The Most Authentic Caribbean Food in Miami, the Ultimate Caribbean City in the USA! – Video

The Most Authentic Caribbean Food in Miami, the Ultimate Caribbean City in the USA! – Video

Miami is known as the most Caribbean city in the USA and for good reason. With its diverse population from countries such as Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, Miami is a melting pot of Caribbean culture and cuisine. In a recent YouTube video titled “Miami’s Best Caribbean Food! Inside The Most Caribbean City In The USA!”, the host explores the ultimate Caribbean food showdown with his friend Chef Dev.

From Jamaican patties to oxtail, jerk chicken, and Cuban coffee, the duo immerses themselves in the vibrant and flavorful world of Caribbean cuisine. They also take the time to delve into the stories, culture, languages, and people of the Caribbean who now call Miami their home.

Chef Dev, a classically trained and award-winning chef with strong East Asian roots, celebrates Caribbean food traditions by cooking and exploring the stories behind these cuisines. His expertise in Caribbean flavors adds depth and authenticity to the experience.

The video provides a glimpse into the diverse and mouth-watering array of Caribbean food offered in Miami, showcasing traditional dishes and beverages from various Caribbean countries. From Jamaican patties and ginger beer to Cuban coffee and Cuban vaka Frita, viewers can take a virtual culinary tour of Miami’s best Caribbean food.

Overall, the video offers an immersive and educational experience, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean community in Miami. For anyone looking to explore the best Caribbean food in the “Caribbean Capital of the USA,” this video is a must-watch.

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Today we’re here in Miami the capital of the Caribbean community in America and I’m taking on the ultimate Caribbean food tour of this beautiful city we got everything Jamaican Haitian Cuban Puerto Rican Dominican it doesn’t stop and I’m here with the Caribbean food expert Chef

Dev my man thank you for having me bro I’m starving but first let’s take a step back Meet Devin Raj Kumar AKA Chef devb he’s a classically trained and award-winning Chef who’s pushing the boundaries of cooking especially using Caribbean flavors Chef deev is Guyanese Canadian with strong East Asian Roots

Chef Dev celebrates these food traditions by cooking and exploring the Stories Behind These Cuisines we’re starting off right here at Jamaica kitchen the best place for Jamaican patties patties not here we got we got some oxtail we got some jerk so she has uh different Jamaican drinks here the

Pineapple Ginger epic I also had uh the cream last time so these are traditional Jamaican drinks and they also have Jamaican spices right over here look like sauces hot pepper sauce this is the famous one though right matuk is super popular man in the in the Caribbean matuk world matuk is very popular

Especially in Canada too and the very hot yeah some of them are very hot yeah yeah what is it Scotch bonnet or we wory here nah you would you wouldn’t get in there yo so in Guyana we have this thing called bu bua cake it’s very dense it’s

Very doughy it’s a ginger cake so it’s mostly Ginger going on in there but it’s super oh it says bull right there number one bu number one bu that’s amazing man it’s a dense dense bun but it’s delicious man you eat it with tea nice yeah Ginger so it’s a sweet ginger bread

But it’s thick it’s like a like a big like a cracker like a thick cracker B yeah you see how it’s dense and and hard yeah oh yeah Tamarind balls oh Tamarind balls I know I love Tamarind balls Irish moss is sea moss is an Al what is it quintessential Caribbean

Snack food plantains these are salty nons salt no salt we pronounce it plantain plain you don’t say plantain it’s plantin I love the guy in these yeah yeah it’s come you have a different accent yeah it is different let’s start eating it’ll come it’ll come right here

They have all the different types of patties so you got beef chicken non meat I think I’m going with the beefy cheese spicy beef all day yeah that’s the control for me how about jerk chicken what do you think I don’t know I’d like

To try it too yeah okay so let’s do that the meatloaf they’re out of it but it’s super tasty uh and then if you’re vegetarian we got the vegetabl spinach spinach and cheese and plantain Tor so so I’m just reading the list she work here bro that’s dog still

Huh no it’s is just some gravy he had a whole chicken he’s going on a boat very good what patties you recommend spicy beef and jerk are my favorites and let me ask you so how long you’ve been here well the restaurants been here from 76

1976 I came in ‘ 86 and you’re truly Jamaican we are born and raised yeah what city you from I’m from Kingston from Kingston and what can you tell me about a Jamaican in Miami what’s the Jamaican life in Miami it’s good it’s close enough to Jamaica that it’s it you

Kind of think you’re in Jamaica sometimes yeah yeah there’s a lot of Jamaicans here so it’s it’s very close to home and like a lot of Jamaicans coming through this door every day yes every day e think is very popular now very very popular in the last several years every nationality Every Nation

Every age comes in here Jamaican Chinese jamaic first yes Chinese because of Heritage I have three grandparents that are from China and one mixed Jamaican grandmother and Jamaican and Chinese grandmother don’t really speak Chinese and it be a different dialect anyway we’re from the Haka Chinese hakka is is

