“Will I be Stung by the Bullet Ant in this Box?!” – Video

“Will I be Stung by the Bullet Ant in this Box?!” – Video

BULLET ANT BOX – Will I Get Stung?!

the spotlight once again, reminding viewers that with the right approach, these ants don’t deserve their terrifying reputation. The bullet ant box experiment, while not resulting in any stings, effectively demonstrated that these creatures are not aggressive if left undisturbed. Coyote Peterson’s calm approach in the face of the ants crawling all over his hand allowed for a fascinating and educational experience. The episode not only celebrated the 5-year anniversary of “Stung By A Bullet Ant,” but it also reinforced the importance of understanding and respecting the natural world. The video ultimately serves as a reminder that while the bullet ant may have a fearsome sting, they are not prone to attacking humans without reason. Through this experiment, Brave Wilderness effectively debunked the myth of the bullet ant’s aggression and showcased the importance of coexisting with these fascinating insects.

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– I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to enter the bullet ant box. Oh man, that is a creepy feeling having those ants walking up and over my hand. Oh, something’s biting me. Okay, now one of the ants has escaped and is actually out on the table, be careful, guys,

We’ve got live ants amongst us. There it is, the bullet ant tree. Check out the size of their kingdom. That tree is absolutely massive. I can’t believe it has been five years since I was stung by the bullet ant, and at this point, over 50 million of you

Have enjoyed watching me roll around on the ground in agonizing pain. And I’m sure you’re wondering to yourselves, Coyote, why have you returned to this location? Are you going to be stung again? Today we are celebrating that episode, not only its entertainment, but also the education that came out of it,

So that you guys could learn about these fascinating insects. Now to up the ante, we’ve created something called the bullet ant box. Which is probably exactly as it sounds. A clear plastic cube that is going to be filled with stinging ants. My hand is going to go inside,

And we’re going to see what happens. Will the bullet ant sting if not provoked? Remember, when I was stung the first time I physical held an ant to my forearm to induce a sting. I know you guys are thinking, Coyote, we showed up for the stings, something crazy better happen.

I can guarantee you guys this much, this episode is going to be wildly entertaining. So if you guys are ready, let’s get started with the bullet ant box. So why in the world do we catch 20 bullet ants and put them inside of this clear plastic container?

Now the purpose is not necessarily to induce stings, it’s to celebrate the education you guys have all garnered from our original bullet ant episode. My entire arm feels like it’s having a spasm right now. But today we’re going to determine whether or not the bullet ant truly is an angry little creature.

What I’m going to do today is gently place my hand and forearm into this box and set it down. I want to see if the ants will just walk around on me and not get aggressive. I know you guys are thinking, Coyote, we showed up to see some stings and some craziness,

So we’re really hoping you get stung 20 times, maybe more, because remember, these ants can sting more than once. Now just in case something catastrophic does happen, we also have an epinephrin pen. Just in case I go into anaphylactic shock. This poneratoxin is extremely potent, to be honest with you,

I have no idea how my body will react if I’m stung a second time. So it’s always good to take safety as a precaution and if I have to inject myself with the EpiPen, of course that’s gonna be just as entertaining as all of the stings. Yes, bullet ants bite,

But it’s the sting, which is armed with a paralyzing neurotoxic peptide known as poneratoxin that is responsible for putting its victim in tears. When it’s injected into your blood stream, it specifically attacks the central nervous system, causing extreme pain that is often compared to the burning sensation of a bullet wound.

No reported cases of death have ever been associated with this sting, but depending on venom yield, side effects can include massive swelling, limb paralysis, hallucinations, and muscular discomfort that can last for nearly 36 hours. I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to enter the bullet ant box. Here we go, one, two, three.

Right now I am just trying my best to keep my calm. The ants are definitely crawling all over my hand. A lot of heat is likely registering off of my skin. So far, no bites, no stings. My heart is going about a million miles a second right now.

Now what I don’t wanna do is shake my hand around with any sudden movements. If I do that, all I’m going to do is make the ants angry. Oh man, that is a creepy feeling, having those ants walking up and over my hand. I’m gonna try to keep my hand in there

For as long as I possible can. I’m just trying to control my heart rate at the moment. I’m trying not to move my hand. The ants are crawling around, they are investigating, and they have incredible sensory organs in their antennas, so they can definitely sense that this is something alien in their environment.

At this point, they are most likely trying to find a way to get out of the bullet ant box. Oh, I think I’m getting bit on my wrist. Something’s biting me. No sting, but I’m definitely getting nibbled at. And the thing about your hands and your wrists

Is that they are extremely sensitive, a lot of nerve endings so if I do end up getting stung, it’s going to be extremely painful. I’m going to gently turn my hand like this just to give them another option if they so choose. Nothing happening. The ants actually seem to be doing their best

To avoid my hand. Now if I took my hand and shoved it into the nest of a bullet ant, their immediate defense is going to be to defend the colony. Inside this plastic box, the ants don’t necessarily feel as if they need to defend something. Okay, now one of the ants has escaped

And is actually out on the table, be careful, guys, we’ve got live ants amongst us. Now you guys may recall that there is a little… Sorry, so nervous at the moment even though I’m not being stung yet. Now one really interesting thing that I know you guys have commented on

In the comment section is the bullet ant gloves, which is a very famous tradition in South America that young boys will go through to essentially transition between boyhood and manhood. And the reason that people are stung inside of those bullet ant gloves is because the ants are actually woven into the palm leaves.

Those ants, once they wake up, they realize that they’re trapped and they begin to sting. Those stings then become the hallucination that these young boys go through and eventually the spiritual journey to transition between boyhood and manhood. At the moment, these ants are not being pressed into my skin.

I actually have an ant right here walking up on the table, kind of getting surrounded by them. And I’m not being stung because the ants are not feeling restrained. A couple of them are escaping, that is completely fine, they will just find their way back up into the forest

And eventually back to the colony. And I think what we have ultimately proven at this point is that while the bullet ant may be intimidating, if you are not threatening them, if you’re not pressing them down on your skin or attacking their home, they have absolutely no reason to bite

Let alone sting you. I gotta say, I am truly thankful for all that the bullet ants have given us thus far. I don’t think we could’ve performed a better experiment to celebrate the five year anniversary of “Stung By A Bullet Ant.” I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave, stay wild,

We’ll see you on the next adventure. I know you were all hoping for an onslaught of vicious stings, so that we could have a good laugh watching me roll around on the ground like a big baby. It’s fair to admit I was nervous at first. But I’m glad I was not stung because it helps us recognize the bullet ants

Are not aggressive toward humans unless provoked. If you stomp on their mound or hold one to your arm with a pair of forceps, you’re going to get stung. Otherwise, they simple wanted to go about their peaceful existence as they forged for food in the rain forest. Brave Wilderness found a creative way

To put the bullet ant in a very bright spotlight and in turn, this little insect helped drive forward a brand that now promotes conservation and shares education around the world. When you really sit back and think about it, it’s a pretty cool story. So to you, bullet ant, we say thank you

For being such a super cool creature. Oh, it’s stuck in my arm! It’s stuck in my arm! The stinger’s stuck in my arm, look at that!

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