“The Ultimate Food Bucket List: 1000 Dishes to Try in Your Lifetime” – Video

“The Ultimate Food Bucket List: 1000 Dishes to Try in Your Lifetime” – Video

Embark on a journey of culinary exploration with David Hoffman as he delves into the rich and diverse world of international cuisine. In his latest video, titled “1000 Foods To Eat Before You Die!!”, David takes us on a mouthwatering adventure as he samples some of the most iconic and delicious dishes from around the globe. From spicy Jamaican jerk chicken to succulent Omani camel bone soup, David showcases a wide array of flavors and textures that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

With a passion for food and travel, David has made it his mission to try 1000 foods from different cultures, and he invites viewers to join him on this gastronomic journey. The video offers a firsthand look at the vibrant and diverse culinary traditions of countries such as Jamaica, Oman, India, and more. From street food to traditional home-cooked meals, David leaves no stone unturned in his quest to savor the world’s most delectable delights.

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed foodie or simply curious about global cuisine, “1000 Foods To Eat Before You Die!!” is a must-watch. David’s infectious enthusiasm and genuine appreciation for food will leave you inspired to embark on your own culinary adventures. So, sit back, relax, and let David Hoffman take you on a mouthwatering journey across continents and cultures. Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite dish!

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I’m David Hoffman David’s been here I’ve been to 101 countries and I’ve eaten thousands of dishes from India Jamaica Trinidad you name it I probably eat in there and here are 1,000 dishes you have to eat before you Die little Different M wow look at that oh the meat is juice just like that and that’s all you dipped it dip it dip it again man more spice double the heat double the flavor double the sweet spicy yeah we fantastic want one more big one smells amazing sweet and

Spicy T it no in the Cor corn husk in the corn husk do I actually eat the corn husk this is my plate yes what they do is they rehydrate it so it has go into water to soap to take some of that saltness off of it either that or they

Roast it as well and scrape it and coconut like this yeah bite the corn so you bite corn first anyone bite the coconut chew it up together that’s roast and coconut only when you come to Jamaica m you get the real store just pure smokiness pepper shrimp can we eat that

Right here like you break it up soft shell ones these are the natural ones and then we have what’s more like crawfish get a double Scotch B purple so nice salt spiced pepper know my that yeah man that good oh that’s good done shot Cheers Cheers

Yeah spicy and this is the other reason they come here that’s it for the festival we’re doing this or we bringing in some pepper we bringing in some pepper sauce yeah man right we need bring in the heat my first touch of the pepper sauce and I can’t wait to try

This oh crap M oh it peirs perfectly everything mhm in there’s the Aki the saltfish then on the sides we have the plantain over here this is another plantain like no that’s is a dumpling a boiled dumpling just flour that’s been mixed up and boiled D yeah it’s not scrambled eggs so

This this is fruit with saltfish fruit but it’s you can taste the the that it’s been sauteed with onions little garlic goat Curry doubles curry curry curry DN just like that are you ready this this is going to be epic it’s going to be epic love the sweetness and the spice I

Was just about to say the [ __ ] in there is really nice I’m bringing out more flavor the famous pork jerk noodles yeah man woo and they’re on fire there we go let’s go ready ready yeah let’s let go I love that I love this The Taste the flavors cheers my friend cheers M nice strong lemon Flav on yeah super strong wo I haven’t had lemony flavor like that it’s been a while yeah and it’s a super soft fish but it’s not overpowering it’s not overpowering so that’s a green herb like spinach like spinach wow beautiful Pizza one two three four five 6 7

8 M it’s really good this going viral it’s really good the dough is amazing it tastes like an Italian pizza at of napoi that looks really good ready had barbecue half all right it’s time to try this pineapple amazing nice and sugy nice and sweet though it’s not too dense

Mhm M oh it’s sweet for me it’s too ripe I like it when it’s almost there m it’s like a nice plantain mm like my doodo sweet plantain any jelly in there a little bit gelatinous mhm that’s the word right it’s sweet too CA is way better than chicken

Foot more meat mhm more gum more flavor wow how many food ones that’s like a it’s got we call this a mud slide it’s yeah right woo so all of that sauce touch the meat flavor on Flavor baby oh baby Che PE there’s so much meat it’s so sweet so

Tender sugar turmeric sugar can turmer with ginger lemon and lime right here in Jai shop Baston Bay Portland Jamaica oh so healthy yeah dude this is the best yeah oh wow some chicken that’s the chicken that’s the fish that’s the lster this is the chicken sausage I’m going to

Make you a sample and this is how I work every day I’m not only just talking take it out real Jamaican stuff this is where we do all the jerk oh wow yeah this is a p wa got the ribs B we got the neck we

Got the head we got the foot we got everything you ready for that I’m B ready for this B ready next one that reminds me of like brisket it’s pork I know I know it’s pork it’s amazing it’s interesting that jerk seasoning on the outer there on the outside M this one is

Seasoned through season right through this super tender season on this is incredible look at that flaky that’s it that’s what we came here for it reminds me of like a bito with the shrim inside that’s the flakiest part right nice and buttery so we do this one first a lot of people love

Cheese party here let’s go oh yeah it’s a cheeseburger J cheeseburger in a patty that hit the spot right there oh hot that’s a fish oh too hot too hot I’m going to fish now all right so this is my first time trying on mother fish

P you know what it reminds me of like a CL like a clam chowder inside a potty oh this that’s like a like um like a massive impan oo this is going to be hot and Flaky oh my gosh M mhm you know what this is like India right here ready to for

Mhm M’s going up I tell you this is amazing it is like it’s wetting my mouth man should fall right apart and still be juicy I’m taking the small piece this are my favorite have more than that hot oh it’s so juicy just a piece this time are you this is the Original all on the skin 11 herbs ons spices mhm 11 herbs mhm oh yeah this one have more spice than the last one and way juicier mhm oh my God the wings is where it’s at so how many are we getting I want a whole bucket a whole

Bucket I want the bucket I know they’re they’re small we need to get a lot a dozen is not enough I need likez is not enough like two or three dozen at least minimum four dozen five six six all right so now this sauce is the ganja

Sauce this is the Jamaica IA sauce oh look at that drip honey you could tell that one’s more um thicker more honey yeah it’s amazing wing sauce Jamaica wings the idea is to put everything on the bread that’s a lot like butter look

At that a lot that was a lot of boneo my gosh from what you get the this is a grass analed so it’s a it’s like fat butter yeah all right let’s go ready that’s one of my favorite nice and creamy alente P pasta wow Jamaican flavor so I hope you

Like that jerk in Jamaica now let’s head to the pearl of Arabia Oman to eat some Camel this is called it is an only traditional breid oh look at this ooh still really hot nice super thin paper thin crispy bread mhm my first time trying camel

Bone soups this is the exactly camel bro M oh wow oh that’s actually good man it’s so good okay mhm oh my gosh fantastic H mhm Kabula all right so this is the number one dish in Oman oh my God that lamb wa it’s too good a

Dish wow I could eat like this every day bro mhm m m so aromatic so good mhm super soft inside outside little crispy sesame seeds and sugar mhm cheers my friends Cheers Cheers it’s nice M it’s amazing yeah mhm look at that beautiful sha m m good really good mhm

Mhm way tasty here a lot more sauce in here mhm mhm MH I love it got so Masala chai M oh this is amazing Masala chai so this has a lot of cardan you have a little bit of cinnamon M so you get the pory right and

You get some of this halva just like that super sweet mixed with the oil mhm amazing Hara so good this beautiful Chen mixed with doll and raita M oh the combination love this Pata right here we have a sweet Lassie if you guys don’t know Lassie’s a dairy drink from Pakistan India Bangladesh

They all have it the reason for this is the cool down heat right I just had some spice oh nice mhm W it’s too sweet beautiful super thick it’s hot we have walnuts we have almonds and we have the Hala it is sweet very decant all

M i just dip it right just like dip it drown it and then Quick wow crazy combination okay so we have five Rices we have uh four different camel Meats we have the the camel broth right oh beautiful this is going to be great I’m so excited man straight camel meat Bam Bam that’s good mhm that’s the signature yeah man basically like a camel

Curry wow wow all right let me get this so This beef right yeah beautiful look at that chili spices mhm M oh it sque great mhm oh nice fun cheers bro cheers bro let’s go mhm M whole it’s not bad mhm M that’s spicy man spicy so bur let’s go Burg

Mhm M you all right it’s good all right different than the other one right mhm M look at that all the chips M here we have the CWA so what is Kawa coffee light roasted looks green has a lot of cardamon mhm oh it’s amazing it lifts

You up right wow almost like vermell noodles ready for the surprise mhm super sweet cardamon cardamon a lot of card cardamom everywhere everywhere and right here we have the rice still super hot right you see that Li amazing wow nice and tender oh wow beautiful love how sticky the rice is

Too fried mashed potatoes kind of thing yeah exactly so it’s mashed potatoes no christm in the outside nice and soft in the middle so tasty so tasty M there a lot of cinnamon in there lot of cinnamon very sweet M super mushy nice and soft wow m

M those crispy onions just pieces right so yeah you can go directly to the to the meat itself mhm let’s try it like this mhm M fantastic M oh my God it smells amazing look at that nice and frothy like like it is good M that nice and hot can give you that

Small it’s pretty good it’s pretty good lots of meat still really hot mhm nice masalas mhm M mhm so it’s stomach wrapped with intestines oh my gosh so Fresh oh you like burning your hand there so you have all the organs in there right yeah mhm oh my God the mix of organs here so I can eat this one like this eat it will stick oh man M tast like I’m eating perfume very gummy oh the stones the stones

O this is amazing it’s like they throw the rocks in scorching man tastes like Smoky rocks it’s Smoky milk mhm M nice and sticky all right let’s get into this W guys M outstanding chemel wow I hope you liked Arabia now let’s head to the Big Apple New York City for some pizza

Indian food and non-stop deliciousness can I try a little snigle sniggle this try man it got to be like it got be like 700 calories this why am I doing this bro go for it you know Chinese food has a different taste man nice and salty nice these are super soft right

Mhm incredible nice roastiness M mean not my favor right dude this is spicy huh spicy spicy no this is the kind of thing where like I really appreciate the flavors I think it’s a very good flavor not my personal cup of tea yeah but um I do think it’s very

Well made but you have meat around M this good huh mhm yeah so much flavor here right n so much flavor M there’s the head huh so eyeballs right there not that much meate let’s see they get in here M love a spice man all right let’s do it mhm oh oh yeah

Mhm that’s a good one huh mhm it like melts it right that custard is falling apart custard sweet taste thick noodles thick uh I think wheat noodles and um yeah M oh wow I love it yeah cold a little numbing as well that’s a juicy burger huge sandwich

Look when you lift it up you did this for me huh did I like it Mhm what do you have on top rugula balsamic glaze Ro Pepper Peppers what’s it what is this oh God Oppa Oppa right that’ll take you back to Albania right there oh my God hot honey huh okay Peta yes PETA so Fluffy M super doughy this one I love it yeah I like this way more than having it crispy it I mean it’s like a pancake right some spicy sauces sujuk s u j u k mhm so the best in the bronze right over here fough meat doughy it’s crispy

