10 Essential Facts to Familiarize Yourself with Prior to Viewing the 3 Body Problem – Video

10 Essential Facts to Familiarize Yourself with Prior to Viewing the 3 Body Problem – Video

The highly anticipated Netflix sci-fi series “3 Body Problem” is set to take viewers on a thrilling journey that delves into the mysteries of the universe. Before diving into this captivating series, here are the top 10 things you need to know.

1. **Adaptation**: “3 Body Problem” is based on Liu Cixin’s award-winning book series, “The Three-Body Problem”, part of the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy. While reading the books is not necessary, it’s a treasure trove of sci-fi material for fans.

2. **The Creators**: With creators like David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and a star-studded cast of executive producers, including Brad Pitt and Ryan Johnson, the series promises to be a stacked production.

3. **The Cast**: Featuring talent from “Game of Thrones” and the MCU, the cast includes Benedict Wong, John Bradley, and more, bringing their A-game to portray key characters in this thrilling tale.

4. **The Setup**: Set against the backdrop of a global mystery and a shadowy organization called the Oxford 5, the series introduces a compelling narrative that spans across time and space.

5. **The Mystery**: With a looming countdown, unsettling deaths, and the possibility of an alien invasion, “3 Body Problem” weaves a web of intrigue that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

6. **The Invasion**: The imminent threat of an alien invasion adds a layer of tension and suspense to the story, prompting existential questions about humanity’s survival in the face of unknown forces.

7. **The Headset**: A sleek and enigmatic headset plays a pivotal role in the series, blurring the lines between reality and fiction, hinting at a deeper connection to the unfolding mysteries.

8. **The Real Science**: Drawing on real-world scientific concepts like the three-body problem and the Dark Forest Theory, the series grounds its sci-fi elements in fascinating and thought-provoking theories.

9. **Famous Fans**: From former US President Barack Obama to Mark Zuckerberg and George R.R. Martin, “3 Body Problem” has garnered a devoted fan base of notable figures who have praised the original novels.

10. **More to Come**: With rumors of a potential follow-up and a companion podcast series featuring space scientist Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock, the world of “3 Body Problem” is set to expand beyond the initial eight episodes.

As the fate of the world hangs in the balance, “3 Body Problem” promises to be a sci-fi extravaganza that will leave viewers captivated and eager for more. Are you ready to unravel the mysteries that lie beyond the stars? Share your thoughts and get ready for an epic adventure into the unknown.

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Video Transcript

As children we fear the dark welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 things you need to know before watching the Netflix Sci-Fi series three body problem there’s no screen there’s no headphone ja number 10 the adaptation three body problem is an adaptation of a

Multi-award-winning Sci-Fi book series penned by the Chinese author Leu suing with the first installment first published in full in 2008 the original series is a Trilogy known collectively as the remembrance of Earth’s past and this actually isn’t the first time that it’s been converted to the screen in

Fact there are multiple past versions including a 2022 animated series and a 20123 live action according to those behind the Netflix show quote reading the books is not a prerequisite for understanding or enjoying it however if science fiction is your bag then there’s a load of source material to sink your teeth into

It’s probably a bet a tester no this is not Bea anything you don’t understand this was indistinguishable from reality number nine the creators but who are those behind three body problem in short it is a stacked production the series is created by David benof and DB Weiss internationally known for Game of

Thrones plus Alexander woo a lead writer on True Blood and co-writer of The Immortal Life of Henrietta LAX the big names keep coming though with a long list of executive producers including the likes of Ryan Johnson known for Star Wars and knives out plus the actor Brad

Pit and Rosman Pike the opening two episodes are directed by Derek Zang while Pixar’s Andrew Stanton takes the helm for an episode as well do you believe in God number eight the cast what’s immediately clear from even the first trailers is that there’s a fair amount of crossover between three body problem

And Game of Thrones when it comes to acting Talent John Bradley Liam Cunningham and the one-time High Sparrow sir Jonathan price all have key roles in three body that said it’s the mcu’s Benedict Wong who heads the bill starring as dashu an ex intelligence officer tasked with investigating a

Spate of disturbing and mysterious deaths the role of ywen J is said to be pivotal but it’s split between sweet tooths rosalin chow and breakout star Zen sang with the character’s key story playing out across multiple decades someone or something thing is targeting scientists number seven the setup we’ve