The dialect that the my grandparents spoke and Jamaican Chinese the cuisine how is it different from other Chinese just a couple dishes but we have the most of the same things you know it’s just like we have the fried Rices and the noodles and all of that but we do

Have a couple specific things that are on the menu here that are the the Jamaican or Caribbean Chinese what do you have today here we have the swiming soup instead of like one tons we use an egg an egg roll like a egg with chicken in there I’ll take spicy beef

Spicy beef and put spicy beef and a jerk chicken so I guess we’re getting six so one spicy beef two beefy cheese and the m and you know what I’m going to get myself a a ginger drink we like the ginger beer the ginger beer yeah it’s not a real beer

It’s just Ginger let’s try that for a rice and today I came with the hot sauce ready holster and everything I want um I’m going to do three mild beef three spicy beef and then a curry chicken are you from Miami yeah me too too my parents are

Venezuelan Cuban Gane Jamaican the only person here that’s not Caribbean is the American in the back here so what do you think best best Cuban dish Roba it’s vaka vaka Frita yeah vaka is good good it’s breaded either beef or chicken with a banana oh my goodness so good well not

Bread it’s fried it’s fried yeah fried laa vers Sergio honestly sometimes like a little hole in the wall the little holes in the walls are the best places yeah the holes in the walls are the places you go to get the Cuban coffee yes the C perfect just ask for very low

Sugar cuz these guys like just like fill it up with sugar like that yeah but it’s too sweet it’s too sweet I know but sometimes you smell them no sugar and they make it they no sugar and it’s super like no it’s sugar the best I the

Problem is sometimes they burn it like that’s what I’ve noticed with the Cuban coffee yeah cuz there’s a way they make it and it has to have sugar you know so they put like three spoons of sugar and they mix it up with a little bit of

Coffee but it’s like the first sip that they take out and then you just mix and mix it mix it mix it and it makes it like it’s like it’s like a cream like it’s so good like you could just eat it by yourself it’s a rocket fuel yeah it’s

Good great well you know I used to do like two a day like every morning just like yeah and I stopped the sugar so like I cut it you know I cut it out too did it go but today I think we have to try it no we’re trying it today today

We’re doing all the coffees thank you so much I’m hungry I’m hungry are they better than bananas the question kind of yeah yeah yeah sorry to all my Latinos notas they’re not better than oh is this us that’s the beefy that’s the beefy spicy spicy jerk that’s you watch me all the

Time yes oh my God David pleasure nice to meet you I miss I forgot your name David David David I watch him all the time yeah yeah I do amazing crazy um I mean we’re at our a Jamaican restaurant so yeah yeah yeah not in Jamaica this time oh yeah no

We were just there we were there last last week in monteo Bay yes yeah yeah good too much Pepper too much pepper no good I I look I I live with the pepper on me I live with the pepper on me oh my God you know what I’m going to give you

My sauce so you can have a good try apprciate it I’m a Peppa guy too I love Peppa yeah perfect perfect you do I can’t eat the food but I have to make it the way he like it but I keep trust me these guys they are the best we watch

Your program all the time from Jamaica too much pepper no it’s good oh my God we need pepper in our life I’d be dying in the house watching him pouring that pepper on food she tells me about it all the time him too are you Jamaican yeah yeah he is I’m

From the Virgin Islands I’m from s I’m sorry my name is Sandra David Ben mar mar pleasure pleasure pleasure and where you from in Jamaica uh Portmore St Catherine Vibes Cartel Place Portmore St Catherine I was born in Kingston though yeah nice and we go all over and she’s

Virgin Islands I’m from St Thomas US Virgin Island St Thomas so we went to St Croy we’re going to St Thomas we’re going to St Thomas better go to Red Hook Red Hook yeah I haven’t been in a long time but Red Hook Good Good Vibes Good

Vibes good vies thank you thank you enjoy the food guys enjoy to ask you one question are so do you live here in Miami now or do you um are you in Jama we are vacation we we’re from um Newberg New York yeah but we spending 2 weeks

Vacation here in Miami and we’re having a good time th far what’s it like being a Jamaican in the United States do you feel like there’s it’s different is a different experience than P that one actually it’s a great experience it it depends on how you view it I’m an

Electrician over the years over 20 something years now so I have a good time here I don’t have no problems honestly you know what I mean so I’m feel good Dr food in New York is no joke that’s good yeah he’s picking oh good and I love my

I love my pepper amazing y’all can have the pepper thank you thank you nice appreciate it man appreciate it appreciate you pleasure pleas you yeah it is cuz we watch your program all the time when you guys come back out we’ll take a photo we’ll do a photo we’re

