The Savage Showdowns of the Animal Kingdom (Full Episode) | Animal Fight Night – Documentary

The Savage Showdowns of the Animal Kingdom (Full Episode) | Animal Fight Night – Documentary

Brutal Brawls of the Animal Kingdom (Full Episode) | Animal Fight Night

Brutal Brawls of the Animal Kingdom (Full Episode) | Animal Fight Night showcases the intense battles that take place between a variety of species in the wild. From Alaska’s brown bears to Africa’s leopards, and even seagulls in western Europe, animals fight tooth and claw for food, territory, and the right to pass on their bloodline. The episode captures the raw and primal nature of these conflicts, showing the strategies and tactics used by each species to come out on top.

One of the most memorable showdowns features a massive American bison facing off against a mature bull elk in a brutal fight for food during the winter months. The bison’s brute force is pitted against the elk’s impressive antlers, showcasing the clash between power and strategy in the animal kingdom.

From underwater battles between sea stars and limpets to aerial fights between blackback seagulls, the episode highlights the incredible diversity of tactics and weapons used by animals in their struggle for survival. It’s a gripping and eye-opening look at the savage side of nature, where only the strongest and smartest survive.

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Video Transcript

All over the world millions of species clash in Nature’s Savage Battle of survival on laugh in the sea and in the air all are locked in deadly conflict animals fight tooth and Claw to win food territory and rights to the bloodline from the deserts of Africa to

The swamps of Florida there are no rules this is Animal Fight Night Alaska home to the mighty brown bear one of the strongest and most dangerous animals in North America they can Tower up to 8 ft tall on their hind legs weighing up to 1300 lb they’re one of the largest carnivores on

Earth they need 90 lbs of food a day to survive and if they don’t get it it’s hardcore more Carnage it’s July and prime time for feasting on calorie Rich salmon even with plenty to go around tempers flare this mother bear is here to feed with her six-month-old Cubs a risky

Move any male bear anywhere near them spells serious danger adult males are a major killer of bear cubs this 5-year-old male is new to the territory the Cubs May look cute but for this hungry bear they’re in his way and he wants them Gone mom’s not having any of it her only option in this fight go for him full thr Brown Bear’s curved front claws are up to 6 in long they’re thick and sharp like knives and can rip straight through the Bodywork of a car he’s almost twice her size but for

Her the loss of her bloodline is at stake and that’s how you take down an opponent twice your own size don’t give them a single second to fight back calling on every shred of her strength she pushes the Big Bear backwards there’s up to 150 lb of solid muscle concentrated in the mom’s

Shoulders hump and buttocks giving her amazing strength and speed he lands a blow but soon backs down this fight’s not worth the effort he’ll find somewhere else to eat he heads for the best fishing spot in the river and starts to Chow Down on some s

Things are looking up or at least they were the fishing rights here belong to this six-year-old bear he’s the boss around here and as far as he’s concerned any Intruder is dead meat these proud heavyweight champions are now locked in a Turf War there’s no backing out of this

Contest the lowered head is a threat a lesser bear would beat a retreat but the Intruder is a good match for the old boss the boss bear flashes his Razorsharp 2-in long canines and lunges first adult male Bears rarely fight but when they do the wounds are

Savage both Bears Target the loose skin around their opponent’s neck to try and get a firm grip Bears have huge brain cases which provide a large surface area for muscles to power their devastating bite they can bite with a force strong enough to pierce a cast iron

Skillet with the Intruder down in a submissive position the boss thinks he’s got this fight in the bag but using every fiber of muscle the Intruder wrestles his way back into the fight he uses the muscles in his for limbs they’re anchored to thick bones farther away from The pivoting Joint

Compared to other animals this makes them slower but gives them essential leveraging power with the force of five humans the Intruder pumps up his for liims for a final effort he throws all his weight against the boss it’s the decisive move the boss Falls literally knocked from his

Throne it’s a crushing defeat in front of a huge crowd the other Bears add insult to injury forcing the old boss farther down the river for the Intruder it’s been a good day after all he is the new king bear in town with top place at the dining

Table Brute Force wins big fights but some battles need brains too cuttlefish win the prize for one of the most alien creatures on Animal Fight Night masters of Illusion they have an amazing ability to change color shape and texture covered with over 20 million pigment cells they give off a light show in

