“The Live Dr. Berg Show – January 5, 2024” – Video

“The Live Dr. Berg Show – January 5, 2024” – Video

In this episode of The Dr. Berg Show LIVE, Dr. Berg answers a variety of health and nutrition-related questions from viewers around the world. He covers topics such as the influence of fractional LDL particles on LDL levels, causes of hand and finger cramps, the suitability of the keto diet for individuals with atrial fibrillation, and natural remedies for hiatal hernia.

Dr. Berg emphasizes the importance of consulting with a doctor before implementing any health advice and highlights the significance of considering a person’s overall health and unique circumstances when addressing health concerns. Additionally, he discusses the impact of age on starting a keto diet, debunking the myth that individuals over 70 are too old to benefit from the diet.

The show also showcases and celebrates the global audience of Dr. Berg’s followers, featuring viewers from countries such as South Africa, the UK, Canada, Mexico, Albania, Pakistan, New Zealand, and many more. The diverse range of questions and engagement from viewers demonstrates the widespread impact of Dr. Berg’s approach to holistic health and clean keto living.

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0:00 Welcome!
1:25 What are fractional LDL particles and how do they influence our LDL levels?
4:07 What can cause cramps in your hands and fingers?
4:40 Is it okay to follow a keto diet if you have atrial fibrillation?
5:41 My mom is 75 with a severe hiatal hernia, is it too late to treat her condition naturally?
6:51 Is 72 too old to do keto and intermittent fasting?
8:59 What are the most common causes of bone loss?
10:16 Quiz question #1
11:11 If a food is high in carbs, would adding psyllium husk powder bring down the carb content?
12:22 What is the best diet for a toddler with autism?
15:17 What can you do about a swollen lymph node?
17:18 Quiz answer #1
19:08 What is your opinion on fluoride?
21:33 Should I take a multivitamin if I’m taking an organ meat supplement?
22:08 Will organic whipping cream break my fast?
23:00 Quiz question #2
24:00 What are your thoughts on the causes and treatments of GBS?
27:00 What is your opinion on Urolithin A supplements?
27:24 Is there a natural way to treat spinal stenosis?
28:48 Which supplements help support sleep?
32:28 What are your thoughts on taking glucosamine for joint pain?
33:08 What would you recommend to bring down a score on a coronary calcium scan?
33:15 Quiz answer #2
37:17 Why am I getting headaches when eating two meals a day?
38:07 Quiz question #3
38:32 Is it beneficial to drink ketones to get into ketosis?
40:00 How can I solve problems associated with statins, elevated liver enzymes, high cholesterol, and fatigue?
43:18 What can I do about elevated bilirubin levels?
45:20 How many sardines should you eat each day to get enough iodine?
46:06 What are the primary benefits of cayenne pepper?
46:56 I’ve been anemic for 10 years, should I be taking a daily iron supplement?
48:20 Quiz answer #3
50:53 Quiz question #4
51:26 What can I do in addition to the carnivore diet to flush out any damage to my arteries caused by previous diet and lifestyle habits?
54:40 Quiz answer #4
57:10 Quiz question & answer #5
58:16 What is the best way to counter exposure to EMFs and 5G?
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Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Hey welcome back everyone we’re here with another show Q&A we have a lot of questions lined up so I always like to just Dive Right In but just have to make sure that you don’t um take any of this advice at face value just check with your doctor before implementing any of

The things that we’re going to discuss today because um they have to approve it first okay all right let’s Dive Right In I’m going to tell you what we’re going to discuss first and that is that Terry told me that it’s National keto day so well it’s about time they have a a

National keto day I know and if they anyone deserves to erect a bronze statue for this day it must be Dr Berg so we’ll keep an eye out for that but welcome everyone who has successfully changed their lives because of Dr Berg’s clean keto approach to stuff so let’s kick it

Right off with uh some Social Media stuff we got a full Green Room too which we’ll get to but let’s start with Bonnie from YouTube what are the fractional LDL particles and how do they influence our LD levels good question well you got the small uh dens dense fraction particle

Size and then you have the large buoyant so what what determines each one is really the the the environment that you’re in like if you have a lot of insulin resistance you’re going to get more of the the small dents which have the ability to to penetrate deeply into

Um the layer of the inside of your artery and create damage whereas the large buoyant are not pathogenic so really if you take a look at those from the Viewpoint of a risk factor for heart disease there’s something that’s even more of a risk factor and it’s kind of a

Specialized test that you can get and it’s uh it’s called um what is it called it is called uh lipoprotein insulin resistance score lipoprotein so basically they measure the the insulin resistance on that that lipo protein itself which is really interesting because out of all the risk factors that

Would be at the top of the list so that if you have that then that just tells you you’re not in good shape so um you know when you’re evaluating all these biomarkers from your blood fats lipids things like that it’s really important to get the whole picture and I

Think uh a test that’s going to really um take over this field to create less confusion is called a metabolomic test because that way you could look at the whole picture um which which that um lipo protein insulin resistance is one of those B markers as well so you can

Kind of really get a picture of what’s Happening takes the person’s diet their genetic stuff their medication and really get a good picture so you’re treating the patient not the specific marker itself you know we’re not like sometimes you go to the doctor like oh you have high LDL but they didn’t look

At these these particle sizes and they treat you with statins they’re treating the biomarker they’re not treating the patient I mean if you went through an infection or you go through stress or your postmenopausal your ldls could go up so LDL is part of the healing healing phase