Going to enjoy these patties now guys it’s time for some patties fried rice fried rice as well perfect just in time so we got the Chinese influence right here this is jerk fried rice we got four patties uh spicy beef beefy cheese jerk chicken and curry chicken why you saying

It like that curry chicken no you’re like curry chicken chicken curry chicken curry gy will say chicken curry Trin say curry chicken I think Trin say curry chicken it’s like what are we using the word Curry as is it a verb or is it a noun right are we currying something so

That’s really where the disconnect comes from that’s really where the controversy stems from so we work going to talk like guese people will say chicken curry cuz if you’re saying curry chicken do you soup the chicken no chicken soup right chicken soup yeah so think about that

One all right bro so with patties there’s four things that I’m looking for when I’m eating patties the first thing is the flakiness of the pastry yo this even has jerk imprinted on it that I’ve never seen that in my life wow that’s incredible but I’m looking for the

Flakiness of it and then after that of course it’s the flavor the consistency of the filling I don’t want anything too dry I want it to be nice and runny and then the fourth thing you know what that is you Mount is the four thing how often

Do we eat patties and there’s just not enough filling inside of it so those are the four criteria that I use when I’m looking at a Patty so the flakiness is amazing in this it’s soft on the inside super flaky and crispy on the outside the consistency of the filling is nice

It’s juicy it’s inviting it’s moist filling could have a little bit more okay because I know around these edges it’s going to be a lot thicker but overall this looks like a really good Patty it’s fragrant it’s aromatic and it’s pulling apart really really nicely I have high expectations for that this

I’m ready I’ll grab a piece let’s see wagan let’s see I get that jerk flavor coming through I get the all spice the garlic the lime Scotch bonnets in there cinnamon all that earthiness is in there I would still just like an extra 10 15 20% more filling it’s flaky I love how

It crumbles but yeah it does need a little more filling this one this is a great Patty I got to say back home in Toronto we don’t necessarily get patties like this and patties I think they’re always baked I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fried Patty they’re not fried cuz

The bananas are fried and baked Patty is always going to be baked M delicious flavor is a jerk let’s see what’s next that’s spicy see this is one thing you always see within panaz and patties they’ll always put what it is outside most the time here in Miami I absolutely

Love this I’ve never seen a labeled Patty before in my life and even when we got the bags we got so many different ones I’m like why aren’t the bags labeled now I understand why this is so genius to have a press to stamp your patties I’m taking this back home to

Canada it’s perfect it’s a great idea man I’m going to rip the guy open man pastry Factor mhm 9.6 off the charts bro so flaky this is what we want to see what it’s missing is the cheese so that’s why you have the beefy one these

Patties are really good bro this is a really good spot this pastry is outstanding I would put I want to put Pepper Pot in this pastry br that’s Dominic food in oh you should have brought what’s the best Dominican food in Miami any any suggestions she know no

No no because I have Dominican food there so I come here to she been for years exactly exactly no for sure 45 years wow yeah 45 in s Domingo yeah it was just a little girl okay so next time bring the M Moana bring it to the shop

Dude I will I promise I promise I go by the other day because I Bank our First Citizens oh okay so there go by all the time awesome almost drive right in front perfect thank you so much yeah sorry my hands are like full of this stuff nice to meet you

Gracias by bye bye bye thanks guys next we have a true Jamaican Chinese dish this is jerk fried rice wow that looks amazing the the aroma shrimp doesn’t look overcooked either nice crispy bits it’s all like diced up it really really but you could tell it’s done by a Cleaver too you know

The same thing You’ be chopping up the jerk chicken with also interesting dish to get here right you come here for beef patties you come here for oxtail and stuff like that jerk chicken rice and peas but to get a jerk chicken fried rice is a lot of fun they have a walk

Back there that’s the that Chinese Jamaican influence right spoon yeah I’m a spoon guy man especially if you’re eating this or like eating rice out of a bowl I know we only had one spoon though forks I duck it yet salute salute you’re steaming bro

Oh egg oh wow that’s that walk taste mhm that’s Chinese Taste I got that soy sauce coming through here too mhm really really nice flavor overall I’m not just saying that e you know me hanging out with you today I’m keeping it 100 on everything I’m not going to blow

Anything out of proportion but this is aromatic it’s moist all the rice grains are separated from each other respectable amount of meat in here as well take all the boxes bro best fried rice ever Chris your half Jamaican yeah my mom’s side my dad’s side I’m sorry my

Dad’s side my mom’s side is American yeah and were you born in Miami uh born in Miami born to rais in Miami oh wow so what is that being like a half Jamaican half American born in Miami more freedom here over there is more more of a poverty scenery and less of less

Fortunate just go by the day living best way you can here you know you got better opportunities drive license you can work you I’m saying prob for the family I send money back to Jamaica you I’m saying whenever they call they need it I just go ahead and send it shoes clothes

