Why We Chose the 2024 Ford Super Duty – Video

Why We Chose the 2024 Ford Super Duty – Video

In the video titled 2024 Ford Super Duty: Why We Passed, Mark from Keep Your Daydream provides an in-depth look at why he decided to pass on the 2024 Super Duty F350 that he had ordered in October 2021. Covering a range of topics from maintenance to upgrades, Mark also takes a visit to Summit 4×4 in Prescott, AZ, to replace front-end steering components, change fluids, replace shocks, and install a dual stabilizer kit.

Throughout the video, Mark shares his experiences with his 2019 F250 Super Duty, detailing the various maintenance and repairs he has had done on the truck, including changing tires, replacing brake pads, changing oil, and more. He also discusses the importance of regular maintenance for heavy-duty trucks and the significance of using synthetic oil and sending it in for analysis.

Mark also provides insights into gas versus diesel trucks, mentioning that he ordered a 2024 Super Duty Platinum but passed on it due to the high price and limited inventory in the market. He shares his thoughts on the importance of knowing the market and getting the right deal when purchasing a truck.

Additionally, Mark visits Summit 4×4 and showcases the process of checking and replacing front-end steering components, installing a dual stabilizer kit, changing differential and transfer case fluids, and more. He highlights the expertise of the technicians at Summit 4×4 and recommends them as a one-stop shop for suspension and other mods for trucks.

In conclusion, Mark expresses his satisfaction with keeping his 2019 F250 Super Duty and looks forward to sharing more mods, upgrades, and adventures with the truck in the future. The video provides valuable insights for truck owners looking to keep their vehicles well-maintained and in top condition for years to come.

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Video Transcript

If you’ve been part of the kyd community for any time at all you know we’re fans of the Superduty we moved from the F-150 to an F250 back in 2017 and the difference in Towing performance and comfort was striking I don’t feel like we’re getting jerked around by the

Trailer no it feels very nice with increased stability due to the suspension and even more power coming from our 6.7 L diesel engine 2,000 RPMs yes sir how fast you going 52 all right not to mention exhaust braking when traveling in the west I became more

Confident in Towing and do most of the driving now we also found that we could cover more ground in a single day without getting tired which is important to us as we tend to pop across the country from time to time we have 14 hours and 35

Minutes oh don’t even we later upgraded to an F450 to tow our fifth wheel toy hauler or boy hauler in our case you know these are the activities we should not be doing but then we went back to an F250 when we purchased our first Airstream although the F450 had

Unlimited Towing power stability and increased turning radius due to the wider front axle it was a lot of truck when you weren’t Towing by far our favorite truck so far has been our F250 single rear wheel with the standard 6t 7in bed oh wow no this is legit considering the

Miles we put on each year combined with how well the Superduty trucks hold their value we ordered a 24 Superduty platinum in October of 2021 and only 2 years later we received a call from the dealer that it was sitting on the lot ready to be picked up

And we passed on it we’ve got a lot to cover in this episode like why did we decide to keep our 20 2019 Superduty a breakdown of all the repairs we’ve had is diesel really worth it this research was surprising and Mark visit to Summit 4×4 in presc Arizona to replace our

Shocks frontend steering components plus all our fluids after 126,000 M so let’s get started I love this truck I have since the first day I’ve got it it’s been our favorite truck that we’ve had so far but one thing I want to start off in this

Video is that this video is not trying to convince you to buy Superduty not even a heavy duty truck in fact our message from episode one has always been start small start now whatever you’re driving if it can get you to the destinations in our experience it’s

Always been about the places we’ve been able to visit the people we’ve been able to meet the memories that we’re making it’s not about the equipment now with that being said the equipment is kind of fun to talk about and um people have been asking me why I

Passed on the 24 and in general I wanted to provide more information about this truck in general what are some of the maintenance issues I’ve had um we’re going to pop up to Summit 4×4 to do all the fluids and most importantly I wanted to talk about gas verse Diesel and in