And um uh so it’s it’s not it’s there’s a lot more to know about it and you don’t have to be be scared of of it if it’s high because it could be just part of the healing process very good Bonnie I hope that helps you let’s go on to zzy

From YouTube I regularly get cramps in my hand and fingers what could be causing this doctor typically the Magnesium is what I would look at it can also be pottassium or other electrolytes so you know you want to look at your diet are you having enough potassium are you having enough

Magnesium I have videos on this or maybe it’s you’re not having enough sodium yeah right sodium low sodium can cause cramps as well so that’s another thing to look at all right very good Scooby doozy from YouTube uh we were hoping to hear from you is it okay to follow keto

And a low carb diet if you have arterial uh arterial fibrillation apib I guess I don’t know what else di you would go on that uh would be better than that you want to do the healthy version of the ketogenic diet because the term keto really just means low carb so doesn’t

Talk about ingredients so we want the higher quality healthy version so you get all the nutrients and all the protective factors from the phytonutrients as well um but I think um that would be a good thing to do uh if you have atrial fib or any type of um

Alteration in the heartbeat itself a rhythmus um you really want to also beef up no pun intended your Electro lights so that’s a really kind of a key factor there because as soon as you run out of those your electrical system could be autobalance all right very good

Jacqueline from YouTube my mom is 75 and has severe hial hernia from what I’ve learned excuse me from you it could be caused by low stomach acid is it too late to treat her condition naturally it’s too late I’m sorry it’s over you can’t no absolutely it’s not

Too late I think you can do something about it I would try I always like to take the Viewpoint of let’s let’s see if we can improve it to some degree so start taking that stomach a to do some of that um acupressure stuff underneath

The the stomach so you can kind of U manipulate the congestion in the lower part of the stomach so maybe that can help as well okay very good rumbles chiming in this morning in this case the uh listener’s name or his handle is Rumble 8827 and he’s from Rumble so

Thank you Rumble 827 and he says he’s been listening to you for a long time and passing along good information to my friends and relatives and customers we all appreciate your efforts to help people from all uh over the world thank you and that’s coming from Rumble so

Thank you the burgeoning rumble audience uh for chiming in and we love to hear questions from you uh as well and to that end here’s bike 51 from Rumble I’m 72 and want to lose some weight I take many of your supplements and I’m in pretty good health I do take synthoid 88

Uh am I too old to go on keto and if and as you said before absolutely no hope for you go ahead doc yeah I think you’re too old for keto because keto is only for people under the age of 70 no it’s actually I think it’d be very helpful I

Would I would try it I think it might help you all right very good hands slipped off the button why don’t we acknowledge people uh and where they’re coming from this morning and by the way we’re proud to have um a listener from South Africa will have him on he’s waiting patiently

In The Green Room uh and Beyond him in Montreal we have another nice gentleman from there we’d like to say a good morning and happy keto Day to all to our viewers joining us this morning from the UK Canada Mexico Albania Pakistan excuse me Palestine New Zealand Portugal Peru

Ireland Chalet Aruba Finland um St Lucy St Lucia thank you Terry for doing that fanatic for me Nigeria Croatia Croatia excuse me Thailand the Czech Republic Scotland Sweden Poland uh the Dominican Republic Greece Egypt trenidad and Tobago the Netherlands the Congo Republic Romania mosambique turkey Argentina the United Arab Emirates

Bermuda Bermuda Israel Denmark France a Australia Oman India Cyprus Pakistan uh Kolkata uh Tasmania brunai China arria Nepal Iran Jordan Bosnia uh and herzogovina don’t want to forget that second part Dubai Ethiopia Morocco Germany uh Ghana the Virgin Islands yakistan cutter Switzerland Slovakia Kashmir Norway Zambia been there Shri

Lanka Colombia Belgium the Bahamas South Korea drum roll and all across these United States so thanks so much for everyone and happy New Year 2024 is going to be great I’m sure around the globe for health and so on okay darling from YouTube what are the most common causes of bone

Loss you see this uh as someone ages especially like postmenopausal because of the shift of certain hormones like estrogen too it can also occur from a higher level of cortisol because cortisol tends to eat up proteins as well one of the side effects of synthetic Pro uh cortisol like prazone

Is bone loss so uh to get osteoporosis uh you know um it’s not a a minor thing it’s something major you have to kind of find out from the person’s history what is going on uh and so you can bring it back but you have to look at all these factors diet

Micronutrients it’s not just about calcium calcium is is involved but it’s not the big thing uh vitamin D is involved but it’s uh not the the major thing in osteoporosis ulaa yes riets yes so um all these uh things you have to look at and I think

Um I think estrogen and cortisol have a big big impact on on your bones and also a loss of vitamin K2 all right very good thank you Doc and thank you for spending all your time coming up with these great questions and here’s the first one for

Today okay in which tissue does the autoimmune function all right so I’m going to rephrase this question because um somehow this got mixed in Translation okay in what tissue does autoimmune diseases begin in your body okay what tissue does the autoimmune diseases uh start in your body okay I’m

Going to buy default blame Terry for that even though it may be my boo boo but he’s going to go on the record as as have screwing up that question as far as I’m concerned all right let’s go back to social media this time darling from YouTube what are the most common causes

Oh uh of bone loss yeah we uh I we just covered that one if I’m not mistaken but we can talk about it again if you want well then it sounds like it’s likely that that was definitely my fault the way I’m botching things lender from Facebook if a food is

