Top 10 Instances of Chris Farley Breaking Characters on SNL – Video

Top 10 Instances of Chris Farley Breaking Characters on SNL – Video

No one could make people break quite like the legendary Chris Farley. From his iconic character Matt Foley to his unforgettable roles in sketches like “Pepper Boy” and “Zagat’s with Hank & Beverly Gelfand: Anniversary,” Farley’s ability to make his “SNL” co-stars crack up was truly unmatched.

In this countdown of the top 10 times Chris Farley broke people on “SNL,” we see moments where his larger-than-life personality and physical comedy had his fellow performers struggling to keep a straight face. Whether it was his over-the-top energy, hilarious ad-libs, or just his sheer presence on stage, Farley had a way of making everyone around him laugh uncontrollably.

From Adam Sandler to Norm McDonald, Farley had a way of bringing out the best in his co-stars and turning even the simplest sketches into comedic gold. His performances were so memorable and beloved that they continue to be watched and enjoyed by fans to this day.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh as we revisit the top 10 times Chris Farley broke people on “SNL.” And if we missed any of your favorite moments, be sure to let us know in the comments below. Farley may be gone, but his comedic legacy lives on through these hilarious sketches and the memories he created for fans around the world.

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Now let’s get started by letting me give you a little bit of a scenario of what my life is all about welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re looking at instances where Chris Farley’s SNL co-stars couldn’t keep a straight face because of him this is what the

Hell number 10 Matt Foley at the gym all right how you guys doing okie dokie my name r you don’t know me is F and I am a motivational speaker when he returned to host SNL Chris Farley brought back one of his best sketches this premise sees the character giving a

Pep talk to an exercise class the motivational speaker finds an opportunity to run wild after grabbing a pot of coffee pouring it all over himself the performer receives some hilarious reactions from the likes of Jim Brewer and Tim Meadows shut your piple messy all right look Matt look Matt take

It easy look this is not going to work out Farley even breaks himself up for a second before playing off of Meadow’s trainer while it might not be the best version of this skit this scene does manage to offer up some more laughs courtesy of the legend however I’ve

Forgotten mine uh is a kind of a moot point gross you cannot be serious number n the Hurley boy house sitting service let me water your plants come on let the boy water your plants in this commercial Adam Sandler’s character really tries to sell his service he pleads with the camera to be

A house sitter while Mr om Ali helps out the latter role is played by Chris Farley in a number of asides that only get angrier with each passing moment Mother of God what is the hold up let the boy sleep in your damn bed he said he washed the sheets each time

That om Ali takes over his counterpart seems to be clenching his jaw shut so he doesn’t laugh this all leads to a huge blow up from Farley at which point Sandler struggles to hide his Smiles I to see somebody happy so just let him

Move in for the love of God let the boy move in with you given this setup it’s amazing that neither performer falls over laughing at some point Point number eight pepper boy you see that man right there yeah big fat bushy beard big fat bu beard he like a three Twist of pepper

Set at a nice restaurant this sketch features two waiters eagerly peppering food Dana carvey’s character tries to Mentor Adam Sandler’s staff member in some Choice moments this also includes some Stellar voices from both performers though the surprise star is a guest played by Chris Farley after seasoning

The man’s dish Sandler covers his face as he receives An Extremely Loud response Bo thank you pepper boy that’s the perfect amount of pepper bra the hilarious performance doesn’t last long but it does leave a massive impression on the scene his presence nearly tears a hole in the skit in the

Best way possible with a solid beard and costume Farley really knows how to take one line and make it his own fres pepper why yes number seven Gap girls at the food court in another Showcase of 1990s SNL some of the best stars of the decade assembled for this sketch the

Performers eat at the food court with an iconic line from Chris Farley lay off me I’m starving diet starts Monday there’s also some vocal work from the likes of Adam Sandler that’s especially hilarious by the time Rob Schneider and Sarah Gilbert’s characters show up Farley delivers a comeback that’s equally funny

For being so strange when they were passing out brains you thought they said trains then you got on it and on a train and then went for a ride this leads Schneider to break as he watches his co-star steal the scene while the voices and costumes are great

It’s these kinds of mistakes that bring people back for more really whatever whatever whatever have fun making minimum wage girls number six breaking into the Central Park Zoo polar bear cage not every SNL sketch has an amazing script but they can still be hugely entertaining the skit set at the zoo is

