The Truth Behind What Happened to Pablo Escobar’s 49 Innocent Virgins – Video

The Truth Behind What Happened to Pablo Escobar’s 49 Innocent Virgins – Video

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Pablo Escobar – From Humble Beginnings to Notorious Drug Lord, Pablo Escobar’s Reign of Terror and Dark Obsessions. Sometimes, our curiosity takes us to unexpected places. For Pablo Escobar, those places were not just dark, but filled with horror and tragedy. It was a world where innocence was valued less than gold, and cruelty was as common as the sun rising. What really happened to the innocent girls whose lives were mysteriously cut short by Pablo Escobar? Join us as we unravel the tale of the forty-nine murdered virgins of Pablo Escobar..

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Video Transcript

Sometimes our curiosity takes us to unexpected places for Pablo Escobar those places were not just dark but filled with horror and tragedy it was a world where innocence was valued less than gold and cruelty was as common as the sunrising what really happened to the innocent girls whose lives were mysteriously cut

Short by Pablo Escobar join us as we unravel the tale of the 49 murdered virgins of Pablo Escobar from humble beginnings to Notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar one of the most notorious figures in history was born on December 1st 1949 in the city of Rio negro Colombia his father Abel De Jesus

Dari Escobar eeri was a hardworking farmer who often worked on other people’s Farms to support his large family of seven children Pablo was the third child in the family his mother hermilda deos Dolores gaviria berio not only raised their seven children but also worked as a teacher in a local

Elementary school although Pablo was born in Rio negro the family soon moved to medeline when he was still young it’s interesting to note the history of medeline the city that would become closely associated with Pablo the city was founded in the early 1600s by the Spanish who established a mixed race

Village there over the next two centuries it grew steadily becoming a regional capital in the northwest of Colombia by the time the Republic of grand Colombia declared independence from Spain in 1819 medine’s population Grew From about 60,000 in 1905 to over 300,000 by the time Pablo was born driven by its

Development as an industrial center the city continued to grow rapidly reaching a population of over 1 million by the time Pablo was in his early 20s it became the industrial capital of Colombia and the second largest city in the country unfortunately alongside this growth criminal Enterprises began to

Flourish in Medellin taking advantage of the urban poverty that was prevalent in the city Pablo became involved in these criminal activities which would eventually lead to his reputation as a drug lord when Pablo was only 14 years old he joined a gang and was soon expelled from school he had several

Run-ins with other gang members one of which resulted in a fight with Julio Tulio gares which Pablo lost however this did not discourage him in another disagreement this time with Julio gaviria Pablo pulled out a gun and shot him in the foot this incident was reported to the police and Pablo spent

His first few nights in a Colombian prison additionally Pablo and his friends were involved in various Petty crimes during their teenage years some accounts suggest they stole gravestones and sanded down the names to resell them as new others claim Pablo was involved in a scheme to sell fake high school and

University diplomas it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction in these stories about his early life the complex life of Pablo Escobar must be understood within the context of Colombia’s history in the 20th century and the rise of the drug trade in the country in many ways politics and drugs are closely connected

In modern Colombia the country’s political landscape has been dominated by two factions the Liberals and the conservatives and has often been influenced by the United States early on the US was interested in the ismos of Panama for its strategic location but this became less of a concern after Panama gained independence from Colombia

During these years conservative politicians often aligned with American business interests which sought to control trade in products like coffee and bananas throughout Central and South America this led to an economy that lagged and widespread poverty just before Pablo’s birth Colombia saw a period of populist rule as the Liberals

Aimed to address economic issues and redistribute wealth more equitably however in 1948 a year before Pablo was born the assassination of populist politician Jorge elaser Gan sparked a rift between the Liberals and conservatives leading to a decade of civil war known as LA violencia or the violence over 200,000 people were killed

During this period eventually the two factions formed a national front with each party taking turns in power this government secretly supported by the US began to crack down on leftist groups particularly leninist Marxist communist groups to prevent Colombia from aligning with Russia similar to Cuba this period of political instability and violence

Deeply impacted Colombia setting the stage for Pablo Escobar’s rise to power in the drug trade during the conflict in Colombia between the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia rafc and the Colombian government which began in 1964 there was a significant increase in the demand for illegal drugs worldwide particularly in the United States and