So fresh mhm I love how Savory it is incredible triny dish so what do we have inside so inside we have Bond pepper cheese potato and carrots look at that it’s so hot mhm it’s like a vegetarian pizza it’s so good cheers cheers mhm M real triny way right oh I

Love the China mhm all right no it’s du Cur right is it duck Curry or Curry duck guys let me know in the comments below there goes the deck cck oh it’s amazing mhm nice tender meat so sticky dense mhm it’s good stuff it’s amazing cheers mhm oh it’s like very

Pure oh yeah that’s good spicy so what makes Pepper pop is that casar which is like a it’s like extracted from the casawa I mean this is huge you know what I’m going try this alone that’s it you know what it’s a cinnamon some stick in there smells good

Mhm look at this this is intense oh my God gosh this is the best dish of all time mhm oh my gosh the fruits from the seaweed sea moss sea moss super like thick and banana so let’s get in here here there are a little bit of Bones so

I’m just trying to get a piece that’s just meat right mix in with some of that wow wow wow Lam ecstasy right here m so good oh my God so good wow the flavor profile literally just came out mhm but we couldn’t help ourselves don’t drop it please oh man no

Way this the best B of my life really dude we got a convert I’m so happy I’m so happy it’s too good this one just one big one right huge uh you got some carrots some noodles and nice broth M so e it go down oh

Yeah M that a little sweet too little sweet Savory oh my gosh this is amazing but in Yiddish I believe yish We call we call them laas laas and this is very popular for the holiday of Hanukkah M sweet and savory yes mhm M see what good easy to eat chewish traditional

Bread um the dough everything is from the from the bread yeah I’ve had it before yeah amazing so it’s a soft pillowy piece of dough filled with mashed potatoes in this case we got the sweet potato canese and they put some gravy on the side M I’ve actually never had it with gravy

Before wow oh look how thick that is that’s like some thick gravy nied combo red combo he loves his cheese always put a lot of cheese on top of the cheese slice nice tomato sauce fluffy dough per it’s perfect you know no cheese right I don’t think no cheese is it’s so it’s

Almost like a Pacha yeah with clams the ocean right there awesome man well cheers we got some uzo we’re ready to go yamas yamas yamas M I love anise man get some of these pieces right here feels like I’m buing grease it does feel like it right right wow the only

Thing we’re missing is the the thean and this is my favorite this one oh yeah the oregano the oregano oh God it’s too good oh man you do with your mouth no yeah I guess let me leave it in here right oh my god wow wow so

Delicious this a scene bro it’s not a sin it’s happiness it is M oh my gosh it’s really similar to buhat are you familiar with buhat yes similar but different it’s different yeah cheers that sugar so I love the field though wao bro oh this blows away a frappe this is

Two SS of espresso so strong right so strong I love how it’s fluffy the top you know you feel that he he just told him to offer you some feta I want some feta you don’t speak any Greek though bro real feta wo which one is this one they don’t

Have that in Miami do they M no all right M David let’s go this is my first bite of AO in 10 months David let’s go wow so good nice piece of feta get some of that tomato it’s going to be so good it’s going to be a little

Hot M oh man so good the way I’m going to do it is the real way grab it m m m juices M so tender this is almost the same as lasna oh my God I’m so full so good I hope you enjoyed New York

City now we’re off to the Caribbean to a country most of you haven’t heard of it’s Dominica yep all right so I guess I’ll try one m one mhm yep never had before yeah m m it’s a turkey right yes M oh I love this gravy drink this and you will never

Be thirsty again K oh my gosh but I’m sure she’s bring something tonight M nice so the best thing to do Nate is this add it to the top let say that mhm all right mhm oh wow really good so it’s a mix of some cheese creamy cheese in there

Mm I love baks this is the bake with saltfish beautiful saltfish inside there you know what I’m going to take one bite without hot sauce mhm crispy some doughy salty pop this whole thing on off and this is turmeric flour the flour is turmeric mhm they blow my mind here nice and juicy

Yeah you’re right yeah a little sweet a little a little better it’s nice and spicy I’d say comparable to a veto oh right away yeah right away like mess around no and now I have to rush my hands cuz now my hands it oh wow I just

Fell apart like that like that you can take a nice little bite cheers oh want this send you no this is send you into the sky you want to the Moon take this guy how do you feel I feel relaxed M it has that nice spice to it m

Oh yeah that is succulent my gosh and then over here we have little Tower balls dashing this this as well crispy same time super do well there’s 1 2 3 four five pieces of fish and all in between is the veggies I keep eating enjoy we got some hot sauce here right

Right mhm mhm M Ginger Bush rum my God before breakfast Ginger buom oh yeah it’s good is it good all right I love it super fried right so do I stuff it yes you can it’s okay right this is what I was waiting for it’s so fresh you

Friend and look guys this is our curry crab or crab Curry what do you say what do you say cra c crab curry crab it’s amazing mhm what kind of rum oh it’s the it’s the Domin rum look put it out oh yeah look at that nice bun mhm

Mhm oh it’s so good that’s a Crabb guys look at this my man this is Fantastic can live off it yep it’s a nice juicy layer mhm no it’s [Applause] great oh that’s refreshing dude it it so it’s like an apple but it has something else in it it’s a golden apple huh yeah mhm fried chicken and sweet and sour sauce

M sweet dip them into this sauce pretty sure this is soy sauce right M soy sauce Atlantic yeah it’s it’s really good wa bro this is good stuff beautiful noodles and these I’m I’m pretty sure they do them here yeah right they look like it they’re homemade he said yeah

Mhm just that bro love M I love it m oh yeah nice and sweet I love this tender coconut oh yeah it comes out just like that like a nice nice flesh mhm M sweet and we have some nice thick gravy it reminds me of like a super thick soup m m

Gooey oh yeah Dr it like that break it for and then eggs in there you wash it out and that’s the egg in it’s nice oh my [Applause] gosh it is tasty it’s a little sweet oh this is going to be oh my gosh oh I dropped a little bit

Che mhm mhm a little bit of heat love all the the vegetables mhm wo M mhm m not good m m so tasty everything is just so fresh oh yeah the curry mhm mhm oh yeah oh it’s good meat mhm tender comes right off the bone mhm M nice and

Smoky supposed to do like this right not so easy as a lobster right yeah it’s small it’s smaller usually they you get them M oh just like a lobster I hope you enjoyed that bread fruit now let’s head all the way to Pakistan to eat some

Niari one of my favorite dishes of all time a big bone like that that’s so good this is the best place in the whole area right wow here we have the famous green tea from B oh it’s so good oh the best hello my friend how you doing Alum H Granite Juice oh man it’s so good mhm oh phenomenal M very freshing salad what is jelly well super sweet decadent dessert right so sweet try make off a little piece so it is like oh so good look at this like I love it m tasty tasty so how do we do it nice

And crunchy and crispy and then like this so let’s get some of that Chen delicious chickpeas there’s uh some cucumbers some onions a chili in there as well so sea Kebab they have Quail they have chicken I think there’s fish yeah fish wow so different and then he put

Some cabbage on top he’s going to cover it and take it inside inside m nice moist mhm let’s rip it in half oh yeah the best M delicious nice spices and it’s basically potatoes and he makes it into this like round shape he dips it into eggs throws it onto the frying pan

And that’s it he has two different variations he’s making this one really fresh M nice so there’s nothing in it right in terms of meat it’s just two different Rices and spices minty purle oh man Crispy Crunchy mhm the incredible Kebab bun or bun kebab

M yes and here we go kachoris they gave us like six of them I’m going to go with a smaller one because there have a lot of food coming up nice light oh there like caramel in here M and nuts and you get in here you grab oh God nice

Buttery take off little string C it together wow so it’s just like falling apart Big Bite same flavors that I had here so that’s Mined so sweet that one good falling apart guys sorry I am in all with this this is so good grab the beef break up some of that yeah always M more spicy mhm ooh oh my God gr PR yeah so this is King Fish Kebab but this

Time I’m going to add some of this chuty a little bit right oo is it spicy oh so good so a thick stew yeah thick wow what is this oh wow m t like an egg roll yeah mhm okay see p out the smoke go through oh look

At the inside there so you have hazelnut chocolate and Oreo oh here we go let’s do this hungry m oh it’s delicious so what else does it have what is this potato potatoes big chunks nice and moist oh spicy so different sauce sauce okay oh it looks good it looks so good do

It wa this is the most unique chicken I ever had look at that wow M it looks great can we try it they try it really good I guess I’ll try one sweet pakora s so this is the special tea just milk no water just milk and the dup right

D good nice oh it’s not so hot that’s good go oh man amazing that’s how it works right you go over there you choose what you want you tell them he picks it out brings it over here in a bowl and there’s three guys here doing the TS

Right right so it really depends on what you want so if you want organs or you just want straight meat and then they mix it with ginger black pepper tomato onion I mean a big mix of stuff it’s like a big scramble of eggs right good this the best trip best dish

Of the trip Kashmir chai oh W so how do we do do it we just break it off right just have to break off I mean straight [Applause] flaky M sweet sweet let’s try it so rsing nice and cold so it’s like a they have a

Cold salad right so first just get some of that Rice right I could eat briani every day every day three times a day my favorite yeah all right let do so we have to mix right mix all the chuty M oh so sweet the Samosa and two different Chutney

It’s still like scorching look at that yes why this oh I haven’t had a Sosa like this before what is this so buttery m a big bite M nice M mhm M sweet and hot oh I Like It Hot nice and chunky suaa cheers guys is I

Think M nice and cold oh I love the pul the best it’s apricot it’s apricot apricot no way I hope you enjoyed Pakistan now we’re heading off to South America to Surinam faka so here we have breakfast and this is called BR B oh oh wow it’s like rose milk with

Coconut that’s what it is but it looks phenomenal and if you guys didn’t know there was a big immigration from China so they have a big influence of Chinese food here we go M like straight peanut butter M this is really nice wow this is amazing grab some of

This m wow I love it w wao my turn Moment of Truth 90% just tiny tiny wa it like Nubs everything I’m going to have to start with the sa cuz I love sa this is very Indo and Thai oh my God this chicken is so tender so juicy you have the white sticky rice in the bottom this food is like phenomenal like like oh I love the riet here wow oh we’re going to eat it just like that look at the mix here they’re saying it’s really spicy let’s

See not crazy suris okay so the next dish we have here is basically tofu with rice it’s amazing she basically drowned the entire thing with the soy sauce they going to try the pork bun first M nice juicy pork in there get a little bit of that they done this chicken they also

Put yolk in there so delicious W this one actually tastes way more g m wow that one’s the best so this pork sausage is called fashion and it has this delicious sauce that you always eat with like you know chicken or duck in Chinese restaurants delicious chungo there let’s try

It mhm little different you know because when it’s fried it’s very different from steamed CU actually tastes like popcorn chicken but obviously with fish inside amazing it looks so good and it has this delicious sauce all I love the density of liver dude this is so good it’s almost like a

Maduro look at this lpia so you got the egg roll deep fried egg roll with some he was saying that it’s like spicy ketchup mhm roast roast M look at this the shrimp with the roie oh it’s amazing and shrimp is out of control supp to get

