Top 12 Sicilian Dishes You Have to Try When Visiting Sicily and Where to Find Them! – Video

Top 12 Sicilian Dishes You Have to Try When Visiting Sicily and Where to Find Them! – Video

To capture the full essence of Sicily, you must indulge in its diverse and unique cuisine. Sicilian food is a reflection of the island’s history, being influenced by Greek, Arab, Norman, and other civilizations. With their fertile volcanic soil and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Sicilian cuisine encompasses a love affair between the land and the sea.

On this ultimate Sicilian food tour, you will be taken to some of the best restaurants and places to try 12 must-eat dishes in Sicily. From the bustling markets to family-run trattorias, you will discover the vibrant flavors and rich history behind each dish.

The journey starts in Agrigento, where you will experience the regional cuisine at its finest. The video provides a detailed guide on the main ingredients of Sicilian cuisine, which includes locally-sourced produce such as tomatoes, capers, olives, citrus fruits, almonds, pistachios, ricotta, and pecorino cheeses. Along with a generous use of herbs and spices, as well as an abundance of seafood, Sicilian food offers a delectable exploration of flavors.

Some of the mouthwatering dishes featured in the video include Caponata, Pesce Spade a La Siciliana, Gelato con Brioche, Cassata, and many more. Each dish is meticulously explored and presented, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the culinary delights of Sicily. The video provides an intimate look at the texture, taste, and history behind each dish, offering a genuine and immersive experience.

Throughout the journey, you will witness the unique blend of flavors and influences that make Sicilian cuisine truly exceptional. From the sweet and savory to the tangy and earthy, Sicilian food captures the essence of the Mediterranean in every bite.

With stunning visuals and insightful narration, this video serves as the perfect guide for anyone looking to explore the diverse and unforgettable culinary landscape of Sicily. Whether you are a food enthusiast or simply enjoy immersing yourself in new cultures, this Sicilian food tour will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the rich and vibrant flavors of Sicily.

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I thought I knew Italian food,  and then I came to Sicily. Sure,   you can find your pizzas and carbonara pastas, but  you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re not   exploring Sicily’s unique regional offerings.  Sicily is a crossroads of civilization. Greek,   Arab, Norman, and a handful of other  civilizations all played a part in  

Conquering this island, thus shaping not  only Sicily’s history but also its food. Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared our  experience traveling around Sicily and living   with my family here. And if there’s anything we’ve  learned, it’s that Sicilians are serious about  

Food. Aided by some of the most fertile volcanic  soil in the world and surrounded by water,   Sicilian food is a love affair between the land  and the sea. From bustling markets to family   run tratorrias, we’ll be sharing 12 dishes  from around Sicily and where to find them.

Our journey starts in Agrigento, where my  family spent some time showing us the best   of the best cuisine in this area. But before  we head to our first spot, let’s learn about   the main players in Sicilian cuisine. As you  can imagine, with such fertile land, local  

Ingredients make up the majority of the dishes.  The Sicilian approach often involves incorporating   the rich Mediterranean flavors like tomatoes,  capers, olives, and their oil, and a generous   use of herbs and spices, including saffron and  cinnamon, showcasing the island’s Arab and North  

African influences. You can also expect to see  plenty of citrus fruits, almonds, pistachios,   and ricotta and pecorino cheeses. Oh, and one  other important thing: lots and lots of seafood. First things first, of course, we choose  an appetizer, and this is the most Sicilian  

Appetizer. And this might be our only chance to  have some vegetables during this food tour because   it’s a pretty carb-packed food tour. So, how do  we say provecho bon appetite… “Buon appetito!” Caponata is a riot of textures and tastes.  The main character is the fried eggplant,  

Supplemented with crunchy celery, briny  capers, and olives, all swimming in a tangy   tomato sauce. Wow, this is a really interesting  texture, especially with those almonds on top,   and it almost has a kind of sweet and sour taste.  This is something that we don’t have in Mexico.

Swordfish is a kind of fish that needs  the cold waters of the Mediterranean. So,   if you’re coming over here to Sicily, you  really need to have this fish. And we ordered   it “Pesca Spade alla Siciliana,” which means  the Sicilian way. In Pesca Spade alla Siciliana,  

The swordfish is typically sliced into steaks and  then grilled or pan-fried to perfection. The magic   of this dish lies in its accompanying sauce or  dressing. It’s a lively mix of fresh tomatoes,   capers for a salty briny kick, and olives,  adding a rich earthy depth. Aromatic garlic  

And a generous sprinkle of fresh herbs like  oregano and parsley are also thrown in the mix,   as well as a splash of lemon juice or white  wine to add a bright acidic balance. All these   elements come together harmoniously, coating the  swordfish with a medley of flavors that are tangy,  

Sweet, and savory. “Ooh, you need to  try it, Juliana, it’s very, very good.” “Hey, I think now would be a great time  to show us how you say something’s very,   very good in Sicily.” “That’s right.  Whenever you really like something in Sicily,   the Sicilians do this.” gestures  “It means that was very good.”