Europe initially marijuana was the primary drug of choice but cocaine soon became more profitable Colombia’s favorable environment for Coca plant cultivation and the increasing lawlessness in rural areas made it a global Center for cocaine production this political and social landscape was the backdrop against which Pablo Escobar emerged in the late

1960s already involved in organized crime in Medellin during his late teens Escobar pursued vious criminal activities including smuggling Contraband cigarettes engaging in Grand Theft Auto and later smuggling marijuana and eventually cocaine in the mid 1970s Escobar became further involved in the cocaine trade through connections with Smuggler grisela Blanco a Colombian drug

Lord popularly known as Black Widow inside Pablo Escobar’s Empire at the peak of his power Pablo Escobar’s net worth adjusted for inflation in $ 2012 was estimated to be an astonishing $30 billion this figure is so vast that it’s challenging to fully grasp its magnitude to put this in perspective in 1989

Forbes ranked him as the seventh richest person globally if he were alive today and earning the same amount he would be placed 18th on that list the source of Escobar’s immense wealth was the Medellin cartel a ruthless drug or organization so extensive that it could be compared to a Fortune 500 company at

One point the cartel even owned an entire island in the Bahamas which they used as a refueling point for their planes smuggling cocaine from Colombia the island had a 1 km long air strip where they would land their large planes transfer the cocaine onto smaller ples

And then land on remote dirt roads in Southern Florida where the cocaine would hit the streets of the United States during their Peak the cartel was making five to seven flights every day and they even had a fleet of two submarines in total about 15 Tons of cocaine were

Being smuggled into the United States per day this amounted to them controlling 84 to 90% of the cocaine Supply in the United States and about 80% of the total Global cocaine Supply each kilo of cocaine cost the cartel an average of $1,000 to refine and another $4,000 to smuggle into the United States

Pilots who worked for the cartel could make up to $500,000 per flight into the United States once the cocaine reached the streets of the United States it could sell for anywhere between $50,000 to $70,000 per kilo this meant that the cartel was making $60 million in Revenue

Per day $420 million every week and an operating yearly income of $22 billion the cartel was making so much money that they had to spend around $1,000 each week just on rubber bands to keep their mountains of cash organized according to reports they ran out of

Places to store their money and had to resort to stashing it in old worn down warehouses and even burying it in remote Fields there were reports that Escobar decided to write off 10% of their monthly revenues simply because that’s about how much was being eaten by rats

Or damaged by water this amounted to about $2.2 billion billion every year that was simply being destroyed but it didn’t affect Escobar at all to put these numbers into perspective the average yearly income for someone in Colombia today is $5,195 that means it would take over 4 million Colombians to match Escobar’s

Income in the United States the average household income is $ 51939 that means the average household would have to work for over $1,000 years to match Escobar’s income his reported net worth of $30 billion is roughly equivalent to the entire 2016 GDP of Paraguay a country with a population of

6.7 million people if the Medellin cartel were an American company today it would be the 129th largest company by yearly Revenue making more money than Starbucks Southwest Airlines and even Facebook despite his immense wealth Escobar’s Empire couldn’t last last forever he was responsible for an estimated 3,500 murders including 500

Police officers in the city of medene Pablo Escobar’s reign of terror Pablo Escobar’s era was marked by the rise of Narco terrorism a brutal campaign of bombings assassinations and widespread violence aimed at maintaining his cel’s dominance in September 1979 the Colombian government agreed to an extra ition treaty with the United

States under President Jimmy Carter’s Administration this treaty allowed Colombian drug smugglers who trafficked large amounts of cocaine into the US to be sent there for trial and Punishment the treaty became active in March 1982 posing a serious threat to Pablo Escobar extradition to the US would almost

Certainly lead to a life sentence in a high security prison in response to this danger in the early to mid 1980s Escobar and and his associates launched a campaign of Terror including kidnappings murders and bombings targeting politicians law enforcement officials and judges in Colombia to pressure them into opposing the extradition treaty one

Of his most shocking acts was the bombing of aanka flight 203 which killed all 107 passengers on board in an attempt to assassinate a presidential candidate who supported extradition despite their efforts the fear of tradition remained a constant concern for traffickers like Escobar throughout the 1980s if Escobar were to be arrested and