Too high in carbs like oatmeal with adding oh gosh filium husk powder filium husk powder bring down the carb count so as to remain in keto ketosis maybe a little bit maybe a little bit I mean sometimes you can add various things like fat especially to buffer this Spike and

Insulin it really depends on the type of carbohydrate you’re using and also the type of fat and the person as well I mean it’s kind of an individual thing I I would I would not try to recommend start adding things to try to buffer it I would just kind of

Avoid some some of these grains but um yeah it really depends on a lot of factors and the type of fiber but the psyllium seed yeah I I don’t know I don’t know if that would do too much or not okay and a shout out let’s add to our list from our

Viewers in Guyana the Philippines Jamaica South Africa and Spain and again we’ve got a guest from South Africa but there’s someone else down there that is chiming in so I think that’s terrific let’s see uh oh here’s one Natasha and this time from Facebook what are your

Thoughts on the best diet for a toddler with autism that’s a challenge boy I would just I would highly recommend to do um what we recommend for everyone else just omit the intermittent fasting because you’re dealing with um brain inflammation and uh you want to um

Provide some of the key nutrients I mean have you Steve have you ever seen what some of these kids are unfortunately eating um I mean it’s just you know they have the Happy Meal which is this seed oils and processed food and then you have have um in the grocery stores you

Know these all these little kids are eating just pure synthetic food it’s not even sugar and and starches it’s like a synthetic version of the starches the sugars and the oils so it’s I would uh there’s a couple things with autism related to um you know sulur Fame

Apparently it helps autism so that’s like in broccoli sprout so you can do that um try to get your child on on the on the whole Foods okay Whole Foods um nothing uh refined nothing um with a long shelf life nothing in a box nothing

In a can just like real food whole food that would be something I would do yeah when I was they’ve been out there for a long time when I was a kid and the rest of my generation Wonderbread the white Wonderbread helps build strong bodies 12

Ways and I don’t know how that that was thean does it sure does luckily you know we didn’t eat much as kids and we were running around the block constantly so we probably burn off all those autism causing uh nutrients quote unquote but anyway they’ve been at that for some

Time so trick you know it’s funny because you you uh you can you know you have the you have these sugars and the bad sugars and you also have the starches then you have the oils so I mean yes you can burn off some of these

Sugars and get away with it right but you you don’t burn off these oils these seed oils they kind of get lodged in your cells I mean you and they get stuck there they have a a half life of I think two and a half to three years so you

Start accumulating all these unsaturated seed oils called vegetable oils which is kind of ironic because they don’t have any vegetable that I know in that oil and uh then you start to create um inflammation so yeah this is definitely um probably at the top of the list as far as the

Worst food or worst thing that you can consume is the seed oils all right very good why don’t we go to our first contestant if you will participant in the green room and her name is Ernestine but she has a cute name Ernie that’s what she’s gone by since she was a

Little one and she’s on with us with her one question that she will now uh professionally belt out in 30 seconds and Ernie go ahead with your question hi thank you so much for having me um my main question is that I have a lymph

Noid on the right side of my neck that has been swollen for over two years and I did have it by seat um and they said that it was nothing that was concerning but it bothers me and I do feel a little feverish on that side so I was wondering

If you had any like recommendations is it on the right side on the right are you doing keto yet or no no not yet okay so you know I’ve seen this in practice and you know you try to do research and you really can’t find anything about it uh I have noticed a

Higher correlation with um liver congestion and the right side of the lymphatic system were congested and the left because um I don’t know if you know this but a really big part of the liver is the immune system in fact it has these cells called the cup for cells

Which are immune cells they’re like little lymphoid like little lymphatic tissue inside your liver when that backs up it can go right up to that chain up to underneath your neck there so what I would do if I were you is I would get on this um thing it’s called healthy Keto

Plan I would get on on that you could probably find it on my website start cleaning out your liver start eating healthy foods and just see if that doesn’t just disappear so uh that way you’re not like treating it directly like some weird thing I think it’s connected to something a little bit

Bigger okay got thank you you’re welcome wow thank you for being the absolute best contestant for the day so far Ernie you said a great standard and uh you know we hope that helps and any of those folks that come on with us from social media or from our television cameras if

You will we’d love to hear back from you and see if some of these suggestions helped you uh improve your uh various conditions so thank you again Ernie for a succinct call let’s go back to uh wow gosh the first quiz question today uh the audience now brilliant leapt right

On it and it asked in what tissue does the autoimmune disease is that what you corrected it to Doc function begin and where in our bodies once again Terry’s fault and uh the respondents uh 55% said that it’s the gut or gut lining 30% say cognitive issue 10% say the thyroid and

5% say it’s the liver any any correct answers that yeah it’s it’s the gut it’s the it’s your uh intestinal lining this specifically the small intestine okay the small intestine that’s where it starts which is interesting because then you then it brings up a whole question of what could possibly interfere with that

Tissue other than everything you’re eating right and then you have okay well out of all those Foods what what is the most damaging to that lining uh the the osal lining of your intestine right so then you get into all this information that’s very very um relevant to autoimmune diseases um

Especially when do history I think it’s kind of like a perfect storm you have several things occur and then you develop this autoimmune disease um and so yeah autoimmune diseases are are are higher right now than heart disease and cancer and um and just like Sky Heights inflammatory conditions and so

Um there’s things that we’re eating and and and this trend started in the 70s and 80s okay so uh that might give you a clue but you’ll have to stay tuned for more videos on the entire story I want to do a whole complete video on it all

