Unsolved: The Top 10 Ancient Mysteries – Video

Unsolved: The Top 10 Ancient Mysteries – Video

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Top 10 Ancient Mysteries We Still Haven’t Solved. The importance of history lies in providing context and understanding of past events, shaping our present and future in between. However, there are instances where crucial historical records are lost or hidden, leaving gaps in our knowledge of what is to come. Even with certain challenges, historians and archaeologists strive to unravel ancient mysteries, contributing to patching up gaps in the historical record. In this video, we will delve into ten ancient mysteries that continue to baffle us, highlighting the ongoing efforts to uncover the truth behind these enigmatic events.

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Video Transcript

The importance of History lies in providing context and understanding of past events shaping our present and future in between however there are instances where crucial historical records are lost or hidden leaving gaps in our knowledge of what is to come even with certain challenges historians and archaeologists strive to unravel ancient

Mysteries contributing to patching up gaps in the historical record in this video we will delve into 10 ancient Mysteries that continue to baffle us highlighting the ongoing effort to uncover the truth behind these enigmatic events number 10 the mysteries of the Stonehenge Stonehenge a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire

England stands out as one of the most iconic archaeological sites globally however it remains surrounded by mystery even though the monument is well known and has been extensively researched there are still many Mysteries surrounding its construction purpose and the culture behind it Stone Stonehenge was built in multiple stages starting

Approximately 5,000 years ago the distinctive Stone Circle was constructed during the late Neolithic period around 2,500 BC the monument is made up of large standing stones with some coming from the nearby Marboro downs and the smaller blue stones from the preli hills in Wales which are over 140 Mi away

Experts are puzzled by how the builders transported these massive blue stones across a vast distance using primitive Technologies raising questions about their knowledge and motivation for the task the design of the monument is just as mysterious stonehenge’s stones are positioned to align with important astronomical occurrences particularly the solstices during the summer solstice

The Avenue leading up to the monument aligns with the rising sun while during the winter solstice the Setting Sun aligns with the monument from the opposite direction the precise alignment of Stonehenge indicates that the builders possessed Advanced understanding of the stars and planet Planet sparking theories that the structure served as a calendar

Observatory or place of sun worship despite these insights our understanding of the culture responsible for constructing Stonehenge remains limited there are no written records left by these individuals so our understanding of them is primarily based on archaeological discoveries their spiritual beliefs societal structures and daily lives are still shrouded in

Mystery contributing to the enigmatic Aura of Stonehenge the current Stonehenge is not fully intact as many of its original sarsens and blue stones were removed during Britain’s Roman and medieval eras the ground within the monument has been significantly disrupted over the centuries historian and antiquarian William Camden mentioned

Finding ashes and pieces of burnt bone in the 16th century indicating various levels and purposes of digging that have taken place in 1620 George Villar first Duke of Buckingham dug a significant hole within the stone circle in search of treasure William stook surveyed Stonehenge and its surrounding monuments

A century later while fenders Petri made the first accurate plan of the stones in 1874 to 1877 in 1877 Charles Darwin excavated two holes at Stonehenge to study the impact of earthworms on soil movement William goland conducted the first official archaeological excavation in 1901 many excavations and Studies have occurred throughout the centuries

Each uncovering a piece of the puzzle while also adding to the mystery radiocarbon dating landscape archaeology and geophysical surveys have all contributed to unraveling the mysteries of the monument Stonehenge still guards numerous Mysteries its quiet Stones serving as an eternal reminder of the enigmatic past number N9 the NASA lines

In 1553 a Spanish conquistador released a captivating book detailing a series of Trail markers located in southern Peru on a dry Plateau within the NASA desert despite being visible from the surrounding Hills it wasn’t until the 20th century that airplane pilots flew over them leading people to discover

They held significance Beyond being mere Trail markers the NASKA lines consist of a collection of massive geoglyphs believed to have been created between 500 BC and 500 CE with such a wide range the estimation is based on the limited written records available for andian cultures making it the best

Approximation by experts most of the lines consist of basic geometric shapes while S Showcase intricate designs of plants and animals not only are these designs visually appealing but their creation process is equally fascinating these intricate designs were crafted by skillfully revealing various colored layers of sand through the art of

Drawing lines these lines are truly remarkable because despite being simple drawings on the ground they have endured for over a millennium it’s fascinating how few buildings can withstand the test of time like that the NASA lines were created over 2,000 years ago by the NASA people with some believed to be even

Older and attributed to the paracas culture the images from the paracas era often depict humanlike figures and share similarities with earlier petroglyphs in the area in contrast the NASA lines predominantly feature depictions of plants and animals like a monkey killer whale Condor likee bird hummingbird Pelican and spider along with various