Know to the N fortunate stuff like that so that’s it so from that to this what’s your favorite food from Jamaica favorite dish my favorite dish has to be aan fish yeah aan fish that’s it I was going to ask where can we find that actually

They have it right here they have it right there I get saw fish right there on the wall well okay that’s like the national dish yeah just throw some um some Scotch boning on it cuz I like my real spicy and you call it the day real

Good real good thank you appreciate you anytime man anytime we’re going to enjoy man thank you next up we got some Dominican food Millies Millies love it they have a flag right here Dr all right let’s see hola El mangu El mangu yeah I told you mangu

So is Miley’s restaurant how long has this restaurant been here Millies Millies Millies I keep saying it wrong I’ve been coming here for at least 20 years I think 20 years I think so yeah wow and are you from Dr I’m from Dr origin yeah so did you bring the mama

Hanana with you today or no no no I left it at home oh okay I’m David by the way Eric valz very nice to me pleasure nice to meet you hey David pleasure nice to meet you mangu mangu M mang yeah it’s been a while since I’ve been Dr I went

Like 14 years ago okay mang is really good too I feel the is the pr thing right Dr PR is a feud here with the no I think I think it’s it’s interesting because you know obviously the majority of of Hispanic population here is is Cuban uh and then you have

You know other other groups of people I think the Dominicans are a little bit of a minority you know relatively speaking but uh there’s been you know more and more and there’s even more other Dominican you know restaurants and and places like that you know popping up in

Other parts of the city but this has been here for decades and it’s sort of a the go-to place so and as a Dominican in Miami how how does that feel I mean because it’s huge Dominican Community here like from what I’ve seen people coming in and out coming from San

Domingo also Campo yeah yeah yeah I’ve been here 32 years myself 30 years ago there was like a less of a pressence and now there there’s just more more Dominicans and more more Dominican places and restaurants and things like that uh that you know come down from New

York or come from the island over here so and what’s your favorite place in Dr mine’s Lenas by the way I love lasas absolutely the best I love you know punana and Sam I think are my my my two favorite places and Las serenas is actually in Sam the peninsula there so

They have some of the best beaches but they also have whale watching amazing right there amazing well hey pleasure again we’re going to try some food now all right take care good luck guys thanks than thank you thank you appreciate you this is mangu with four different sides so the mangu is the

Smash plantains and then over here to the side we have I think Frito so fried cheese this is sausage salami that sausage that’s been cut like guess like a hot Tu that’s been cut and then we got eggs on the side as well but you don’t drink

So medical yeah so this passion fruit typical uh Dominican dish Mash plantains and it served for breakfast most times serve for breakfast that’s why we have all this on the side it took her less than 5 minutes to cook this up it’s basically everything’s fried is this

Your first time trying this guys it no my first time I was in Dominican uh earlier this year okay we had we had mangu we had as well yeah bro classic dishes so is it very different from mangu because I know Mongo’s just like this but they had

Other stuff like Chon and stuff I find it very very similar I think the different accompaniments can change but I’m not going to say too much before I get blasted by Dominicans on the comments yeah and you know the Dr is a tropical island so we have passion fruit juice

Pure in Guyana when I go to Guyana the first thing I do is go to Eminem snack hat and get fresh passion fruit juice number one thing to do guyane yeah so that cheese nice and thick how all these different cultures have this hearty breakfast plate when I

See something like this one of the first thing that comes to my mind is like an English breakfast exactly you know yeah I mean it’s made for the the worker going out to the field in the morning that’s it that’s what what we made that’s how these dishes were invented I

Love this one I I’m enjoying this bro yeah so Chef what’s the difference between mangu and essentially very similar we have the boiled we have the mashed plantain going on but muongo is deep fried so different texture different flavor uh I mean if if you have to ask me my

Favorite between the two what do you think I’m going to say deep fried yeah we want that fat man this is amazing they said they have the best here but we have somewhere else we have to go for the it’s very old school 28 years in business this

Restaurant almost 28 we’re almost there so over here it’s like a nice little dining area again they have breakfast so come here in the mornings uh some guys are here for lunch but of course this food can be eaten throughout the day oh I got a kiss oh my gosh oh my

Gosh hey a Latino atin FL we’re here at vers the most famous Cuban restaurant in the world this is my go to this is the beginning of Little Havana here in Miami great food we’re going to get some Roba uh with some toon cafeo for sure it’s amazing let’s go to

The window let’s see how the window is it’s H H let’s see if we can get in here so over here to the side we have the window La ventanita typical in Cuba kind set I know it’s typical in Miami dude I don’t know about Cuba we’re at line

Here see but I do know the bakery section here is massive right Bakery section is that whole building the entire building all kinds of goodies in there so you said you’re Dominican MPR yeah so where’s the best Puerto Rican where’s the best Mungo Miami my grandmother’s house your grandmother’s