Right very good uh let’s see we really look forward to hearing from Lady trucker to she’s back from Rumble and she wants to know what’s your opinion on fluoride I have been fluoride free now for 20 years is she on the right path doc I think she is uh yeah I don’t like

Fluide I I have I think it’s called uh let’s see what is that um there’s a company crystal is it Crystal Health Crystal water filters I can’t remember but I I did recommend it at one time but they have a water filter a pitcher a

Whole house one as well but you can get this picture for $39 to to filter out specifically fluoride which I do not like in the the tap water because um affects your skin affects your thyroid I mean it’s like toxic um and so and if you could get one for your shower I

Don’t know where you can find one of those like a shower head your skin will be much better but yeah that fluoride is pretty um nasty you know Steve when you a lot of people buy bottle water it’s expensive it’s like if you if you add up

All these small bottles it comes out to like $12 a gallon for water right and of course we don’t want to drink the tap water so we buy bottle water so um I I calculated recently because I’m really good in math the um the cost of what it

Would cost if you get just that filter which filters out it’s 39 bucks filter those out um 2,000 gallons right that comes down from $12 to one penny per gallon so you could really um Save A Lot by getting like a water pitcher at least uh if you were doing versus the bottle

Water so anyway it’s um something to think about because that water is so expensive absolutely we do have a filter on our um refrigerator and they’re $20.40 and 50 I never know which one to get but I am oned one in and I change it

Every six months so um you know is there a guide to what’s a good water filter and what’s U there’s that company I’m not affiliated but it’s called it’s called Crystal something I’ll have to I’ll find it and I’ll put put a link down below I have it in one of my videos

If you type drberg water filter you’ll probably find it c yeah it’s Crystal something I think and uh that’s a good one uh there’s other there’s other ones too but this one is like a four layer system that really just cleans everything out the pesticides have Metals country and western things like

That very good okay Anita from YouTube do I have to take multi vitamin if I’m taking a complete organ meat supplement organ meat supplement what would you recommend yes you do have to take it now now you don’t have to take now if you’re doing an organ supplement I mean that’s

Going to that is your multivitamin mineral that is your multi you’re getting all the fat cable you’re getting the B vitamins but I don’t think you’re getting enough vitamin C uh you might not be getting um the potassium but you’re definitely going to get most of the nutrients okay uh let’s see Shirley

Looks like she’s fasting from YouTube will organic whipping cream no sugar all fat break my fast is it carbs or calories that break a fast it’s both um but but fat has a lesser degree of of of breaking your fast because it it doesn’t stimulate insulin as much

However it does to a small degree because as soon as it hits your small intestine it can increase it so so in other words if you’re trying to achieve this goal of autophagy that you’re trying to do or maybe getting the ketosis and you’re eating all this fat

And you’re thinking that it’s not interfering it is so it’s really about the calorie cutting down the calories down to zero that’s a true fast um but if you compare that to carbs it’s much better all right very good let’s go for question number two for the day hoping that we typed it

Correctly okay if LDL because we’ve talked about LDL just recently if LDL is bad cholesterol then why does it have such a key function in delivering cholesterol to make hormones cell membranes bile salts and vitamin D so in other words I think most people know that our bodies make cholesterol and

They also know the purpose of cholesterol is to do all these things but maybe they didn’t know that the transport system is LDL because LDL goes from your liver to the cells then HDL goes from the cell back to the liver so you may have not

Known that L has a purpose so the question is if L is so bad then why does it do these things that’s an excellent question all right let’s see tanm 12 from Rumble again thanks Rumble for chiming in so much uh please share your thoughts on the causes and treatment of

GBS uh Gan bar syndrome uh oh Gillian Bar’s uh syndrome uh well maybe ber oh yes that’s right I think this is this is an autoimmune disease and um again I think you know you have to work on the gut you have to work on the gut you have

To eliminate foods that irritate the gut I will do a video on this I have done videos on this I’ll do add additional one but um you want to um at the top of the list seed oils have to go bye-by and also the gluten and the grains the

Grains have to there’s too many things in grains that irritate the gut so why would you do them it doesn’t make sense um so um the other thing uh this is a lot of people go on the carnivore diet and they they clear up their autoimmune diseases because they eliminate all

These different factors but if I were to do the um that diet I would do a higher quality meat the grass-fed grass finished I would do something like that um um you know in this u in the grass-fed grass finished versus the grain fed um you’re dealing with a

Lot of interesting things in that grass-fed grass finish you’re dealing with a much higher levels of nutrients now these are plant-based chemicals in the beef so we don’t really know exactly what they do some people say oh yeah it’s a it’s a toxin whatever but is it really because you know could create

What’s called an epigenetic effect you know that little Toxic effect can actually create some beneficial effects in our bodies just like exercise does I mean exercise is destructive on your body but why do we do it because it it’s genetically improves things or or coal therapy why would you ever want to do

Coal therapy that’s like painful but then the epigenetic effect on that as well so or fasting why would you want to starve yourself right so all these things um especially with the phytonutrients we don’t know the effects that they create right now we may find just like when uh V like

We found that vitamin B1 we need to be one or else you’re going to get berry berry or some other nutrient vitamin C or scurvy we don’t know um how important or how not important these fyon nutrients are you call them like secondary uh metabolites but they could

Be just as important well time will tell once the research goes but the the point is that it does help uh the animal uh for health and um and it could help us as well so why not step it up and do a higher quality uh grass-fed type