Some of the Chutney I got some of the Red Chutney the spicy Chutney on top that super oily crazy hot put some of that Tamarind oh my girl let’s open it up okay so it has like some raisins crispy on the outside lots of layers this is a veg one the

Paneer oh it’s so different I’ve never had it with peas like this it’s just like never ending cheese if you’re a cheese lover you’ll love paner but first I’m going to try the national dish of Cam it is right here brown beans with chicken and

Rice oh yeah when you go for the beans and the rice mix a little bit and get some of these chilies this one looks so good I need to dive into it wo look at that it’s amazing we going to eat some nice Roy man really nice Roy homemade

The best you can get oh yeah oh I can taste the delicious Masala the freshest Chicken in South America right here I need to head back to CM it is such an amazing place but now we’re heading to Africa to Kenya to have some Yama chut yeah yeah oh it’s a little

Sweet delicious oh it’s delicious you cannot put half like twice you see you made it very nice mhm M that was good though my friend here is like hey I have a bunch of chilies you want me to try one I’ll try one right oh oh very hot of so

Nice nice oh love nice chy beans he said these are yellow beans right yellow beans there is not any gas in the stomach so super healthy right super healthy very very slowly so tasty different Aroma different flavor in just one hand just one bite right so tender So Soft that’s how we

Eat in the family just like that M oh my God so much flavor nice like I said before like this little gravy maybe a chili It’s good it’s so good so sweet man oh it’s so good this is the hard way we need an extractor Here oh my gosh it’s so sweet the best I’m in heav right now okay fine this the best so easy too it’s so small look at C yeah oh yeah juicy huh H juicy super juicy super sticky ball right oh what do think like pure sugar man mhm oh so good so

Tasty Ginger little spicy but it’s good oh this is ginger chai ginger tea M oh I’ll tell you this is so good no milk just black tea let’s do this ready oh oh yeah so easy to E eat this mhm oh and this heat so refreshing out

Of this every day need it every day man it’s heaven in a wrap good oh ready it’s like a pizza mhm jumo now we’re leaving Africa and we’re headed to Asia to one of my favorite countries to have some spicy kimchi give me that Kimchi okay thick panta thick panta huh spicy spicy spicy very nice dude M oh wow oh my God done wow look at that this is definitely the best thing I’ve e in all day I love this thing super nice love the the rice cake a little spicy this one’s not crazy

[ __ ] oh my God super tender super fatty it’s like a burst of fat right there there’s a lot of meat in there very spicy red past sauce marinated beef oh look at that looks so good I’m going to put it right here into the sauce dive

In wao whatever they man with is super freaking good it’s a veg omelette it’s what it is oh wow Super Fresh crunchy very moist little bit of cick at the bend it’s amazing I think it’s like a leaked pancake M wow Savory pancake that’s what it is and

Then the kimchi and this is extremely hot as you can see got the red chili paste right there why not spicy fermented cabbage all day long so it’s basically like artificial cheese in the middle super thin layer and the rest is the is the fish cake wow

Very spongy M pretty good all right so we haven’t left the spot because this lady offered us something called Cheapo which is like a dried fish super thin what she does is she puts it on this Stone Grill she flips a little bit Heats it up then cuts it into bite-sized you

Know bites right M salty chewy feels well with the sauce oh M oh wow isn’t that good M delicious dude super tender the burst of fat explodes super juicy W all right so we couldn’t leave this Market without trying some KFC Korean Fried Chicken this is by far the

Best fried chicken on the planet I’m sorry to everybody in Kentucky I’m sorry to anybody in America but this is so good oh my God super juicy crunchy oh my God the flavor in here is so unreal and the way you do this is you

Start to mix this up ooh it’s super hot it’s still sizzling down there oh all right so let’s dig in M wow that hot sauce is really spicy okay so it’s basically 60,000 strings of honey what do you put like some nuts almond almonds wa that’s insane very good isn’t

It called Mong dong duck Ali so duck is literally rice cake so this vendor has two different flavors he has a beef and a pork so we’re going to try the beef on oh right there oh oh wow the amount of cheese here is crazy oh it’s really good going be

Really filling but what can I do guys oh my God it’s the best chicken Chi ever all right so what I got today is something I haven’t tried it’s called Nang and it’s basically cold butt week noodles super cold and the same time it’s spice wow that’s like a really crazy

Combination I’ve never had like thought the tuna gimbop is good but the kimchi one is outstanding super spicy dip it in here let it absorb that soy sauce now we’re leaving asan and headed back to the Caribbean to the island of Riri yes that’s Rihanna this is beijan food let’s go get

That mhm mhm oh yeah it’s amazing and are these mudas are these sweet plantings mhm Fred just straight up Fred No Frills straight up fri up nice and sweet this is literally just a tin cornbeef Cy tin mhm cut up veg toss it in Fri as

Well oh mix with potatoes mix with some potatoes and but this is different [Applause] wow wow it’s a lot of water so here we go oh it’s Nots so much though go for M yeah let’s go but these are like a lot less right they’re young they’re young that one’s good that one’s

Good m it’s good stuff though it’s good stuff boy these are amazing let’s pop them in go mhm Cheers Cheers let’s do it mhm oh I love them it’s like everything you put on top has rum in it ready cheers bro cheers brother mhm mhm M pork of Life amazing pork dude

Wow flying fish on Cuckoo cucko is like a corn me mhm M SM so good to remember oh but so so holy smokes M literally dude it’s sweet it’s a macaroni pie oh this is going to be epic you have no idea here we go cheers

Brother mhm M and that also has rum no change so good yeah for this one reach this out to you this is the easy one right and then the easy one it’s easy but still Burns it has a little warm here we go guys look at

This this is going to be good they selected from barel aging 2 to 7 years old so you can have a combination of 2 years 3 years years D this stepped up like another level right here 6 to8 years black Barrel White strong this strong stuff man so it’s Marlin right

Beautiful so for this got to break pieces off right mhm oh wow amazing amazing bro it’s amazing m ion I won lie it’s not my favorite spr up mhm look at this but it’s like it’s a layer of fat right yeah yeah M got in there got any

Meat underneath M they’re good let’s do it oh yeah it is so amazing cheers oh they’re tiny they’re so good dude mhm mhm mhm m oh yeah next up right so this is called a Thunderbird cheers oh it’s good I look at it cheers guys cheers what a great

Night oh my God it’s ridiculous that’s good good no time like now flying fish super tiny mhm M smok gr buddy mhm love the spices wow ni I love this so this is the swordfish right here monster fish look at that it’s a huge fillet mhm sfish is great rag inil yeah mhm mhm I love the beef in here mhm mhm nice spices oh wow this is a hard one so many layers all right let’s do it

M this one’s really filling straight H look at that I know a lot of things are falling now not good M this one’s the best you spicy in here juice out of it oh man straight so nice fruit juice th it all the way M remind me of star fruit yeah star

Fruit oh that’s a bad man oh my God this one’s creamy but it’s like an alcoholic snow dude it’s good just going to give it a good mix up the M cream is going to be salty mhm M my god it feels like cheese oh it’s amazing so salted fish

Like basically salad mixed with this incredible bread fruit wow mhm nice and refreshing crunchy M it’s amazing oh dude it looks amazing it almost look like a barbecue thing mhm that’s so good M I love the contrast and flavors here mhm sh shs out it’s not going to it’s so

Good I hope you enjoyed the Flying Fish and now we’re off to Armenia to have some lavash in yean so this one has three different grapes all Armenian grapes I can’t wait it looks super Red M oh this is different M it’s it’s definitely not sweet my God it’s too good so I’m going to go in here and get some of the Fig paste put a little bit here basically a jam M and this one’s the beetroot I’m really enjoying it I love

It like she said sneakers yeah it’s minan s so basically walnuts wrapped in grapes grapes like paste is it Peach it Peach yes M oh wow delicious Plum La it’s basically plums that have been flattened wow that’s good it’s almost tast like an apple has a consistency of an apple I’ve never seen

This almond with a dried cherry so beautiful I love it by the way the contrast between the almond and the sticky Cherry yeah Vine Peg Vine mhm taste yeah amazing pomegranate wine here found so they say it’s pomegranate wine but it’s really like pomeg juice it has alcohol right so it’s been fermenting

This is really good my friend so right here we have goat cheese wo that’s so fresh M it literally just like evaporated my mouth that’s how like soft it was wo wo look at this look how long this is I just need a piece sorry guys going to grab one little

Piece wow that is fresh the Quin it’s super refreshing it’s very light it tastes very similar to a pair though but wow it’s just like a delicious water phenomenal breath right now I’m really full but I’ll try it oh wow let’s try this oh I can’t wait get some of this mix it

Together nice wut I really like the sauce cream mixed with the spice oh it gives the the beef a little nice taste to it it’s almost like having a creamy pasta you know the rice a saffron right saffron saffron yeah okay wow that’s cranberry sauce guys this is

So different so I’m going to add this salad tomato cucumber super healthy cheese veg wo look at this some man put m m oh over here we have eggplant with mushrooms and cheese on Top wo that’s so good right here I’m going to try some super delicious V yeah you can this too it literally just Bell parlic butter like it went down my throat so fast wa that was so good All right our Masterpiece is ready we didn’t do anything for it yeah we just CA the sun yeah little wo mhm it’s like a smoky Walnut taste in it m so different oh it’s phenomenal this is phenomenal M but this is what I came here for the apricot

Ale wow dude wow here we have the Cherry ale Cherry ale oh wow so it’s not so sour it’s just the the notes right that’s good last thing to try is the darget burger with IPA sauce so good okay think that’s good enough that spread it out right on the

Pillow love love that’s Good mhm there that that was so good it’s almost like super minced meat broken down to like grain I’m going to try this this is my favorite the eggplant my favorite eggplant stuff with like curd so creamy roast ey plant the best in our wow oh and the yogurt on

Top wow all right so for dessert we have S buma which means m m flavor Bunch enough love it oh wow crayfish minced crayfish tail so what is it just yogurt herbs is MHM some wheat some greens so they make it with rice and Min sometimes

Wow it’s good okay so the first thing I’m going to try is this carrot salad with walnuts wow M extremely crunchy very moist refreshing and here we have a zucchini cutlet so they put one egg so it sticks all together delicious like vegie col meat in a grap

Leaf this is awesome so delicious it’s a little different texture it’s really good homemade abrica V let’s try it to tal dragon fire right there wao that is strong my boy yeah let’s do it let’s do it it get Nuts I like it yeah barley wine is so goodoo just very thick oh now it’s better before it was like too much cheers this is an Armenian egg sandwich this is something about the lavash the lavash is so tasty love the cheese sour cream wow it’s different

This is not like this is like straight organic sour cream and here we Go so good this one has some meat on top this uh this piece couscous M oh wow it’s like smaller grains it’s amazing and then here we have the Armenian Noodles wo hey that’s so different wow that is so good M Victory love it it’s a strong body wine M love the color too it’s good my friend got one there is one yeah so we’re cooking this now oh it’s delicious oh man it’s so

Soft So Fresh So what do we have here what’s the first thing we’re trying it’s a cavier sauce they are very local they do it here with dry lavash dry lavash Mhm you like it it’s one it’s so creamy oh and the cave on top wow not a butter guy take it Wow M I like it this that’s the best smoked fish ever Armenia is awesome but I can’t forget about my Tris where the doubles at here they come oh wow he just loaded that up what kind of pepper you want oh whatever you think mhm all right guys I’m going