Tried in Colombia the widespread corruption in the country would likely result in him escaping punishment or facing only lenient sentences to counter the extradition threat Escobar sought to build support among Colombians he cultivated an image of himself as a modern-day Robin Hood portraying his criminal activities as harmless to

Ordinary Colombians many believed that any harm caused by his actions was only felt in the United States which was seen by some as an oppressive force in Latin America Escobar further softened His Image by generously Distributing money earned by the cartel to the people of Medan and funding various public

Projects including stadiums parks and Community facilities at one point he even opened the zoo at hasienda Napoles to the public free of charge however his conflict with the Colombian government reached its peak with the siege of the Colombian Supreme Court in 1985 resulting in the death of

Half of its judges in 1991 under mounting pressure Escobar surrendered to Colombian authorities however his imprisonment was quite funny he was confined to a luxurious prison he built himself La cathedral which had amenities like a casino spa and Nightclub he continued to control his Empire from prison until his Escape in 1992 which

Triggered a nationwide manhunt Pablo Escobar’s dark Obsession Escobar known for his numerous lovers married Maria Victoria hanau soon after they met they remained together until Pablo’s death despite his reputation Maria was recognized as his wife and the mother of his children however there’s a darker side to Pablo’s relationships he

Had a strong attraction to young girls particularly the those in their early to mid teens which was against the law and deeply troubling even before marrying Maria Pablo had a preference for young girls whom he believed were virgins and this preference only intensified as he grew older and richer Maria recalls

Meeting Pablo for the first time when she was just 12 years old and he was 23 despite the age Gap Pablo worked hard to win her over and Maria remembers him as kind loving and a Gentleman Maria was drawn to Escobar because of his kindness and his genuine desire to help people in

Need although it’s fair to say that he also took advantage of her despite objections from her family Maria remained committed to Pablo they became sexually involved when Maria was only 14 resulting in her pregnancy Pablo promptly took her to an abortion Center demonstrating his control over their relationship Maria married Pablo at the

Age of 15 and she remembers their wedding night as one of the happiest moment of her life little did she know that it marked the beginning of Pablo’s disturbing attraction to teenage girls Maria herself was the first young girl to fulfill Pablo’s dark desires as Pablo’s criminal activities expanded it

Became widely known that he had a preference for girls between the ages of 14 and 17 and he would go to Great Lengths to satisfy this preference Pablo Escobar had a particular preference for his victims they had to be young inexperienced and meet certain physical criteria such as being petite delicate

And having long legs his fixation on finding such victims grew because he couldn’t easily wander the streets seeking prey to capture these young innocent girls Pablo devised a cunning plan he recruited a group of charming young men known whose main task was to find and seduce these girls their

Ultimate goal to bring them to Pablo’s bed they specifically targeted girls from poor neighbor neighborhoods where families struggled financially they lured these girls with Promises of a better life some were offered motorcycles While others were promised cars the Allure of transforming their family’s fortunes by spending time with

The boss of the medelin cartel was irresistible the handsome young men flaunted bundles of cash knowing that money alone could persuade the girls to sleep with Pablo Pablo generously funded his recruiters to ensure their success while money played a crucial role in attracting the girls Pablo’s reputation

As an Ideal Husband devoted father and passionate lover also captivated them some girls even dreamed of finding love with the drug lord and becoming Queens in his Empire Innocence Lost and society’s judgment luxury for the innocent girls came at a cost becoming part of Escobar’s World often involved a

Violent loss of Innocence a harsh reminder of their weakness and Escobar’s absolute Authority the impact on these young girls was deep and Lasting many found themselves trapped in a cycle of fear dependency and abuse with no way out their stories often overlooked serve as powerful reminders of the human toll

Of Escobar’s rule this dark side of Escobar’s life also reflects the societal Norms of Colombia at that time where the worth of young women was often judged by their purity and Beauty in this context Escobar’s actions though extreme were an exag at version of existing societal biases and power

Dynamics the irony of Escobar’s fixation on innocence was its stark contrast to his own life a man who built a criminal Empire through violence and intimidation yet sought Purity and innocence in his relationships presents a complex psychological profile through these young girls Escobar seemed to be seeking