Food all right Jack from Rumble once again what is your opinion on urethan a supplements which apparently revitalizes the mitochondria you heard of that what was that again it was um urolithin a euroian a supplement I don’t I don’t know what that is all right well I hope it’s helping you Jack

And maybe we’ll Terry’s bound to do some research on that so we’ll hear back from him I’m sure Olivia from YouTube is there a natural way to treat spinal stenosis this is a situation on the spinal column where you have uh the the spinal cord is is uh is not

Quite it’s not there’s none of space in the in the uh the spinal column for the cord so we have pressure on the spinal cord and so um this could come from a several different things you know it could come from a protruded disc things

Like that but I think it also can come from a buildup of um calcium that could develop because you’re lacking vitamin K2 there’s a little bit of data on that um also could come from inflammation so the way I would address this is I would just instead of trying

To treat it I would really check with the person to make sure that their diet is is right so there’s not a lot of inflammation make sure they have enough vitamin K2 and um and then see if it doesn’t go away but I think um so many

People go for the surgery but they haven’t really tried the the other ways first because there it’s hard to find research on this because there’s not a lot of research on it so um that would be two things I would do okay very good let’s go back to our green uh Green Room

Excuse me this time Yohan who is currently he’s German but he’s currently in Montreal and speaks all sorts of languages which always makes me jealous and uh if you’ve unmuted yourself Johan you are on with Dr Burke for your quick question thank you uh aside from I’m

Trying to find out what supplement I can use to get a good night’s sleep yes yes I think um do you have do you find that you have a hard time getting to sleep or do you get to sleep and you wake up prematurely both okay do

You find that uh you have a lot of uh thinking before bed like a lot of stress type stuff or is that an issue I usually meditation and breathing exercises before going to bed half an hour okay so so um a couple things that that help uh

Sleep uh uh B one that helps you get to sleep because it probably supports the first part of the Sleep the part of the first part of sleep is really um involving the parasympathetics that’s that it’s like a push down wave that pushes you into the Deep what called the Delta wave and

That’s supported by B1 so uh that should help you with the first part and then you get the sympathetic which is kind of the REM sleep because that’s almost like the wavelength is almost similar to being awake but you’re asleep and you need that as well it kind of goes in

Waves so that could be supported um with vitamin D and even a little calcium so um so you might want to try some vitamin D like 10,000 I right before bed and a little calcium sometimes a little zinc does help your sleep as well uh but that’s that’s what comes to mind right

Off the bat there’s other things you can do um but those uh those are good um I’ve also found that people do that do a probiotic before bed helps um I also find the person who does um more salt right before bed tends to sleep better

As well the sodium helps calm down that flight or fight mechanism so um I mean you could do it right before bed or you could just take more salt during the day um if you are are you get is your urination waking you up to or

No uh on occasion if I’m a light sleeper then I’ll get up two three times yeah and so for that That’s a classic insulin resistance so you just want to get on the uh the keto and the intermittent fasting and do that for a period of time

Until that completely curs up it takes more time for that um some people uh sleep much better if their meal and the last meal of the day is like maybe an early dinner like maybe at 4 and then they they don’t eat anything after that that usually will help sleeping as well

Because they don’t have that food sitting on their stomach um I also find if I don’t do some type of vigorous exercise my sleep isn’t that that quality too so something that actually gets your body to use up that energy is also important too thank you you’re

Welcome wow we have the absolute most disciplined uh Green Room participants in history today ER know I’m I’m amazed I know Ernie kicked it off and she set a standard that Johan just followed so thank you all so much for your great effort and keeping the show missing

Moving along okay let’s see um quiz question oh no let’s see Rose Bud uh okay Rose Bud from Rumble 1818 what are your thoughts on taking glucosamine condroitin for joint pain I like it I like it I think it works great joint inflammation arthritis uh yeah I I would uh highly

Recommend it um for any type of arthritis for sure all right doc I’m batting zero today I just erased question uh number two I don’t think we answered that did we uh let’s well that’s the problem I erased it I tell you what I’m going to

Rely on um rely on Terry to clue me on that let’s move on and we’ll get back to that Eva from Facebook I’m 60 years old and had a coronary calcium scan done and have a moderate calcification score of 167 what would you recommend to bring down that

Score yeah so this is a score that measures the calcium in the um in certain arteries uh like Cor coronary artery and um you want it to be zero um you’re in the low range I mean it can go up to over a thousand so that’s good

But I would take that as a kind of a marker to then compare it to over time if it’s improving over time that’s what you want to see so I think you can always improve it but you’re gonna have to take the Viewpoint of like calcium is

Like spackle and it’s like a healing it’s a healing mechanism there’s something going on in your arteries that are was inflamed and now the calcium had to come to spackle it to uh put a Band-Aid over it so um the seed oils you want to eliminate that so in other words

If you’re doing um salad dressing switch to olive oil and uh vinegarette some type of uh salad dressing if you’re doing mayonnaise make your own with olive oil an egg yolk and some mustard don’t don’t get the uh the stuff from the store you can get the um the um

Avocado oil one but a lot of times they’ll mix the seed oils right in there so I would start to avoid that I would also take um one of the most um powerful antioxidants that you can take for the inside of the arteries would be the to

Tokat trinal so that would be another thing I would take I would also um follow my my eating plan within a minute fasting and I would also take vitamin K2 with that D3 uh just to kind of see if you could remove some of the calcium once you get rid of that inflammatory