House well fortunately it’s on the list today time buiness oh God like you’re not going to find that much good Puerto Rican influence in Miami probably like a Broward yeah but like uh you the most you might be able to find this very good Dominican food yeah and that’s on 36th

Street we just had right here at Millies Millies yeah Millie is okay Milli is okay but uh I would definitely go on 36th Street for some like authentic but there’s no like AIA B though they don’t have this here we don’t have it no no no

That’s I said you you want to go to maybe Broward off University have a few spots got it well we’re going to have some rava and some coffee right now coffee what do you want you want everything there’s only four you want the school year yeah I

Went to Columbus and then um okay I went to matter oh yeah yeah Miami is Big before I was like damn it’s small m is huge how many schools there and stuff Ceta de hamon so that’s that’s the big one the col it’s pure coffee a smaller one and then

We also have regular and then we have Cito and then we have Cafe I’m here I got to do oh no cafe or Cito one of those has less milk that’s a strong one right it’s stronger yeah yeah okay so coffee milk very very strong coffee no matter when you come this

Place is packed even at night this place is packed it was busy when I came but not this busy no no it’s always it was post Thanksgiving yeah I’ve seen people come literally from the airport like come with their their suitcase no like in the way of the airport they

So here we got the three croates what if you go to any place you go to your dog there you go to the dentist you bring a colada and everybody loves you from that moment on so what’s the difference between this and Cito well well col is a triple basically

He called the ice breaker oh yeah cuz you’re breaking you’re breaking bread but you’re breaking ice you know like you get your little cups you don’t drink the whole thing and you just serve it out in shots and everybody just breaks bread like that like that’s this is your

Best friend this is the cafe so it’s like 70% milk 30% coffee that works that’s what my mom has that midnight bro this what she wants so good man it’s human coffee just to dip a CA in there oh you know like yeah pastelito I would even sayana dude guy doing and

We got right here three different croquets we got chicken we have hamon so uh pork H Bal and Bal B so this is the the codfish pow oh wow it’s a Sugar Rush right here deep roast deep roast deep roast look at look how like black it is

Top like a CR on top too mhm so we’re starting with the croquettes cettas you’re coming to Versa you got to get these I’m not sure which one this is we’re going to break into it that’s Cod the bakala mhm definitely let’s give that a shot it’s going to be the best

One man you think so also Portuguese have past de balast which is also very similar right mhm man you know what this needs though sauce they give you Tobasco bro I’m sponsored by Tobasco for Life dude got the plug bro we got the plug no but way better with

This mhm oh no so good get it on the menu oh for sure and right here we have the hamon this is the traditional one I’ve had a lot of cras in my life my favorites are from Spain with bam but this is nice it’s the ham it’s almost

Like a like a I don’t know how you say this as a chef like what do you say a mushy ham inside like like a mashed potato kind of a consistency on the inside but I know you’re talking about with the uh with the Spanish ones thaton I’ve done them on my channel

Actually oey gooey B you get it as runny as possible and if you eat it too fast it burns your mouth oh exactly your gums are done this looks really really nice though yeah Porky salty fatty breakfasty mhm satiating bacony all these things come to mind satisfaction and when you think of Cuban

Food ketas I know friends that literally have like 20 a day ketta guys like that’s what they do yo I love how these are crispy and crunchy though and they’re sitting in that window still you think that maybe they would lose that texture but really really good no it’s

Also because the their turnover rate is so fast it’s all fresh guys look it’s packed always packed we got here we’re like we’re going to wait forever but the vent always quick so this is robaa It’s like a beef stew yeah man the exact translation righta so old clothes this resembles

Shredded clothing old clothing but yeah we have this shredded beef bro beautiful Sofrito in here sometimes with olives as well and then definitely Tomatoes but this is classic Caribbean food man this is comfort food this is a dish that is going to make you feel like you’re eating at your grandmother’s house

Exactly and the way we eat it it’s throwing it on toone toon is let me set you up for Success set me up here boom look at that look at that shredded beef bro very tasty very comforting very juicy it tastes like a stock with that liquid

Mhm so it’s flatten uh plantain who been fried those stonis and I’ve seen this like small ones they give you like small little fritters it’s a good food this is Modo this is rice that has been cooked with black beans that’s why you have this black consistency taste the stuff right this

Accompanies a lot of the dishes here that you get at this restaurant yeah it’s very moist and I love black beans bro did I tell you I was a Dipper I dip everything into everything so theas go into I got to dip everything no you in the juice

Good so are you from you Cuban born in Miami or born in Cuba I was born in Cuba people stay away from me I was born in Cuba you’re born in Cuba I been here 55 years 55 years yeah I went to high school here wow Miami High what else

Yeah no that’s you repeat that again yeah is there something special about the Cuban Community here in Miami we on Miami Bob forget it you never been here where do you go to put your name in or whatever oh okay so the hostess is right