Spectacular high definition they Dazzle their prey then suck them up with lightning speed it’s late May in the coastal Waters of Southern Australia and that means breeding season for the Australian giant cuddlefish for these crazy creatures it’s do or die they only get one shot during their entire lifetime to pass on their

Jeans males outnumber females 10 to one so the odds of mating are stacked against them adult males can be over 3 ft long females around half the size the males try to outdo each other by sparking up zebra style Body patterns this large 22 lb male is

Guarding access to a rock where a lady cuttlefish is playing hard to get he wants her all for himself then a wannabe love rival gets too close for comfort the mantle is the cuddle fish’s power motor he sucks water into this cavity and then uses strong muscles to force it

Through a funnel which propels him forward like a jet engine in a move called the shovel he thrusts his eight arms close together forming a pointed spear shape and then lunges at his rival it’s a clear message to shove off but the other gu also desperate to get the

Girl the two love Rivals lock on as well as eight arms they use two tentacles normally hid hidden in Pockets behind the eyes these are also covered in suckers used to latch on to their prey it’s a full-on wrestling match both contenders twist in a smothering grip

The goal drag the other guy close enough to deploy their secret lacerating weapon a sharp and lethal beak that’s just over 2 in long hidden at the base of their arms they use it to attack and dismember prey or against other Pur suers the defender savages the love rival

Success rival ejects an Inky smoke screen and makes a speedy exit but the defender hasn’t covered all of his bases a smaller male pulls off a cunning trick he might not have the muscle but he’s still a Master of Disguise time to get creative he shrinks by pulling in his

Longer arms and adopts a modeled color to look like a female it works like a charm unnoticed he cruises right past the Macho males to the lady hiding underneath the rock even though he’s smaller than the others she accepts his advances once he’s fertilized her he

Drops the disguise and looks like a male again the bigger fow may have won the fight but the smart guy got the girl disguise isn’t usually an option most battles are fought with full-on face-to-face Fury the dense Woodlands of Krueger National Park the perfect habitat for leopards Africa’s most elusive big

Cat with a lean well mused body that’s around 6 1/2 ft long and weighing up to 140 lb they may not be as big as lions and tigers but they’re one of the most agile of all the big cats they need to eat over 7 lbs of meat

A day but making a killing is only half the value this large 5-year-old leopard has just bagged himself his first meal in over 8 days he thinks he’s safe up in a tree but he’s wrong a lioness helps herself and he’s left with nothing the next morning he’s even more desperate to

Eat this might just be his lucky day he’s come across a half-eaten carcass and the owners are nowhere in sight it’s a terrible mistake in the savannah there’s no such thing as a free lunch the battle of the big cats is on this male leopard is taking a massive

Risk desperate to eat he approaches an abandoned carcass thinking the coast is clear but the owners haven’t finished with it yet a lionist batters him with a powerful rle 58% of a lion body is pure skeletal muscle the largest percentage of any mammal on earth a single blow could snap a human

Neck it looks like a knockout punch but the leopard Dodges and rolls with it at 300 lb the Lioness is more than double his weight but she needs to land a clean bite and to do that she’s got to get past his lethal claw CLW like all big cats leopards have five claws on the front paws and four on the back their claws are 2 in long and are constantly sharpened when climbing trees but then the Cavalry arrives three more lionesses want to show him who’s Top Cat on the Savannah a lioness’s skull contains deep

Ridges for the attachment of powerful muscles that support her jaw and 30 teeth these muscles allow her to create bite pressures of around 1,000 lb per square in theones could kill the leopard by severing his spinal cord to survive he’s got to stay on his back he spins around and swipes not one

Not two but three of the lionesses it’s a master class in Big Cat survival moves but the leopard’s chances are slim he’s running out of options he can’t eat and he can’t risk turning his back on the lionesses to retreat the lionesses launch into round two he slashes at one with his front

Claws one with his back his blows sting buying him another minute of life just enough time for an even more ambitious Predator to close in the lionesses turn their attention to the hyena it’s the moment the leopard has been waiting for a lionist gives Chase but his natural

Agility pays off and he vanishes into the thick bush he’s one lucky leopard up against four of his deadliest enemies and this guy gets away hungry but alive some places seem peaceful but closer inspection Reveals All Out Warfare the tropical Hill forests of Kenya in East Africa are home to the