Fact we wrote an entire article about it uh that again is not trying to convince anyone to go gas verse diesel we just talked about the pros and cons in each category and so I’ll link that down below that might be an interesting read I’m not going to talk much about it in

This video because it’s too long but all the information is right there okay so let’s talk first real quick about why I passed on the the 24 Superduty uh and what’s funny is we just did a meet up in Arizona and when we get together with people in person uh often times someone

Pull me aside and they say Hey you know now that the camera’s off and it’s just you and me you can tell me why did you really pass on that Superduty it’s not a secret I’ll share it with everybody the the bottom line is there just wasn’t enough inventory for the market to

Adjust the price I ordered that Superduty in October of 2021 and due to the pandemic and a lot of other reasons the dealer didn’t call me until I think January of 24 that the truck was ready and at that point there was no inventory of the Super Duties the 24 Super Duties with

The higher trim packages on the market and so the price was absurd because there just there wasn’t enough inventory to justify rebates incentives or anything to make the price normalized in my opinion the truck I’m sitting in right now is a 2019 F250 4×4 with the 67

Diesel 355 gear ratio I bought this truck brand new in 2020 early 2020 this is a 2019 so it has the six-speed transmission MSRP on this truck was $882,000 I bought it for $772,000 I had to go to California I had to flatbed tow it to the border and

Drive home none of that bothered me I drove home with a smile on my face because this was a gorgeous truck still is and I got it for the right price when I look at a 24 Superduty and somehow MSRP jumped up for the same truck to about

$92,000 and then of course the one that I built had the high output engine cuz I wanted to do videos on that a few other options somehow it climbed up to $105,000 before tax I’m not saying that’s too much for a truck I just wasn’t sure what I is going

To be able to sell that truck for the point I’m trying to make is we’ve always been when it comes to RVS or trucks it’s not about how much something what what the price of something is it’s how much is it going to cost you if this truck

$882,000 I buy it for 72 and right now as it sits with 128,000 Mi I can sell it for 50 Grand well that truck costs $20,000 you take in some of the maintenance and the registration and all the other things that’s how much the truck actually costs me to drive often

Times I think when it comes to trucks and RVs people are focused on the price and they say oh that’s too expensive well it’s subjective what are you going to sell it for you know and and and we get a lot of flack on the price of an

Airstream the the Airstream has been the least expensive RV we’ve ever owned what’ you buy it for what’ you sell it for what was the maintenance that’s your cost the real reason I pass on the Superduty is is I feel like the the automotive Market is getting softer and

Softer there was in any inventory within the Super Duties and I just wanted to wait and see what was going to happen and see what deals were going to remain now during this process I came across uh this website uh the website was called car Edge I knew that there was a a

Direct relationship between inventory and the price of a car but as a consumer I wanted to know how many days has a car been on Market what’s going on with with the inventory and the supply of a particular car so I came across car Edge it was like eight bucks a month and

It and it gave me the information I needed to know in order to make a good decision let me tell you what’s going on right now with ram 2500s there’s something like 800 days of supply of that particular truck so right now if you look on car Edge you can get Rams

For like8 to $16,000 below MSRP whereas with the Superduty there wasn’t enough inventory for any of that to adjust so if you’re in the truck market and you’re thinking you’re going to make a truck decision that might be an interesting they have a YouTube Channel and they’ve got a website and

Then of course they have the subscription where I can literally look at a car or a vehicle and I can see how many days that vehicle has been on the market and then they give you kind of recommendations as to what they think is

A good buy or if there even is a good buy on that car so I thought that was I I definitely wanted to mention that and I reached out to them after the fact and they said that they would provide a discount code to the K community so

Thumbs up for that okay let’s get back to talking about this truck I’ve made some notes on all the maintenance and service that this truck has had since I got it and I think you’d be interested in it and and I agree I’ve been lucky I