Flora trees and geometric shapes such as triangles trapezoids and spirals some believe that the figures which appear indecipherable from ground level hold a deeper meaning that can only be grasped by walking along what is considered sacred paths another Factor contributing to their preservation is the remarkably consistent climate of the plateau where

They are situated devoid of wind rain or natural erosion strolling in this place feels akin to strolling on the moon your Footprints are destined to linger for an eternity when visiting the NASA lines in person guides will provide you with special shoes to to protect the delicate ground from being disturbed several of

These inscriptions are incredibly massive crafted from a single unbroken line with the largest stretching approximately 370 m in length implying that these were not crafted by an idle individual with ample free time well some pretty unexpected events have taken place before the creation of these lines suggests a coordinated effort by a

Substantial number of individuals utilizing complex mathematical principles one might wonder what motivated their actions what was the purpose behind crafting these mysterious symbols and why were they designed on such a grand scale that their existence remained hidden until the era of Aviation experts suggest that the NASA lines May hold a deeper religious

Meaning aside from that ambiguous claim it is impossible to determine due to the previously mentioned absence of written documentation there is a theory suggesting that these were designed to catch the attention of celestial beings above some suggest suggest that astronomy and constellations could have influenced the Mayans which is a

Plausible Theory given their existence some have suggested that they might have also functioned as a calendar for tracking agricultural activities various unconventional theories and interpretations exist about the naasa lines yet their visual appeal remains undeniable number eight thech colossal heads Central Mexico is home to a captivating location known as Tres

Zapotes in 1862 an intriguing Discovery was made by a Mexican archaeologist who Unearthed a large stone sculpture colossal Stone Heads This monolith is over 30 centuries old and weighs more than 10 tons the mysterious sculpture bore a humanlike face shrouded in anonymity surprisingly this finding didn’t receive significant recognition

Beyond Mexico in 1938 an American archaeologist made a remarkable Discovery when he found a stone head that was identical to another causing a wave of excitement further excavations in the region revealed not only one but a remarkable discovery of 17 large Boulders intricately carved to depict human heads these groundbreaking

Discoveries offered initial proof of the MCH civilization the most ancient culture in meso America the stone heads come in a range of sizes from around 4 to 11 ft tall and boast impressive weights ranging from 12,000 to nearly 100,000 lb each the discovery becomes even more intriguing when considering

That the head sculptures are made of salt a rock usually associated with volcanoes despite the nearest volcanoes being about 90 Mi away delicate facial features were meticulously carved into the stone with the help of reads and wet sand resulting in a lifelike portrayal of the eyes mouth and nostrils additionally there are intentional

Dimples created on the cheeks chin and lips the heads each showcase distinct facial characteristics portrayed in a remarkably lifelike and emotive style resembling true portraits of rulers scholar Miller has pinpointed colossal head 5 as a ruler of San Lorenzo from the second millennium BCE speculation has arisen regarding the sculptures

Physiognomy suggesting contact with African civilizations however the physical features found in the heads are still present in residents of modern Mexican cities like Tabasco and verac Cruz what was the purpose behind carving these heads it is probable that they were created as a tribute to thech leaders it takes a great deal of

Resources and expert to transport and carve the massive Boulders into the sculptures we admire today suggesting that only those in leadership positions could have accomplished such a feat aside from this informed speculation there are few concrete specifics available about them determining their age can be quite challenging due to the

Fact that many of them were relocated from their original locations before being excavated in the 20th century it is estimated that the majority of them were crafted between 1500 and 1,000 BCE with some dating back to the period between 1,00 and 400 BCE it’s fascinating how these structures have

Stood the test of time prompting us to ponder whether the enduring power of simple natural beauty surpasses that of grand human-made monuments such as the Colossus of Roads or the Lighthouse of Alexandria number seven the tomb of genas Khan genghiskhan is renowned as one of the most formidable conquerors in

History he successfully United the nomadic tribes of Mongolia transforming them into a formidable group of skilled Warriors he then embarked on a military expedition across the Eurasian continent triumphantly Conquering the vast lands of Central Asia northern China and Northern Persia his successors continued his conquests expanding the Empire to

Become the largest land Empire in history by conquering territories in Russia China and the Middle East the descendants of gasan went on to establish their own powerful Empires with notable figures such as timour and Babor founding the urd and mugal Empires respectively immortality remains an elusive concept with Humanity eagerly

