“Travel Guide: Explore the Top 25 Natural Wonders of the World” – Video

“Travel Guide: Explore the Top 25 Natural Wonders of the World” – Video

Welcome to the top 25 natural wonders of the world! In this video, I take you on a journey to some of the most incredible and awe-inspiring places on Earth. From the majestic Himalayas to the otherworldly landscapes of the Sahara Desert, there are just so many incredible natural wonders to explore.

I have spent years traveling the world and have compiled a list of my favorite natural wonders. We start off with the Himalayas, home to the tallest peaks in the world. Then we head to the Western Ghats in India, known for its lush mountains and incredible biodiversity. We then make our way to Algeria to visit the Tassili N’ajjer National Park, a truly otherworldly landscape in the Sahara Desert. From there, we travel to Ethiopia to visit the Dallol volcano, one of the hottest places on Earth with colorful hydrothermal pools.

We then head to Uganda to explore the Rwenzori Mountains, home to the third highest peak in Africa, and then to Tanzania to hike the Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano, an active volcano with a breathtaking view from the top. We also go on a safari in the Serengeti National Park, an incredible experience to see Africa’s wildlife in their natural habitat.

These are just a few of the incredible natural wonders I have had the privilege of visiting. Each place is unique and has left a lasting impression on me. I hope this video inspires you to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of our world. What is your favorite natural wonder? Let me know in the comments!

Special thanks to my friends for sharing their incredible footage from their travels, and be sure to check out my other travel videos for more amazing places to add to your travel bucket list. Thank you for watching!

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What’s up guys my name is Ryan and I spent the last few years traveling the wonders of the world and I want to share with you my favorites so here’s my natural wonders top 25 our incredible world is full of so many wonders from the islands of French Polynesia to the otherw worldly

Landscapes of the Sahara Desert there’s so many incredible natural wonders on Earth let’s start this video off at the Himalayas stretching through the countries of Nepal India Bhutan China and Pakistan the Himalayas are home to the tallest peaks in the world I mean they literally make all other mountains

Look small the country probably most welln for the Himalayas is Nepal it’s home to eight of the world’s 14 mountains that are over 8,000 M including Mount Everest which is the worlds talls with a height of 8,848 M if you want to experience Mount Everest I recommend doing the hike to

Base camp it takes anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks to do the roundt trip trk and on the way you’ll experience him in Nepal’s most amazing mountains another incredible place in the Himalayas is nanga parvat it’s located in Pakistan and it’s the ninth tallest mountain in the world a height of

8,125 M you can get a great view of it from this place called The fery Meadows I mean there’s just an endless amount of incredible mountains in the Himalayas after we’re going to head down to India to visit the Western gats located on the southwestern coast of the Indian

Peninsula the Western gats are a massive mountain range that stretch 1,600 km and are older than the Himalayas it’s known for being one of the most biodiverse places in the world and it’s home to thousands of wildlife species I mean I just love how incredibly Lush the

Mountains are I it’s a shade of green I’ve never seen before now one of my favorite places in the western gats is the def cone waterfall it’s located in the northern region of the mountain range and it’s this incredible waterfall and during monsoon season there’s multiple streams cascading into the

Valley below after we’re going to head over to Algeria to visit the tsili Niger National Park now located in Southeastern Algeria in the Sahara Desert Tel nir is home to to some truly other worldly Landscapes massive Rock monoliths dominate The Horizon contrasted with reddish orang sand now

My favorite feature of the area is the massive sandunes they have such a unique color contrasted with dark rocks if you want a true Sahara Desert experience toil nir is an ideal place to go after we’re going to head to Ethiopia to visit Theo located in the northeastern part of

Ethiopia the L is considered one of the hottest places on Earth with an average temperature of 35° C it’s a truly Barren Wasteland with virtually no living life one of my favorite features of Doo is its colorful hydrothermal pools they are striking yellow orange and green colors

