The Reality of Spending 3 Weeks at Sea (Ep 269) – Video

The Reality of Spending 3 Weeks at Sea (Ep 269) – Video

Ever wondered what it’s really like to spend three weeks at sea on a 3000nm journey across the Atlantic Ocean? Join us on our latest episode as we continue our epic journey from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean. We’ll give you an inside look at the day to day life on board, from handling sail changes and weather patterns to preparing meals and freezing food for the voyage.

As we share our experiences, you’ll get a sense of the peace and tranquility of life at sea, as well as the moments of frustration and longing for home. Not to mention, the excitement of capturing cinematic shots and the challenge of finding the perfect movie to watch while on board.

Plus, we’ll show you how we use Surfshark VPN to overcome the minor obstacle of not being able to access certain movies and shows due to our location. With Surfshark VPN, we can watch whatever we want, no matter where we are in the world, even in the middle of the ocean.

So, pack your bags, grab some snacks, and join us as we take you on a three-week journey at sea. Don’t miss out on the adventure – become a member of the Z-Crew and buy a ticket to the show to experience it all firsthand. Happy sailing!

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I’ll let it FL away I’ll let it FL away I’ll let it flow away Flow Away moonshine in yeah I’ll let and slow away found and slow way found and slow Way all right so this is day four out here on the water as you can see on the predict wind forecast it’s showing 15 to to 20 knot winds we’ve got about 16 15 to 16 17 knot winds out here right now sea state has calmed down a lot predict

Winds showing you know 2 m Seas but most of the time it’s about a meter to 2 meter and there’s no breaking waves anymore everything’s really calm out here so the European model on the wind and the waves is correct it’s it’s right as it should be if you look up at the

Clouds no clouds I mean just some small wispy things up there there’s not a lot of energy the sea state has warmed up to 26° and so that’s going to you know as we get farther south that that that temperature and the water is going to create energy in the atmosphere and so

You know another five or six seven days we might start seeing a few squalls who knows as you can see on the chart plotter we’re making about six to seven knots now cuz the wind has died I’ve got the Code Zero up that’s all we’ve had up

Uh we may throw out the asymmetrical lighter what we call the float away cell and see if that runs a little better cuz the wind’s just we’re we’re going almost direct down wind we’re about 20° off the wind it’s nice really nice we’re just slowing down a little bit I hope the

Wind picks back up 20 plus knots cuz that’s uh good for this boat and as you can see it’s it’s nice out here and it’s going to get a lot calmer if the wind continues to die down forecast shows that it’s not going to die down it’s

It’s just going to be a lull and then it’s going to kind of pick back up between up to 20 we hope so uh that’s the weather out here today and once again nothing in the clouds nothing out here everything’s calm weather’s warming up so we’ll be looking for the some

Squalls in the next week or two so let’s see how it Goes [Applause] Luke’s our laundry man things are going anywhere I’m not having another Glory inent so you know Glory lost Keith’s favorite hoodie well Luke brought two of the favorite hoodies with him so Keith is a happy man now Jack’s getting some sun and we are flying at 10 knots [Applause]

Okay so I’ve been sharing our dinners with you just so you can kind of see what we eat on an a 3,000 M ocean Crossing so tonight we’re going to have uh chicken Vitas I had pre-cooked chicken already ready to go with some veggies so yeah okay so I had chicken

Already ready to go so I’m just uh warming it up with some bell peppers and onions so I still have a couple um about three or four red and green peppers in the fridge that are still good and fresh so I’ll use those but I’ll go ahead and

Freeze these to use after those are gone all right you can make a plate all right I need a plate actually yeah the dishwasher’s clean and like I said I always make mine first cuz I am selfish that way the I’m selfish oh I need salsa I have homemade salsa too it’s

Almost gone that is my fajita I will roll it up and eat it yummy I need what is going on here s my tongue out sh somebody I think the bot how did I get that all right yellow L bye losers here we go yeah know okay

