“Why These 18 Big Cities Remain Deserted: The Reason Why No One Lives in Them” – Video

“Why These 18 Big Cities Remain Deserted: The Reason Why No One Lives in Them” – Video

Why NO ONE Lives in These 18 EMPTY Big CITIES
From completely abandoned cities with no inhabitants to large cities with very low population densities like Kansas City, Missouri, and Hum, Croatia… Even the capital city of a country has made it onto this list!
Join me in exploring 18 large cities around the world where no one lives or are very sparsely populated. Watch the entire video because you might want to try visiting or even moving to these places due to the lack of crowds!

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Why no one lives in these 18 Empty large cities from completely abandoned cities with no inhabitants to large cities with very low population densities like Kansas City Missouri and hum Croatia even the capital city of a country has made it onto this list join me in exploring 18 large cities around the

World where no one lives or are very sparsely populated watch the entire video because you might want to try visiting or even moving to these places due to the lack of crowds number 18 hum Croatia according to the 2011 population survey only about 30 people were found

Living in hum this place was once recognized by Guinness World Records as the smallest city in the world by population however that hasn’t diminished hum’s tourism appeal in the region visitors to the city will wander through narrow Stone streets adorned with sculptures bearing the strong gartic style of

Crotia the iconic Parish church and Town Hall are the most prominent landmarks that tourists can see in hum additionally a visit to the picturesque Village of cotley with its waterfalls and old millstones will also Captivate visitors do you want to visit this city feel free to share your thoughts in the

Comments below initially this place was simply a watchtower built to ensure that this area was not unexpectedly attacked by external forces over time a small town began to develop around the tower mainly serving as housing for guards and their families hum is also famous for

Hska bisa a type of rakia or brandy brw according to a secret recipe thousands of years old with white mistletoe and other ingredients this beverage is considered the local remedy for ailments by the residents number 17 pripiat Ukraine the infamous Chernobyl nuclear disaster led to the abandonment of this

Nearby City pipat’s population mainly consisted of employees of the power plant and the city had a population of about 49,000 people at its peak however when the reactor exploded in 1986 six families living in the vicinity had to evacuate the contaminated area while no humans attempted to resettle the city

Wild animals began to proliferate after the incident vegetation and Wildlife returned and thrived despite the high levels of radiation in the area nevertheless tourists have been increasingly visiting the area disregarding the risk of nuclear radiation until Russia invaded Ukraine in February 20122 overall it remains a profoundly melancholic place at the

Beginning of 20 20 former residents of prat returned for the first time as part of the 50th Anniversary commemoration although this site was initially claimed by Russia in the first week of the invasion it was subsequently regained by Ukraine if given the chance would you like to visit this city share your

Thoughts in the comments below number 16 K mancot Namibia located in southern Africa this city was established in 1908 and its Fame is due to its abundant diamond deposits German settlers began moving into the area to exploit this incredibly valuable resource and the area quickly became a bustling town the colonial

Invasion was not welcomed by the indigenous people of Namibia But ultimately they were outnumbered and subdued by the invading miners eventually these new settlers depleted the diamond deposits of col mencop and moved on to seek new prospects elsewhere the once inhabited buildings are now abandoned with no one living

There and completely engulfed in sand only accessible for tourists to VIs visit built to mimic a German Town K manop had a ballroom a casino and even an electric tram system tourists visit here to witness how the desert has engulfed the buildings with the entire town gradually disappearing beneath the Sand number 15 Adamstown pitc Islands Adamstown is the capital and the only settlement on the pitk islands all other islands in the group are uninhabited the settlement is located on the North Central Coast of pitan Island facing the Pacific Ocean near Bounty Bay the Island’s only Harbor surprisingly the

Total population of Adamstown is only 49 people according to a 2013 Census in terms of population Adamstown is the third least populous capital in the world after Kingston on Norfolk Island and King Edward point on South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands residents here have access to Television Satellite

Internet and telephones however the primary mode of communication remains radio hearing about this would you want to live in this capital feel free to share your thoughts below number 14 Vatican City Vatican the smallest city in the world Vatican City is also one of the least populated

Places it is an independent city state located within the city of Rome Italy the Vatican is the headquarters of the Catholic church and the residence of the Pope with a surface area of 44 hectares the population is approximately 825 people to put it into perspective Ive

The area of this country is only about 1/8 the size of Central Park in New York City USA most residents here are members of the clergy officials or temporary residents of these 450 people hold Vatican citizenship while the rest are temporary or permanent residents without citizenship rights about half of Vatican