Anticipating advancements in science to potentially unlock this ultimate achievement genas Khan passed away in August 1227 the circumstances surrounding his death remain a mystery with possibilities ranging from illness hunting injuries or falling in battle to peacefully departing in his sleep his remains were transported to Mongolia where an impressive Mausoleum was built

To serve as his final rest ing place now a revered site for Mongols worldwide honoring the legacy of the great KH it could have been considered his final resting place but in reality the mausoleum is not where genghiskhan is buried it serves as a memorial rather

Than a tomb where was the final resting place of genghiskhan simply put we are not sure genas Khan’s final wish was for his body to be laid to rest in a quiet unmarked grave following the orders of the great KH even in death was the course of action taken after after his

Passing his body was repatriated to Mongolia It is believed that he was laid to rest in kenty his birthplace in the Eastern region of the country near the Onan River Legend has it that 2,000 people attended his funeral only to meet a tragic fate at the hands of his armies

Who were in turn eliminated by his escort the escort continued on a deadly path taking out anyone in their way before ultimately choosing to end their own lives regarding historical accuracy it is uncertain if the account truly reflects what occurred nevertheless the notion that genas Khan desired his body

To be concealed postumus presents a paradoxical conclusion for a figure known for his ruthless military campaigns similar to the mystery surrounding his final resting place we are left to ponder his true intentions number six the Lost Civilization of Atlantis Atlantis the legendary Island that sank beneath the waves in the

Distant past taking down with it an advanced civilization is it possible that we will ever find it or more importantly did it even exist Generations have been captivated by the tale of Atlantis an advanced civilization that supposedly disappeared beneath the ocean Plato the Greek philosopher who first told us about

Atlantis depicted it as a kingdom on an island situated past the pillars of Hercules reportedly larger than Asia and Libya combined boasting a developed civilization and rich in natural resources now the question that has been on everybody’s mind is where did it disappear to there are various theories regarding the Lost City’s possible

Locations spanning from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and from Scandinavia to Antarctica It is believed by some historians that the Manan civilization on the island of CIT was destroyed by a massive volcanic eruption around 1500 BC some believe that the story could be entirely allegorical a cautionary tale created by Plato despite

The civilization’s prosperity and advancement it is said to have sunk into the ocean in just one day and night of Misfortune without leaving any trace the the island was said to have been devastated by an unknown catastrophic event sinking it into the ocean and erasing all signs of the once glorious

Civilization throughout the years numerous Explorations and archaeological Studies have been conducted in an effort to uncover the secrets of the Lost Civilization various theories put forth by explorers historians and scientists suggest reasons for atlantis’s disappearance ranging from cataclysmic natural disasters to extraterrestrial involvement despite numerous hypotheses and proposed evidence the actual

Existence and alleged location of Atlantis continue to elude researchers solidifying its status as one of the most intriguing Unsolved Mysteries of the ancient world there is currently no significant archaeological evidence found to support the existence of a vast civilization like the lost city of Atlantis as a result Atlantis is more of

A product of speculation imagination and storytelling rather than historical fact funny enough Another Story Goes thus Legend says that the Atlantis city was built by Poseidon the god of sea of Storms and earthquakes when he fell in love with a mortal woman clato he made

This city on top of a hill on an isolated island in the sea to protect her and named it Atlantis according to the story Poseidon walked through the world to find the biggest island until he reached the biggest of them all Atlantis and found it inhabited by people who were more beautiful and

Intelligent than the rest of the world there he met and fell in love with a woman called Plato it is said that all available evidence indicates that the philosopher Plato sometime around 360 BC invented the island nation in order to illustrate a point about the dangers of aggressive imperialism in Plato’s

Telling Atlantis was no Utopia rather it was a foil for an idealized version of Athens from long before Plato’s time this ancient Athens was very similar to Plato’s notion of the ideal state says Jill Gensler a professor of philosophy at Amherst College Plato laid out the

Details for what such a state would look like in his famous work the Republic according to Gensler it should be small and virtuous and reject ostentation the residents of Atlantis on the other hand were eventually filled with an unjust Lust For possessions and power according to Plato’s character who described the

Island even after numerous explorers and researchers have dedicated their efforts to uncovering its Secrets the Enigma of Atlantis remains as intriguing as ever captivating our imagination and fueling discussions worldwide hey guys before we move deeper into the video it is time for our subscribers pick in the photo

Right on your screen you can see two grounded pyramids on each side of this Egyptian beauty with one of them having an open doorway and on top of these pyramids you can also see some floating structures that look like prisms with those floating prisms this might go in

Line with the theory that the pyramids were built by aliens or at least aliens showed humans how to build them however mainstream Scholars and archaeologist olog ists had rejected the notion that aliens were involved in the construction of the pyramids they argue that there is ample evidence to support the idea that