To drink this this it first tell if we need more pepper H H it’s amazing man pepper pepper pepper much pepper how much uh medium medium medium nice all right nice nice thank you so much problem wow this just kind of like scoop it scoop it in together oh oh mine’s nice

And sweet so we doing a te spy here right I’m doing two one for you and one for him thank you so much like that yeah man you see it there beautiful now just taste this thing let’s taste it mhm that’s some mozzarella cheese huh

What do you want to get that was like a veggie that’s aie straight veg a Big Mac TR big MC a triny Big M I was going to grab it that pull it out this is huge guys camera mhm M oh my God it’s loaded awesome I

Mean I’m super excited for the spicy ones okay good give me some spicy ice cream this is going to be amazing this is amazing oh wow that is delicious yeah I mean it’s incredible it’s tropical at the same time it’s spicy M oh this is you bust it in the middle

Here and you dip it in the sauce like this and you pick up and just like that like a little sandwich right little stuffed M it’s so soft but crispy on the exterior and you see The Dashing Bush leaves inside of it that’s the Taro leaves I was telling you guys about so

It’s a it’s a fruit mixed with garlic like the golden apple here correct so um you grate it and you mix the shadow Benny and garlic and salt and pepper it’s amazing m okay oh wow all those juices flowing yes this is like amazing so is what we do around Christmas time

Yes but she did it in the oven so you know you’re going to get that nice Smoky flavor mhm this is the same thing for us in Thanksgiving let’s do this mhm even the even the chickens agree mhm we’re chopping up the iguana look at

This bones are very hot as you see after a little Force to get it done bones are not soft like you want like chicken bones so we have the bone like I tried it earlier right so this is the tail right here M it’s nice and gy mhm armadillo yeah check it

Out right Mhm so you’re going to hold the shell like that and it’s cool M beautiful right so amag roast M like creamy cheers oh my gosh M fat meaty oh the curry oh it’s insane ooh still scorching hot mhm like M beautiful hot and spicy huh there’s the originals original chick let’s do it Mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm tastes so good incredible so what do we have here we have a few different sauces we have some seasoning on top right yeah let’s do it all right mhm M oh oh wow M all right because it’s one massive Burger we can’t share this I have to eat

This alone look I’m going to try to pick it up oh my God M oh wow this is the best ever oh oh oh my God you say not two dogs two dogs mhm M wow just checking it huh wow chili flakes huh cheers mhm m m incredible batter m m a

Little spicy oh my God so good so what’ you put in there um but sauce just butter sauce I mean it’s butter sauce but I mean it’s like red it’s spicy spicy it’s a spicy butter sauce rip it out so buttery oh god wow wo hey best butter sauce of all time right

Here what are you serious is she crazy or what you have no idea what is this and I mean this is your gift for coming down to South and trying the tasti of food wow it’s thick M all right so that’s the B okay so if you’re having your doubles

Right here we give you it in a plate so that’s the plate and the bar so we got the chickpeas CH you want chicken Bo duck or shrimp so we’re doing a mix everything just throw everything on the plate so that’s your chicken it’s a duck

Oh yeah look at that gravy and that’s your gold so we call it m this is your L do you want strip why not why not since we all we’re going all into today yeah throw everything in there oh Cheers Cheers M wow that’s the minced Bak right and

Then that’s the Lamb on top Tomatoes Everything Changes in a chemical form when the heat hits it right do mushrooms inside there caramelization barbecue sauce on to there it’s like a Harmony of flavors cheers oh that’s good oh my God so many flavors and textures here so let’s dive into this she just

Going and but then it don’t stay long as pickle but something that stays there that’s for a long period of time but you know still CR You Know M looks fire man oh you mix it up salt salt salt you pretty much doesn’t want had it before because it breaks down the

Fruit this Is M wow wow wow oh wow so he just gets clarified butter throws it on this little Grill and then it just Cooks up right it just starts to Bubble Up see all the little layers oh man nice and fluffy this one look how massive it is oh

Wow that this is crazy I’ve never seen them throw pies Into the Fire into the oil and it cooked that fast I think it was like 4 seconds like 4 seconds he literally just drops it in Cooks takes it out love these pies are ni nice and

Soft a little crispy all right let’s try it they’re like flash fried that’s what it’s called flash frying so it’s not that’s why it’s not so crispy know still a little doughy and you just wrap it up like that right that’s it my man cheers mhm better I’m ready let’s do

Thiso you it just breaks up part on you but you got to it’s a skill when you’re eating a good rou te you just go there’s no poite we you just dive into it it’s like just everything’s flying here that’s in Santa Cruz let’s go oh my god wow like

Butter oh man you tasty gravy mhm it’s like a nice light Lobster Curry oil is already hot so we put the big it’s scorching in here huh uhhuh I’m going to get grown on one side we flip it to the other this is a hammerhead shark hammer

Head shark no way they caught it right on the ocean out oh my gosh you know shark sandwich the bacon shark right here mhm oh wow the lettuce tomato pineapple refreshing M nice soft bun oh but the shark’s amazing and what is this one this is

S it’s a dash Bush Road in a paste we slice it and then add a SP spast to wow and then try it this looks amazing oh wow M wow was a sweet Chutney that’s tamaron right yeah M oh look at that it just goo out right that’s what

We talk oh yeah boy oh dude this is so good try this so let’s just dive in mhm M mhm this is good boy mhm let’s do it mhm M yeah M that’s a sof idea you know it’s sweet has a nice Sweetness in it it’s sweet that’s what’s so good about

It right ready go MH M awesome it’s it’s a Venezuelan Burger mhm going to add some onions some pantro some pimento and some hot pepples that’s Co I like it m mhm a little Cheo wow M never had a blood sauce like this mhm nice intense no rice M the Run

Mhm good I Cheers Cheers M nice M nice and tender M love the spices here on it’s not dry at all mm-m get a pizza pot M look at that beautiful crispy pork okay so we’re going to eat it by itself right just grab a piece the most

Purest form right yeah boom cheers listen to this wasn’t that just worth your trip God mhm good boy this it back to M yeah super dense amazing right it’s almost like compact nuts you got also got spices inside here a little bit of cinnamon some nutmeg mhm nutmeg there

You go it’s beautiful tell me what do you think th FL butter cookie it’s like a butter cookie a butter cookie m not of sugar here huh mhm M nice cinnamon M really nice right mhm so is it curry goat or goat Curry now I’m just messing

With you now let’s leave the Caribbean and let’s fly to Africa to Ghana to have some food yes K banku all right so you open this you got the nice dough that’s been cooked twice and my friend here is the saying star off at this

Right oh wow and this is ales so it’s basically plants mixed with gin right so it’s like um so sort of like medicine alcoholic beverage definitely medicine man beans and plantains so you have plantains and you have redey peas right mhm M oh so tasty mhm so this is millet beer

Pitu cheers my friends Cheers Cheers it definitely tastes like yeast you no like a fermented fruit almost it’s what it tastes like this is a pork but we call it here D is one of our delicacy that we eat here in Ghana here oh yeah not so

Spicy mine is like straight fat and pork rindes M mhm K Willy very hot super hot super hot what I suggest eating on the sides giving a few minutes the air right oh yeah ooh so hot so hot so hot basically like a strip of squid it’s still really hot yeah oh tears nice and tasty that smells so good nice chewy spices are good Though just like that huh yeah M tasty this is the wa right so wa is basically just the rice and the black eyy beans the rest of it is you know to mix get some nice beans get some of that so this is Jin made from basically

Extracting the sap of the palm tree letting it ferment distilling it and then mixing it with herbs and this is it this is fire you pull apart the flesh make sure there’s no bones there ooh it’s still super hot mhm I’m actually enjoying this a lot

And here we go Palm wine cheers salute salute oh wow that is fresh it’s good that is like from right here huh yeah these beef kebabs are a little different because they add this seasoning paprika salt pepper really yummy all right L it is time for street food yes woo there we

Go again Cheers Cheers oh M so tasty these are the actual cocoa beans you’ve let them dry and ferment right you blend yeah you actually don’t eat the whole thing you just suck on it and spit out the nut it’s like slimy a little bit like Le the first dis

She’s making first called gé gab am I right it’s gab or three yeah all right m m very nice cheers here it goes first time cashew wine first time oh it smells good M I didn’t expect that you know it’s wine but at the same time it’s so

Different it’s so different it has more of an earthiness to it very much chocolate wine wo I know that smell this is I’m definitely getting COC smells like fermentation that’s what it smells like yeah yeah M oh wow that’s different some of them they even Place basket on the farm so

You can drop the nut inside just drop it right here and then M oh so good C piece it’s a good snack right mhm Ro yeah I’m trying Yola for the first time Yola right so that’s the rice so the difference is that this rice has been cooked in the stew right

M that it’s good and here we got it pork chop wow look at this guy huge mhm oh man it’s like she used like a like a soy glaze M the caramelize breakfast is ready this is beautiful look at that yeah M oh yeah M got our green pea soup right here

Let’s start with the green pea soup M oh wow that’s delicious so this chicken is grilled but then they baked it m so the outside little crispy so it’s a beet dressing or let’s say like uh glaze best thing to do is mix it all up

Right oh man F was pulled from this Lake and this is what we’re going to eat I’m excited here we go m oh yeah M nice and crunchy salty good spices and onion in the middle oh it’s good snack pull it out oh yeah nothing better it’s good it’s medicinal all the

Veners are medicinal straight up herbs M yeah man I’m cool with it spicy nice go M they add all the spices to it and it’s HED and it tastes so good oh my God that’s so good huh me too so this is the Palm Jin let’s try

It oh it’s good it’s spitter I love Ghana but now I’m headed to the Caribbean again to bise You Better Biz it love how thin it is so easy to eat it’s like a mountain of cheese mm have salt is inside so you got to dip get that pepper get that

Pepper it’s like my chin is the Peppa this is a different Coit right so light and then you start breaking off the whole shelf P the head off I used go in there’s always some juices in there right that is nice it’s a massive CR a lot of

Meat wow it’s like sea ice cream M it’s so thick though is oh that was nice mhm this so good says smok mackarel I do love it you want to use an oily fish when you’re going to smoke some good stuff right choc yeah mhm M it’s good stuff right

Very nice Lush yeah spices no sugar this is how may people always have it so i’ say it’s like a hot chocolate but with no sugar no sugar that’s it nice I mean you feel a little bit of alcohol it’s nice and thick it’s a little cold I guess I’ll have

More it’s smooth enough for me good wow here you said they use this Leaf right so yeah this is called the waja leaf wow and it grows wild in the rainforest I love how it’s like super dense it’s this meat coconut meat mhm sweet this is from the tree to you

Don’t be afraid to ask for second round you know you don’t eat this with a spoon I mean you can but that’s not the right way you take this finger eating dip it in there you take your thumb and you pull a little bit of meat off of this fish next

What a dish so good right and believe would call it the C call call right here we have the Tamal mhm nice spices here oh wow flavor here the stew chicken moist and dripping oh yeah this great SE oh yeah that is spicy m m yummy snack healthy right very

