The Mysteries of the Ancient Megalithic Site of Saiwite in Peru – Video

The Mysteries of the Ancient Megalithic Site of Saiwite in Peru – Video

The highlands of Peru are home to many ancient wonders, some of which remain hidden from the main tourist paths. One such enigmatic site is Saiwite, where a massive carved stone stands that baffles archaeologists and historians alike. Believed to be made by the Inca, this unique stone is unlike anything else found in the region. Some speculate that it may be a scale model of a hidden city or an engineering model of the Andean system of agriculture.

Using modern technology like quadcopters, we are able to explore the entire area and discover more mysteries. Large boulders, also sculpted from andesite stone, show signs of a catastrophic event that may have occurred thousands of years ago. This evidence suggests that a global catastrophic event took place nearly 12,000 years ago, leaving behind traces of advanced ancient technology and devastation.

As we uncover more megalithic wonders in the highlands of Peru, the mysteries only deepen. Join us on a tour to explore these ancient sites and discover the secrets that lie hidden in the Andes. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness these incredible marvels and learn about the lost ancient technology of Peru and Bolivia.

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