with Wolves became a box office Behemoth grossing a staggering nearly $425 million it swept the 1991 Academy Awards taking home seven Oscars including best picture and best director for Cosner the film’s success not only silenced the naysayers but also proved that Hollywood’s tried andrue formulas

Weren’t the only path to success Dances with Wolves dared to be different to tell a story that challenged expectations and reson ated with audiences on a deeper level and in doing so it not only became a critical and Commercial Triumph now it’s time for today’s subscriber pick Dances with

Wolves wasn’t just a box office Smash It rewrote the whole genre you never realized this about Dances with Wolves but it wasn’t your typical shoot them up it dared to show Native Americans not as Savages but as a complex vibrant culture facing brutal displacement the film used actual Lakota dialogue a first for

Hollywood and featured stunning Landscapes that captured the spirit of the Great Plains but the road to glory wasn’t easy Studios were hesitant about a western with no Cowboys or gunfights cner a rising star bet big on directing and starring pouring his heart into the project the gamble paid off Dances with

Wolves raked in Awards including best picture and best director for Cosner it revitalized the Western genre inspiring a new wave of films that explored the complexities of American history and the relationship between sett and native peoples so which other films do you think push the boundaries of the genre

Let’s keep the conversation rolling in the comments the Strategic gender specific marketing of Dances with Wolves part of Dances with Wolves box office magic was its ability to Captivate both men and women back in 1990 this wasn’t the norm Studios often made one siiz fits-all trailers and ads but not Orion

Pictures the distributor behind Dances with Wolves they took a bold step creating separate marketing campaigns for each gender for the ladies Orion leaned Into The film’s Tender Love Story the trailer featured sweeping shots of cner John Dunbar and Mary McDonald’s stands with a fist gazing into each

Other’s Eyes under the vast Prairie Sky for the men Orion amped up the action the trailer showcased dunbar’s gunslinging skills and the film’s thrilling Buffalo Stampede sequence this clever strategy paid off Big Time Dances with Wolves attracted diverse audiences becoming a mass massive critical and Commercial Success it won seven Academy

Awards including best picture and best director for cner Orion’s Innovative marketing campaign proved that understanding your target audience and tailoring your message accordingly can be a recipe for box office gold Dances with Wolves became a Pioneer in gender specific marketing Paving the way for Studios to cater to different

Demographics in the years to come the roller coaster ride of Orion pictures Orion pictures the studio behind hits like Robocop and platoon stumbled in the late 80s a string of flops sent their stock plummeting by 50% and left them a massive $500 million in debt as David

Forbes Orion’s marketing Chief put it we desperately needed a win then came Dances with Wolves the Epic Western stormed into theaters captivating audiences and critics alike it took home a whopping seven Oscars including best picture and best director for Kevin cner but even this incredible success wasn’t

Enough to save Orion the following year Orion released another Powerhouse the chilling Thriller Silence of the Lambs but the financial damage was too deep in 1991 Orion filed for bankruptcy for a while it seemed like the curtain had fallen on Orion’s story but Hollywood has a way of rewriting narratives in

1996 Orion was acquired by MGM and in 2014 the iconic logo reappeared on the big screen once more gracing the horror film the town that dreaded sundown today Orion remains a part of the MGM family operating as a smaller label focused on releasing art housee films and smaller

Budget projects while its golden age of producing major Blockbusters may be over Orion’s Legacy lives on through its library of beloved Classics and its reminder that even in the Cutthroat world of Hollywood sometimes a second chance is possible Kevin Cosner’s Journey from filmmaker to sue tribe member while the film Dances with Wolves

Received some criticism for its historical in accuracies many members of the Sue tribe were ultimately pleased with its portrayal of their culture unlike many previous westerns that focused on violence and conflict Dances with Wolves depicted the everyday lives of the sue people showcasing their Customs traditions and family bonds this

Resonated deeply with the tribe who felt their humanity and dignity were finally being represented on screen as a token of their appreciation the Sue tribe bestowed upon Kevin cner the film’s director and star the the honor of official membership this was a rare and meaningful gesture signifying their acceptance and respect for Cosner’s

Efforts to portray their culture authentically the ceremony involved tying an eagle feather in his hair a symbol of wisdom and courage and presenting him with a handwoven quilt a representation of community and family however the relationship between Costner and the Sue became more complicated a few years later in 1992 Costner

Purchased several hundred acres of land in the Black Hills of South Dakota this area is considered Sacred by the Sue as it holds important spiritual and cultural significance Costner’s intention was to build a resort on the land a project that many members of the tribe strongly opposed the development

Of the resort faced numerous challenges including legal hurdles and protests from the Sue Community ultimately Costner abandoned the project in 2013 acknowledging the concerns raised by the tribe and the difficulties of building on sacred land the episode with the black Hills Resort project highlighted the complex and sometimes delicate relationship between Hollywood

And Native American communities while Dances with Wolves represented a significant step forward in portraying Native American cultures with respect and understanding it also served as a reminder of the need for sensitivity and collaboration when dealing with sacred lands and traditions unpacking criticisms of Dances with Wolves while Dances with Wolves received widespread

Acclaim and critical success it also faced some criticism for its portrayal of the Lakota sue people some reviewers felt the film leaned towards sentimentality and romanticized the tribe’s way of life David serota described the film as a white savior film suggesting it follows a familiar Trope of a white protagonist coming to

The rescue of a helpless Native American Community he argued that the narrative prioritizes the white hero’s journey over the complexities of the Lakota experience Native American actor and activist Russell Means offered a more direct critique comparing the film to Lawrence of Arabia in a way that wasn’t complimentary he felt the film presented

A romanticized and inaccurate version of Lakota life similar to how Lawrence of Arabia romanticized Arab culture means further pointed out inaccuracies in the Lakota language used in the film he highlighted that Lakota has distinct male and female dialects and some actors including cner used the feminine dialect unintentionally this detail while

Seemingly minor detracted from the film’s authenticity for means and other Lakota viewers these criticisms while not necessarily diminishing the film’s artistic merits raised important questions about representation and historical accuracy while Dances with Wolves undoubtedly brought the plight of the Lakota to a wider audience its portrayal of their culture and language

Remains a point of discussion and debate there is a sequel while Dances with Wolves ended with John Dunbar and stands with a fist settling into Lakota Life author Michael Blake wasn’t ready to leave their story behind you never realize this about Dances with Wolves but in 2001 Blake published The Holy

Road a sequel that delves deeper into the challenges and triumphs the couple faces as full-fledged members of the Sue tribe the holy Road picks about 11 years after Dances with Wolves with John Dunbar now fully assimilated into the Lakota way of life he takes on the name

Dances with Wolves and even becomes a respected Warrior known for his bravery and skill however the peaceful existence of the tribe is threatened by the encroaching tide of white settlers determined to expand Westward Blake’s novel navigates the complexities of this historical period with both honesty and sensitivity he avoids simplistic

Portrayals of good versus evil instead showcasing the diverse perspectives and motivations of both sides we see the courage and resilience of the Lakota people as they fight to protect their land and traditions while also acknowledging the fears and aspirations of the settlers seeking new opportunities in the west while there

Have been Whispers of a possible miniseries adaptation of the Holy Road nothing has been officially confirmed however the novel’s enduring popularity and Blake’s masterful storytelling leave fans hopeful that they may one day see the world of Dances with Wolves brought to life again on screen whether or not

The holy Road makes it to the screen it remains a powerful and thought-provoking addition to the Dances with Wolves Universe thank thank you for watching this video see you in the next one

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