State again the CAC SC score is just one biomarker that you should look at with other things as well you want to take a complete picture of what’s going on okay very good back to question number two it asked if LDL is bad cholesterol then why does it have such an important function

Delivering cholesterol to make hormones membranes bile and vitamin D and the audience did not forget the question question and they came back with 75% saying that LDL cholesterol has a good function in limited amounts 25% say LDL cholesterol is only bad if your body contains too much uh so what do you

Think is there some wisdom there okay so so the thing that what you want to look at with LDL is a it’s a a carrier of cholesterol okay just a carrier of cholesterol and there’s a there’s a certain there’s different types of LDL okay okay there’s a there’s a type of

LDL that um is more pathogenic and uh it’s it’s going to be the small dense but also there’s a there’s a term oxidative LDL which basically it’s oxidized um I don’t want to add more confusion but just realize that there’s a there’s a pathogenic bad type of LDL

That occurs um when you have insulin resistance so really when you’re looking at LDL you really want to realize that um it’s not going to be a problem as long as you don’t have insulin resistance so if you have insulin resistance you’re going to have a problem with LDL that’s really the

Bottom line so that relates to well then what is insulin resistance well that’s a that’s a situation it’s a protective mechanism where your body is trying to protect against excess insulin because there’s excess sugars and starches and things like that uh and junk food so you’d want to limit that and this is

What we’ve been talking about for the last uh 20 years so uh get the junk out of the trunk get rid of the breads pasta cereal crackers biscuit waffles pancakes muffin sodas juice and um you’ll find that you’ll be in healthy shape okay let’s see um Patty from YouTube I’ve been

Adjusting to eating just two meals a day but find I’m now getting regular headaches will they eventually go away as I make this plan more of a regular routine yeah it will and I think I would just add um that sea salt I think you’re just needing a sea

Salt you know I consume a lot of salt and and I find I just do so much better with more salt so especially if you’re doing like one a one meal a day and people just like they may salt their food but I salt everything and I

Actually take salt in my Electro I take my electrolyte powder in the morning with lemon juice and I dump um some sea salt in there dissolve it Slug It Down um I think um your headaches will go right away if you did that right now all right very good quiz question

Number three and here it is Doc okay how does exposing your body to cold trigger fat burning how could it possibly do that very helpful stuff although it’s chilly let’s see um Eva okay uh let’s see K we did that Diane from Facebook I’m trying to do

Keto is it beneficial to drink ketones that put me in ketosis in 30 minutes that’s interesting I would only do that if you if you have a lot of extra money on your hand and you also have um you want to maybe use it to get more energy with

Exercise but there is no way that’s going to help your weight loss because your body is just going to be using that as fuel instead of your own fat and uh so I think it does have some beneficial effects for people with Alzheimer’s dementia things like that because it

Drives the ketones right to the brain and maybe exercis but other than that I I wouldn’t waste your money very good let’s go back uh once again to keep up with things to The Green Room and why don’t we go to South Africa this time uh to

Zaka and uh Zaki let’s see his can you hear Is His picture’s Frozen can you hear us sir um I see his his his he’s muted too oh good so can you unmute yourself sir and if we can hear you we’ll go with your conversation instead of your picture all right let’s hope

That he can get reconnected or whatever and uh let’s see why don’t we go to Max Max are you ready to go on the air with and follow suit with everyone else that uh kept things so succinct and let’s see go ahead and talk to me sir oh yes we

Sure can hang on a second I’ll get you up on the big screen there you are go ahead with your question sir hi dror so uh I have a history of a higher bin around 1.8 and was higher cholesterol so they put me on a starting

And my LT started going up and I also done MRI nothing was found really was that the g gold BL was a little bit enlarge and I do exercise regularly I do hot SAA cold plunge and I feel a little bit sleepy also so that’s so so basically the problem is

You have um higher liver enzymes and you’re also taking a Statin right yes and LT only went up when I start taking the starting my was fine my cholesterol beIN was higher prior to taking stting and there they put in stting so 5 milligram Ro yeah yeah I totally understand like I

Just have to just first say I can’t tell you not to come off the medication but I will say that those statins block the enzyme for cholesterol now I mean there’s a there’s a higher risk now of developing muscle problems everything related to your muscles uh and liver problems too that’s

Why the enzymes went up so um in instead of I don’t know my thought is maybe you want to get with your doctor and say hey instead of like treating the cholesterol can’t we do this another way through diet can’t we do this through exercise

Um maybe um you take nasin which is one of the best natural uh remedies for high cholesterol and uh the other question is um um you know is it really a genetic problem or not if it’s not then why are we why are you putting on the medication

The other other key thing with all statins if you’re not I don’t know if you’re taking co-enzyme Q10 but hopefully he put you on that because that’s the one that really tanks down there and you need this co-enzyme Q10 in your mitochondria for the transportation of those electrons through there and if

You don’t have that um boy you you can have fatigue big time you can have all sorts of mitochondrial damage so um I’m not a fan of statins as you can tell because it’s again it’s like you treating you’re treating one biomarker like what about the why don’t you treat

The patient why don’t you find out why the cholesterol is high uh I would I would highly recommend going back to your doctor and say don’t we need cholesterol to build membranes hormones testosterone cortisol to handle stress don’t we need it for our vitamin D and

To make bile um why would I want to lower it you know and U so there’s a lot of also additional data that shows that when you have high color cholesterol if it’s if it’s total cholesterol um it’s you’re not at risk for heart problems and so that’s it’s kind of like