Citizens do not live in the country as they are diplomats however despite its small size the Vatican is quite wealthy in fact the Vatican bank has assets worth 8 billion USD number 13 Tucson Arizona USA despite having a population of nearly 547 th000 people this is still

The quietest city in the United States here the land area is approximately 241 square miles meaning the city’s total population density is only about 2,267 people per square mile Tucson has indeed witnessed a decrease in population density over time one possible explanation for this decline is that tuon has expanded into many large

Suburbs compared to its scale in other words the city is quite sprawling and continues to spread in size but the population continues to decrease what are your thoughts on the population in this state or is there any other reason why this city has few inhabitants number 12 vdu the capital of lichenstein

Lichenstein is nicknamed the sixth smallest country in the world and its capital vadu is one of the smallest cities on Earth but with charming scenery and fascinating history with only 5,818 residences of 2024 this is also one of the least populous cities in the world surrounded by Lush forests

Majestic mountains in the peaceful Rin River this town is a perfect destination for nature Retreats the royal family resides in a magnificent Castle on a hill which is a major attraction for tourists additionally there are many other historical sites not to be missed such as L and in the art museum the

Regional Museum and the stamp Museum offering unique experiences if given the chance would you like to visit here share your comments Below number 11 kenti City Nevada this city in Lincoln County has a population of 1,130 people according to the last census however if you plan to visit here it’s quite interesting this city has a total area of about 1373 Square km and can be visited especially when you can drive from the

City to Las Vegas as it is right on the way moreover tourists choose Caliente because despite its name meaning hot in Spanish summers are not as hot as in other parts of the state therefore they can come to relax and unwind throughout the Summer number 10 Kansas City Missouri USA Kansas City Missouri has a population dens of 1,619 meaning there are on average over 1,500 people living in 1 square mile this adds up to a total City population of just over half a million people with a land area of 34.7 square

Miles since 2010 the population density of this city has increased by about 7.54% a significant figure however most people seem to be moving to larger urban areas rather than the city itself for example the downtown Kansas City area has recently seen a decline while the surrounding suburbs of

Kansas City show a significant increase in their population the reason could be due to the increased crime rate in 2020 Kansas City has witnessed a sharp increase in crime rates and in fact has the eighth highest violent crime rate in the country number nine Norton Virginia

USA as of 2024 Norton City in Virginia has a population of 3,6 27 people this makes it the least populous city in Virginia despite its small size Norton boasts some fine dining establishments such as China Cafe and fishel’s family restaurant Additionally the city takes pride in having two entertainment areas

Flag Rock and Norton Recreation Department there is also Legion Park people come here to relax and experience the Mountain music culture and outdoor entertainment number eight Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA the relatively low population density of Oklahoma City throughout much of its history may have some explanatory reasons for example a recent report

Called Oklahoma the second worst state in the nation to live in this is due to factors such as unpredictable weather high rates of uninsured individuals facing drug problems and widespread homelessness currently the population density of this city is 1,803 per square mile although the population living in the city itself is 655 ,1

158 number seven St David’s Wales located along the river Alan on the St David’s Peninsula it is the smallest city in England in terms of both size and population the final resting place of St David the patron saint of Wales and the ecclesiastical capital of Wales it was founded in the

Year 500 with an estimated current population of about 1,800 people in addition to the cathedral and 210 other other buildings and ancient architectural structures tourists can visit beautiful cafes restaurants hotels and art galleries the city also hosts many activities that attract tourists most notably water Sports number six Hashima island Japan although not a city but an entire Island Hashima island Japan was once a bustling Community however it is now an abandoned Island located off the coast of Nagasaki Japan originally developed as housing for workers in underwater coal mines in 1887 Hashima island quickly expanded

Into a high-rise concrete island with a capacity of over 5,000 people in addition to regular Community buildings this island also had clubs Cinemas communal baths swimming pools rooftop gardens shops and even Pachinko parlors the last mine closed in 1974 when Japan stopped using Coal Energy leading to a decline in employment for the

Residents however the Island’s past is quite horrific during World War II Japan brought Korean civilians and Chinese prisoners of War here as forced laborers from what we know today during that time the island was considered hell on Earth with an estimated 1,300 workers dying on the island from the 1930s until the end

Of the war due to unsafe working conditions malnutrition and exhaustion tourism to the island continued until 2009 due to its impressive history and architecture Hashima island is also known as The Lair of the villain in the James Bond movie Skyfall current ly it is uninhabited and only welcomes tourists for