“Now, who’s ready for dessert? Or should I say,  dessert for breakfast? I very much appreciate   the fact that they do not look down upon having  gelato for breakfast. What a wonderful country   this place is. So, we ordered this delicious  invention called ‘brioche con gelato.’ It’s  

Probably the best ice cream sandwich you’ll ever  have. Of course, you choose whatever gelato you   want. We got this delicious brioche bread around  it, and I swear, I’m not just eating this because   it’s socially acceptable. People actually do eat  this for breakfast here. So, let’s give it a try.”

“Oh, the gelato, obviously, on its  own, stands out. It’s incredible.   I could eat gallons of this. But with the  bread, that’s soft like fresh-made bread,   probably made here today, it’s just the  most magnificent invention I’ve ever had.”

“Now we have a ‘cassata Siciliana.’ This is the  main dessert over here on the island. There are   many desserts, but this one is the main one,  and it’s very, very sweet. Normally it’s huge,   and you have to share it, but this  one is an individual presentation,  

So I will not be willing to share, Juliana, sorry  about that. Now we’re going to try this one.” “Looking forward to this.” Cassata features  a moist sponge cake soaked in fruit juices   or liqueurs, layered with a sweet, creamy filling  of ricotta cheese, enriched with candied peel and  

Chocolate chips. This confection is encased in a  vibrant marzipan shell and topped with a smooth,   glossy royal icing. “Wow, tastes like Sicily,  especially with the pistachio on top.” “Our next dish, we are searching for ‘pane con  la milza,’ and we’re taken by Martin’s cousin,  

Enrico, to the best spot in town. It’s not  for the faint of heart or stomach. This is a   sandwich that stares you down and dares you to  take a bite. It’s the kind of food that makes   you question your life choices, right before  you realize you’ve made the best one yet. So,  

What’s in this bad boy? Picture this: soft,  fluffy bread, innocently sitting there,   about to get a wake-up call. Then comes  the ‘milza,’ which is spleen and lung,   cooked until tender, often in lard. Yeah, you  heard that right, spleen and lung. This meaty,  

Rich filling is seasoned with salt, maybe  a little bit of lemon, and some cheese.” “Now, I know that if I would have looked  up what the description of this was before,   I would have been too nervous to eat it. Martin  swears to me it’s good, and he’s never led me  

Astray before. I am a notorious picky eater,  but we’re in Sicily, let’s give it a try.” “Oh, this meat melts in your mouth. You barely  even need to chew it. The only thing I’m chewing   right now is the bread. It’s so soft, so  juicy. I get it now, Martin. I get it now.”

“The first time I visited over here, I think  it was 2005. I came with my entire family,   and my family from here, they brought us over  here to this exact place. And I remember,  

I didn’t want to try it, but then I tried it,  I fell in love. It was love at first bite.” “There’s one more restaurant for us before we  continue to our next stop, and that’s to meet   up with my friend, Alessandro. We came to  try ‘arancini,’ which we’ll get to later,  

But he tells us we really ought to try  something more local instead, a pastry   called ‘Mignolata.’ And this one has mortadello  and also olives, so I’m going to like this one.” “So good. On the inside, it’s very, very soft,   and the cheese and the olives  are so good. I’m loving it.”

“And now it’s time to talk about the one  dish that everyone can’t stop talking about   at home. This Sicilian staple has traveled  the globe. As Alessandro keenly observed,   even our cozy Italian eatery back  home has joined the bandwagon,  

Serving their own spin on this iconic dish. But  here’s the thing: ‘arancini’ is more than just a   tasty snack. It wouldn’t have existed without the  various conquerors of the island. Martin’s aunt,   who moved to the island over three decades ago,  took a moment to explain this dish further to us.”

“Sicilians love food, so ‘arancini’ is because  when Arabs were here, they introduced rice and   oranges, ‘arancia.’ So, ‘arancini’ is rice  boiled in saffron, compact like oranges.   That’s why the name ‘arancini’ means ‘little  orange.’ And the filling is whatever you find  

In your fridge. In this case, it’s ‘ragù’  with tomato sauce. Tomatoes are from Mexico,   and the meat is obviously different. But  sometimes, we can use it with fish and eggplant,   fry it, or with ham and cheese. It’s like  your sandwiches in the United States. For  

When we see TV, we eat delicious ‘arancini,’  for whatever. It could be hot or could be cold,   delicious. And I know Martin wants to eat  it for as many meals as possible, right?” “So far, only four. We got to up that number.”

“Also, it’s a weird thing because  it’s ‘arancini’ in the west of Sicily,   and it’s ‘arancino’ in the east of Sicily. So,   you will find ‘arancini’ or ‘arancino,’ depending  on where you ask it. If it’s next to Catania,  

It’s masculine, and if it’s next to Palermo  or to the west part, it will be feminine.” “This is the star of the show. This  is my favorite of all. Juliana,   you’re going to love this dish. If you love  fried food, um, specifically looking at  

Those who are like me and love like those fried  macaroni and cheese balls. It’s hard to explain,   but the texture is somewhat similar to this one  that we have right here. I mean, tons of cheese,   ham, crunchy fried outside with rice inside.  It’s just the most magnificent invention I’ve  