Healthy M tast like an orange but way more sour I mean I love the Citrus though sh so it’s more like a herbal Corn rich mhm oh I like it mhm super earthy right exactly Che look at that just drips you can taste every single bit of

It when you take a bite so it’s just a corn drink and it’s thick yeah right oh yeah it’s like gelatinous in a way like almost like a Jell-O M this got like it nice super dark roast no milk no sugar that’s the best way to have coffee it’s like an

Americano that’s good stuff man James congratulations delici right on top ch right it’s amazing tastes just like spinach M it’s a nice done cooking like a biscuit this stuff Jack has beans chicken and cheese oh my God it’s like it’s almost like a uh like a Cheesy fondue pulling out you

Know mhm it’s all too good I never had one like this it’s delicious but it needs spice now we’re headed to a country that’s very close to my heart Ukraine Slava ukraini right uh there is the six yes 6. oh it’s so good so it’s supposed to taste like cappuccino exactly nothing

Awesome yeah cuz a lot of fat right yeah oh good so here we go delicious ribey medium rare very nice delicious man so these are Ukrainian dumplings so inside got cherries outside the reason where they’re pink is because they mixed uh some beet juice right with the flour and then we have sour

Cream m M nice and sweet okay so we’re starting off with the borch so here they just say borch no soup borch there’s so many flavors here wow wow super dense huh look at that so that’s rabbit meat m m combination is insane this is obviously male right sour cream sour

Cream okay so sorry it’s definitely not Mayo sour cream you get one of these beautiful MH tastes better with everything yeah tastes better when you add everything we have the guinea foul Pate okay so this Guinea foul liver okay there we go no it’s too good it’s too good this

Pumpkin Imperial ale is from them KF I thought the Stout was the best this might be the best for me now this is too muchoo it’s nice it’s not so strong M nice and crisp though you know some people have problems with um the blood sausage I love it so this is blood

Sausage and instead of rice there’s butt wheat inside mhm taste is different with the butwe I know every plate here is going to be Amazing I love CET my friend brought me some cranberry vodka looks good and they put this nice Cherry sauce on top the pork lard basically St fat right mhm so this my first time trying it right mhm so potato pancake amazing and I mean if you want grab with your

Hands and just go off out right tastes better even mhm we got our bread I add some mustard if you guys ever been to India that’s P oh my God that’s so good they creamy yes M and sweet vamin it’s just sugar I know I know I’m getting so full right now I’m

Going to have one tiny more bite and uh here we go I’m excited um I love this type of dish it’s going to be like pasty you’re going to have the pork in there you have obviously carrots you have onions you have garlic

H m m oh and the eggs it like glues it all together wow mhm M my friend here put a lot of pork m M good and right here we have you’re putting gloves on this m Try a Little Wing Little chicken lollipop I going this thing I have to try

This sweet and sour sauce so how do you taste cognac very easy take a sip then swirl it for 10 seconds so your receptors pull out the flavor wow that’s good all right uh okay and then don’t talk for some time wow this is delicious

I take a bottle oh I cannot wait this is going to be so good I’m going to eat all of them I’m serious M it’s so good nice Salty Fish W Christmas e babies m m taste really good okay here we go what vodka is this like a lemon vodka lemon

Right it’s spicy so the reason why they call these lazy dumplings is because they don’t give the effort they do to make you know the banana with the cranberry sauce oh my gosh I love these dumplings Oh that’s good goat milk right here I’ll have a little more Super Fresh goat milk they got today from these goats it’s too much straighten the mouth oh it tastes so good M it’s like soft obviously it’s strong not too hot I let it sit there for an extra like 5

Minutes let’s drop that in there oh yeah mhm oh I love slurping it m like the rest of this oh so yummy so fresh oh my gosh mhm I can eat a thousand of these whoa so you said take off the heads of all of them

Right and then you just go in and eat and you eat [Applause] everything oh so different I’ve never seen this one I’ve never seen this before other than the same restaurant in laiv the rotating grill right here just keeps going they keep flipping the ribs and that’s what everybody’s eating here oh m

M like a sorbet or something like that M wow yeah so sour at the same time like sweet mhm oh oh my go glazed donut but inside M say some creamy marmalade cabbage oh super ra M oh so it’s like a fruit cake okay M so

Natural the the best salad I’ve had M the garlic oh wow here we go honeycomb this is is oh my addiction M that’s the best thing ever forget the regular honey have it as a honeycomb the whole thing eat like that oh delicious so it’s goatfish and goes I have no idea my

Friends can’t wait oh wow m you going to try the other one so rip the head off right dip enough of that borch let’s go for some pepper pot Guyana don’t don’t bite the SE swallow just swallow and it’s soft enough for you to M just let it

Move around your mouth get that taste oh wow yes the big difference here is obviously the soil right m yeah it’s a mix M this is more sour yeah mhm oh yeah mhm I love your description you have idea this fruit is amazing delicious little bit of that fish mhm

Mhm it’s spicy M but it’s good the hidden treasure is right here and we just added to coconut water oh it’s so nice M smooth so the whole thing has to be coated nice hot oil you got to be careful oh my gosh M the crunch M the

Mango yeah wow y perfect spice perfect and wow that’s real casrip add some of that you see the pepper right on top there mhm all fresh ingredients garlic Ginger the th and then you want to stir that in there and you just dip and dive in right there

M mhm yeah so the first thing should hit your tongue is the krip and all the spices mhm the KP is so good mhm M dude you taste that rich coconut this MH I’m getting some of the fish wow pan seared butterfish that that we just bought mhm M mhm oh yeah and he Clos his eyes he’s like oh yeah I’m going to right here MH so that’s just white cheese right there guys white cheese give me a monster chicken burger M oh my God l give me a bucket to this garlic

Sauce I know the garlic so tasty M it’s like such a creamy Burger BR the EG over oh wow what a monster [Applause] burger mhm M that barbecue and the cigar sauce M my garlic oh my gosh Finger Licking Good M this is finger licking good I I

Don’t know are you going to be able to eat this oh no I’m going to take a few bites a few bites I mean it’s going to be epic though Stacy I haven’t seen a burger this big in a [Applause] minute oh I love it wow that’s amazing sty that looks man

That looks so good Soo good it’s like barely any rice there’s like more vegetables in here right vegetables Seafood mhm M the pineapple worth of freshness it’s incredible mhm oh my God this is such a beautiful Fusion mhm the Singapore style noodles I love it Perfection with some seses on top yeaha sauce is something else right Juicy so juicy oh wow oh wow beautiful M see M flaky buttery mhm the

Sweetness of the pine oh the pineapple is amazing oh oh my go steaming mhm mhm look at That oh it’s good M potatoes here I think OS and then over here we have the C heill mhm super gous mhm so the fish is almost ready right there oh yes lots of fish huh mhm oh yeah wow got arom Aroma guys it’s phenomenal mix it look at that let’s Go I don’t think I’ve ever had beef this tender so tender fall off the bone mhm Perfection I love it you had the coconut Cher mhm just had it inside I’m coming as you can see lots of coconut strands throughout so it’s basically grated coconut all condensed some raisins

Obviously some butter and they bake it yep wow that’s going to be like Ultra good huh that’s it that’s It and that’s it I destroyed this platter duck her right here duck yeah oh wow look guys the curry the parts closer to the B are taser mhm this is amazing oh and they’re spicy yeah they’re spicy they jerk okay oh wow smells amazing oh my goodness oh I love the seasoning

M nice chunky shrimp got to dunk it like that I like this this one better metm G was fire but now we’re headed to Dubai to have some emirati food straight yeah M so so there’s Row in there absolutely incredible M mhm M another Coran on top yeah very nice right

Yeah mhm M look at that fragrance yeah you can have that on its own right awesome yeah and it’s supposed to be a little like that there you go good amazing yeah yeah aromatic aromatic so different cardamom like it feels like a dark roast that’s what makes

This mhm M right super like you feel like you just put a spoon of sugar in your mouth mhm mhm m not too spicy mhm m that was nice M love fish yeah not too fishy right mhm amazing Donut oh you can you can eat like 30 of these I know

Walnuts oh yeah s mhm and walut so good like drowning that syrup right oh yeah P cleans are right here that’s it m mhm love it nice and crumbly that’s awesome right M and you wash all down with the kak kak kak chai like from India exactly

Exactly the same not as fluffy still flaking lots of layers yeah lots of layers and very heavy heav lamb is the best should we try it out let’s try it m m m it’s like a rich lamb stew like super Hardy M mhm M hard mom so good so good with that

Saffron mhm so this one right here is a sweet noodles sweet noodles with egg right you can put it up on that yeah just like that wow look at that because this is sweet mhm mustard flavor in here m M like T ports me back to corala

Wow try try try yeah you got to try you got to try it so this is the so it sounds like this is the extreme pickle oh I need that refreshing huh m M how’s that M delicious good mhm crunchy mhm M it’s good right

Wow so nice that is so tender mhm super Tender Love the black and part right the black and Aroma the aroma here we go m m mhm oh wow has everything right it’s cooling it’s like nice and chilled right cold how is that Ohan did you eat with Chutney yeah

With coconut oh oh never go wrong with coconut chutney oh dude always the best that’s a lot of rice now let’s head the Georgia to have bread and cheese kapuri for the win the kingali kingali right mhm oh my God that’s so good M and obviously next up we have katcha boy so

It’s almost like a pizza M oh W oh man it’s incredible it tastes like grappa For and that is it so fresh add some ice that was too hot hey Ma magob magoba magoba maybe not the fattiest piece maybe this piece right here oh my God still a little raw nice fatty on the sides cheers M nice I don’t know maybe just bend it it’s hot

Wo so it’s not so dry not salty very moist M dense cheese m m mhm nice and salty oh they’re so hot it’s hot a little hot nice so it’s dry and pruy it’s fantastic this dry right yeah wow it’s from K reg M so good we have a

A pig right a pig lit oh my gosh I just took off all this skin oh can I have a bite yeah sure M you my sandwich right here oh my gosh chicken is juicy tender M sauce look at this monster wow it reminds me of like creamy pasta the sauce

M nice crack beer yeah with hers and with salsa we call it marinated tomato salsa so this is more for like vegans right yeah right that’s the we you have skin you have fat you have meat nothing like that oh wow m good t m nice and light and

Dry oh my God it’s ridiculous it just like melted away in my [Applause] mouth M that’s better yeah yeah cuz it gives you two different like textures right inside super soft outside a little dense M I think they put paprika on top wow n wow look at that garlic and

Beautiful M I personally love the baked cauliflower more than the fried one for sure I love this flour Fritter it reminds me of truka my family’s from in Umbria we get the zucchini flour we stuff it with cheese this one’s a little different obviously but I love the cream you put on top

Mhm m m m this one actually tastes like noi it’s more yeah it feels like more like herbs and potatoes wow it’s intense M smooth wow right wow wow it’s intense flavor smooth wow that one’s so easy to drink I mean you don’t even taste the alcohol

This is how we do it right so the bow shaped kri I can’t wait for this that is too good last pieces from the tree so some cherries huh M oh wow so juicy so fresh m M super nice light oh my God M with Walnut paste oh Man so cheesy a little salty you know it feels like pizza obviously a little different it’s almost like a fuka right I love the wines that one’s light dry and Georgian oh man it has absorbed all that milk wo this is the ve right it’s for