African driver ant one of Nature’s super Predators these merciless Killers live in massive colonies up to 22 million strong they act as one swarming and overpowering their prey soldier ants are the most aggressive and are just over an inch long they will even attack crabs many times their own

Size this scout party can travel up to 80 ft in an hour in search of food devouring everything in their path they have to feed the colony’s voracious appetite and they’ve just stumbled across a potential gold mine a towering termites nest these elaborate fortresses can extend up to 15 ft

Underground deep inside is a 5in queen a bonanza meal if the ants can find a way in a rare opening the raid is on immediately they give off pheromones it’s a call for the Army to join the battle termites will defend their home to the death a termite Soldier raises

The Alarm by pounding his head on the ground the whole Nest goes into emergency lockdown at its heart the termite workers race desperately to build a wall to protect their Queen without her the whole Colony will die out the termite saliva contains a substance that mixes with soil and wood and

Hardens like concrete forming an impenetrable inner Vault up above in the tunnels locked in jaw on jaw combat both insects use their most lethal weapon the mandibles the an mandibles are thick layers of cuticle with sharp tips and are incredibly strong whether stretched or pinched they’re made of a composite

Of different fibrous proteins similar to carbon fiber the ant Army seems to hold the advantage the ant’s bodies are covered all over with an armored shell called an exoskeleton made of kiten a super strong protein but only the termite head is armored making its soft body extremely vulnerable to

Attack the ants Target the soft area between the termites head and chest in both insects the razor sharp mandibles are operated by enormous muscles which take up a huge proportion of the head so there’s only space for a tiny brain but the termites know the Relentless killer ants have a weak

Point they target the ant’s neck joint just beneath the exoskeleton and decapitate them and deep underground the termites have another Advantage tunnel Warfare ants kill their enemies by swarm but in the narrow passageways of the nest they struggle in one-o-one combat it’s costing the ants too many

Casualties to get deep enough into the nest to kill the termite Queen the ant Army has to accept defeat they’ll have to find another meal that puts up less of a fight the triumphant termites have hung on to their home but it was an extremely close call time to review their breach in

Security from one of the smallest predators to one of the biggest with one of the world’s deadliest bites there are over a million alligators living wild in Florida with their armored bodies muscular tails and Savage Jaws they’re one fearsome reptile fully grown males can reach over

14 ft long and weigh close to 1,000 lb unchanged for the the last 65 million years they’re one of Nature’s greatest survivors and when Gator takes on Gator it’s The Clash of the Titans Golf and Gators don’t usually go together but sometimes Gators bring their battles right into

Town on this Florida golf course a play player has discovered these two massive males in the midst of an allout brawl what the heck they’re fighting over breeding rights to the local females it’s early May and that brings out the worst in these giant reptiles Gators hate other Gators stealing their

Women the bigger Gators got the smaller guy in a Savage lockdown the Gator’s bite is one of the most powerful of any animal on earth alligators have a bite pressure of over 100,000 lb per square in that’s the same as the weight of a small car pressing on the surface of a

Quarter it hurts but the smaller Gator clamps his Jaws onto his rival’s vulnerable front leg he thrashes his tail to try to maintain his grip the Gator’s tail is his prime motor and makes up over a quarter of his total body mass it’s loaded with eight long muscles around the vertebrae which gives

Both flexibility and a tremendous source of power Gator find in short sharp bursts and their teeth are designed more for gripping than piercing flesh Gators have around 80 teeth which are Hollow and often break off during fights underneath a new tooth weights it will be fully functional in just a few

Days Gators go through up to 3,000 teeth in their lifetime but the bigger Gator is having no effect on the smaller guy armor plated skin so he tries another strategy grabbing the smaller guy by the tail to try to execute his killer move the death roll in the water the gator would use

Leverage from his powerful tail to launch into a spin at almost 100 revolutions per minute turning at that speed Gators can both subdue and dismember prey on land it’s a tough maneuver to pull off but this fight needs a clear winner close to one ton of angry

Reptiles rise on the ground on his back and his tail trapped the smaller Gator is defeated he won’t be be breeding around here anytime soon armored skin works for some animals others use deadly poison life is hard under the blazing sun of the Sonoran Desert temperatures can reach 120° F and