Nearby Doo is the ER Al volcano known locally as the gateway to Hell ER Al is home to the longest existing lava lake that has been there for over 100 years when the Landscapes of Ethiopia are truly on another level after we’re going to head to Uganda to visit the revanor

Mountains when you think of Uganda properly Green Hills and gorillas come to mind but it’s also home to one of the most incredible mountains ranges in Africa located right in the border between Uganda and the Congo is the snowcapped revanor mountains it’s home to the third highest peak in Africa

Called Mount Stanley that has an elevation of 5,19 M now special thanks my buddy David Clancy for helping me with footage he spent several days hiking through the Mountain Range and summited Mount Stanley he made an incredible film that link below now the area is also known as the mountains of

The Moon and it’s the source of the Nile River the vegetation here is just so bizarre it starts off as a rain forest and as you scale higher the vegetation changes drastically until you reach the snowcat peak of Mount Stanley I mean who would have thought yukana would have so

Much snow after we’re going to head to Tanzania to Summit the volcano called alono langai it’s located near Lake nron and it’s a active volcano with a height just under 3,000 M and it’s known by the local tribes as the Mountain of God and after scaling it I totally understand

Why it has that name so we decided we wanted to climb the volcano so we started at midnight and I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into but it ended up being the hardest hike of my life but right around 6:00 a.m. we made it to the top and the sun

Started to climb Over the Horizon and I just couldn’t believe my eyes I was standing on the volcano’s rim and the crater was absolutely huge it had this black bubbling lava inside and it said to be some of the coldest lava in the world the volcano was just so loud I

Could hear the Earth groaning and it sounded like a thunderstorm as I walked to the other side I got one of my all-time favorite shots as I was standing on the volcano’s Rim overlooking the scenery below it reminded me of the quote in Lion King where Mufasa says to Simba everything

The light touches is our kingdom it was one of the most powerful views I’ve ever seen in my life it was hands down one of my all-time favorite travel experiences while we’re still in Tanzania we’re going to go on a safari in the serengetti National Park it’s one of the

Best places on Earth to see Africa’s Wildlife from leopards chilling in trees to cheetah roaming the Savannah the serengetti is The Lion King in real life but we there we went on game drives every day we were able to witness so many incredible moments whether it was watching two lionesses enjoying the

Sunset or witnessing the endless herds of wilderbe beasts the most memorable moment was when we escaped a massive thunderstorm and we were able to watch these zebras grazing accompanied by Massive Thunderbolts and the craziest Sunset I’ve ever seen my life after we’re going to Angela to visit the black

Rocks of Pungo and Dongo located in Northern Angola this is one of the most Miss locations in Africa now especially thanks to my buddy Ellis vanj for sharing his footage he spent some days exploring these rocks and the rest of Angola and I’ll link his video in the description below during sunrise and

Sunset this place turns into a magical location and if you’re lucky you’ll get some fog to add to the magic now also nearby is the kalandula falls with a height of 105 M and a width of 400 m it’s one of the largest waterfalls in Africa I mean Angola has so many

Beautiful places very few know about after we’re going to venture to bot swana to experience the okavango Delta now located in the North northern part of the country the okavango Delta is this massive seasonal swamp that can be seen from space the area gets flooded and it reaches its peak water levels

During the summer months now due to the influx of water animals come from all over and it creates one of Africa’s greatest Wildlife concentrations from elephants wandering through the chesty water to Red lway antalope running through the swamps it’s just incredible how much Wildlife exists in the okavango

Delta one of the best ways to experience it is by taking a boat and wandering through the endless canals and lagoons marveling at all the wildlife after we’re going to head to the Bai Coast located on Italy’s island of Sardinia my favorite place there is kalit I think

It’s easily one of the most beautiful beaches in all Italy and the world it has these massive pointy rock formations coupled with green Cliffs and Gatorade blue water it was about a 45-minute boat ride to get there we anchored the boat and immediately went for a swim the

Visibility was incredible some of the best I’ve ever swam in another another reason I wanted to go is because there’s a sea Arch and you can do some cliff jumping I sent a few jumps off and it was just so much fun there’s no better feeling than sending a Gainer into the