Baby baby beef right baby cow mixed with all these herbs amazing let’s try it leave do speechless oh my gosh yes I Know you loving it right I love it a mhm it’s pasty enough cheese and bread let’s head to Japan to have some my favorite food of all time Sushi the first thing we’re trying is takoyaki and that is basically octopus balls you ready fell power WRA it from the bottom [Applause]

Okay so succulent in there man all right guys so here we have it okom Miaki M it’s like delicious scrambled eggs with shrimp here we have chicken yakatori and jakori basically means grilled chicken nice and Ju see oh dude this sauce is amazing Salon unii I love this oh it’s so good so

Good sticky rice nice crunchy seaweed a salmon ate this almost every day here white strawberry look at that how good that looks M it’s way sweeter super sweet sweet y amazing so put the brown sugar to this only this side only this side cuz this is much

A oh that sweet sauce is super sweet extremely rich kyaku calories zero calories so basically you can eat a million of these huh I Mi the whole thing M it’s like very dense and slimy I mean this looks Amazing just like butter just like this phenomenal so it’s called KAG KAG yeah KAG is good stuff it’s uh just deep fried chicken pretty much oh what I like your Fried Chicken it’s good you know what it is the batter very different very very different from what

They have back home super juicy organic chicken all right so this is called Kushi or Kushi KATU Kushi KATU yeah good M oh my God I’m in love with it wow this thing is amazing so I think we got some eel right here got some pickle Ginger just got to dive in

Here such a tender piece of eel here oh that’s one thing that Tony explained to me that here in Japan you’re allowed to have an open container on the train all right guys so here we go this is like a 25 course breakfast I’m so excited guys this is

Insane I think I need like four more of these M oh my God just like heaven m oh man the mix between the oyster and the soy oh delicious that’s to thing that’s what I want that’s it we got the Boss Coffee little cold ice coffee it’s not ice it’s just a cold

Coffee wow that is strong dude it’s like a Triple Espresso right here oh wow it’s the best of both girls let’s do it it’s good oh wow it’s super spicy it’s good though right M lot going on there oh my God so many spices in here M right when you right when you

Take it in the dug hits you it does right oh wow it’s fantastic is if you like it you your fingers look like fish Chky oh my God that’s amazing amak yeah so deep fried rice Crackers very salty who it’s basically just all red bean paste and the outside has a little bit of the pancake oh super juicy moist Mi some flavors here oh I love the crunch wow look at this ice cream sandwich matcha which is basically green tea so green tea ice cream inside the lemon

Bread I love the bread man M little bit of sugar on top right it’s really nice what do you think oh it’s super nice super dry I love it not fruity dry cold mhm M so I’m going to get some Wasabi little bit of Wasabi go with this nice salmon oh this looks

Incredible M so fresh M here we have the potato Rella potato mozzarella on a stick we put some uh some sweet sauce put some powder it’s 480 Yen oh my God w M it’s like a mozzarella stick potatoes on the outside nice sweet sauce the outside well little add powder a little

Hot oh my God yeah so we going to have dve try this one M almost say like a sweet and sour sauce little spicy M very gooey M it’s like a very Asian Spice to it big oyer wow look at that guy one huge oyster that was huge that was the biggest oyer

I ever had M Super Fresh I love drinking the Slime Shish so fish with eggs yeah a little bit of mayo on the head M wow look at this like Crystal Clear sock I got super dry oh wow M super strong but at the same time super dry very nice very like

It’s strong but it’s light at the same time that’s the great thing about saki you can really drink a lot of Saki you got to be careful vanilla ice cream with honey marshmallow cover and it’s torched I’m going to try this thing M oh wow so

Sweet look at that like a big Fritter we have shrimp we have some other vegetables I don’t even know it looks like some onion as well oh my God it looks amazing h on M so crunchy juicy the sauce is delicious and here we go look at this thing cold okay here we

Go oh W m it almost feels like it’s been boiled so long that it’s so soft it’s ridiculously soft the original ones the real ones are like this but like on steroids this is just like an outer B wow so what we have right now here is wagu which is Jeff’s brown beef that is amazing oh that basically looks so Fatty oh wow it’s like a super thick piece of bacon though all right so we got some tofu steak it looks incredible okay like that oh look at that fried tofu that’s some fried I love the crispiness of the Bonito flakes mhm a little M you see what gives a nice taste

To it like very like the sea you know yeah so we’re going to have some chicken skin dumplings I never tried before cheers my friend Cheers Cheers Cheers M oh wow it’s the best yza I’ve ever had my favorite the best the best that’s amazing like tiny crabs yeah are they

Crunchy sure really crunchy a very small crab he gave me like half the crab though oh my God M delicious bamboo shoot M nice like moist crunch moist crunch m M so yummy so I just grabbed one of the tus put it here put the sauce and then

Got some of those herbs let’s try it oh this thing is amazing m m So Soft I just ate a lot of rice but now I have to head to a country that their national dish is a rice dish it’s called PL let’s go eat and new bean

And here we go we’re going to try the Somas minor Somas the place is called minor oh my God it’s like the minced meat nice spices oh it’s delicious man all right my friend now I’m going to try some of the traditional green tea oh yeah this feels like China and

This is the national bread oh I love it and this is how you open it this is how you break it oh wow this is going to be good oh it’s amazing with the sauce okay so there’s lamb sausage wrapped in intestines that’s freaking incredible this horse but it’s horse with

Cheese yeah it’s called Narin this good got a potatoes inside of it oh with potatoes inside okay they’re just like super nice and yummy all right and the last thing we have to try is the beef Kebab right wa this Kebab is up there with

Some of the best kebabs I had in my life wow dude M yeah this one’s way more dense hard too Co are really good for you he going to get a big Bite I love it the dish is a little sweet because it has yellow carrot which is sweeter and the raisins oh man M this is one of the tastiest rice dishes I’ve had some strawberries W you going give me all them no let me let me try

One I mean it tastes like strawberry I had in Miami really nice juicy but very small compared oh wow it tastes medicinal yeah you feel it yeah oh it’s good but it’s hot it’s hot little little bite no no no little bite just for the first try that’s my favorite wow s actually

It’s strong it’s like I’m drinking the milk from the cow and here we have it the Becky Fried Chicken this thing looks amazing oh guys I love the wing wow super juicy nice flavor m a little salty too wow the meat super tender juicy fatty orgasm was enough rice and kebabs

Let’s head to the Caribbean to have some oil down Grenada let’s go I’ll tell you I love DK chicken it’s one of my favorite chickens ever the spices and the jerk are amazing I don’t know how to describe it but it’s just so good Chick-fil-A sauce hot Chay Pepple slices onions bacon and

Parmesan cheese that’s it right Here m not your ordinary heart dog this is some good stuff it’s tasty wow obviously there’s baby back ribes this pigtail is that nice meat the sauce charcoal fantastic oh man the smell of the aroma coming out of there wow oh it’s a fantastic love the the

Mild spices give you a taste of this one one so all the different spices in one mixed with rum that’s right and then over here we have the sea MOS it reminds me of Mama hanana in a Dominican Republic very similar so it’s all the

Spices in a bottle then you put rum let it sit there that’s right and that’s it Woo more nuts yeah so that’s that’s when you roasted nuts he making their Right oh oh wow best roast nut I’ve ever had wow mhm and this actually balances your equilibrium I love Seas tast nice Drink Man beautiful it’s like thick that’s so I make it man nice drink so they stuffed the crab me back into the back of the crab nice and like crumbly

Mhm you know what I love about this it’s so simple but the spices in here oh I love the gravy here you know I had a certain dish though my favorite dish of all time but slowly goat Curry has become my number one look at this this is all the

Ingredients sioban yeah awesome sioban so Siobhan’s going to make it the all down for us today so he’s going to chop all these ingredients then all that’s going into a pot they’re going to cover it and and then it’s going to sit there for like an hour right something like

That I mean the bread fruit super soft now right W yeah got it mhm really hot oh I love everything in here but for I think for this chicken you have to get it PA off the bone wo wow it’s going to be great thank you so much let’s

See M it’s really good fresh fresh up see you can tell it’s fresh it’s so tasty love the Tomato the best the best that’s the best way Untouched by men hands you know this what is not sugar we put in lime and oranges ice cold and it’s sweet yeah oh

This one’s nice got cucumbers here oh cucumbers shellow Benny and that pepper is spicy mhm oh that’s sweet great combo I love you bro it’s so delicious crushing the canes here for extracting the juice of it so the canes come from the belt get pressed those that are not

Well pressed get to go through the process of pressing again so it’s double press 75% rum he said I’ll be okay but I think I might die for some reason all this smoke and all this wood burning it helps make the soup taste even you can’t eat it right M oh

The pumpkin oh it just melts you guys want to try this Scotch bonnet SC take off some of these seeds that’s and sweet oh it’s amazing papaya h as they do it break off chunks right super sweet I’m sure there’s some special ingredients in here too I put a little

Marijuana in it still too you know because the strength from the Marana increase the oh this is way taster than the other one it tastes different that one’s like more bitter this one a little sweeter son I need the whole thing after Pig me you just want to n this is that part

Little bits little bits that’s 100% pure cocoa should better but and it’s good for you m what’s that it’s like a chocolate gusher with rum oh yeah got r with passion food oh my gosh that’s what your Taste look at that I’m going to absorb that it looks exactly the same this Pepper pop this is so good this is going to be the best thing of all time m ready like Freddy Dominican Republic is called mamana they fill it up with all the herbs obviously this is the spice Island so Spice Island we have infinite amount of delicious spices of course and that’s what you got right here with rum Bottoms Up oh fish is the meat that most people

Would eat a around time we abstain from you know red meats and so on mhm during that period I was the opposite yeah you went through the head first I generally leave the head for last oh do you mhm probably the best part the ice the oil in there okay so

I’m going to add the shark the fine shark to the bake mhm love this nothing like this Tye of breakfast only in grenade and I’m going to add it to the bread fruit enough with Grenada now let’s head to one of my favorite countries of all time India for NeverEnding street food oh

It’s so good it’s pretty amazing watching him like spin around the dough turn into a ball and what he was telling me is he does like 700 Bas in the morning and around 800 in the evening oh it’s like super hot chunky beef oh wow it was spicy so how do I eat

This I just like go into it take spoonful of it and just take it huh who who knew fried potato could taste so good okay you said it’s sweet right it’s a very sweet drink super sweet but you’re saying if like if it’s really hot and you’re dehydrated the

Perfect in the H almost like coconut water oh wow next thing we’re trying is jool Lei which is like a fried dough he’s going to fry right here then they move it all over there and they put sugar on it super sweet so I just grab a little bit

Here this is spicy not so Spicy broom fruit oh man that’s amazing this is called the wealthy dish yeah it’s basically just like whipping cream just powdered sugar pistachios was going to say it’s like some nuts in here very fluffy you’re getting a lot of weight in India right oh it looks amazing this is so fun it’s

Like fun fun food oh W here you go so which piece should I try first let try this one take it like a drumstick is it really hot pick it from this side pick from this side okay still scorching hot cuz it just came out of there too hot too

