The Incredible Impact of This Healthy Plant-Based Chocolate Cheesecake on My Life – Video

The Incredible Impact of This Healthy Plant-Based Chocolate Cheesecake on My Life – Video

This Healthy Plant-Based Chocolate Cheesecake CHANGED MY LIFE! In this cooking video by the Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Show, Jill guides viewers through the process of making a delectable plant-based chocolate cheesecake that is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. The video starts with creating a simple walnut and date crust for the cheesecake, followed by blending a rich and creamy chocolate filling made from cashews, dates, cocoa powder, and soy milk. After pouring the filling onto the crust and chilling it in the freezer, the video demonstrates how to make a decadent chocolate ganache topping with dates, cocoa powder, almond flour, and hot water. The final step involves pouring the ganache over the cheesecake and letting it set before decorating with fresh strawberries or raspberries for a pop of color. Throughout the video, Jill emphasizes the importance of using high-quality ingredients and a supportive community of plant-based eaters. This plant-based chocolate cheesecake is not only delicious and indulgent but also incredibly nutritious, making it a dessert that will leave you feeling satisfied and nourished.

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Video Transcript

Let’s make a plant-based chocolate cheesecake right in time for Valentine’s Day welcome back to the whole food plant-based cooking show where we make plant-based cooking easy I’m Jill and I’m so glad you’re here because we are going to make the most delicious little chocolate cheesecake

And time for you to test it before you make it for Valentine’s Day either for just for yourself or for that special someone so we’re going to Jump Right In First you’re going to need a spring form pan this is a 7 in and a food processor to do the

Crust so the crust is just 3/4 of a cup of walnuts half a cup of pitted dates and 1/4 cup of raisins that’s it super super simple so now we’re just going to blend them or grind them in our food processor until it’s all a really uniform shape and size

There we go that only took like 15 to 20 seconds it’s all pretty uniform in size and you don’t even have to add any liquids to it really because just the moisture of those dates and those raisins are going to help it stick to itself and it can be a little bit

Crumbly in the bottom because the cheesecake mixture that goes on top pop will help it all stick together so you’re just going to press that down into the pan pretty firmly cuz we are making a crust and we don’t want it to completely fall apart

When you get a piece so you need to really kind of press it down into the bottom of that pan okay just like that I’m going to get the ingredients for that beautiful chocolate filling and I’ll meet you right back here okay now on to this delicious chocolate filling all right

All right I’ve got two cups of cashews and you need a highpe blender if you don’t have a powerful blender like this you can put all of the ingredients in and I would let them sit for about an hour before you blend it cuz that’ll make it much easier for it to blend

Together but if you’ve got a high- powerered blender like this one or like a Vitamix it’ll do just fine this is one cup of dates half a cup of cocoa powder half a cup of soy milk unsweetened soy milk but you can use whatever plant milk you like I always

Just stress that it’s unsweetened because the sweetness is going to come from those dates and one teaspoon of vanilla and then 3/4 of a cup of water and we’re just going to blend this until it’s really really silky smooth and that will take a little bit of work

Even with a high powered blender you’re going to have to scrape it down and knock knock that air pocket out a few times before it gets that really really smooth consistency that we’re looking For okay there we have it if you want to come in and take a look at the consistency we’re looking for really nice and silky so now we’re just going to pour it into our spring form pan All right and now you just want to smooth it down into your pan just gently here and then before you do you smooth off the top you need to kind of pop it on the counter a bit you want to knock those air bubbles out or else the edges

Will be all full of pockets so we want to create you know get rid of those voids okay now we can smooth off the out the top and it doesn’t have to be really super smooth because there’s actually a ganach top that is going to go on the

Top and it’s going to ooze down over the sides but you do want you know a pretty flat surface all right that looks pretty good now we’re going to stick this in the freezer for at least 2 hours and you can test it when you can take it out and

You try to open your spring form if it looks like it’s still clinging to the sides leave it in for more or so it could take up to 4 hours for it to chill hard enough for you to take the spring form off okay now on to that delicious

Ganache that’s going to be poured over the top so I’ve got half a cup of pitted dates 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder 2 tbspoon of almond flour 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and then 3/4 of a cup of hot hot water so this is kind of like a boiled chocolate

Frosting then we’re just going to we’re going to blend this in our neutr bullet until it’s really really nice and smooth might take it takes a little bit just to get all those date chunks out of there but it comes out really lovely while we’re waiting for that I’d

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Looking at that how silky it is all right so now we got to get our cake out of the spring form that’s perfect there we go and then we’re going to slide it onto our little plate plate here and it shouldn’t really stick to the spring

Form at all cuz there’s enough oil in those walnuts that it’ll keep it from sticking oh look at that wow okay all right not too bad there’s a couple little voids in there but it’s not bad cuz this is going to cover up a lot of

It all right here we go and as as this sits if you let it sit for a little bit longer there’s so much pectin in those dates that it starts to set up just a little bit this is a little bit runny right now but it’s okay cuz we do want

It to ooze over the Sides oh look at that okay I’m going to stop there and if you have any left you can always use that in hot chocolate or just to dip fruit in so delicious so to get it to go over over the sides you just kind of move your knife around and

Move it towards the edge and it just kind of pulls over the sides by itself and because the cheesecake is still really cold it will help this to kind of set up a little bit as you’re um decorating it look at that gorgeous you got to come in for a

Close look cuz it’s so pretty all right now this is up to you what you want to decorate it with I might garnish it with some fresh strawberries or raspberries just to brighten it up and it is for Valentine’s Day so you need something red all right

I’m going to let this sit a little bit while that’s sets up I’m going to grab a plate and I’ll meet you at the table for a taste all right it’s my favorite part of the show the eating part let’s get a slice here oh it’s nice and firm

Okay see if we can get it out of there without it breaking there we go just a little slice just for tasting you’re going to thank me when you make this one so good chocolate lovers beware come on back next week for another great recipe

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