Ever had. And, uh, I’m going to try and  fail, probably, at home to recreate this.   But let’s give this a try. We’re in Sicily;  we’re eating it for practically every meal.” “Yep, so good. Oh my God.” “Alessandro’s place is certainly tasty,  

But we wanted to know his opinion on  where the best ‘arancini’ can be found.” “So, if you find yourself on that boat,   let us know how the ‘arancini’ is. Agrigento  has treated us well on this food journey,  

And we were able to find a lot of our  dishes so far. But it’s time to head east.” “Next up on our list of things to try in Sicily  has taken us to a little town called Taormina,  

Which you guys may know from the popular show  ‘White Lotus.’ This is a cannoli. Sure, you may   know a cannoli; you’ve heard of it before. They’re  all over the world, but you haven’t had a real  

Cannoli if you haven’t had one here in Sicily.  This shop that we went to here in Taormina has all   different sizes, all different flavors. This is  the perfect way to start your day here in Sicily.” “To make it simple, a cannoli is  a classic Sicilian sweet treat:  

A crunchy fried shell filled with smooth, sweet  ricotta. There’s a lot; there’s pistachio,   there’s chocolate, and other ones, but get the  original one with ricotta, the Sicilian way.” “Wow, that filling, that’s what gets me. And  the outside, so crunchy, so, so delicious.” “Our journey continues 45 minutes  south to Sicily’s second-largest city,  

Catania. And we have one extra special dish we’re  looking for here. In case you want to try just a   regular pasta dish that includes eggplant and  ricotta, you want to try this. You can find it   almost in every restaurant in Sicily, but it was  born in Catania, and they’re very proud of that.  

This restaurant is called ‘La Pentolaccia,’  so we’re going to try this great dish.” “At its base, you have perfectly cooked  pasta, usually macaroni-like shapes that   hold sauce well. Then comes the star of  the show: fried eggplant. These golden,   tender slices bring a meaty texture  and a deep, almost sweet flavor that’s  

Unmistakably Mediterranean. The pasta  and eggplant are lovingly coated in rich,   vibrant tomato sauce. But what really sets ‘pasta  alla Norma’ apart is the finishing touch: ricotta   salata. This isn’t your regular creamy ricotta.  Ricotta salata is the cheese’s sophisticated   cousin. It’s been pressed, salted, and aged  until it’s crumbly and delightfully salty.”

“So good. We’re discovering that eggplant  is something that you can find in several   dishes over here. They make it so good.  I never thought I’d like it that much.   Eggplant melts in your mouth. So good, and  with the ricotta, it’s salty but very nice.”

“And at last, we make our way to Sicily’s  largest city, Palermo. There are two dishes   we’re on the hunt for now: ‘sfincione’ and  ‘panelle.’ Both street food offerings that   are best found in Mercato del Capo. A small  stall called ‘stanlio e ollio’ has them both.  

We’re about to try ‘panelle.’ That is chickpea  fritters. So, with the influence of the Arabs,   they also brought the chickpea, and it’s very  famous over here. You can eat it like that,   or you can eat it also in a sandwich that  they call ‘panino con panelle.’ So, we’re  

Going to try it. It’s going to be good, greasy,  simple, with a lot of flavor. It’s for me.” “Now, at this point in the video,  you’re wondering how we’ve made   it this far in Sicily without showing  you any pizza. Well, pizza’s Italian,  

But you know what’s Sicilian? ‘Sfincione.’ It’s  their take on pizza. Check it out. Super thick   bread-like piece, tons of ricotta on top  of this one. There are tons of different   types you can get. It feels like pizza. You can  grab this any time of day, super quick, easy,  

Good street food. This Sicilian interpretation  of pizza? Domino’s pan pizza could never.” “And no trip to Sicily is complete without one  of the most famous desserts: granita. We have   shown a couple of desserts in Sicily, but this  one is people’s favorite during the summer. Why?  

Because it’s very hot. Yes, there are all sorts  of flavors. I got orange, you got lemon, but this   is the typical one. But then, as you said, there  are a couple of flavors. So, cheers to the end  

Of our guide. Sure, you might hear tourists or  your friends back home call it Italian ice or   a slushie, but let’s set the record straight: it’s  Granita with a capital G. Granita is like the cool   cousin of sorbet, the one who wears sunglasses  indoors and somehow gets away with it. It’s a  

Semi-frozen dessert, but calling it semi-frozen is  like saying the Sistine Chapel has a nice ceiling.   Granita is an art form, a perfect balance of  iciness and flavor. It’s made with water, sugar,   and fresh local ingredients. Think sun-ripened  lemons, juicy strawberries, or even almonds.  

And here’s the kicker: in Sicily, they often pair  it with a brioche. Yep, bread with your ice. But   today, we decided to stick with just the granita.  “Yours is better.” “Oh, really? See, everybody   goes for the lemon, but I think the real hidden  gem in Italy is their oranges, or mandarin. That’s  

Also been pretty good.” So, that’s 12 dishes you  have to try when you visit Sicily. Which one would   you try? Don’t forget, this is just one video of  our series around Sicily. So, we left this one  

For you to watch next. So long, make the world  your neighborhood. See you guys next time. Ooh!

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