When is it beneficial to heed your anxiety? #tedx #shorts – Video

When is it beneficial to heed your anxiety? #tedx #shorts – Video

Anxiety is a natural part of being human, but knowing when to listen to it is crucial. In the Tedx video titled “When should you listen to your anxiety?,” the speaker delves into the concept of our minds being like an advisory board, offering advice and guidance. However, our minds are not always the oracle of truth, and it is important to discern when to heed their warnings and when to ignore them.

The key to navigating anxiety is to consider the long-term consequences of following its advice. Will listening to your anxiety help you become the person you want to be? Instead of getting caught up in debates about what is right or wrong, it is essential to focus on how you respond to fearful thoughts. By not rationalizing or playing it safe, you can take control of your anxiety and make decisions that align with your values and goals. Next time you feel anxious, remember that you have the power to choose how to respond and whether to listen to your advisory board or not.

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To be human is to be worried. To be human is to be afraid. But our minds are not the oracle of truth. Our minds are more like an advisory board, chiming in and giving advice. How do I know when to listen to my advisory board and when not to?

You need to identify the long-term consequences of doing whatever your advisory board asked you to do. Ask yourself, “If I listen to my advisory board, will I become the person I want to be?” Don’t engage with your advisory board by debating what is accurate or not, what is right or wrong

Or rationalizing, because that’s how you start playing it safe. Instead, remember, that your mind cannot control coming up with fearful thoughts, but you can choose how to respond to them and whether you play it safe or not.

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