Mean you you hear the joke where it’s like it’s all highway miles for us it really is all highway miles we’ve got 128,000 Mi on this truck we bought it in February of 20120 so that’s that’s a lot of miles and um although they’re highway miles they’re also mostly Towing miles

At 5,000 Mi I did the first oil change because of course it came with the the the Standard Oil and that’s when I moved to synthetic and I’m very when I buy a new truck I break it in very slowly and right at 5,000 Mi I change the oil to

Synthetic I’m not going to get into how often I change them the oil but I will say that was the only time I changed the oil at 5,000 Mi the reason is an oil change on a diesel truck is substantially more I think it has like

13 quarts of oil or something crazy it’s $200 or more to change the oil on a diesel truck and as a result I moved to synthetic and uh even send the oil into Blackstone Laboratories where you can take a little sample you know exactly how much water how much metal um what

Are the what are the containments in the in the oil what’s the viscosity and then they can say hey it’s either time or not time and when you’re talking about a$2 to $250 Oil Change uh to send your oil in for $35 and change it at a much longer frequency personally I think

That’s the way to go okay so I did that at 5,000 at 35,000 Mi we had the death wobble and um for those that aren’t familiar on the heavy duty trucks they put a instead of the independent suspension like on a half ton truck they

Put a solid front axle in the front in order to keep that solid front axle centered and stable you’ve got uh three major uh steering components you’ve got your drag link you’ve got your tie rods and you got your track bar and and the purpose of all these things is to keep

The axle centered as you’re steering left to right the joints on the tie rod and the drag link and the track bar when they get it’s like a think of it like a ball joint and if ‘s a little bit of play inside that joint it can send the

The Super Duties it used to happen with ram but I think they’ve corrected it it can send the front end into like you know vigorously shaking and and when it happens it’s extremely scary because you don’t know if you actually have control of the vehicle well there it is there it is

There it is that’s crazy so the correction to that of course is to replace the front and steering components uh whichever is actually loose and then a preventative measure measure is to add the Dual stabilizer kit which is the which what you’re going to see later in this video

It’s you put the I change to billene and it’s a dual shock system that just holds all the frontend steering components a little bit tighter personally I love the way that a dual stabilizer kit drives on a truck it makes the steering wheel free it almost like it has better power

Steering while staying uh really solid when you’re driving so like when you’re going over like railroad tracks and you feel like the steering wheel will move all that kind of gets mitigated and it feels more solid so I love the waers I would do that on any truck regardless of

A death wobble or not so anyway we did that correction at 35,000 it’s 72,000 by the way I’m I’m El I’m eliminating the oil changes because we already talked about that at 72,000 Mi I change tires these are the Michelin at2 tires phenomenal low road noise they tow great

They track straight and I got 72 ,000 Mi out of them which is incredible at 100,000 Mi I changed the brake pads I think we were in Wisconsin at the time at 128 I’ve still got the rear brakes I think some of that is due to the fact

That I have trailer brakes on the Airstream and so that’s assisting with the braking and it’s prolonging these things at a 107,000 Mi we changed the driver side battery uh up in Nova Scotia and I understand that that was a mistake you really should change both the

Batteries at the same time but the shop that I was at only had one and so I changed that one and I still need to change the other but and I will but I haven’t okay and then 127,000 Mi I wanted to go ahead and uh replace the

Dual stabilizer kit which you’re going to see later in this video to the billstein because the one I put on the first time was the icon kit and in retrospect it it’s a kit that really required a uh leveling kit Andor a lift every once in a while on an elongated

Speed bump it would bump and it bothered me when people would write in and say hey I got the icon kit and does yours bump and so I just wanted to get rid of it uh I found out a buddy of mine Scott when we were putting the air horn on

Ry’s truck I saw his bilting kit and it’s specifically designed for no lift all right so this is the billstein yes how much were they uh 379 okay and they don’t bump they do not bump and of course when I was up at Summit we found out that some of the