Sea after we’re going to head to Russia to visit Lake Bal located in southern Siberia Lake Bal is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world it contains more than 20% of all the world’s fresh water it’s also the world’s steepest lake with a depth of

1,642 M it’s also home to one of the only freshwater Sills now during the winter months the ice can freeze to be 2 m thick one of the easiest ways to get across the lake is with a hover booat or you can also have a winter workout and

Ice gate on the world’s largest ice rink after we’re going to head to China to visit the magical mountains of the jangajji National Forest Park located in the Hunan Province this Forest is home to some of the world’s most incredible scenery the park is full of these Rock

Pillars that ascend from the forest floor they’re covered in Lush vegetation and Misty clouds adding to their magic these Rock pillars are the inspiration behind the floating mountains in the movie Avatar after we’re going to head over to Thailand to visit fangna Bay I mean it’s this Mangrove area located

Between kabi and pukat and it has this almost perfect winding river that cuts through the mangroves with jacket mountains on both sides I mean I’m just obsessed with the Limestone mountains that just jut out of the water it’s such a baffling location also in the bay there’s this really interesting Island

Village called p and nearby is also the iconic James Bond Island after we’re going to head to Indonesia to visit Mount bromo located on the island of java I think Mount bromo is one of the most impressive volcanoes in the world Mount bromo is very active there are

Several Lookout points that give you an incredible view of the crater with the other volcanoes in the background the scene right here is just unbelievable while we’re still on the island of java we’re going to visit the waterfalls of TAC SEIU it’s definitely one of the most incredible waterfalls in Indonesia as it

Has dozens of streams that Cascade into the bull below it’s overshadowed by the samuru volcano which is the same volcano you can see in the distance from Mount bromo after we’re going to head over to Central America to visit bis’s Barrier Reef located off of B’s Coast bis’s

Barrier Reef is part of the Great Mayan Reef which is the second largest core Reef system in the world it’s home to over 500 species of fish and also one of the biggest populations of manatees one of the most iconic places in bise’s Barrier Reef is the Great Blue Hole when

You think of bise this is what a lot of people imagine it’s over 1,000 ft wide and 400 ft deep now special thanks to my buddy will Mitchell for helping with footage he makes some great videos of B and I’ll link his channel in the description now to get to the Blue Hole

You can take a three-hour boat ride from the island of San Pedro where you can also take a quick flight to see it from the air is truly one of the most unique locations on Earth after we’re going to head to South America to visit the

Amazon rainforest now if you look at the Amazon rainforest from space you can see that just this massive green area in Northern South America the Amazon extends into countries such as Peru and Colombia but 60% of the Amazon rainforest is in Brazil and an interesting fact about the Amazon is

That it’s home to the largest collection of animals and plants in the world from pink river dolphins to Scarlet maaz the Amazon is home to so many creatures it makes me wonder what other undiscovered animals remain hidden in the vast rainforest now afterwards we’re going to visit Leno maranis located in the

Northeastern part of Brazil Leno maranis is not only one of the most unique landscapes in Brazil but all of South America it’s this almost endless array of sand Dooms that fill up with these Caribbean Blue lagoons during the rainy season you may recognize this landscape from the planet vmir in the adventurers

Movie now the lagoons are a great place to go kite surfing or just go swimming now the best time of year to visit the dunes is from June to September this is when the lagoons are full and the sun isn’t as strong you can explore the

Dunes by taking a tour on a 4×4 car or you can also rent ATVs or go horseback riding to see the wanders of this otherworldly place after we’re going to head to Venezuela to witness Angel Falls known as has the tallest waterfall in the world with a height of 979 M special

Thanks again to Ellis for sharing his fpv footage he ventured into the depths of the Venezuelan jungle for 2 weeks to get some of the world’s most incredible footage of this waterfall I mean it’s seriously jaw-dropping now to reach Angel Falls it’s not an easy Journey