A prime example of this concept the star studded lineup decides to take their turn jumping into a polar bear cage what happened what happened did the Bear get them I’m not wearing my glasses yeah the polar bear kill Jay what as each one gets torn to shreds blood splatters all

Over the survivors and the remaining actors start to slowly lose it this All Leads up to Norm McDonald and Chris Farley’s characters being left with both performers ready to break at any moment oh it’s the first guy that went in there are you serious you forgot which of our

Buddies was killed first it was was J Moore you ARS yeah yeah but um what what’s Jay’s middle name I forget the latter’s performance causes McDonald to crack up you could call this some kind of train wreck but it’s definitely an enjoyable one well you know what I’m going to jump in

There because uh I’m sure the bear is full by now number five Chris Farley as Bennett Brower that’s right Bennett Brower back with another com commentary thought you’d Seen the Last of old Bennett perhaps while he’s a lesser known character Bennett Brower does create this hilarious segment on Weekend

Update the correspondent makes ample use of air quotes throughout this skit at one point he’s supposed to take off with the help of some wires Chris Farley breaks character and ad libs when he realizes there’s a problem ready for some improvisation the performer turns this mistake into a fantastic moment

Look at K what doing something even host Kevin nean has to come to the rescue laughing as he has to try to adjust the rigging after making his co-star leave his chair Farley finally Soares through the air in a satisfying ending maybe the cables didn’t clear the light ladies and

Gentlemen number four zags with Hank and Beverly gelfin anniversary maybe we can all find a place in our zags New York restaurant guide let’s take a look together this vol volatile couple tries to use a guide book to look for a restaurant throughout the sketch Hank galin keeps nagging Beverly to stop

Chris Farley plays his part perfectly as Adam Sandler tries to remain calm the former touches the latter’s leg which almost stops the scene their sensual setting will set the mood for any romantic Rendevous oh here that hey after stifling a laugh Sandler takes the book and rips it up he shares a look

With his co-star In the Heat of the Moment that breaks both of them their quick recovery puts them back on script but it’s still fun to see the skit go off the rails let’s find a show to watch in our TV Guide just when I thought I was out she

Drags me back in number three Adam Sandler Lunch Lady Land This hilarious tribute to the work of lunch ladies is great on its own but it’s the work of Chris Farley that takes it to another level just know everything’s doing fine down here in Launch Lady Land Adam Sandler delivers this homage

While his co-star dances around in a memorable outfit the two start to interact as Farley mouths the words with the singer having to keep a straight face during his performance hogies and grinders hogies and grinders Navy beans Navy beans Navy beans Navy beans Sandler especially looks to be having the time

Of his life they both share a fun moment as they struggle to hold back laughter with all the Stellar choreography and funny lyrics this sketch cracks everyone up in an iconic display Jo sloppy Jo well number two Matt Foley scaring kids straight in prison let’s give it up

For my C mate three Matt F all right how do do D for this variation on the popular sketch the motivational speaker finds himself Behind Bars teaching teens about prison Chris Farley’s entrance is full of energy and loud enough to get his co-stars on the verge of laughter once

The comedian sets his sights on fellow cast member Adam Sandler he really kicks it up a notch Sandler can barely contain himself as Farley pronounces words like pie in his own special way that’s pretty funny let me rephrase that that’s funny in your pry you can clearly see that the

Matt Foley character is funny enough to even break the professionals like a friend trying to tell his buddies a joke the lead performer can’t help himself in a wonderfully crazy performance yeah I just bought you back before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the Bell to get

Notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one Matt Foley van down by the river now as your father probably told you my name is Matt

Foley and I am a motivational speaker in the first and most iconic version of this skit Chris Farley comes out as the fully formed character Matt Foley the motivational speaker gives a talk to two teenagers that quickly breaks down Farley’s performance might be the peak of physical comedy along with one of the

Best catchphrases in the show’s history you’re using your paper not for writing but for Rolling doobies you’re going to be doing a lot of doobie rolling when you’re living in a van down by the river flying off the handle the performer gets up close and personal with David Spade and Christina

Applegates characters this leads them to hide their laughs behind their hands before the comedian can even fall through the coffee table he already had his co-stars breaking down there’s you there Whoops a Daisy did we forget another time that Farley made people laugh let us know in the comments we’re

Going to be buddies we’re going to be Pals we’re going to rle around did you and enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos

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