There that huge line oh so we get in line to talk get in line talking everybody here’s I think waiting right is this the end of it no no no I think it’s in right there oh okay right there thank you very no worries see yeah huge line like always here

Versas so you’re Mexican visiting Miami I I I no I’m living here you’re living here now okay wow but this is a landmark so it’s a yeah it’s a must I have a people that it’s coming visiting from mayorca they said like we we want some

Good given food so oh here yeah you know it’s a very small Mexican Community that’s what we’re missing we’re missing that good Mexican food where’s the gorditas no gorditas there’s one place in Cayo it’s calledo Mexicano on Sundays she makes coita p know if you know good

Stuff but the thing is that the the the Mexicans we are we are not Caribbean you know we’re not part of the Venezuelan Colombian uh Nicaraguan Dominican like culture culture it’s it’s from the other side we’re like the most West but hey we’re enjoying the we’re trying to make

The the pot of culture like to bring like the best out of everything and that’s what Miami is Miami is the capital of Latin America take careas graas that was awesome all right we’re going for some Haan let’s go hungry got some chickens running around you got Rick Ross right there bro

My man we got the window right here this Naomi I’ve been here before Haitian food hey hi how you doing I’m good you very good is the owner here today he’s not here okay I worked with him in the past uh my name is David Hoffman I’m a

YouTuber here from Miami and I have my friend Chef Dev with me and we wanted to do some Haitian food today what do you recommend oxtail what do you got so is legum like a traditional Haitian dish I don’t know it is yeah are you Haitian no

No from Miami uh yeah yeah okay Dominican yeah Dominican oh okay perfect hello hello hi you remember me right yeah yes you remember me okay where’s the owner he’s not here today no no no he not here how are you everything okay yeah so you are Haitian yes yes were you were born

Here or born over there no over there what’s it like being Haitian in Miami big Haitian Community same similarity or no no not same not same what’s the difference this is Big Country favorite Haitian dish food mashed vegetables mashed vegetables what else we got oxtail oxtail Jack chicken curry chicken biged

Chicken what some good s Auntie I’m a chef from Canada and if I don’t have a lot of experience with Haitian food what’s some typical items that you would give me to say Chef this is what we eat in oxtail oxtail mhm and and Jack chicken and a spicy macaroni spicy

Macaron yeah has to spicy macaron yeah some fish yeah SN and King Fish and King Fish I have five fish too I have feel oh you have a group M might do that okay and what what language do you speak CR CR what does that mean J spicy she’s

Like amazing so right here we got the buffet this is why this place is so popular you go from outside you see everything right there on display good food got the jerk right here got spinach look at that man okra lots of okra in Haitian Cuisine right here the okra yeah

It looks like a fine grain like that right it’s very similar nope no rice spicy macaroon and jerk chicken a fried fish and fried plantain sweet or crispy crispy crispy wow his was ins SP this Co yeah Pi Pi pickle leing what’s that the the fish

Fish fish yeah tell us one thing in cre anything what does that mean rice and beans and my that’s hilarious dude okay okay medic Mercy I guess the same right mercy and Creo Messi Messi yes oh so it’s like Messi Messi messy okay yeah L on L

On thank you guys we’ll see you outside yeah I don’t know friends dude that’s why I know I know it’s my Canadian peeps dude drinks be fresh you know yeah bro I always love when Dominicans get together and it’s like a party like even if you just like are on

The bus and you talk to somebody you just chat randomly and you’re like oh you’re the you’re the mannequin and it’s like you get like a hype and I think that it’s the same um in Haitian culture as well um we share a lot of commonalities so

And and one more thing uh okay so one more thing the food is very similar but hian food is spicy Dominican SP is not spy Dr and Haiti are on the same island which was Espanola no it was Espanola that was Christopher Columbus that’s where they settled that’s the first

Santo Domingo was the first uh I guess the the capital of Spain here right and uh so spicy this so spicy well I don’t see here you’re get you’re G to get spicy SP perfect you were joking weren’t you I was joking of course can I can I

Ask what’s your favorite Dominican food one dish mama hanana oh what I love aopa it’s kind of similar to Buon the soup and we got the chickens here look at this dude it’s like a farm out here it’s amazing got the chickens over here nice Garden the chickens are out they’re

They’re running around they’re just running ready for the fish nice fried Snapper massive on the side we got that jerk and you wanted the fried plantains I was just about to say didn’t get the fried plon she didn’t give it to fried plon what did she give

Us here this is how I do the fried Snapper yo honestly I already know what the first part I want is you already know yeah man I want a piece of that head bro get the head get the head yeah yeah I’m going to go right here get some

Meat it’s first thing that I’m going for M that’s tasty oh my God so buttery this fish I love Snapper snapper tuna salmon did they just deep friy this just did oh steaming mhm so super hot just spicy but I think the spice comes out of here I didn’t

