The Top 19 Most Hazardous Locations to Reside in China! – Video

The Top 19 Most Hazardous Locations to Reside in China! – Video

19 Most Dangerous Places to Live in China!
From perilous mountaintop locations to cities with high crime rates, impoverished populations, and political instability, these are the 19 most dangerous places if you intend to travel to or live in China.
Join me in exploring these 19 dangerous places to live, some of which even include China’s most developed cities, guaranteed to surprise you!

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19 most dangerous places to live in China from perilous Mountaintop locations to cities with high crime rates impoverished populations and political instability these are the 19 most dangerous places if you intend to travel to or live in China join me in exploring these 19 dangerous places to

Live some of which even include China’s most developed cities guaranteed to surprise you number 19 shenin City if you are a tourist here most locals will advise you to stay far away from Shenzhen altogether or if you do visit always keep an eye on your belongings that’s how you understand how

Dangerous it is to live here right pickpocketing and theft are commonplace tourists are also encouraged to steer clear of taxis and opt for the subway instead and avoid lingering at bus stops and train stations besides crime work life balance is nearly non-existent if people want a decent life with good food and sleep

They may forget all about entertainment and not leave the office before 8:00 p.m. M because this is one of the country’s largest technology cities work hours are also very strict when living here you have to get used to Pur snatching as it’s not uncommon many also advise you to use the subway system

Instead of taxes even locals take precautions to keep themselves safe from crime be cautious if you visit this city to avoid encountering any regrettable crimes while there number 18 gu lanun Village gu lanun in H Province China is one of the most dangerous places to live perched at

Top a 1700 met High Cliff treacherous terrain and beautiful scenery are the Hallmarks of this place the road to this Village Cuts through high Cliffs with deep ravines nearby attracting many adventurous tourists this road was built in the 1970s measuring 1,250 M long and only 5 m wide the sections passing through

Narrow mountain caves are only 4 M wide it is nestled beneath a high mountain cave up to 119 M tall beside one side of the road is a towering Mountain wall while the other side is a deep Abyss perhaps due to its treacherousness and Majestic Beauty this has also become an

Attractive tourist route currently there are only 83 households living here with a total population of 329 people previously people mainly lived by farming but now with many tourists coming in their lives have improved significantly but just imagine having to cross such a dangerous road every time

You end from the mountain would you dare to go number 17 yaken District China is not a country that naturally comes to mind when thinking of terrorism but you will be surprised by the level of terrorist activity that has occurred in certain areas in recent years yaken district is the homeland of

The WEA people located in shinjang and it is where a group of people has long fought for freedom from the Chinese government in recent years Insurgency campaigns have become increasingly VI vient with organized bombings shootings and robberies making this one of the most unstable and dangerous areas in the

Country islamist terrorists in this area have intensified flash attacks using simple weapons such as knives homemade bombs across China targeting crowded places from train stations to police stations all against the Chinese government it attacks also include shootings and organized bombings this makes it a place that tourists should avoid visiting for

Safety reasons many are attracted to this area because of its location on the silk road but caution should be exercised before traveling to this area with such political instability would you be willing to live here feel free to comment below number 16 guango city guangju is dubbed by travel information sources as

One of the most dangerous cities in China with serious crime problems considered the most severe if you live in guango you’ll have to get used to scams when taking taxes currency scams and scams When shopping all of which are common While most criminal activities tend to occur outside hotels bus stations and train

Stations as well as shopping areas nowhere seems entirely safe here evidenced by 30,000 reported incidents occurring each year on the positive side what was once one of the poorest cities in China is now on its way to becoming one of the most prosperous cities in the

Country in the past the city had 138 slums with most residents being migrants farmers losing their livelihoods or other marginalized groups deprived of citizenship or impoverished thanks to strong government efforts to reduce poverty the situation has improved significantly number 15 luo City buying guns in China is very difficult unlike

In the US where it is legal does anyone know this but there have been many cases of explosives being used to commit crimes a typical example occurred in 2015 when a series of explosions rocked luu the event injured 51 people and killed seven according to reports it was discovered that someone used express

Delivery to send letter bombs to various organizations from hospitals to public institutions although this may be just a single event it demonstrates the increasing hostility and danger in this city of luu in addition many people say they feel tense because of the police rather than feeling safe besides crime the city

Is also said to be extremely exhausting due to traffic congestion this leads to many car accidents and deaths each year with these dangerous factors are you willing to live here yet please share your thoughts below number 14 aula hanging Village leang Shan Yi autonomous prefecture in China there is a famous

Hanging village where 84 households reside in a secluded Village at to an 800 M High Cliff every day children in the village have to climb the cliff using rope ladders to go to school and navigate narrow High paths without any safety equipment it us usually takes 2