The ancient Egyptians possessed the necessary knowledge technology and organizational skills to build these architectural Marvels with that said we would love to know what you think guys share your opinion in the comment section below now let’s get back into the list shall we number five the yonaguni monument the yonaguni monument

Or the yonaguni submarine ruins is an incredibly fascinating underwater rock formation shrouded in mystery off the coast of yonaguni Japan lies a submerged Enigma that has puzzled scientists and historians since its Discovery in 1986 beneath the waves the yonaguni monument a massive underwater rock formation invites us to question everything we

Know about ancient civilizations at first glance The Monument’s sharp angles flat surfaces and precise alignments seem to defy natural explanation some believe this could be the remnants of a long-lost Pacific civilization a Japanese Atlantis that sank into the ocean’s depths thousands of years ago but not everyone agrees Skeptics argue

That these formations are the work of natural geological processes sculpted over Millennia by the movements of the earth and the Relentless force of the sea researcher masaki Kimura from the University of the ryuk use believes that the structure is a group of monoliths built by humans according to Kamura it

Dates back 10,000 years and was once part of the lost continent of moo moo was a mythical continent in the Pacific whose story parallels the myths of Atlantis and lamura supposedly a great cataclysm such as an earthquake or hurricane submerged this land beneath the sea its survivors scattered across the Earth founding civilizations

Including those of the ancient Egyptians and Maya academics often discredit this Theory as conjecture or a straightup fairy tale the monument is a complex puzzle featuring a massive flat topped pyramid tight corridors doors and what some claim to be carved stairways and Terraces some researchers believe that

The site is the result of natural geological formation these formations could be the work of years let’s say 20 million years of erosion and tectonic activities basically the idea is that the Earth moves and it gives birth to new formations if indeed man-made its creation would require a level of

Technological sophistication not yet known to have existed in Pre historic Japan despite numerous Dives and studies the yonaguni monument keeps its Secrets carbon dating of algae on the Rock suggests the structure has been submerged for at least 10,000 years predating the oldest known civilizations in the region the debate rages on with

Each dive bringing more questions than answers is the yonaguni monument a natural wonder shaped by the random forces of nature or is it a testament to a forgotten people capable of incredible architectural Feats two main expeditions to the site took place in 1986 and 1997 neither has come to a definitive

Conclusion however the evidence leads to several good assumptions first even though the structure looks like a pyramid or a building with steps you cannot actually go up the steps they’re twoo big second seeing rocks as possible animal statues could just be a matter of paradia this is a common phenomenon in

Which the ey sees faces or shapes in everyday objects like clouds finally historians have often discredited Ed the story of the lost continent of moo as a shoddy mistranslation of texts with no other historical backing since the structure does not have any special protection from the Japanese government

Divers can freely explore it and draw their own conclusions number four the voyich manuscript for over six centuries a perplexing Enigma has confounded experts across various Fields a 240-page ancient manuscript filled with a cryptic language peculiar illustrations of mystical Flora unclothed figures and Celestial signs the voyich manuscript remains an enigmatic puzzle resisting

All attempts at classification or understanding back in 1912 the kigia Romano library in Central Europe established by the Society of Jesus encountered Financial challenges in order to resolve this they made the decision to sell a portion of their books and materials to the Vatican Library Landing in the possession of

Wilfred voyich a mysterious book found its way into his hands the mysterious book with no title or author spans around 240 pages and is a curious mix of nonsensical text peculiar illustrations of plants animals and other strange content fascinated by its enigmatic Essence voyich dedicated the following two decades to enticing Scholars to

Delve into its Mysteries speculating about the presence of a concealed code or mysterious message within the text intrigued him regrettably voyich passed away in 1930 without unraveling any answers following World War II code Breakers from the Allied Forces worked tirelessly to crack it but progress was slow many scholars endeavored to

Decipher its code leading to approximately 12 theories circulating in the academic Community none of the theories provided a definitive explanation for the content of the book number three The Mystery of the Great Pyramids of Egypt the Great Pyramid of kufu also known as keops stands Out Among the remnants of the

Ancient world for its a inspiring presence despite our continuous exploration of the renowned Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt these structures never fail to maintain an aura of mystery it stands tall above the Giza Plateau at its original height of around 481 ft built in

2560 BC it held the title of the world’s tallest man-made structure for more than 3,800 years the specific techniques employed to construct these massive buildings are still unknown leading to heated discussions among historians archaeologists and Engineers the method used by the Egyptians to cut transport and accurately position huge stone