There’s often only 3 in of rainfall a year it’s home to the Road Runner the inspiration for one of the world’s best loved cartoon characters in the real world these super speed demons stand around 20 in tall and weigh just 11 o they’re powered by enormous leg

Muscles that make up nearly a quarter of their body weight and can easily outrun a human being they dine on moisturer mammals to increase their weight water intake but food to fuel these little sprinters is scarce in their Dusty desert home so when they come across something edible they’ll always try to eat

It little snakes make a tasty snack but big rattlesnakes are a different story this time taking on one of the deadliest reptiles in the desert the Wy little bird might have been off more than it can chew this six-year-old male prairie rattlesnake is quietly enjoying the Sonoran Desert Sun coldblooded reptiles they’re adapted

For Desert survival they’re so venomous they can kill a horse over one 1,000 times their own weight he senses incoming danger his Fork tongue captures any chemicals given off by other animals a Road Runner is on the prowl she’s taking a huge risk rattles snakes like this eat road runners like

Her he’s 50 in Long and is not ready to be a Road Runner’s dinner he does what all Angry Rattlers do he issues a threat with his tail his rattle is made of dead tissue shaken by tiny muscles on either side of his tail they flex and release as many as 90

Times per second twice as fast as the wing muscles of a hummingbird but the feisty lady Road Runner is not intimidated in this battle of two desert survivors it’s a question of who will eat Who the Rattler can strike at a speed of more than 8 ft per second the Road Runner Puffs out her feathers to confuse the accuracy of his bite his fangs are deadly but she needs to Target his Head her strategy grab him by the neck slap him hard and repeatedly on a rock to kill him it could go either way these two contenders are totally different but they’re evenly Matched neither side backs down but then the Rattler’s Fang score a direct hit and this time she feels it although road runners can eat venomous snakes they’re not totally immune to their bite with the Venom racing through her body this will be the last time she takes on a

Rattlesnake for the snake it’ll just be a matter of minutes until he can enjoy his meal from a deadly venomous attack to one of the most Fearless animals on the entire planet life doesn’t get much tougher than in the Kalahari Desert here the infamous honey badger is a crazy animal fight night Contender

That punches well above its weight they get their name from raiding bees nests for honey bad boys of the animal kingdom they’re constantly ravenous and will kill and eat just about anything they can get their claws on taking down a venomous snake is all in a day’s

Work they can eat 10 ft of it in one sitting with their stocky bodies and muscular necks they stand just over 9 in high at the shoulders what they lack in size they make up for impure unadulterated aggression this mother honey badger is out hunting with her one-year-old

Cub she spots some blackback Jackal pups and wants to eat them the Jackal parents immediately go on high alert when it comes to protecting their kids they’ll stop at nothing the mother Honeybadger Moves In For The Jackal offense is the best defense he has to keep her from his

Pups jackals kill their prey using a suffocating throat bite or simply tearing open their abdomen with their knif likee canines but he can’t get a firm grip on her thick folds of Flesh now it’s her cub that’s under attack her attention is dangerously split as Jackal number two sinks sharp canines into Junior’s

Backside he instantly squats to protect his legs this is no place for the uninitiated the honey badger needs to get her son out of here before he becomes dog Junior needs to go back to fight school if he’s going to help her bag Jackal pups for dinner if you’re not strong enough to win a fight on your own your best defense is to pay for protection limpets are one of the world’s great clingers on their tiny teeth contain the strongest natural

Material on Earth they attach themselves to rocks with a suction Force five times as strong as a household vacuum cleaner living on the ocean floor of the Pacific coast the rough Keyhole Limpet is nearly 3 in long to eat they gently raise up and let their foot explore for

Algae related to sea snails they’re happy living life in the slow lane one of their greatest Predators is the king of the Pacific coast the sunflower sea star with a total of 24 arms and measuring 31 in across they’re among the largest of all the sea stars and they’ve got a voracious

Appetite to match large sunflower sea stars can gobble up to 1 and A2 half lb of food in a single sitting that’s around 20% of their own body weight this rough Keyhole Limpet is having a minor altercation with a tiny hermit crab then much bigger trouble arrives the sea star quickly sprawls