Hot but it’s better hot oh my God baby chicken that’s delicious look with all this super spicy che’s my friend oh this is amazing wowow the best butter chicken in India they don’t use Tomatoes just literally butter and chicken I’m going to go with a small piece cuz this is still really

Hot God this is a heart attack chicken so it’s sweet and it’s steamed that is it’s perfectly healthy so here we go I’m going to try one oh wow makes it so sweet M the casawa mashed casawa the curd the pickle this is the bird side chili red onions Chutney

Wow M this rice is unreal still smoking hot pumpkin or potato Curry it’s a light Curry you know so here we have potato Curry M it’s very soft still pack with flavor M caman coffee it’s like a really really black coffee oh my god oh it’s going to be

Strong M I don’t know if I can drink this whole thing right now it’s 4:30 in the afternoon and this is the Dosa and the fu Dosa just go in here this a spicy Chutney right yeah m m oh I love this Dosa so here we

Have a COA CH so chickpeas a little spicy potato in there my God if you ever had a dish that is completely filled with butter this is it but it’s delicious it’s spicy so you get like that and you go in that’s like spicy spicy Buffalo Indian Heaven I haven’t

Had Buffalo Brian before it looks really rich in like a sauce here M that is delicious yeah man it’s called it’s traditionally sometime it can be sweet sometime it can be S though it depends on which one you get it so Shar yeah correct so sh

Yeah a big seed in the middle yeah the big seed in it has the consistency of a tomato yeah but sour just grab it like this right yeah Ian you want to make a smaller piece smaller piece yeah you get your favorite my favorite is a coconut

One M definitely a lot lighter this is like not mashed potatoes but like a mashed piece okay so potatoes withi pece very like gooey tomato and onion I mean it’s a huge piece but M that one is Bomb I like this one the more I love that one all right next

Up we have the pork salad this pork salad I had it earlier and it basically is like a like a Russian salad it’s uh I there’s some potato in here some onion and pork Oh that’s the best M I love it oh man not so spicy no I love the

Chickpeas what I did is I asked for a double espresso with some ice that’s how I like it I like it like super strong but a little cold this coffee is fire and this is local coffee right yeah local coffee M The Taste is different kinoa but like all mush together in play

A cake oh my God M lemon he just put the fork on the grill as you can see it’s a huge flame it’s going to be super charred it’s going to be a little crispy a little burnt Yep super fatty super fatty yeah I told you it’s like all it is is fat yeah how you doing good how are you very good so this is belri this is a Mumbai speciality it is rice puffs Tamarind sauce onions potatoes Tomatoes corander coriander and that’s shaves and that shaves yeah B

Puri M very crunchy lots of flavor in here the spice is coming but they have Momos I love Momos this is like dumplings but in India it’s like steaming oh yeah the texture on this m is amazing here we have Chow this is mallaya noodles it looks Chinese right

So I’m going to just try regular this has chicken in it oh I love it super thin noodles here we have it nasy goren this is Indonesian fried rice so amazing oh congratulations this is so good the first thing is this foty Savi oh wow nice squash a little spicy like a little

Bit M the booty is very crispy so get some of this this is all organs organs yep amazing look at that ooh nice and fatty love the sauce here there we go M nice and juicy P pounded rice with coconut and Sugar M coconut man there any bus to go bus oh it’s not too hot thank God it’s not too hot I thought it was going to be piping hot cuz you just took it off but I guess I let it sit for a bit m M it’s very nice very creamy very

Froy oh there’s some spice in there little chili so spicy the bread hasn’t been toasted still like very white bread it had the entire egg just like stream through it and get hard so it’s like it really is like bread with egg throughout this is the smoked fish curry look at this big

Piece of fish and M Curry looks so good M nice it’s nice Smoky flavor thank you so much M smells delicious thank you chicken tikka wrap M grab it same thing yes coconut ni nice very soft bread have some T oh my God that thing is full look at this wow that coconut was so refreshing this how you eat the Indian Burger you open it up for the sky Inside Yes okay dip it inside the Chutney and I have a Bite oh my God this is one amazing Burger it’s yummy freezing though one more yep it’s here at the rav Fast Food center nice look at this vegetables curries it’s a damn good sandwich I’ve get this one in the middle woo it’s on fire okay I mean it looks great this thing

Just came out of the prior oh man so this is the mutton and is the chicken probably still so hot just came off okay and then what do we have there like Chutney yeah [ __ ] yeah the Heat’s coming so refreshing after the heat it like cooled everything down this is like a cold

Chai oh that’s so good like rins R so this is Pop rice a little bit Masala then you have peanut here you have Cho onion W so this is Bomb da this is a local fish here it’s fried I’m sure they put put some curries let’s try with

The sauce oh wow ooh very soft fish the batter is light M fish fingers or fish sticks oh man this is amazing it’s like a quick bite did you want one yeah uh Frankie that non so you have non Frankie and they have W Frankie we show like so

Let’s uh eat a Frankie basically this is a basically like another crep with uh noodles eggs uh vegetables onion onions m m Saucy right yeah very nice saucey yeah that’s the reason I got you here today okay then we’re coming back in the afternoon we have L okay perfect well

Let’s eat man I’m hungry wow it’s like a minced meat chicken I those sweet almost like a cracker with uh nuts onions some little crispy stuff sweet sauce I like one it’s different they act as natur Oho it’s like full of butter right very light

Breakfast here we go di P tear one piece of it it’s really just dip it in this this Chutney made of coconut and M our next dish is kir BU veggie burger feels like all vegetables but potatoes in here right yeah spicing is so good a little bit not too

Much oh but it’s still really hot oh my God I love this rice this is amazing do I eat the whole thing whole thing the whole thing straight it’s nice lots of different not beans but like gummies lift it up this like condensed milk what are you doing to

Me India’s great but now we’re headed to Brazil to have some NeverEnding meat F the C can’t get enough of it so this is special grilled cheese huh yes yellow yellow cheese yellow cheese oh my gosh cheers mhm can tell is different so gooey it’s like oozing

Out my friend okay cheers you do you don’t bite M MH crunchy mhm so good melt in your mouth you roast for 4 hours and then they fry it’s important stuff want to try one of the Brazilian national drink which called kiria it’s basically sugarcane liquor with fruit and sugar and ice

But they don’t put uh mint I mean it’s delicious but it’s strong as hell strong that’s the most traditional one this delicious yeah I think it’s better yeah they call you Gringo amigoo all right my friends so we’re going to start off with some oysters oh

Yeah mhm be all day right oh all day mhm wow this one’s so good quality so Prime R huh yes so good look at that beauty Mr Silva usually don’t get happy when it’s like just non-stopping right he wants like N Chop both our favorites so good oh

Yeah so tastey I just love it some deep fresh shrimp M mhm very good M drumstick friend this tastes like the freshest chicken ever what is this one flank flank flank mhm mhm mhm oh this is so good look at this man it’s like it’s like tuna Sashimi exactly tuna Sashimi So

Soft to me one of the best no me too man me too half fatty medium rare meat oh mhm it’s crazy chicken butt sik Kebab all right so we have chicken butt correct yeah oh it’s fire this is it roast beef sandwich oh my God this is it kidney kidney with butter with

Butter it’s delicious it’s exotic nice so good this is called Guana okay this is like this is almost like a Fanta M as you can see look M so delicious wow oh that was good right that was good sausage let’s start with sausage mhm kind of smoky little bit kind of so

Smoky this is plain yeah so it’s just like very thick here we have takaka oh wow super green huh oh yeah oh wow very nice and refreshing liar how do you even do this a big bite is so delicious so good Sal wow and spicy I’m going to try a little piece

Here this is phenomenal look at this cheese you oh my God it’s still super hot love the cheese this is going to be amazing this the best okay hold hold S I love it that was freaking crazy it’s different different yeah it’s like a sponge yes that’s from by m oh yeah

Wow delici cheese from Arab I love the layers wow so what happen it’s strong it’s strong it’s fragrant it’s like flowers it’s hot okay phenomenal okay so we’re going to try some the pork Oh yeah oh man M the beef oh nice M super smooth you’re saying it’s very

Sweet Raa M delicious oh wow with pineapple woo really big take a bite wao so good man so different and here she is she’s making takoyaki all right so this is takoyaki not that much but oh wow not so cheesy more just fluffy just regular Brazilian coffee with lots of sugar

Very sweet oh my God it’s like extremely sweet dude usually I’d say that Brazilian people like to drink sugar with coffee and not coffee sugar M very good love it there other toasted bread with butter look at this yeah like this m oh my God lots of butter

M fluffy oh I love how crunchy is on the outside yeah I love it the last thing I have to try here is the pastel de ban there we go yeah this is straight cream oh wow I’ve never had coffee it tastes like that sour right sour sour dude you like nailed

It m oh man super creamy really electric the texture and taste is similar to roast beef but it also has some fatty Parts yeah for me it’s right next to the salon I’m going to die here in Brazil bro this is incredible I’m a huge fan of Penta so

Good Italian right Italian all the way Italian yeah and some special sauce smoke sausage this sausage was flamed with kasaba kasasa kasasa sounds like kava but it’s kasasa similar yeah which is the CH cane liquor oh different Z tastes like fish and chicken so this is pork belly huh this is too to

Ismo a little bit crunchy oh my gosh he’s huge yes monster so fish with onions I love it I love it too I eat that like 100 of them in a row chichon pork rinds yeah we call Tois to this and beer the best oh yeah to taste the mashed potato oh

Crazy so this is Frozen asai with milk powder on top okay oh the best M and here we go oh pi oh man it’s delicious M so sugarcane juice they also added lime into it oh man all right so honey kacha from the house right yes oh it’s like tequila little smoky

Gets a blood flowing for sure amazing wow man can’t open it go I know no sugar super hot oh oh this coffee is dark it’s black all right my friends I’m trying the kashasa they actually AG it right here in barrels oh this one’s great so what you

Do is you put a little bit of this right just a little bit put some lime mhm let’s do this mhm W all day I just grabbed one big one look at this oh it’s dripping honey yes oh my God M you have to try this this is so

Freaking delicious my mouth is watering thing in the next fight the octopus bu for this one let’s dive in wo I’m Blown Away the best meal ever look at this oyster so good Parmesan cheese the oyster is still on fire obviously they baked this one look at

That oh my gosh the parmesan cheese m next up the balsamic one let’s try this bad boy oh wow this balsamic glaze mixed with that oyster so good pretty amazing stuff this town has its own Brewery and they have an IPA and obviously I got to show you their beer really cool

M so tasty mhm one of the best I’ve ever had yes yes seriously mhm crazy look at this massive hot dog huge I can’t even believe this oh my God this is so crazy oh it’s delicious look at this kind of like a shredded uh crab meat right crab cake crab cake correct

Crab cake mhm mhm M I like it that is incredible man I you show you the whole thing trust me it tastes better oh my God yeah it’s spiced uhhuh P sugarcane juice with pineapple and lime dude the mix that is delicious Brazil Brazil is amazing but next up

Guess what I’m taking you to China ni hen sh this comes from this crazy spicy One oh W it’s like super spicy so this is a noodle master noodle Master wow crazy oh wow so I don’t know what this is but it looks great okay so the way it works here is basically you just you know pick a bun you pay and you go and

