Top 10 Revived TV Shows That Were Previously Canceled – Video

Top 10 Revived TV Shows That Were Previously Canceled – Video

Have you ever been watching your favorite TV show, only for it to be abruptly canceled, leaving you hanging with no resolution in sight? Well, fear not, because today we’re counting down the top 10 canceled TV shows that were brought back from the dead. From community to the expanse, and even fan favorites like futurama and family guy, these shows all found a second life on different networks or streaming platforms.

Starting off our list is Community, a show that famously coined the phrase “six seasons and a movie.” After being canceled by NBC, Yahoo Screen swooped in to fund a sixth season, keeping the dream alive for fans. Then there’s Lucifer, a fantasy drama that was saved by Netflix, proving that sometimes a little petition and social media activism can go a long way. And who could forget Nashville, which was ended by ABC only to be revived by CMT and Hulu, giving fans the closure they deserved.

Veronica Mars, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Arrested Development, The Expanse, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and many more shows all faced cancellation before being rescued by devoted fan bases, new networks, or streaming services. The power of a loyal fan base cannot be underestimated, as evidenced by the revival of these beloved TV shows.

So, do you agree with our ranking? Let us know in the comments which canceled TV shows you wish got a final send-off, and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more entertaining content. After all, sometimes all it takes is a little push from the fans to bring back our favorite TV shows from the brink of cancellation.

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Good news everyone those asinine morons who canceled us were themselves fired for incompetence welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re focusing on the most popular shows that were canceled but eventually saved sometimes by a new network entirely beware of a few spoilers ahead oh well congratulations

You poor I am so sorry money really changes you number 10 Community six seasons in a movie that was the prophecy made by self-aware character Abed way back in community second season Show’s going to last 3 weeks six seasons in a movie since then The Ensemble sitcom has battled the controversy

Surrounding Stars Chevy Chase the Creator being fired and rehired by the network and an entire season referred to as the gas leag year and what happened to Annie the Unstoppable go-getter well there was that gas League last year NBC finally put the show out of its misery

After Five Seasons but the prophecy was somehow kept Alive by Yahoo green who came out of nowhere to fund a sixth and final season now with a movie and development of peacock this lowbudget gem has scrapped its way to an Impossible Dream show may be canceled

And moved to the internet where it turns out tens of millions were watching the whole time may not matter number nine Lucifer I don’t know what this is about Lucifer we caught the murder I don’t know why you think the detective isn’t here which means I’m invulnerable one of

The more out there comic book adaptations Lucifer follows DC’s version of the devil as he abandons hell to run an LA nightclub as you do fox took a chance on the fantasy drama which premiered in 2016 but the network doesn’t exactly have the best track record for letting shows come to their

Natural ending as you’ll see in our countdown and Lucifer was cut short after season 3 it’s all True Detective it’s so true knowing the cancellation was coming the show Runners intentionally set up a huge Cliffhanger and the hardcore fans did the rest one online petition and a Twitter hashtag

Later Netflix saved the show airing three more seasons to massive viewing figures do you want to yell at me punch me in the face run away again I I think I just want to get back to work number eight Nashville starring Connie Britain and Hayden pantier as rival

Country music stars Nashville opened on ABC to almost 9 million viewers I know you you’re burning it up out there girl oh thank you my mama was one of your biggest fans she said she’d listen to you while I was still in her belly well bless your little heart though the

Numbers declined each year the show’s cancellation at the end of the fourth season Still Remains a mystery look I would love to be the guy that didn’t make the same mistake twice twice Deacon it’s been a lifetime ABC had only just hired new showrunners and the production company knew there was

More story to tell Lion’s gate was so confident in a Revival that it actually changed the season’s ending to make it a cliffhanger instead of giving the fans closure just in case tell me what’s going on we received a distress call we lost contact 90 Mi west of

Nashville sure enough CMT and Hulu joined forces to bring back the show and fans enjoyed two more seasons of country Bops number seven Veronica Mars because you had a bad day you’re Tak one sing anxious to find out how far I’ll go or are you ready to give me that name

Starring Kristen Bell as a high schooler turned private investigator Veronica Mars was asked by the CW in 2007 the show enjoyed three seasons of steady ratings and it was this fan base who was able to band together and take matters into their own hands Bell and Creator Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter

Campaign in 2013 hoping to raise funds for a Veronica Mars movie the $2 million goal was smashed in a mirror to 10 hours so you’re saying there’s nothing I can do I didn’t say that I never say that the movie released the following year but for patient fans

The good news didn’t stop there Hulu brought the character back for a one-off season in 2019 and the series got its conclusion on the small screen 15 years after its debut I haven’t worked the case since I transferred to Stanford and why is that the price was too high number six

Star Wars the Clone Wars I must get you to safety General Retreat you must on the moon below is my mission there I must go Star Wars the Clone Wars opened on the big screen in 2008 to mixed reviews at best later that same year the

Story found its feet as a TV series premiering on Cartoon Network and becoming the Channel’s most watched premiere of all time the Animated Series continued success was brought to an end in 2013 with the new owners Disney Keen to banish expanded universe material from the Star Wars cannon Ahsoka you are making a