Over the Limpet his legs are covered in 15,000 tiny tube feet and are equipped with power suction cups with all these little suckers the sea star has four times the suction power of the Limpet he prizes her off the rock exposing her soft vulnerable Underside he prepares to Devour the Limpet she looks

Delicious but the limpid has a covert weapon to deploy a hidden arm that can bite and bite that’s not the Limpet but her own personal bodyguard a banded scale worm armed with a vicious nip in exchange for a place to live the worm provides defense when the limpid is under attack

His throat is equipped with powerful muscles used to wield not one but two sets of Jaws he sinks them into the sea St targeting the groove of the sea star’s tube feet right where it hurts the most the sea star soft tissue is no match for this painful Ambush he

Retreats and even the tiny hermit crab gives him a little pinch for good measure in this David and Goliath battle the lowly Limpet and her secret weapon have defeated a predator over a 100 times their combined weight when it comes to pound-for-pound bust UPS Fierce brutality is a decisive

Factor Great blackback gulls are the largest seagulls in the world they make themselves at home in our towns and cities soaring on a wingspan of 67 in they’re the thugs of the Waterfront they bully other birds into giving up food and have even been known to attack Eagles so when blackback gos

Fight each other you’ve never seen anything like it it’s early May in western Europe and for these blackback seagulls the race is on to establish a nests for breeding season this adult male claims a top spot sheltered from the wind only 54% of their chicks make it to

Adulthood so it’s crucial he keeps it but on returning he finds a squatter challenging the rights to his territory issuing an immediate eviction order he Jabs at his rival’s eye a beak on beak tug of war shows they’re an even Match the squatter’s beak is 3 in long narrow and extremely sharp armed with a hook at the end it can easily tear through flesh but for now he’s using it to keep the landlord’s Beak from getting hold of him both these bullies use the massive power

In their wings to try and get the upper hand the muscles that power their wings make up around 20% of their total body weight both gull’s Bloodlines are at Stake the squatter G decides to up the anti leaping up he attempts a classic move descending in a miniature dive bomb aiming for the eye but he misses the homeowner lands a hard nip to the wing claiming Victory he chases the squatter off his territory he hangs on to his home and

The squatter will have to house hunt in another neighborhood a sharp beak is nothing compared to 14 spikes and a ton of pummeling force Oklahoma home to the largest land mammal in North America the American Bison weighing almost 2,000 lb and standing 6 ft at the shoulder these

Behemoth battering rams are loaded with power from June to September They smash into each other to establish rights to their bloodline but now it’s November and their next big battle is a Do or Die fight for food bison need to eat 1.6% of their body mass a day that’s 32 lb or the

Equivalent of 1284 Pounders almost 10% of adult bison die during the winter from lack of food they share their home with another of North America’s great land Beasts standing 5 ft at the shoulder and clocking in at 900 lb the elk is another major Contender on Animal Fight Night like bison they fight with their heads they can kill other elk with their deadly headgear when these two go head-to-head neither wants to back down this six-year-old bison is facing

Off with a mature bull elk they size each other up the Bison is North America’s biggest land animal the elk is under half his weight but he’s got nerves of Steel he brandishes his 4 and 1/2 ft long antlers pointing 14 Jagged Spears right in the bison’s face Elks antlers

Grow and shed each year they’re made of layer upon layer of cartilage which mineralizes into bone as hard as marble they can grow as fast as an inch per day what elks have in Weaponry bison more than make up for in Brute Force the Bison can charge with the same Force

As a Harley-Davidson motorcycle traveling at a speed of 92 M hour he’s built to sustain massive impacts to his head his brain is protected by a system of bone struts which divide the inner and outer walls of the skull facing close to one ton of solid muscle

What the elk lacks in weight he’s making up for in bravado the bison’s huge hump contains foot long bones which anchor massive neck muscles that create a powerful charging Force these muscles also hold up his enormous head which can weigh up to 75 lb he launches his full power at the

Elk but to avoid getting stabbed by the Elk’s dagger-like antlers he has to hit the elk dead center smack between the eyes at last the elk realizes he might not have the muscle to tough it out with the Bison he’s up for still one more challenge but

One warning charge is all it takes to make him change his mind this time the bigger bison’s Brawn comes out on Top

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