You eat on the street there’s nowhere to sit I just literally set up my camera on a scooter we’re going to eat here mhm pork bu So Soft on the inside it’s super juicy I love the spice I’m so excited to eat this this is what I ate

Every single day when I came with my father it’s ridiculous so good oh my God it’s spicy it’s sweet the scallion the egg is just running through it m I love the Crunch and uh here we have it the scallion pancake baked and fried look at

That oh my God you can see it’s really crispy W overload of scallion okay so I just got my seaweed and egg drop soup it’s like really really hot M super crunchy and thick seaweed and right here we have the dumpling I’m going grab another one of these dip in the

Sauce so it’s like shrimp with like a burst of soup nice super soft dumpling oh my God I love the sauce M oh it looks like the crab wants to to sort of bite your nose oh wow oh it’s a little spicy but nice crab meat in here this is the original shalom

Baau in Shanghai it’s a lot bigger than the regular Shalom bals usually they’re very small and they come in like six this is just one big one as you can see oh right there all right nice amount of red bean in there I love it this is like how it would do

Churos in Spain right but with chocolate put it up let it absorb the soy milk all right so I’m going to grab the sticky rice ball MH oh wow that’s have been spices in there nice egg shimmy dense very sticky wowow this is great so

Good and the coffee we got here’s a cold brew but it’s C Brew with coconut water M wo that’s different wow very tropical so it’s strong but you have like nice coconut little sweetness oh wow no sugar good coffee is drank with no sugar so here we have the noodles look at this

Guys you pull it up who nice sauce in here what you do is you just start slurping oh my God but these noodles are incredible skin of the soy milk amazing does have a texture similar to bamboo Bamboo shoe so this place has Shalom baau but they have ginger inside

A little different and it also comes with eight m m a little different with the Ginger Ginger with the vinegar oh nice sauce oh very moist in the center wow so this is a nango in Chinese and this is basically sticky rice cake let’s dive into this

Wow really good really good so we eating the rabbit head and uh typically this is called it definitely has to be tful the skin of the soy Right oh wow oh it’s just incredible wow different different thicknesses as it goes around mhm oh I love the sauce I love how thick they are and they’re very alente like they are very dense and here we go Gordon shrimp this shrimp is actually a freshwater shrimp from this

Area M so now I take some meat and put in the soup only take four or 5 Seconds it cannot take too long you know and the meat get get they overcooked got one piece just dip a little bit not too much you was saying the texture is completely different from like frozen

Meat yeah different world like butter and like you say it makes you bounce a little bit egg fried rice you got chives here you have like you know a little bit of burnt onions on top oh incredible this is so amazing super thin noodles you got this like

Broth you can see the spice you actually smell it spicy bro I love the spice yeah I guess I’m just going to try it like this really hot oh but it’s really good it’s a lot of layers in here it’s not just like a very thin CP it’s a few layers very

Flaky pastry beef rolls wrapped in tofu Skin So This is called sty um yeah so let’s dive in yeah just gra you blow me away with this dish yeah it’s honey but it’s it’s more like a it’s almost like a super runny honey it’s basically like a pizza right

And they cut it into like you know like small squares right there M m chinese pizza so here we’ve got a pork won you can see that the color of the won skin is almost translucent wow that like evaporated my mouth it was so good it was like M so I’m going to jump on the beggar’s chicken m wo

This is so ridiculously good the next thing we’re trying is one of the top 10 noodle bowls in all of China perfect alente here we have long Ching or Dragon well tea the most famous green tea in the world look at that you can see it floating in

There looks like Adam’s really big beans and got some chilies is Here very tasty I love the chili though a little bit of spice with it so it’s called five layers of pork mhm I mean the caramelized pork with the fat it’s so good I mean the layers here just so good not my favorite is cuz I’m not I

Don’t have a sweet tooth yeah this is some bones in there smells amazing very crunchy oh wow right here we have the freshwater shrimp from the lake and it has green tea and then also a sauce on the side super fresh shrimp all right this is the final dish

We got and it’s a massive one what the basically this is bullfrog Soup that’s going to be hard to eat say a chicken it’s extremely spicy though M mhm nicely pressed Panini so good it’s belly pork Berry with the Saki and the soy sauce and the sugar diving into the pork belly wow wow it is the best Pork Belly of all time of all

Time right so this is the song sister’s fish soup so it looks a little slimy it’s sour there’s mushrooms yeah this really good fish soup yeah very refreshing what is it it’s we call uh bread Temperation the icing has been there for a while because it sort of like seeped into the bread I don’t have a sweet tooth but this is amazing like so I’m going to go in maybe with let me see what is this this is like some mushrooms M I’m guessing these are like

Fishballs very tasty and here we have wons amazing I ran into this lady who’s making these delicious tofu like steaks let’s try this tofu is insanely good so soft M and this is it the beef onun and stick put some spice on it Goring they’re still good I mean it looks

Good M oh yeah black sesame spring onions so good okay so it’s like a super fluffy bread really hard to get through I hope you enjoyed China now we’re headed to Albania to have some never ending borck and raki F lots of garlic mhm we have rakia the national drink super strong distilled

Grapes wow that is good this is going to be so good over easy right Sunny Side Up mixed with this delicious salty cheese got to say the cheese is out of control this one’s going to be good okay so we’re starting off with the honey and cinnamon wow strong but very strong it’s

Like a th000 layers not really like 100 layers try nice hot this one going to try so try like this m oh my god wow bloody and fatty M I’ve never tasted a tomaha like that Wow M it’s hot it’s creamy this is amazing look at this beautiful this is so ridiculous this food oh my God it’s too good oh my God the creamiest mushrooms ever so this bu has spinach and cheese M what an amazing pie let’s try it

M m it’s good here I have delicious goat meat M I love this blowing me away man so tender this goat oh it’s like nice and thick M it’s really good m this is tomato and onions and you add some of that yogurt on top love the borck I’m a big fan of

Cornbread this is like the best cornbread ever ever wow oh my God I mean that yogurt it feels amazing this thing looks like a bomb look at this WOW got to be careful it’s really hot wow I’m in love with it it’s too good this is dessert Paar with

Raaka just to make sure yep sausage right there it almost feels like a corn dog mhm M the cheese one is usually my favorite a little salty oh I love the Crum the recorded cheese so it’s basically yogurt M super milky strong no sugar the way I like it

I’m going to have to get another one ooh strong that was almost like Turkish coffee and this one is BlackBerry raaka oh a lot smoother very fruity Wow this pasta this like one of the best pastas I’ve ever had that’s another thing people don’t know about the wines in Albania are phenomenal that’s the most most delicious succulent thing I ever had but all these are so nice yeah sh the name it’s great summer

A little fruity I like it oh my God this smell is ridiculous M nice full body wine wow m m so good this is like an orange lemonchello instead of the lemons you have the orange and this is cornelian cherry juice that was so amazing M it’s good it’s light healthy

Personally like I eat this and that’s it you know just to have a super light breakfast M I’m very very excited for this one PKA so it’s like a type of pasta it looks creamy you said just butter in here but just mad Butter it’s perfect so it’s layers of dough and inside is tomato so what I do is open it up it’s like also burc mhm it almost feels like the crust of a pizza but with multiple layers and this is another breakfast item okay I’ve actually tried this before first raki of the day

Rakia M oh it’s amazing let’s try it mm insane unbelievable all right I’m juming on the lamb next oh my God it’s so Good mhm nice fried dough M I think this needs like some Jam you know you got to try this one M the beef with wild mushrooms in the Tava this is going to blow my mind this is so exciting man beef and mushrooms what is this is nothing like

It it changes the flavor completely those pots I’m going get one of these put it right in the middle right away the cheese like crumbled into pieces just like oozed out love this so easy cut like that let this up mhm M I’m sure it’s going to be super salty no m

M good mhm oh man I love the salt level not extreme salt but you do get it nice buttery Fish and this is the trout that was cooked in a taba with tomato sauce I can’t wait for this m oh my God literally falling apart in your mouth pomegranate juice do you like that oh my God it is amazing it is Amazing it’s good smooth we have chicken and potatoes oh man So Fresh So Delicious and the final thing we’re eating tonight is the speed J which is the famous cake of the neighborhood or the village right M oh it’s good fantastic all right made from I think they all of was we talking

About you you’re talking about me huho this is good this is good here we have some beef beef from this area bur is the best with yogurt thick yogurt it is insane this is almost like like a sour cream cheese just dive in oh man another world mhm another

World so it’s go cheese it’s thick it’s not too crumbly salty so this is the ship milk uh thick thick sheep milk so it’s a traditional of the re of the region of cheram thick sheep milk it’s very thick it actually reminds me of the yogurt but we’ll see that’s not milk that’s

Heaven M okay okay gazor gazor gazor Yeah Albania love you guys now we’re headed to Belgium to have some waffles some beer and some chocolate monsters we got two they spicy these are Belgian holy smokes the inside it’s almost like bamel it like melt holy smokes razor clam you have to get everything in there

You got some garlic what it some parsley and oil I love this they’re doing a lot of construction around us so bear with us you going to try some of this samurai samurai sauce again this is a very creamy sauce not too spicy that one I like the garlic

In the and the loose whoa the fries are good wow what a beauty get that Mayo ketchup I love the fries oh wow oh wow that is strong wo I’m going to get a TOs with this Jack’s precious is this Jack’s Barrow no I’m with you Nice it’s not bad like usual but with no try it just don’t drink too much beautiful the Brussels waffle it’s so rich and decent thicker denser way more crispy way sweeter like extremely sweet I love the flavor it’s hem and cheese wa this is good it’s amazing actually

The cheese is melted like the leg crust M let’s try it so tasty that a nice contrast nice fresh salad it melted I thought the Marcia in Argentina was good this is another level beef cheeks the cheeks are super soft tender mind-blowing if you eat meat you

Have to try this stew wo and now we’re going to try some sausage sausage bacon and mash potatoes M lots of flavor unreal very tasty extremely sweet nice crunch inside like a cookie wo hazelnut you have the fudge in the outer layer amazing welome me see Belgian chocolate

Mousse this is chocolate orgasm yes orgasmic enjoy better than water oh my gosh we kept the best for last there’s the ultimate way to eat fries incredible gravy soaking through all the fries now it’s falling apart phenomenal my friends this is unreal this is too much oh my

Gosh most delicious penis of my life looks great mhm oh my go like epic wi wow this is really nice good M dry number one another amazing beer here in Belgium see that and the oil it falls like that the butter the garlic it’s great this

One it’s like a small piece of bread very soft I’m surprised how soft it is I thought it was going to be a harder piece of bread ooh it’s dripping all that butter I don’t know how I explain this bite what are you doing to me

Wow what cheese it’s so creamy is the ultimate Brie whoa Nico so good I’m in love with it it’s so soft a little smoky so good it’s good stuff cheese and a bit bacon it’s really good it’s really good the mustard mhm it’s out of control

Yeah oh the coffee W yeah yeah very nice it’s like tar yeah yeah wa that’s good though H like iced cold like that mhm oh what a combo crispy doughy H wrong with it that was 1,000 dishes you must eat before you die

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