A form of Purity in a life that was otherwise filled with corruption when he wanted to hire these girls he took them to his luxurious home in El pobl a posh area of the city the house was lavishly furnished creating the perfect setting for Pablo’s Gatherings with his friends

And the young girls these events were filled with many girls delicious food fine drinks and Lively music although Pablo enjoyed the company of these young girls it was evident that he had a deeper interest in them Beyond just their physical appearance John gyro Vasquez also known as Pape Pablo’s

Closest friend and Hitman confessed that Pablo had a nosing side Pape revealed that Pablo was fascinated by watching women engage in sexual acts sometimes he would even arrange for straight women to be with gay men and watch as the women reached their climax however Pablo’s sexual interests were not limited to

This according to Pape Pablo kept a briefcase filled with various pleasure toys that he would use when he wanted to watch lesbians engage in sexual activities Pape also mentioned that any gang member could join the orgies but Pablo was very private and would reserve a specific room for his more intense

Nights despite his wild Behavior Pablo never involved his wife in these activities as he cherished her dearly now it’s time for today’s subscriber pick in the bustling streets of medalin Colombia there lived a young girl named Maria she was just 15 years old with dreams of a better life but her

Life took a dark turn when she crossed paths with Pablo ES Escobar the notorious drug lord Maria was lured into Escobar’s world with Promises of wealth and luxury she was taken to his lavish Mansion where she was introduced to a life of richness but behind the facade

Of wealth and power there was a Sinister truth Escobar had a dark obsession with young girls particularly those who were virgins he would hold lavish parties where he would invite his friends and the young girls he had lured into his web these parties were a cover for

Something much more e Vil Escobar’s true intentions were revealed when the girls were found brutally murdered their bodies were discovered in different parts of Medan their innocence stolen from them most in a horrific manner Maria was one of the lucky ones she managed to escape from Escobar’s

Clutches before it was too late but the memories of what she had witnessed haunted her every day the story of the 49 murdered virgins of Pablo Escobar sent shock waves through Colombia it forced the nation to confront the dark under Belly of the drug trade and the devastating consequences of one man’s

Ambition Maria’s story is just one of many the survivors though scarred by their experiences have shown remarkable resilience their stories marked by horror and strength offer a rare glimpse into the terror of Escobar’s world the legacy of Escobar’s Reign is a gripping reminder of the cruelty of unchecked

Power and the weakness of Innocence it is a story that will forever be etched in the records of History a reminder of the human toll of the drug trade the tragic mystery of medine’s missing girls Pablo Escobar was known for his love of women and his willingness to spend lavishly on their entertainment

Yet the city of medene was unprepared for the horrors that would unfold residents were shocked to discover the cold ruthless side of Pablo when he Unleashed his violence on young girls the year was 1987 and the city was plunged Into Darkness for 3 days as the

Bodies of 49 girls began to appear in various parts of Metaline some of the girls had been brutally tortured While others were found dismembered with bullet holes riddling their bodies the Colombian police led by Commander Hugo heliodoro Aguilar nanho immediately took over the case determined to uncover the

Truth behind these horrific murders as the investigation progressed it became evident that Pablo Escobar was the Prime Suspect known for his preference for virgins Pablo was notoriously difficult to track down Commander Aguilar was convinced that Pablo was responsible for the girl’s deaths but the question remained why despite Pablo’s Public

Image as a devoted husband and lover the police were determined to uncover the truth through careful detective work they identified two possible motives for the murders initially it was believed that the young girls were being interrogated by members of the medelin cartel known as the men of the medel

Cartel however when the girls couldn’t provide any useful information they were brutally murdered the second theory suggested that Pablo fearing capture suspected that one of the girls had disclosed his whereabouts to the police instead of torturing the girls to identify the informant Pablo acting as a ruthless killer decided to eliminate any

Potential Witnesses one of Pablo’s Hitmen revealed that Pablo believed it was preferable to have a dead girlfriend friend than a living witness who might betray him to the police for a reward Pablo carefully considered his options and concluded that surrendering was the best course of action tragically his

Decision led to the deaths of innocent people and caused immense pain to their families in 1991 several years after the massacre a courageous Survivor spoke to the local newspaper Elmo shedding light on some of the Mysteries surrounding the events to protect her identity and safety the Survivor chose to remain anonymous