About the best I can do in this situation with so when I say I freeze the red peppers I kind of wanted to explain that a little bit more to you I think it’s called par freezing um where you chop them up in little pieces you freeze them separately uh and then you

Can put them all together like in a ziplock bag I’ll show you what I’m talking about so I chop them into strips so that whenever I uh saw them I can just throw them right in the skillet and use them for fajitas these guys are starting to look

A little little off they need to uh either be eaten or Frozen okay so now I got a bunch of trays they’re actually little Lids so I’m just going to go stack them in my freezer and let them freeze for about 5 or 6 hours and then I can put them in

Ziplock bags because they’ll be frozen okay I definitely can’t do this while holding a camera I have four refrigerators but that’s my only deep freezer and as you can tell it’s still really full it’s mostly frozen meat we’re on on day five now and we barely made a dent in our

Frozen meat so that’s good okay cool that work hello G it is very peaceful out here very very peaceful out here what did you think of the intro to this video I was really excited about it you know we watch a lot of movies a lot of movies probably can’t

Even hear me cuz the wind noise but coming out here and sitting here and listening to Great cinematic music and staring out of the ocean like like it is just the vast emptiness of it all it’s very moving it’s very powerful it’s like kind of movies I want to make

I’m tired of making reality movies I want to make great movies that make you think that make you go back and watch them again because you you’re so moved you feel something you feel inspired or excited or you know even scared or sad or happier and

Love we love movies that’s one of our favorite things to do is watch break movies read great books I would love to be a real filmmaker ah that is the most frustrating thing not being able to watch what you want because it’s not available in your

Country so we use surf shark bpn to overcome this minor obstacle even out here in the middle of the ocean surrounded by the blue our starlink is IND in Europe because that’s where we’ve been for the last year so all I got to do is turn on my surf shark and then I

Can watch whatever I want um often times there are great movies in the UK and Australia that we want to see even if we’re in the US so when we get back home we still have to turn on the surf shark to watch some of the movies that we want

To watch CU you can’t see them in the US so sign up today by clicking the link in the description surf shark. dealss satara to get a fantastic deal for the new year thank you so much click on the link in the video description and if you

Sign up now you can get an exclusive surf shark winter Deal use my discount code Zara and get up to six additional months for free and you can put that one subscription on all your devices at once work smart Play Safe and explore freely with surf shark tonight we’re having

Salmon yes it is store bought salmon because we love salmon and Kate helped make it how did we make it tell me what we got here we got salmon and broccoli and onions and rice yummy yummy sorry that was really that was great that was great it was perfect you’re wonderful I

Like it crispy on the outside like that I’m going to take some I said I also like it crispy on the inside yeah there’s our little tree one of our two trees we’ll have Christmas on the water again that kills your night Vis it kills

It kills a dead doesn’t it K are dead or dead or in the doornail or kill are dead or in the doornail how are you feeling on this this uh Journey Mr Captain making her quick hopefully everything stays together yeah anyway I don’t want have to pull that

ASM down so winds are dying off we were wored I was worried they going to get up to 2425 I made a cup of tea and never to drink it oh now it’s iced tea cool te all shut those masth lights up hey guys today is day six of our passage

I didn’t do weather on day five cuz it was the same as day four so everything looked the same today we’ve had a lot another high came off the coast of Africa yesterday and it’s pushed a lot of wind our way we’ve got anywhere from

17 to 22 knots of wind out here it’s kind of right on the PT AF beam SE state is 2 m waves so the GFS model the European model have got it right about 2 m waves following Seas I got a current over here on my uh port side pushing us

A 1 and 1 half to two KN current all the time so that’s all good the skies are still clear the clouds are getting a little puffier just a hair puffier the route that I’m taking is a route that takes us down below the squash zones there’s a there’s a bunch of low

Pressure systems we spinning off of the American coast and there’s a whole band of what I consider a squash zone or a very convective Zone where there’s a lot of weather and we’re going right underneath that we’re going to slip right into the Grenadines right in there