Other front end steering components were actually do to change which by the way no matter what brand of truck you have at about 100,000 over 100,000 miles these frontend steering components like the dragling tie rod they might be due to change on your truck also this isn’t just specifically a Superduty issue

Maybe the death wobble is but um you might want to check out your steering components too when you get into the higher mileage okay that’s about as long as I like to talk directly to a camera so we need to pop up to Summit 4×4 the

Only other thing I will mention is uh in terms of keeping the truck I I was excited to provide content as to what is it going to take to keep a truck wellmaintained from 125,000 Mi going all the way to 200,000 Mi plus I wanted to

Do not modifications I wanted to do some remodification like what would I do differently and for those that were telling me to get a truck cap you were right I love it so don’t worry truck cap stays for sure but uh in terms of the bed slide and things like this I there’s

Things I want to improve upon in the future um and so we can shat about that Summit 4×4 you might remember Jesse when we had the Jeep and we had the teardrop he provided a lot of content on off-roading and stuff like that the shop in presc Summit incredible when it comes

To suspension and now they’re now they’ve gotten into all sorts of heavy duty truck there’s all sorts of trucks there so when it comes to suspension modification stuff like that those guys they’re the real deal so uh let’s pop up to Summit let’s meet Jesse and start getting to [Applause] Work one thing I always anytime these rigs come in here just like we did the first time is I want to go ahead and have the technician do us dur and we’ll shake down on it let’s check the ti Rod the draglink the TR see if there any

Anywhere in there um and then cuz it’s been 90,000 miles since we changed did we change the drag link and the Ty Rod or just the Ty Rod no we did just the drag link and at the Pitman arm the last time it was in we left the ti rod alone

And the other end of the drag link alone so you know 90,000 miles of on the road Towing and stuff it’s normal these parts all wear out eventually so we want to make sure that you know that stabilizer isn’t masking some other concern potentially could be in there something

That’s worn out so we’ll check it all over again before we put and if I understand correctly the purpose of the stabilizer is to prevent premature wear on the drag link yeah and all that helps up front absolutely but what a lot of people the assumption is oh I’ve got

Death wobble all I need is a stabilizer for it right there’s other components that we need to make sure cuz all that’ll do is put additional stress on the stabilizer if you’ve got worn out components causes the stabilizer to wear out quicker and you’re right back in

That same cycle again so we’ll we’ll check everything out before we put those parts on if there’s any other recommendations we’ll let you know I’ve talked to Mark already about looking at some preventive maintenance items so we got to look at the the differential fluid transfer case we’re

Going to get them a quote on the transmission pan gasket and filter on this and then really I’d like to just give it a once over for him he does a lot of on the road driving a lot of Towing so just make sure everything

Looks good for him so how many miles are in 126,000 okay you had the transmission done before I can’t I’m not going to answer that on camera well now that I’ve got arm pump what’s the drag link has play on both ends um and the track bar has play on both ends

Um um so I would probably replace both of those not uncommon to have those components go out I mean it’s super super common to have that go out I mean those parts are always working every single time this vehicle’s going and turning and towing so um we’ll get a

Quote on getting those replaced and uh I think at that point installing that kit will just kind of be the cherry on top for you so this right here is the Dual stabilizer kit right that is by super lift and again the neat thing about this is it’s set up for stock configuration

Um which is fantastic you don’t have to worry about having a lifted vehicle on it well that’s the only reason I’m changing it yeah because every once in a while with the icon kit I will bump okay but you know with my truck every Superduty is just a little bit different

And I get all these emails by saying hey does yours bump because theirs bumps more than mine gotcha so I wanted to replace it with something that I knew was better plus it 990,000 Mi now yeah I feel like it’s just not as good as it

Was okay do you think a dual stabilizer would wear out over 990,000 um obviously yeah you’re shocked depending if especially when you’re putting them through the ringers as you guys are doing lots of driving those things are only set up we typically end up seeing shock life around that 50 to