Sightseeing number five Plymouth City monserat Plymouth city is one of the abandoned cities on the island of monserat the island was first inhabited in the 1,600 and the capital Plymouth was established on the southwestern side of the island in 1962 monserat became a British territory and by September 17th

1989 the island had about 4,000 residents when disaster Struck it was Hurricane Hugo that devastated the stone Jetty at Plymouth Port as well as many buildings and schools in the city as well as the recently built hospital Plymouth also witnessed a more horrific disaster in July 1995 when a series of eruptions

Began at the suer hills volcano which had been dormant for centuries pot lava Ash and pyroclastic flows buried many parts of Plymouth then on June 25th 1997 a major eruption of the volcano buried of the city and killed 19 people from August 4th to August 8th 1997 subsequent

Eruptions incinerated what was left of the buildings in Plymouth and buried the city under a layer of Ash 4. 6 ft thick the lava and Ash had the density of concrete while the soil underneath was burned making it unfit for cultivation the British authorities decided to evacuate all residents of Plymouth and

Many residents living elsewhere on the island also chose to leave by 2000 2/3 of the Island’s population had evacuated leaving only 5,000 people it’s a place that has witnessed far too many horrific natural disasters isn’t it would you choose to live here comment below and let me know number four New Orleans City

Louisiana USA has anyone ever imagined New Orleans is a bustling City with people packed into bars or crowds on the streets if you’ve ever thought this city was crowded let me know in the comments below however in reality newor Orleans is one of the least densely populated

Cities in the United States although it has a large population of about 369,000 people and a land area of 169.50 square miles New Orleans has a population density of only about 2,181 people per square mile to compare New York City has a population density about 12 times higher the reason for this low

Population density in New Orleans may be due to the city’s unique history with hurricanes for example after Hurricane Katrina devastated much of New Orleans in 2005 nearly 100% of the city’s total population had to temporarily evacuate leading to a decrease in the total population from around 450,000 to about 208,000 people by

2006 another issue is the crime problem as New Orleans ranks 14th in the nation for the highest homicide rate this indicates that crime is a significant concern here number three enul Mud City palao angul Mud City serves as the capital and governmental Center of the Republic of poo and archipelago located in the

Western Pacific Ocean it replaced cororo the largest city in palao as the capital in 2006 with a population of only about 271 people according to statistics from 2021 enero mud is considered the least populous capital city of a sovereign nation in the world despite its importance the city doesn’t see much

Tourist activity visitors who happen to stop by can admire the government buildings the best time to visit enar UD is from February to May and August as the temperature during this time is warm with low rainfall the palauans constructed their National Congress Supreme Court and government Hall all

Within the same Plaza the legislature building stands at the center wing with the executive building to the west and the Judiciary building to the east all connected via an open Plaza in the center modeled after the US capital the buildings are not well suited for Poo’s tropical climate with high humidity in

High temperatures year round in 2013 a ventilation system malfunction led to mold infestation causing illness among the workers and the complex had to be closed number two Sika City Alaska USA USA Sitka City Alaska was originally a Russian Colonial settlement established in 1799 and today boasts some of the

Finest Russian landmarks in the state what makes this town notable is that it’s the largest city in terms of of land area in the United States it’s larger than two states Rhode Island in Delaware with a population of approximately 8,500 people today Sitka is a sizable City but with one of the

Lowest population densities the city spans 287 square miles meaning they are only about 2.9 people per square mile Sika is currently experiencing a slight decline at a rate of 0.25% annually with its population decreasing by 1.02% since the most recent census in 2020 however it remains one of the most

Popular destinations for Alaska cruise ships Sitka situated on baronov island in Alaska is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and Lush Pine forests the town of Sitka offers ideal sightseeing opportunities the Town Center is bustling so enjoy the local Cuisine and outdoor activities while you’re there number one Anchorage City Alaska

USA Alaska in fact ranks as the third least populous state in the United States with only about 730,000 residents additionally it has the lowest population density of any state in the US with only 1.3 people per square mile so if you’re looking for plenty of space

To live this could be the place to go Anchorage city has a population of over 287,000 people and occupies a sizable area of 1776.2 than other cities on this list with only 168 people per square mile Anchorage is quite isolated and due to its location it doesn’t have as many

Residents resulting in plenty of employment opportunities especially for those interested in industrial sectors however you should also consider that Alaska is quite expensive to live in ranking as the fifth most expensive state in terms of cost of living have you ever experienced Alaska or considered living here feel free to comment

Below so we’ve explored 18 major cities in the world with no inhabitants what are your thoughts on the cities I’ve shared above or do you have any ideas why these places have few inhabitants remember to comment and let us know thank you for watching our video don’t

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