There we’re about 600 mi from turning and going straight west to the Grenadines we do should do that about Thursday uh making 200 m a day this is what the sea state looks like today it’s just following Seas once again this is what the sky looks like today just light

Puffy clouds but those clouds are starting to get a little more moisture in them and we’ve been running the asymmetrical for the last 2 days we’ll continue to run it it’s been a good sale we’ve been averaging 8910 knots like I said 200 mile days and uh that’s what we got going

Done good Lord the SE State’s really picking up and there’s white caps out there today all right we’re going to make water yeah so we’ve got that what is it Safari yeah Horizon Safari Horizon water maker yep Horizon Safari hro it’s a great water maker we don’t have problems

With it I mean very RAR we have problems with it we put 5,000 IRS on it it keeps on it ticking and uh it just runs it just runs and runs and runs it makes uh about 60 gallons an hour 59 gallons an hour so that’s because it makes such L

That’s less time you have to run your generator or anything else that’s running that whereas a lot of people will buy these little water makers that don’t put out as much and uh you have to run your generator twice as long to to make things work so uh yeah that hro

Unit it’s the 1800 is what I have it’s wonderful so how often do you run every couple so right now out here we’ve been running it every other day maybe every 2 days and then that’s what the kind of water we’re using on passage yeah I I

Installed this this uh remote C recovery panel here C recovery is part of the same company and all I got to do is press start and it kicks on it’s telling me the system’s working and then it tells me when I got portable water coming in it’s that simple so simple so simple

So simple all right day six and we’ve just completed our first full bag of trash that’s impressive would you take it to we compressed as much as we could and uh do organic stuff overboard oh I love that thank you my plant is getting lots of Sun oh my goodness look at all the Flying Fish wow poor guys they didn’t make it through the night they were just swimming along and then they ended up on a boat thinking how did that happen where did that come from it’s officially warming Up it’s interesting the other day we’re sitting out here and Luke said being on a boat especially at night is like living right on the edge of a cliff and if you fall off you’re dead yeah there’s no way to be rescued except if you fell off a cliff the death would

Be pretty quick if you fell off out here it would be a long slow death yeah really long slow lonely I think that’d be the worst way to die is out on the water be a lot like being married to Renee alone alone wait what lonely lonely I don’t know which would happen

First if you die of of exhaustion or dehydration or the Sharks would eat you how long you think you could tread water long time like hours CL back yeah so you basically if a shark didn’t get you you’d die of dehydration I guess interesting to think about done

Cool that thanks babe you the man magical mic magical mic magic mik magic mik are you magic mik are you fixing to do a dance for me favorite I’ve never seen magic mik I just know about it I’ve seen the thumbnail hey hey heyy hey hey wow definitely brings more shade in

Here that’s nice keep it cool I was just young Bo son always be a good Bo you ever [Applause] Whle hello again here I am again so earlier in this video you saw me laying out on deck and I was talking about movies and music and and then it transitioned into a I thought kind of a cute surf shark ad but just for the

Record I wanted you to know that um that whole thing was that was Sincerely Me it I filmed all I filmed the first part of it and then I put it on the timeline I’m like oh this would be a cute place to transition to a surfar ad um but just so

You know I really love we love movies we love music it’s funny because when glor and Jaden were out um just about every night we were like let’s watch a movie and they’re like no I want to go rock climbing or hiking or something and um we love movies we love emotions and

Feelings and diving into somebody else’s story and somebody else some other Adventure um storytelling great storytelling is a passion of mine and so I I would love I’ve said it before I’d love to be a part of a real film film set Film Production um but it’s funny because Jack showed me something

Recently on YouTube it was like like behind the scenes I think on The Hobbit or something one of those oh look my new camera follows my face uh anyway he showed me this behind the scenes production for The Hobbit and The amount of people and equipment and

