Returning to the Water: A Disappointing Outcome (Ep 288) – Video

Returning to the Water: A Disappointing Outcome (Ep 288) – Video

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In the latest episode of the Z-Crew’s sailing adventures, they are finally back on the water after spending a few months docked in Fort Lauderdale. With new engines, a newly fixed dinghy, and a crew consisting of almost 18-year-old Finn, his friend Luke, and Luke’s girlfriend Emily, they set off for Grenada.

On their journey, they encounter some hiccups with the dinghy and propeller adjustments, but ultimately start making their way towards the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos. With night sailing, breathtaking sunsets, and some stormy weather along the way, the Z-Crew takes on the challenges of the open sea with a positive attitude.

As they navigate through squalls and water spouts, they take on night shifts and enjoy some downtime at various anchorages. With a mix of adventure, troubleshooting, and bonding moments, the Z-Crew’s sailing trip is filled with excitement and unexpected twists.

Join them on their BlueWater Cruising adventure as they make their way towards Puerto Rico and eventually towards Grenada. With new sails, engines, and a solid crew, the Z-Crew is ready to take on whatever the ocean throws their way.

Don’t miss out on the ups and downs of their journey as they share their experiences on their YouTube channels. Happy sailing from Renee and the Z-Crew!

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