You’ll fly into this town of Cana and from there you’ll take a day boat trip up the river to reach the Falls while it’s not an easy journey to get there The Falls are more than worth it after we’re going to venture down to Patagonia located in both bottom halves of Chile

And Argentina Patagonia is easily one of the most beautiful regions in the world it has fjords like Norway sounds like New Zealand and the mountains are comparable to the alpes now one of the most famous places in Patagonia is Tores delpan it’s located on the Chilean side

Tores delpan is a national park home to animals such as gakos and pumas and it’s named after its iconic three Granite Towers another one of the most well-known places in Patagonia is Fitzroy it’s this Mountain Range located on the Argentinian side I think it’s possibly one of the most beautiful

Mountains in the world there’s several glacial lakes and view points tomorrow this mountain range from after we’re going to head to New Zealand to visit the Milford Sound located on New Zealand’s South Island the Milford Sound is a fjord that was carved out by glaciers during the Ice Age the best way

To experience this sound is by taking a boat tour you can go deep into the F and also get up close and personal to the many waterfalls this part of New Zealand is also one of the whitest places in the world I mean the whole area is full of

Rainforest and magical waterfalls after we’re going to head to Australia to visit the Outback when you look at Australia from space you’ll notice that basically all the cities are on the coast but the interior of the country is this orange desolate landscape with hardly anyone living there and that’s

The Outback the most iconic landmark of the Outback is the uru or aers Rock it’s this massive monolith made up of sandstone it’s a sacred site for the indigenous Australians believed to be a resting site for ancient Spirits there’s definitely an energy there and it’s just bizarre how it sits alone in the

Desolate Outback afterwards we’re going to head over to switzland to visit the Alps I have to say the Swiss Alps are one of my all-time favorite regions in the world there’s just something magical about the massive mountains incredible landscapes in history that exist there the most iconic mountain in the Alps is

The matorn it stands at a height of 4,478 M and it straddles both Switzerland and Italy now the town of zerat is located at the base of the M horn and is a great starting place to explore the area you can take up the gagrat roadway get some incredible views

Of this world famous Peak our next natural wonder is the Northern Lights also known as the aora Borealis the Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon that is caused by solar wind interacting with Magnetic particles in our atmosphere the best place to see the nor lights is in the Arctic Circle and I

Think one of the best and easily accessible places to see them is in Northern Norway I was there a few years ago I flew into the city at tronzo and went over to this island called Sena that night I was lucky enough to see the nor lights dance across the night sky

The best time to see the roar is from the months of October to April another incredible place to see the roar is from lapan which is the Northern parts of Finland and Sweden and the combination of snow covered Pines and the green Aurora is a scene straight out of a

Dream after we’re going to head over to the island of Kawai to experience the napali coast there are very few places in the world if any that can match the beauty of this Coastline the nepo coast is filled with sea cliffs that rise over 1,000 M from the ocean contrasted with

Deep narrow valleys that empty to the sea below there are several ways to experience the APO Coast one of the best ways is by helicopter it can be a little expensive but you’re able to get incredible views of the cliffs another great way is through a boat tour you’ll

Be able to experience the coast from A New Perspective and you can also jump off the boat and do some snorkeling in the ocean it’s truly phenomenal if you’re on a budget like me there’s plenty of hikes and lookout spots you can go to to have an amazing experience

Exploring the Nepali Coast after we’re going to head over to the island of borabora located in French bnia borabora is the definition of Tropical Paradise I mean the geography of the island is True Perfection there’s the main island that’s home to the massive dormant volcano called mmanu and then there’s

This Barrier Reef that surrounds Lagoon this protects borbor from the waves of the Pacific Ocean so inside the Lagoon the water is calm and is truly some of the clearest water I’ve ever seen I spent a few days sailing around more bora’s Lagoon and it was some of the

Most incredible travel days of my life if you get a chance you got to give Bora Bora a visit well that is it for my natural wonders top 25 let me know where your favorite ones are in the comments below you can follow me on Instagram and

Tik Tok at shirley. films it’s Ryan and we will see you Later

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