Blocks some weighing more than 2 tons remains a longstanding mystery various theories have been proposed to explain how the pyramids were built from the use of large labor forces and intricate systems of ramps and levers to more speculative ideas like alien intervention with numerous theories available the precise construction

Process still eludes us showcasing the impressive engineering skills of the ancient Egyptians the prevailing Theory suggests that workers utilized wet sand as a lubricant to transport large stones from a nearby quarry on sleds across the desert there is evidence indicating that ramps were possibly used to transport

The stones but the method of moving the heavy pieces to the highest sections particularly at steep angles remains unclear aside from their Construction the pyramid’s purpose and symbolic meaning also spark a lot of speculation these structures were constructed as magnificent burial sites for the Pharaohs with the purpose of guiding

Their spirits to the next realm however these structures could have also functioned as Grand statements of the pharaoh’s Divine Authority showcasing their influence and importance to the public Egyptian pharaohs constructed the pyramids as elaborate tombs believing they would Ascend to godhood in the afterlife and equipped them with all

Necessities for the next world Pharaoh kufu initiated the construction of the first pyramid in 2550 BC Pharaoh kfa’s son constructed the second pyramid slightly smaller than the first around 2520 BC along with the mysterious Limestone sphin believed to protect the tomb Pharaoh menar constructed the Third Temple in

2490 BC it is smaller than the first two structures yet boasts a more detailed interior Temple the astronomical alignments of the pyramid contribute to its mysterious Aura for instance the three Giza Pyramids are aligned with the three stars in Orion’s Belt which is linked to the Egyptian god Osiris the

God of death and the afterlife the accuracy of these alignments similar to the pyramid’s construction suggests a level of expertise and understanding that surpasses typical expectations for a civilization of that time interestingly the pyramids are more than just silent tombs they actually house a complex network of Chambers and

Corridors the Great Pyramid of kufu contains three chambers one of which is the King’s chamber that holds an empty sarcophagus recent studies utilizing muan tomography a method that identifies muans generated by cosmic rays interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere indicate the potential existence of concealed Chambers inside the pyramid sparking additional curiosity number two

The sword of St galgano upon hearing The Sword in the Stone our thoughts are immediately transported to the iconic King Arthur and his destined Authority hidden among the picturesque Landscapes of Tuscany Italy is a captivating mystery that mirrors ancient legends the sword of St galgano in the 12th century

A noble Knight named galgano guidotti endeavored to abandon his life of violence inspired by a Divine vision from Archangel Michael galgano wanted to embed a cross into the Earth as a powerful symbol of peace with no wood in sight he plunged his sword into a rock envisioning it as a makeshift cross

Remarkably the blade effortlessly penetrated the stone where it has remained ever since the sword of St galgano has undergone a thorough scientific examination through metal dating and Analysis the authenticity of the item has been confirmed to date back to the 12th century coinciding with galgano lifetime these studies provide substantial evidence supporting the

Historical accounts of galgano life and his extraordinary Deeds the distinction between Legend and historical fact becomes increasingly hazy doubters challenge the authenticity of the story proposing that the sword might have been inserted into an already existing crevice or that the narrative was a later inclusion in Christian folklore

The Legends authenticity continues to be a subject of debate with every new discovery only serving to deepen the mystery rather than provide definitive answers number one Bermuda Triangle an enigmatic location steeped in history myth and urban legend the Bermuda Triangle remains a perplexing and perilous area within the Western North

Atlantic Ocean countless ships aircraft and individuals have vanished Without a Trace adding to its Mystique Vanishing mysteriously without leaving a single clue could potentially occur in any location globally however the Bermuda Triangle has gained legendary status due to its connection with such occurrences some believe that tropical storms may be

Linked to the disappearances While others speculate that magnetic interference in the region could be affecting compasses while there are many theories about supernatural causes for these disappearances it is more probable that geophysical and environmental fact factors play a significant role it is speculated that Pilots may have overlooked the agonic line a critical

Point where magnetic compass variation is not a factor as they neared the Bermuda Triangle this oversight potentially led to a major navigational miscalculation and subsequent Disaster One intriguing Theory suggests that the Disappeared vessels may have been taken down by enormous rogue waves which can Tower up to 30.5 M and possess the force

To obliterate any trace of a ship or aircraft situated in the Atlantic Ocean the Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious region where converging storms can lead to the formation of rogue waves perhaps human error could be the cause of all the disappearances that have taken place there doubters often highlight the lack

Of substantial evidence indicating that the Bermuda Triangle poses any more danger than other areas of the ocean thank you for watching see you in the next video

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