Covered the background so what actually happens there are those who say we should not inquire too closely into who else might be living in that Darkness it’s always been acknowledged that while the series is faithful to the books there have also been changes made for example while the

Books are predominantly said in China the show takes a more Global approach with much of the drama set mostly in the UK according to D saying quote we’ve widened the scope and have more characters from all over the world there’s somewhere behind everything just have to dig all tweaks

Have been made with the blessing of Leu sing however and the central stories themes and threats all Remain the action begins in 1960s China during the cultural revolution era But ultimately when one decision is made with repercussions beyond our planet the impact is felt for many many generations

To come but we have got one shot and I need your help number six the mystery in the here and now there’s the Oxford 5 a group of supremely talented scientists called to team up with Wong’s dasu under the shadow of a seemingly linked series of troubling deaths there

Must be 30 dead scientists in the past month there’s a recurring and ominous countdown that threads through the story and a growing realization that whatever is happening isn’t only bad news for those who are directly caught up in it but is possibly catastrophic for all of humankind has anyone else seen

It why are people suddenly dying left right and Center precisely what is the countdown counting down to and can five talented Minds really unite to save the world three body is packed with questions that need answering bitter not to know number five The Invasion among the biggest unknowns in

Terms of where the series will go is how it will deal with the key concern in the three body books an imminent Alien Invasion anything might be out there what’s interesting is that much of the story is built not around alien life itself but around how we the lowly

Humans might deal with the emergence of an extraterrestrial force it also forces us to consider the question how might an otherworldly being view us if we ever were to be discovered but we continue to search life looks for life and most pressingly of all could we have any hope for

Survival if Earth was to be targeted clearly you need to watch the show to be in the no but the existential crises are always lurking in the background they are coming and there’s nothing you can do to stop them is number four the headset possibly the most intriguing object in all of the

Trailers and clips pre-series lach is a sleek and shimmering headset which we see various characters put on prepare yourself for something very strange now in the year of Apple Vision Pro this feels like a pretty fortuitous piece of blending between sci-fi and the real world but that bit of Kit is more

Than just a gimmick do you need a a password or anything to log in no you just put it on we get our best look at it in a pre-released clip featuring John Bradley’s character Jack Rooney Netflix describes Jack as having quote used his Physics degree to develop a snacks

Empire but in this scene he seemingly finds himself transported to a whole new reality this is number three the real science to continue bleeding over into the real world there are various elements and potential plot lines in 3body that are actually more than science fiction whatever is is watching and

Listening in the books new sing’s alien group hails from the planet tric Solaris which is positioned in a far-off star system that’s built around three Suns scientists know that Triple Star systems do exist in reality although tric Solaris itself isn’t a real place more broadly the three body problem is also a

True phenomenon it’s an unsolved physical conundrum to do with the laws of gravity and movement whenever any system has three masses entangled together we don’t know what they are maybe we can’t know what they are looking further ahead there’s also the Dark Forest Theory a real world idea

That advanced enough alien groups would creep through the universe in fear of being discovered the theory gets its name from the second book in the three body trilogy The Dark Forest is scared your right to be scared number two famous fan all in all and in the runup to this

Particular series the hype and expectation have grown and grown they’re going after our best and brightest but with that comes a huge responsibility to get it right in the eyes of some three body perhaps represents a chance for David benof and DB Weiss especially to reemerge after a

Game of Thrones finale that didn’t exactly go down well you are my queen it’s encouraging then that they and Alexander woo are on record many times over waxing lyrical about the three body books meanwhile among the series other most notable readers are the former US President Barack Obama head of the

Metaverse Mark Zuckerberg and also the author of Throne Source material A Song of Ice and Fire George RR Martin before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for

Occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one is there more to come okay so this isn’t exactly something to know before watching but it could be very important as to how the story pans out the

Unknown troubles us the initial series is set for eight episodes all coming in at roughly 1 hour long however and as we’ve seen there’s a wealth of story in the original novels and surely far too much to cover in just those eight installments what happened to them there

Are then rumors of a Dark Forest specific followup and perhaps one day we’ll make it to the final book death’s end for now what is certain is that three body will have a Companion podcast series featuring the British space scientist D Maggie adarin pook Christ another countdown so what’s your verdict on

Three body problem are you excited to see it have you read the books let us know your take in the comments wa you were not invited did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest


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