Um they call it the cholesterol con because for all these years cholesterol’s gotten a bad name and all but it’s ingrained in in the medical profession and our minds that it’s bad it’s bad we got to get rid of cholesterol um but as far as a beer lube

And uh elevated Billy ruin this Billy Rubin okay Billy Rubin that’s that’s um that’s a little bit different that’s not cholesterol that is the byproduct of your red blood cells so uh that’s usually something going on with the liver so you’d want to support the liver

And do things to help the liver um milk thistle is a really good one uh TKA is one of my favorites as well and then making sure that you get on the right eating plan too is going to be really important but I’m assuming that you’re already eating perfectly so yeah can you

Doctor remind me what for the replacement I mean not rep alternative for the statins what you mentioned Q10 coenzyme coenzyme Q10 that should always be taken if someone’s on a Statin because Statin you see the the biochemical pathway that blocks cholesterol it’s the same pathway as the coenzyme Q10 so you’re basically

Shutting off both of those things sorry is it Q as a query q Co enzyme Q10 and what was the other medicine you recommended TKA and these are not medications by the way TKA t d c a and then milk thistle it’s a good one yeah I’ve been taking milk all but I

Think really didn’t have much change okay well then go with these other ones and then definitely um follow the eating plan that I recommend for sure and then work with your doctor on your your medications thank you so much hey you’re welcome great another great uh Green

Room performance thank you Max so much get back with us and let us know if things improve for you Dr Burke is concerned with everyone’s Health which is obvious let’s see um Michael rock art from Rumble how many sardines do we have to eat to get enough iodine every day

You think that’s the best approach Doc it’s a 3 it’s usually about 3.4 sardines now I I don’t know you’d have to see uh how much iodine is in a sardine I haven’t checked recently um iodine is in h Seafood so um you you’re gonna get some iodine and but I I think

Uh you know any type of the shellfish you can get more iodine or even uh celp you can get the iodine from there as well um there’s a little a little bit of iodine and sea salt but not probably as much as you would get okay very good let’s see

Um sheim sheem uh from Facebook what do you think about consuming cayenne pepper with our Foods what are the primary benefits of taking Cayenne Peppa you know this the cayenne pepper is a spice it’s good for U uh pain inflammation it’s a powerful antioxidant does a lot of things um these

Antioxidants uh can help um kind of uh mitigate some of the pollution the bad foods that we eat um just the general uh oxidative stress that happens with life so I think um it could be beneficial um especially if you put it on some hot wings and I’m just being

Sarcastic okay let’s see poor Joanne from YouTube I’ve been anemic for 10 years I had an Iron Infusion procedure a year ago uh should I be taking iron supplements on a regular basis you know there’s there’s a much simpler solution if you’re willing to do

Uh just more red meat red meat is loaded with iron or or beef liver that’s the best source because when you start taking iron supplements the type that they give you is not natural to the body it’s a it’s kind of a a chemical type iron that

I don’t I don’t think works the same so why don’t you use something that’s our bodies are used to from red meat or um they even have supplements you can get that are spleen extract yeah Bine spleen extract those those would handle I think a lot of different types of iron because

It’s not just about iron it’s also B12 and you get all the B vitamins it’s one big package uh so I would look at that and um the other thing thing that could interfere with your absorption of iron is that you might need more vitamin C or

You might need more a stomic acid so don’t forget about that because if your stomach’s too alkaline uh you won’t be able to absorb as much iron or even B12 so you’ll find that uh usually if someone’s stomach is not acid enough they’ll usually have heartburn or gird okay very good question number

Three interesting said how does exposing the body to cold uh trigger fat burning and 60% of our respondents say that cold activates Brown fat cells 25% say it forces the body to work harder to maintain a consistent core temperature and 15% say the cold activates our M mitochondria I think everyone’s right um

You know when you’re the body has this really uh um kind of stabilizing message you must keep uh the temperature at 98.6 you because it’s like a survival thing right because as soon as your temperature gets too cold boy that can really throw off a lot of physiology so

Uh your body works really hard to generate heat when it gets cold and uh Brown fat the reason why you have brown fat or the the way the reason why it’s brown is the concentrated mitochondria in that fat is like massive so that’s where you have so much

Mitochondria and so what the what this does when you activate cold is uh your whole the whole thing it switches to generating heat directly it doesn’t even like your monoch condra don’t even make ATP it just makes heat Bam Bam all this heat and so you’re wasting a tremendous

Amount of calories and that brown fat will also trigger other fat on your body and use that as fuel to generate heat and it can actually reach out and use your glucose too so it just it’s it’s like this incredible energy hog so if you’re trying to lose weight and you

Want to lose an extra hundred couple hundred SE or I don’t know several hundred calories of of calories just to burn those up you can start thinking about um cold therapies and it doesn’t have to be like a cold immersion it could be cold showers it could be going

Out in the cold and doing cold Sports ice skating a snowball fight Steve you can do that um so all these uh you know cold it’s like you don’t you’re not you’re not doing anything you’re just changing the environment you’re in not even necessarily exercising and the body

Will start burning burning fat Isn’t that cool it is but snowball fights I I cry like a toddler when they smack me right in the eye just awful you don’t want to do that St that might be therapeutic okay here’s an interesting factoid U or question really and go