Time that goes into one of those things it is unbelievable and so I think that I would probably it it’ probably be kind of disheartening to be a part of a real film crew cuz you don’t get those emotions only after the music is is put

In there the the actors you know do their parts and then they put beautiful music over it and beautiful scenery that’s when the feelings can can emerge and that’s when you start you you place yourself in somebody else’s story and and somebody else’s Adventure I don’t know anyway just something I wanted to

Clear up in case you thought I did all that just for the surf shark ad cuz it didn’t um I was sitting up there usually the music I listen to is Cinematic scores from favorite movies um that’s just what I like um anyway we are on

Pass I think it’s day seven now it’s hard to keep track anyway just moving right along moving Along [Applause] Okay so look at this look at that that is Sahara dust sand we are carrying Sahara Sand with us and it’s all in the sky you can’t even see the sun it’s been super hazy and it’s just kind of gross wow so we have not been fishing because

We’re going way too fast it’d be too difficult to pull that sail down if we were to catch a fish and we have lots of food still my freezer is basically full um we have room in the fridges and we could eat fresh fish but I don’t have

Anywhere to store it but again we’re going too fast wouldn’t be any time to get that sail down to uh reel them in and and fet it so we’re not fishing he just keeps the fishing poles out to look at them I guess hey what day is this the day AER

Yeah AER from decer we’ve got I didn’t do a weather report yesterday because it’s all the same we just had basically 17 to 21 knots of wind following Seas one to two meter Seas same thing today after tomorrow morning they should start everything should start diminishing as we get closer into the West

Indies uh no clouds No squalls uh lots of Sahara dust and uh so the forast looks the same uh we’re still eyeing that little slot between the squash zones to slip right into Union Island and the Grenadines and avoid the squal as conditions over there

As we come in there so we’ve turned a heading of 264 magnetic and we’re just taking that for another 3 or 4 days and then we’ll probably go straight west to 270 hook it in there cool and nobody’s been seasick nobody even see I feel a

Little green the first three or four day I don’t get green I just my head hurts yeah but nobody else was seasick nobody important nobody important kimport just me I’m kidding that Luke wasn’t to sick I haven’t been sick Jack hasn’t been sick we haven’t changed the sale in what

6 days 5 days solid hav even changed our tack same same tack same dot same angle I haven’t even trimmed it it’s just been solid as a rock today is just Mexican rice and beans it’s just some uh veggies and beans and rice and cheese and a little bit of ground beef in

It so knock on way the only thing that’s broken and it broke before we went on P is is the ice maker again so I got to get another ice maker and put it in when we get back to America but we’re we’re making it through that’s suffering we

Have ice we have ice trays but it’s really suffering I don’t know if I’ll ever sell again without an ice maker I just can’t make it it’s just miserable just title of my video I don’t know if I’ll ever sell again don’t know if I’ll

Ever sell again I mean that’s it no ice maker no sale I mean without an ice maker we just suck We got two left two last nights yeah good morning I am having Mexican rice and beans leftovers for breakfast because uh we’re getting a l on eggs the boys been eating like two or three eggs each per day they’re doing some kind of protein building thing and so we’re

Going to run out of eggs the next day or two if they keep going at it but uh we still got I think seven days out here on the water so I am uh going to end this episode here because there’s just not a lot going on we’re going to have

Christmas on the water in a few days days that’ll be fun Luke brought some gifts for us to exchange with one another and I’ll make some kind of meal I’m sure it’ll be another TexMex holiday meal we’re out of chicken fried steak so anyway thanks for watching thanks to

Surf shark for sponsoring this video and to all of our members who are always sharing words of encouragement and love and support and thank you to all of you viewers out there if you don’t subscribe would you just click the Subscribe button it doesn’t cost anything and it U

Just helps us out a lot so and give it a thumbs up thanks so much and we’ll see you next week byebye we are on the ocean but look at me look at the sail oh my go that’s all that’s all look fall on no hands I all all

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