To 4 hours to climb up or down the mountain students here often have to make this journey once a week to attend classes they stay in dormitories and return home on weekends due to the difficult commute accidents and deaths have occurred on the way home this 800 M

Long ladder is made up of 17 small ladders tied together and lacks any safety equipment not long ago a man over 40 years old fell off the ladder while climbing and died in addition to the difficulty of children attending school the residents of AIA Village also struggle with Transportation difficulties preventing them from

Expanding trade to improve their lives if you were in their shoes would you dare to live in this hanging village where you have to climb ladders every day feel free to share your opinion below number 13 leonan thunderstorm Village in the beautiful mountainous inland area there is legong toown village located in the

Ming mountains jangi Province China a remote small village known as the thunderstorm village where people avoid like the plague the village is surrounded by lightning strikes all year round dozens of villages have been struck by lightning and four people have died in the past 20 years the unfortunate Village is famous for its

Horrific history of lightning strike accidents with many villages injured by lightning and forced to relocate elsewhere currently only eight people live in the village regularly would you dare to live in a place where you could be struck by lightning at any time please share your thoughts below

Number 12 fangman Village are any of you very afraid of ghosts then you’ll certainly find fangman Village China an extremely dangerous place to live the village is located in hinen Province hidden deep in the mountains and situated between the bustling cities of Tam duang and tanen Sante Province China

It’s no coincidence that fangman Village has become a haunting place for many people in 1963 a group of people got lost in fangman Village and when they went to bed at midnight saw a demon face next to the pillow later many tourists came here but encountered countless inexplicable and Supernatural

Incidents among them a group of tourists who camped by the tudo river recounted that the scenery here was beautiful during the day they took many souvenir photos and nothing unusual happened until they returned home suddenly discovering a photo with a vague human face one of the most famous things in

Fangman village is the thae master chair from the King Dynasty which sits in The Village’s grand hall Legend has it that anyone who sits on that chair will encounter mysterious misfortunes later to verify the rumors many people tried it out and all met with terrifying outcomes currently very few people still

Live in this mysterious Village if you were in their shoes would you dare to live in this haunted village try commenting below number 11 Wuhan city surely everyone here knows that Wuhan is believed to be the origin of the covid-19 pandemic right Wuhan is a city famous for its cultural and historical

Services but many people avoid this city because of its association with the covid-19 pandemic considering it a dangerous place before traveling to this city remember to check the city’s situation and all the precautions you need to protect your health before traveling while the crime rate in Wuhan used to be

Relatively low crime has increased since the covid-19 outbreak most crimes include robbery and Corruption however drug trafficking violent assaults and attacks on civilians are not uncommon the most important thing is to protect your health when traveling and Safeguard your personal belongings number 10 lanu City another

City on the list you wouldn’t want to live in due to its pollution is lanju while China boasts many beautiful destinations Lano an industrial city in Gansu Province is not one of them here pollution mixes with the natural dustiness of the landscape enveloping the City in the warm but toxic Embrace

Of swirling hazardous chemicals the dreary scenery unappealing to tourists harmonizes well with the dull Brown Hues of the Yellow River most roads in certain areas are either damaged or simply unpaved wandering through the city you’ll find yourself inhaling an excessive amount of pollution and dust the reason for such

Pollution is the industries present in the area if you visit lanju wearing a mask when Outdoors is a must additionally the city features on inspiring architecture and a dull landscape making it unattractive to tourists number nine handen City Another Place full of pollution and dust that you wouldn’t want to live in

Is handan here about 80% of the City’s population breathes polluted air additionally poor air quality can lead to serious health issues such as heart disease respiratory complications and strokes in handen air pollution is a fact of life this giant city with a population of 4 million has the fifth

Highest F dust ratio in the country putting each of the 4 million people at risk of early illness and death number eight Mount H China if the two Villages above scared you then climbing Mount way in China will be nothing compared to that mount H is

Located in the Valley of the vi River 120 km east of the tourist city of shen in China this is a sacred mountain with ancient temples perched solemnly on the legendary Cliffs hundreds of years old to reach the top of Mount hea you have to conquer 4,000 Stone steps along the

1800 M high mountain slope equivalent to 6 km after climbing the stone steps tourists have to cling to the mountain wall to follow the wooden plank system to reach the mountain top While most modern tourists come here for tourism purposes the monastery life still exists on the mountain The Gatekeepers

Specialize in transporting food and household items up the stone Steps From the town below Mount to supply monasteries as well as tourist Services built to serve tourist even non-religious people can stay in smus houses next to some temples but if you don’t want to experience hardship you can choose some standard

Hotels however regardless of where you stay you should bring light snacks and drinks to ensure you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying them on the mountain although the mountain path leading to the summit is extremely dangerous the beautiful scenery at the mountain top is an attractive reward