Ahead doc okay which country has a 94.5% obesity in overweight population rate ouch you know back in the 50s and 60s it was look at the skinny girl look at the skinny guy and everybody wanted to build up muscles so they didn’t have a caved in ch chest boy has that changed

So well this this particular country is the fattest country in the world so let’s see if you can come up with that all right let’s see why don’t we go to sans’s Mom uh from Rumble again thank you Rumble my husband and I have been on Carnivore keto for the last 10 months

What can we do to additionally to flush out any damage to the arteries we may have caused prior to this major change in our eating can you do anything about that doc well as far as flushing out I think you want to think about um your body has certain enzymes that help detoxify

Chemicals and po poisons right and so those are called Phase 1 Phase 2 detoxification enzymes and so those are in your liver they’re in your kidney they’re in different other places and um by getting enough of um antioxidant you can actually you can help facilitate that now there’s two different things

About antioxidants your body makes antioxidants and you can take them from the diet like from cruciferous vegetables for example so when you consume cruciferous vegetables it not only gives you some of these antioxidants it triggers your own genetics to make antioxidants like glutathion so it’s not just about giving

It to it’s like it does trigger it things can trigger antioxidants and Trigger this glutathione as well uh like exercise can do it cold therapy can do it fasting can do it um sleeping could help so all of these things contribute to cleaning things up um so it’s not just about taking a

Supplement it’s like you can do a lot of things to increase your own and then that that on the opposing side the question is what um what what what um destroys the body what’s like the worst thing you could do well the more dead of food is the um the more it

Um destroys the body so so this is when we get into um processed food the ultimate of that would be alter alter processed food which is like junk food it’s so damaged so altered that um I’m just giving you guys the next question but basic I’m going to give it

To you now since you brought it up so the definition of process means so altered to the point where it doesn’t resemble nature anymore it’s like it’s how many ways can you kill a food right uh processing it by like heat temp freezing pressure chemicals electricity that’s what they do this

Foods to the point where it’s like becomes de than a doornail so and then you’re going to eat that to try to get life or energy out of it you can’t get health or life out of something dead so it has to have something in there that

You can use and that’s what processed food basically does and that relates to this question that we’re we’re bringing up now of how this one particular country became so overweight which we’ll discuss once we get the answers speaking of the answers the question asked uh which country has a

94.5% uh obesity uh and overweight population R and 54% of our respondents say it’s the good old USA 2 6% say it’s Samoa that’s the one I’m voting for 10% say it’s India and 10% say it’s the Republic of uh Naru located in the oceanic island of island chain wow some the answer

Is Naro wow yeah it’s a South Pacific island it’s population 11,000 not too big but they were they had this huge boom of um uh selling phosphate which is a a natural element that they had on their Island and they got really wealthy fast and then they depleted all this

Mineral and then they went to a severe poverty situation where they 100% of the food is imported you can’t even use the land to grow anything you can’t even fish because 40% of the local uh plac is polluted so you’re literally depending on alter processed foods for most your

Calories this is why 100% of the country is completely obese I mean what’s interesting is you have this push to oh we need to feed the world because they’re starving but are you going to feed them alra processed foods is that what we need to do is make more of those

Lab Foods artificial Foods fake Foods um to then solve world world hunger um so it’s interesting that you’re eating this cheap food but you become obese from it almost 100% of the population and that uh and so it’s a and and also they have the highest rate of um

Diabetes and uh completely just probably unaware of what’s what linking this connection but um so yeah that’s you’re eating dead food You’re Gonna it’s just going to rebound and destroy your body unfortunately okay here’s a nice comment from Paul from Facebook Dr Berg has wakened my soul and I feel like a

Superhero thank you so um profound effect and I hope you can get to those um those folks that have the 94.5% rate of obesity maybe they can hear some good stuff and by the way doc we’re racing against the clock so I’d ask you to cheat again can you read and

Answer this interesting question okay what does the word processed mean in alter processed food and of course I just defined it but processed means altered changed modified to the point where it no longer resembles the original food it’s killing the food off sterilizing it to the point

Where it’s so dead I mean I don’t even know um what would be worse than Ultra processed food and uh unfortunately 83% of all the calories in the grocery store are Ultra processed foods and um apparently children consume 67% of their calories alra processed foods so

Um definitely we need to make some we need to get everyone to actually tell people about this and get them off of it it’s going to be a has to be a group effort because it’s just like it’s just destroying people especially kids so and then you don’t want to start your kid

Kids out on this food either that’s that’s the worst because as soon as they become teenagers forget it right Steve absolutely right and here’s our last comment question or whatever I think for the day and this is from Karen on YouTube what are the best ways I know

You’ve spoken about this to counter the effects of constant exposure excuse me to emfs and 5G Transmissions Etc yeah you might want to get a cell phone that’s not a 5G or um I think um I would start with your com you know using this thing at a distance at a distance not

Right here um keep it away from your head don’t put it in your pockets um I would also with your computer has to be far away from you I I have an EMF tester and I I measured boy I was just bathing myself all day long in this EMF until I

Started measuring I’m like wow this is It’s all over the place so it’s going to be it’s like the next smoking it’s the cigarette it’s it’s it’s going to create problems um so you want to minimize the damage um anywhere you have this electr fields or magnetic fields so

You can get a it’s called a trifield I like the trifield one it’s really easy to look at and uh you can basically um take um and measure and just see how bad things are around your EnV but on that note um thanks for sticking around this long I appreciate your

Attention I will see you next week same time and also I got some really interesting videos coming up I think you’ll Enjoy

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