Fearing retribution from the medene cartel the newspaper took precautions to safeguard her identity as Pablo was known for his harsh treatment of those who spoke out against him the survivors account provided investigators with vital new information about Pablo’s true nature his treatment of the girls brought to him and the Dynamics of his

Sex parties her testimony was a crucial development in the investigation offering valuable insights into p ‘s criminal activities and his involvement in the deaths of the young girls Echoes of Innocence this tragic event prompted the nation to reflect on its values and Norms questioning how such terrible acts

Could Happen even years later the massacre of these young girls remains a dark and painful part of Colombia’s history it serves as a chilling reminder of the human toll of the drug trade and the devastating consequences of one man’s ambition the stories of these girls caught up in the chaos of

Escobar’s Empire continued to Echo a solemn reminder of the cruelty of unchecked power and the weakness of Innocence the survivors accounts set against the backdrop of Pablo Escobar’s ruthless rule where many young lives were lost are proof of human resilience their stories marked by horror and strength offer a rare glimpse into the

Terror of Escobar’s World those who miraculously survived mostly young women who narrowly escaped death carry not only physical scars but also deep emotional wounds their narratives are more than just Tales of survival they are testimonies to the lasting effects of trauma each story is unique but shares a Common Thread of fear betrayal

And the loss of innocence for these survivors life under Escobar was like a constant dance with death some recall watching their friends being brutally murdered forced to keep quiet or face the same fate others talk about the daily fear of living under Escobar’s control knowing that any day could be

Their last when survivors managed to escape it was often just as terrifying as being held captive some fled during police raids While others were let go when they were no longer useful to Escobar these escapes weren’t just about getting away physically they were about trying to find themselves again getting

Back into society was hard for the survivors people saw them as being connected to Escobar and they were deeply affected by what they’d been through many found it tough to go back to normal life some had mental health problems and others were rejected by their families and communities a lot of

Survivors chose to stay quiet trying to forget about a past that was too painful this silence was often forced on them by the shame of being part of Escobar’s World a label that was hard to shake for some it meant living a life without being known always haunted by their

Memories many survivors of Escobar’s Reign kept their stories to themselves afraid to share but for those who found the courage to speak support from others was crucial some found comfort in family and friends While others sought help from support groups and counseling these support systems were not just comforting

But also important for their journey to heal and recover many survivors wanted Justice not just for Escobar but for everyone involved in the terrible things that happened however in a system full of corruption and fear real Justice was often hard to find this left many survivors feeling angry and sad with no

Closure despite the Terrible Things They went through many survivors showed Incredible strength their stories are not just about being victims but also about being strong and resilient some even became advocates for other victims of violence using their own experiences to help others the stories of the survivors are an important part of the

Story of Escobar’s Reign they show the real human cost of the drug trade and they challenge us to look beyond the excitement of Escobar’s life to see the real impact of what he did as the investigation went on people in Colombia learned more about the terrible things that happened under Escobar’s rule this

Made people feel a mix of anger fear and sadness it made them think about the bad side of the Narco culture that was part of their society getting Justice for the girls who were killed was hard the legal system in Colombia was full of problems like corruption and threats which made

It hard to punish the people responsible the few trials that did happen were often unfair with threats and other problems showing how hard it was to get Justice in Colombia the media played a big part in the investigation and what happened after reporters even though it was dangerous told the stories of the

Victims making sure people didn’t forget about the need for justice but the media also made people think about the right way to talk about violence and people who are hurt Pablo Escobar’s death in 19 KN ed3 brought some closure but it didn’t answer all the questions or solve all the crimes

After he died there was more fighting among the different groups in the cartel trying to take control the terrible story of the 49 girls who were murdered is a big part of Colombia’s history people around the world started to see Colombia as a place with a lot of drug

Traffic tring and violence because of Escobar this made it harder for Colombia to have good relationships with other countries trade and tourism Colombia has been working hard to change this image and show people its culture history and how much it has to offer the story of Escobar has also made people in Colombia

Think more about how to heal and make peace it’s important to remember the victims including the young girls and support their families Colombia is trying to do this by having memorials talking about what happened and helping survivors and their families this is all part of Colombia’s journey to deal with

Its past and move forward thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next one

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