This is also the only way to truly understand the hardship and dedication of pilgrims who have sought the Holy Mountain for centuries if given the choice would you choose to live on this most dangerous mountain in China to practice meditation please share your opinion below number seven Jong xan City Jong

Xan has become a bustling commercial center since exception in history with a population of 35 million the city stretches over 38,000 Mi compared to other cities it has a high crime rate most crimes are the result of poverty so crimes here often theft and pickpocketing although it is a beautiful

Modern city the important thing is to watch out for all belongings if necessary use available lockers and be careful when traveling at night or in crowded places according to statistics 4.38% of xong xan residents may fall victim to vandalism or theft 55% could be victims of corruption and bribery

Even tourists cannot avoid the increasing incidents of robbery pickpocketing and even stabbing the crime rate increases by an astonishing 25% annually making xong xan one of the most dangerous cities to live in in China would you dare to live in this city please share your opinion below number six daking City daking and

The rest of Hong Jang Province China experien some of the coldest winters in China additionally daking often faces temperatures dropping to -30° C during the coldest months of winter in the summer month mon ding becomes a bit more tolerable unless you truly truly enjoy freezing cold Icy Limbs and the

Perpetual threat of hypothermia you may want to steer clear of dacking furthermore daking lacks any appeal or memorable attractions completely devoid of any interesting sites making it quite dull for tourists who wish to visit number five Minkin Town located in the Border area between two deserts Minkin toown

China used to be a thriving Oasis however due to extensive desertification the residents here are increasingly living surrounded by sand Minkin toown is located in Gansu Province Northwest China sandwiched between two expanding deserts the Tanga and badang Jan deserts previously Minkin was a lush Oasis with fertile soil

However after over A Century of Relentless drought Minkin is increasingly devastated by desertification the area is becoming increasingly arid with 130 days a year plagued by dust storms sandstorms and continued encroachment by the surrounding deserts the land area already scares for planting Greenery is shrinking further specifically the cultivated land area has decreased

Sixfold from 360 squ mil to less than 60 square mil to date despite the shrinking land area the population in Minkin town has not decreased but has increased from 860,000 people to 2 million people this makes life here which was already difficult even more cramped suffocating all activities of Minkin

Residents have long relied on the main water supply from the Xiang River but now this River has completely dried up due to severe drought conditions increasing water demand and large scale hydr power projects currently Minkin has reduced to only a very small area of fertile land while the deserts continue to expand it

Is estimated that this area will completely disappear within the next decade as Minkin is swallowed up by the Tanga and badan giran deserts would you dare to live in a Sandy landscape in this town feel free to comment below with your opinion Number Four jyang City China may have experienced economic booms in

Recent years with extremely developed cities however for the people of Xian Jong Village a place where poverty occurs daily the concept of wealth is entirely different from the rest of China back in 2008 the BBC conducted a special investigation into the village finding that it had fallen behind the

Rest of the country to an alarming extent with 18,000 residents mostly living in artificial caves heavily dependent on agriculture when crops fail they endure even more difficult conditions the only means of survival for some families is government subsidies educational support is also very limited diminishing hopes for a

Better life for future Generations here you might think it was just in 2008 but 13 years later in 2021 the situation remains unchanged number three fuu City actually if you were to travel halfway around the world to live in China you’d want to go to a better city

Than fuu fuu people have an extremely indifferent cold attitude with an underdeveloped public transportation system there’s also no subway system here so you’ll have to rely on crowded buses or taxes to get you to and from various points in the city it’s also one of the worst rated places to live in

China because this city is extremely boring too with no interesting places to visit number two ninia city ninia is a landlocked region in northeastern China it is an area where people rely heavily on agriculture for survival ninga is considered one of the three poorest provinces in China ningxia covers an

Area of 66,500 square km with a population of 6.25 million of which the Hui ethnic group accounts for 36% in addition there are people from the Korean this is a region known for its long stretches of desert unfortunately despite its dependence on agriculture this is also an area with harsh weather

Nutrient poor soil and a history of crop failure basic sanitation is almost non-existent education is seen as a remedy rather than a necessity and malnutrition among children is rampant in a country with a booming economy and an increasingly mobile Workforce places like ning being left behind more and more

Number one Haman City China’s hamdan city has long been notorious as one of the most polluted places on Earth largely due to the country’s large scale industrialization over the past Century although the government has taken steps to improve the situation by phasing out coal consumption and improving industrial standards about 90% of urban

Areas still exceed recommended pollution levels if you travel to hamdan you’ll find it to be a Dusty City with heavy pollution in the air the main reason is that this city has a large steel industry with factories emitting dust making its pollution levels the fourth highest of any city in the country so

While visiting might be okay I advise against living in such a polluted city so there you have it we’ve explored the 19 most dangerous places to live in China what do you think about the places I’ve shared above or have you visited any places on this list yet remember to

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