Mistake maybe but I have to sort this out on my own without the council and without you the Clone Wars wouldn’t go down so easy though Netflix released new episodes in 2014 forcing a U-turn from the studio a new season streamed on Disney Plus in 2020 and the

Star Wars website includes the links to each episode in their official story order that’s sounds like Canon to us CT 149 I don’t believe it Number Five Arrested Development yes this is his family so why is Michael so happy because he’s decided to never speak to these people again it’s often in the

Conversation for greatest sitcom of all time but Arrested Development didn’t get there the easy way the show found a cult following from its Beginnings on the Fox network but you know what happens next failing to reach a wider audience Fox cut the series short just three seasons

In well uh I don’t think the home Builders organization is going to be supporting us yeah the HBO is not going to want us what do we do now well I think it’s showtime the fan base kept growing in its absence however and the cast of Comedy icons never gave up on a

Reunion some years later an opportunity formed in the rise of Netflix and the streaming service offered the sitcom two final Seasons with a total of five now spanning 16 years a rest of development finally got the send off it deserved in 2019 hey what happened to Michael and

George Michael it’s like they never shot up it’s like where the hell are they going probably pulling the car around actually I think they might be ready to move on number four Futurama name uh fry I’m Leela now it’s New Year’s Eve so I’d like to decide your fate quickly and get

Out of here Futurama follows a pizza delivery boy who wakes up a thousand years in the future which is almost as long as this show has been on the air the animated sitcom premiered on Fox way back in 1999 but the network pulled a plug after Just Four Seasons not long

After Comedy Central took up the mantle leading to the highest rated Thursday in the history yes I’m afraid the brainless drones who run the network canel our license we were cancelled oh it’s terrible the show is scrapped again after a few more seasons despite its consistent high quality and six Emmy

Awards to back it up Futurama now airs on Hulu where two decades and three networks later it’ll finally surpass the 150 episode Mark remember that show all my circuits the one that got canceled three times exactly new episodes of that that’s that’s our pitch number three the

Expanse even if we all survive we’re leaving behind an unexploded bomb sooner or later someone will set it off fittingly for a show about colonizing the solar system there is an alternate universe where the expanse only got to tell half its Story the modern science fiction classic had Critics on side from

The very first season but it never quite had the ratings to match how would I know why they did that I’ve been locked up since the last time I saw you the Sci-Fi Network canned the show after its third season and fans went to extreme lengths to find it a new

Home an online petition was signed over 100,000 times and money was raised to fly a plane with a banner reading hash save the expanse around Amazon Studios Prime video did pick it up for three more seasons and the show went out with a budget and fan base to do its

Expansive storytelling Justice every week another Colony ship filled with our constituents shows up at the blockade and we make them wait they’re sitting ducks for pirates they want to explore new worlds we should let them number two Brooklyn 99 Jake Peralta yes there’s a bomit your wedding it’s set to explode

At 5:30 everyone inside will Die so that was not the cake guy yet another show canceled by Fox Brooklyn 99 took under 30 hours to rehome the show got the ax after its Fifth Season leading to frantic negotiations that included Hulu and TBS and a Twitter backlash led by Lyn Manuel Miranda I’m here for a Jak

I’m going to go to the bathroom you know what this is going to hurt like hell the 9 came full circle to land at NBC the network that launched star Andy Samberg and had originally passed on the cop comedy Brooklyn 99 gave us three more seasons of cold opens and character work

To end as one of the most popular sitcoms of the century we need music I brought a Jock Jam CD for the wedding oh we didn’t talk about that it was going to be a surprise before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions manifest High viewing figures

Persuaded Netflix to make its own final season how many more months going to be staring at the same patch of ocean different patch every day and many more to come till our airplane decides to present itself Star Trek the Original Series one of the first fan campaigns

Inur of the Star Trek Legacy love him I love the life he led the power of a Starship Commander one day at a time the first show dropped by Netflix to be picked up on a traditional TV network did you decide what we’re watching for movie night no it’s like there’s nothing

Good on Netflix anymore you lifetime passed on a second season which is still going WR on Netflix it’s temporary regroup get some cash together figure out next moves go never look back it’s a chance to get back to who I really am sense eight fan backlash convinced

Netflix to conclude the series with a one-off finale you tell me the choice you made was a mistake now the mistake is thinking we’re back in the same place we’re not before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest

Videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one Family Guy ah so beautiful it’s almost as if this world was created especially for

Me you think he’s on to us Kristoff no he’s an idiot first airing in 1999 the early days of Family Guy were weighed down by poor viewing figures the Seth McFarland animation now one of the longest running comedies of all time was canceled twice in the early 2000s first

After the second season then for good after season 3 or so we thought everybody I got bad news we’ve been cancelled oh no Peter how could they do that well unfortunately Lois there’s just no more room on the schedule in a surprise Redemption Arc for Fox the network revived the series after huge

DVD sales remember those Family Guy returned with new episodes in 2005 and never looked back at the time of writing the show was currently slated for at least a 23rd season with seemingly no end in sight I am so proud of you no you’re not what of course I am I gotcha

Agree with our ranking and which cancelled TV shows do you wish got a final send off let us know in the comments so what does this mean for us and our many fans it means we’re back on the air did you enjoy this video check out

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