60,000 mile um so if you’ve got 90 out of it that’s great um and of course I got 125 out of my OEM normal shock yeah yeah which which to me to be able to get over 100,000 miles out of OEM shocks is is amazing and I think you’re really

Going to enjoy the upgrade From hey does it look like that icon kit is a little warped like the bracket it is yeah so when it bumped it’s clearly bent that rack a little bit I think maybe it was contacting right here on your track bar potentially I don’t see anything on the

Track bar though actually so it might have been on this cross member here yeah right here and here is where it was hitting on this crossmember wow that’s a lot of travel that yeah this one you just have a it’s in single Shear mhm so it doesn’t have a support on the bottom

Of the bolts and this one actually gives you this plate here that puts them into double Shear which is really really nice for these bushings and stuff it’ll help support that so these are Factory shocks so if those shocks are worn out that can cause covering

Um it’s mainly on the inside it feels like oh there’s some on the outside too um rotating would definitely help that but it also could be your alignment and if we’re going to do steering stuff so we’ll we’ll get it on the alignment rack and I can get an idea of exactly

Why oh yeah you you’re going to need diff service plugged in yeah it’s hooked up a lot of times what we’ll see is what he’s grabbing there is the Breather that if that comes off and you happen to go through any water Crossings water will

Get inside there a lot of rain oh well we deal with a we drive through a lot of rain that’s possible a lot of rain I wonder if this cuz it is seeping almost just a little bit right here and that’s probably from when they took these two bolts out for the original

Stabilizer I wonder if that was able to introduce water into it a ritual that uh your first diff service you have to taste the fluid oh okay is it how embarrassing is that color for video that’s not great what we could do is we could just

Show the portion of it where we’re just bolting the cover on and putting fresh fluid if you’d like again I think that just goes to show the importance of you know getting the vehicle routinely checked and that’s one thing for us here at Summit that we try to do is again be

The One-Stop shop right so you’re not bouncing between three four five other shops we know the history we know the vehicle we know what you do with it we know how to make recommendations based around that all right so this is the differential which would be done at what

Interval typically between 30 and 50,000 depending on the usage of the vehicle and again we like to let the fluid talk that one’s not talking that one’s screaming change me uh but what this is my favorite part right here being able to pull this cover off and then once he

Cleans all this out we can really get a good idea um if there’s any wear any damage within there metal shaving is it all in there no and a little bit a little bit going to be normal just because it is you know metal on metal contact what you don’t

Want to see inside here when you feel in here is any chunks which I don’t feel there’s no chunks at all in there so that’s that’s really good so water basically got in here making it that color that’s what it looks like don’t see anything wrong with this

Looks great in here all right so this is the differential we’re also going to look at the transfer case so what’s the frequency of the transfer case it’s going to be very similar between that 30 to 50,000 M Mark uh front differential transfer case and rear differential Transmissions uh if you flush those

Usually again between 30 and 50,000 what we’re going to do today here is we’re going to drop the pan we’re going to put a new filter in it we’re going to check make sure there’s no material in there that shouldn’t be in there which if you’re not having any symptoms at all

It’s it’s more than likely going to be fine uh but again it’s a safe bet being able to drop a pan put a filter in it instead of doing a flush on it okay what’s the you’re thinking that might just be a little bit safer yeah you know

What what happens is obviously there’s there’s wear and tear in these components right so you get clutch material you get bearing material um and in kind of just a simple way to put it is that material kind of uh helps hold things together let’s say especially at

A higher mileage if it hasn’t been maintained so when you get in there and do a power flush on that it removes all of that and then typically what you end up seeing is a transmission sliping uh shifting you know erratic that type of thing so uh just to kind of prevent that

Possibility from happening dropping the pan and putting fresh fluid in there in a filter um we don’t ever have any issues with it at that point this actually looks awesome really yeah so you have a magnet in this pan that similar to that drain plug collect stuff and you know there’s

Some stuff on there but it’s actually really not bad at all usually they have quite a bit more on them so that interesting so the magnet is there to collect a lot of the metal shavings and things to give you an idea well and so it doesn’t keep circulating