Know HTI had D chicken I thought it was a pure like Jamaican thing it’s like everybody said that oh my God look at this juicy bro no dude spices on this BR the oils coming out of this it feels like they literally kill the chicken that was

Here so one thing I’m noticing about the the Haitian food here is they have a big spread of stuff right mhm and there’s some cultural influences from other parts of the the Caribbean really nice spread though a lot of different starches that are there a lot of different vegetables the fried fish the

Jerk chicken and they do spicy mac and cheese so not your typical mac and cheese but everyone we speak to is like what are their signature dishes everyone talks about this spicy macaroni so this is it the spicy macaroon and typically you use Fork a knife but I’m just going

To go in and grab a piece cuz I’m a Savage bro oh we got the penny in there too cheese on top M yeah bro my my it be like this a sin the spice in it you know yeah I love that definitely spicier than I thought it

Would be it’s actually very spicy and it’s delicious although that’s spicy the K yeah Thea spicy rber pepper on the scova scale is about 100,000 galapo also known as jalapeno is like 2,000 to 8,000 Scotch boned habanero like 1 to 300,000 right so we’re really coming at

At 100,000 is super flavorful but not one of the hottest peppers you can get yeah for me the hardest thing with a fish is all these bones bro how do you do it honestly man you just kind of eat it and you spit it out like the bones

Are the flavor mhm you know in the western world and different places like we’re a little bit spoiled by getting boneless and skinless when in reality it’s all those things for me that have the flavor you see the first thing I went for is the head mhm I don’t mind a

Little bit of bone but that’s how I was raised bro so the good thing here is that you have some some leftovers just here M my skin on this fish he food is amazing it’s so underserved I’ve been to a few Haitian restaurants here in Miami

But they’re whole on the walls this is the best we got in terms of like what I see like as a real restaurant other ones are tiny hole in the wall they’re a little scary you know they’re like this Caribbean vibe that you go to a hole in

The wall dark you know you don’t know what the food is always great you know no frills man no frills super spicy macaron it’s amazing so different from the last dishes the spice and the jerk uh and the pickle here too mhm the spicy everything else hasn’t been spicy today

Haitian spicy super feels like I’m in somewhere in the backyards of Haiti bro with this have my chickens fresh eggs every day what is it like being a Haitian born in America I mean is it you know what is the feeling you live in Little Haiti I mean what is it like here

In the community uh it’s actually good I love being here even though I would have wished to be born in Haiti but I love being here as a American Haitian and you grew up speaking Creo no my Dad was supposed to teach me but he never did he

Never taught you so you I understand it like if somebody speaks to me in Creo I’ll understand it a little bit so what’s your favorite dish Haitian dish number one R PL rice and peas pickes definitely pies yes so my mom is from Jamaica my dad is from Haiti Jamrock right here the

Mix I love it no we’re meeting more mixes every everywhere we go it’s like Jamaican mix with Puerto Rico or something like that you know out here and I’m sorry what’s your name Crystal David pleasure nice to meet you love your hair keep doing your thing let’s go let’s go hey

Guys so we tried to get some Bahamian food and we found this place Bahamian pot rest unfortunately they’re closed but for sure they have some good fried conk that’s the dish you should go for fried con let’s see that’s Miami got what’s up man how you doing let me

Ask your question I heard it’s the best Mungo in Miami I wanted to get you guys it is it is it is but we’re closed today closed today yeah you have nothing for me to try today no nothing Puerto Rican nothing but FL we just cleaning up the

Kitchen oh my go tomorrow man tomorrow no street food nothing clo over there on Street F what’s over there Puerto Rican food also oh yeah yeah that food truck yeah oh wow he has like ala bito he does yeah we go right there yeah so you’re

Puerto Rican yeah yeah so how long youve been in Miami all my life all your whole life hey so what is it like being a Puerto Rican in Miami awesome awes espe in this neighorhood Puerto Rican neighborhood oh it used to be a Puerto Ric yeah I mean we’re here in Winwood

The entrance of W so so where’s Bad Bunny at Puerto Rico I know I know I know I’m joking I’m joking can me ask you one more question what’s what’s one of your favorite foods Puerto Rican Foods besides besides um I like something called Pono which is is a rip banana

Wrapped around with some ground beef and it’s awesome yeah so we got at least we got it over there yeah and if you come by tomorrow we’ll look out what’s your name much Mariano Mariano David pleasure nice to meet you thank you guys so her this is the best I’ll come back tomorrow

I can make you something but you have to wait a few minutes I would say like 20 minutes but yeah what what do you have what do you have we have alab so you have everything street food Puerto Rico you were born in Puerto

Rico I was born in BTO Rico I live 28 years of my life in BTO Rico 28 years and why’d you move to Miami we go to want to started business with my brother the Hispanic Community here in Miami it’s big obviously we all in Puerto Rico