Oh okay and so if it’s really kicked up with stuff then you know you might have a problem yeah it means you got a lot of stuff loose in there um and it gets to the point sometimes where it’s just so caked it’s not even collecting stuff

Anymore and doing its job oh yeah I like how that bracket is mounted yeah it’s got way more clearance for this cross member yep I think this is a better design even if you had a lift yeah I just like that the bracket goes underneath the tie rod

The only piece of that is for people who are like off-roading a lot oh they would want a lower CLE lower um so yeah that would be the only thing for for certain people having the the clearance of that other one yeah it’s a good point however I mean well it’s not

Lower it’s not lower than the differential though no it’s not much lower so it’s not it’s not significant by any means but you want it at the bottom of this hole when it’s on the ground so I go a little above where it should be [Applause] Here 11 there it is right so does the track bar hold it apart so you needed a uh the track bar centers the axle but when you unload the suspension and have it at full droop the axle shifts over so the axle’s trying to push that track bar it

Leaves it under tension gotcha so you added your own tension so you can get that bolt down right right um and we’ll have to wait until it’s back on the ground to torque that end um just because well for one the bushing you want in a centered position when you

Torque you don’t want the bushing under some sort of load gotcha um but also then it’ll be easier to get that bolt back in so come on baby try a little bit spicy Hammer there we go woohoo so yeah you can you can also just tell like this

One’s much like when it’s in the vehicle and we were shaking it down you could see the play yeah but even if you’re just feeling this one this this is pretty loose this one is really tight yeah it’s much tighter which is what we want and then as well as that bushing on

That end was worn out and was moving around quite a bit where this new one’s obviously a fresh bushing so that big Bolt’s 406 ftlb oh Really here it is okay all right what was that 322 Right there it’s good camber is Good yeah just TI and then your steering angle cuz your steering wheel is off just slightly which is normal mhm right there is 72 mph and there isn’t as much road noise as there was when I was driving down to Prescot and what’s interesting about that is what the analogy that comes to

Mind is you know the the old thing about how you boil a frog you leave them in the the water hot water as it heats up he won’t jump out I feel like that’s similar when it comes to front end steering components and shocks over tens of thousands of

Miles you just become accustomed to how the car performs and steers and you you kind of stop paying attention and not until you bring it back to the correct proper suspension ride sound the way it feels do you realize that it was not correct first impressions are that it is

Quieter the ride is definitely improved and the steering with the billstein Dual stabilizers is actually easier to move the steer steering around than the icon kit but I still have all the stability it’s solid up front which is great and when you’re towing that level of additional stability adds confidence

Makes you feel like your truck can handle things so I really like it outside of the correction of the death wobble I would add a dual stabilizer kit to any of my trucks from day one I think they uh it’s a noticeable difference I’m pretty satisfied great first impressions

The guys at Summit are an absolute Class Act I would have I have no problem recommending their shop in fact I would even say you don’t worry about driving there if you’re if you’re on a big trip and you’re out here in the southwest plan on seeing them on your trip that’s

How I treat really good shops they are worth driving for and uh if you’re in Phoenix take a trip up to presc it because when it comes to suspension and all the other mods fuel tank mods airbags onboard air compressor uh suspension shocks lifts One-Stop shop really good anyhow

So that’s it I couldn’t be happier that I’ve decided to keep the truck I love this truck always have and I got 127,000 Mi and we’ll see how many miles we put on it this year and we’ll just keep sharing with you mods and upgrades and not even mods rods REM

Modifications upgrades and uh and you know kn some wood any repairs anyway all right that’s it for now we’re going to go down and pick up the Airstream Trish and I have a Shakedown trip uh in Scottsdale and Tucson we’re going to make sure we have everything we

Need we’re going to pack up or hit the road and uh we’re headed we’re head at East I guess this season is officially getting kicked off thanks for waiting talk to you Soon W

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