Are Hispanic so the food is pretty similar you know all the rice and all that but we don’t have any rice here but we have favorite Puerto Rican dish for me AR a and what makes Puerto Rico unique W the people definitely the people the people yeah the people for sure how we

Are you know we’re very friendly everyone is happy all the time so I will say the people yes you know the island forto could be falling down and everybody’s happy bro yeah even after Maria everybody was fine I was Maria because I’m in the Army too so I I’m a

Reservist in the Army so I was helping with all the H Maria reliefs so I spent you know a few months all over the island just helping the people and we start with the green plantains and we cut them and then we put them in the fryer just put them in

The fryer and just wait like a few minutes uh on they’re they’re cooked yeah that’s a big from where though Latino no this the malta India that’s so it is from Puerto Rico my w now we take out the green plant from the fryer and we take them to aone put it

Here we have a special sauce over here made out of garlic I’m not going to tell you the other ingredients because that’s our secret so we put some garlic with the secret you know stuff or chicharo very important for the garlic yep and then we put this few them close

Them very important salt FOC salt mhm you know put more making them see how it smells yo the aromatics coming off this with the Steam and that secret juice that he has over there clearly a ton of garlic in there I feel like there’s hot peppers there’s oil salt no no chili nothing

Spices no no no nothing spices some type of juice it has H garlic and some other stuff that my sister-in-law actually she’s the one who created all the menu that me and just you know part of the onions see IE you have to it well match match match yep and then you see

It’s called match you take it put it here then that’s how you create the this is for presentation presentation yep like that Puerto Rico okay put other secret ingredient put on the top way you know have some Guardian presentation the most important part of the the Mayo ketchup go that’s the most important

Thing mhm yep I feel like this is really good after the bar after the bar is this like a hangover here this is when we going to put the pork and the fryer the car see we have a our por is portion we do them in advance yeah we do them in

Advance that’s important it’s not just straight to fryer the pork also has a process that is well cooked we have our secret ingredients too after that you know we put them in a SI bag now we have fried pork or the G Fresh and tastier what is that it’s garlic

Salt wow and then we also put saled onions at top my man looks too good thank you thank you hope you enjoy it well for the win my friends Puerto Rico I think Mark Anthony would love this dish bro let’s go e let’s go eat all right all right Mungo with the pork

Fried pork next to it this is beautiful I didn’t know how they made it I’ve never seen it made and there’s a big Chun chunk of that chicharon right here too man which is awesome this Mayo ketchup you know what’s really cool is that he seems to Jazz his food up a

Little bit more though right like I don’t remember seeing this green herb oil on top of it and El had it this is like a nice little touch boy it’s delicious garlic lots of aaho quy te you probably don’t want to go on a date after this no and if you do

She’s a keeper the problem is in in PR this is what they eat yeah so you will go on a date with this it’s so T oh my God dud it like falls apart look at that beautiful hor Pork yeah as Latinos we love our pork bro man

This is so delicious there’s been a lot of really tasty food here today very different everything I I’m curious to know though man what did you enjoy the most I don’t know guys those beefy patties Jamaicans they might have won for me this is really hitting hard right

Now yeah now my Puerto Rican people this is delicious yeah and he’s on his six meal no I like that they added this a little May ketchup what’s this Malta I’m not big on the malta but the Latin love it Latinos love Malta you know I meant everything that

We ate today all these different cultures that we experience all under the umbrella of the Caribbean Community but everyone has their own unique thing that’s going on you have unique herbs spices flavors every the people are different a little bit different everywhere that you go uh I love how

It’s a little bit unique and everything has its own thing going on bro it’s been a really educational experience considering I’m Caribbean yeah I mean we’re missing the guy spot though no guyes no cames the TR to North nor next video this is amazing it’s so good bro excellent so

Much flavor keep enjoying guys I didn’t know about the Chon I didn’t know that you have to mash it in there yeah you have to masch it in there I mean there’s some there’s different way to make it that’s how we make it so that’s why I

Will say our is unique best of Miami oh definitely he by far yeah definitely you I don’t want to sign again but I know AR is the best that pork is so T no the pork the pork’s too good wait but what about that Dominican the which one the mangu the mangu

Yeah the mang yeah I mean I like it there’s a you know a big Dominican community in in Puerto Rico I love Dominican food too and also one of the guys there’s two guys that work with me they’re Dominican too so no you know only love only love for Dominicans yes I

Feel like Dr and PR are the closest to each other because they are close in terms of distance but in terms of like Caribbean they are Latino you know and then the the rest around it is different you know it’s more Creo the only thing that that we don’t get along with

Dominicans are in sports that’s the only thing but besides that we get along with everything else hey man my Dominicans bring me the mamana Bro straight to my store I’m an island boy with the Jamaican Cuban Dominican Haitian and PR my friend Chef Dev you

Do you good bro I’m still cheing I know man food’s to good and that concludes the ultimate Caribbean food tour in Miami later guys

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