10 Musicians Who Have Lost Everyone’s Respect – Video

10 Musicians Who Have Lost Everyone’s Respect – Video

In the world of music, some artists have fallen from grace due to scandalous behavior that tarnished their reputation and careers. In the video “10 Musicians Everyone Lost Respect For,” WatchMojo explores the downfall of musicians who have faced public scrutiny and backlash for their actions.

From Jerry Lee Lewis’ scandalous relationship with a teenage family member to Marilyn Manson’s allegations of abuse and sexual assault, these musicians have faced severe consequences for their behavior. The video also delves into the controversies surrounding artists like Ike Turner, Ryan Adams, and CeeLo Green, whose actions have led to public outrage and condemnation.

The video highlights how these scandals have not only affected the artists’ careers but also their personal legacies. Whether it’s facing criminal convictions, loss of record sales, or being labeled as a controversial figure, these musicians have seen their once respected reputations crumble before the public eye.

As viewers reflect on the scandals that have tainted these musicians’ careers, they are encouraged to share which scandal changed their tune about an artist in the comments. The video serves as a reminder of the consequences that come with fame and the importance of holding public figures accountable for their actions.

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Video Transcript

BR hey bro hey hey bro I ain’t finished I ain’t finished my sentence welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re looking at musicians whose personal reputation if not career were completely unraveled by Scandal I need somebody to help me not have a big heart because my heart is so

Big people betray me and I keep forgiving them you sound like you’re playing the victim here number 10 Jerry Lee Lewis Jerry Lee Lewis always caused commotion as an early rock and roll Rebel incidentally the wild child went too far by settling down with Myra Gail Brown in 1957 after four triumphant concerts

Lewis inadvertently referred to Myra’s age at a press conference all hell broke loose the 22-year-old Lewis publicly lied about his third wife’s real age who was a teenager she was also his first cousin once removed just like that LE publicly went from bad boy to Total creep the subsequent concert

Cancellations and boycotts devastated his popular appeal I had no airplan on the radio I couldn’t see anything I did wrong and Jerry’s records were pull from the stations he was blacklisted he could not do a TV show he was he was bad news no one would touch him he remained an

Active musician for the rest of his life whose influential work is still celebrated the man himself was never recover from his Union with brown or its disillusion on the grounds of infidelity and abuse this wasn’t Lewis’s last scandalous marriage Jerry Lee Lewis’s Talent was never in doubt but his

Personal life will forever raise questions about his legacy number nine Ryan Adams prolific singer songwriter Ryan Adams has enjoyed great acclaim and cloud in the music industry many fellow musicians counted on him in their own careers in 2019 seven women told the New York Times that this came with strings

Attached they claimed that Adams used Promises of professional support to sexually and romantically coer them if they resisted he would use social media to solely their Public Image Adams initially denied these allegations but later took full responsibility for his history of abuse many didn’t buy his formulaic apology and promise of growth

I I find it curious that someone would make a public apology but not do it privately um I am speaking for myself but I have not heard from him and I’m not looking for an apology necessarily but I do find it curious that someone would sort of do an interview about it

Without actually making amends privately yeah some say the material he’s produced since has suffered from a ton deaf tone of self-pity I don’t remember we wild and young all that’s faded in me whether Ryan is is truly remorseful that music industry cloud is dried up

You had a lot of aess friends that that stayed quiet when when all this happened did this sort of teach you who your real your real friends are oh man I got friends the I the whole alphabet I’m good number eight Ike Turner in the early days of rock and roll Ike Turner

Was a Visionary he took the blues and created his own Ike Turner sound he really got his Big Break by helping his wife Tina get hurs the couple revolutionized pop music but no longer share the same esteem after filing for divorce in 1976 Tina revealed that her marriage was plagued with physical and

Psychological abuse Ike’s Public Image as well as his finances were further tarnished by substance use and legal issues all of this was cemented in Pop Culture by the biopic What’s Love Got to Do With It what I he what’ you say the Turners both stated that the film embellished their

Dysfunctional relationship still while Tina is immortalized as the queen of rock and roll the queen Maker’s Legacy is overshadowed by cruelty after the movie came out people were like sorry we’re not going to help number seven tekashi 69 Daniel Hernandez stands out from a generation of rappers who made

Their stage name on Soundcloud unfortunately it’s not so much because of tekashi 69 work with big names in the industry in 2015 he pled guilty to criminally sexual Iz in a minor in a music video over the next two years he would be implicated in or admit to a

Number of violent offenses despite asking for time served the judge cited a list of crimes linking Hernandez which he said wreaked havoc across the city he also softened racketeering and Firearm convictions in 2018 by ratting on gang Associates after many assumed he would be free this week Brooklyn rapper

Tekashi 69 has been sentenced to 24 months in prison and a subsequent 5 years of supervised release Hernandez left left prison 2 years later but was labeled a snitch in his community and an overall scumbag in the mainstream he dug himself even deeper with several high-profile feuds don’t tell me what

I’ve chose to do in my life because if i cho if I did what people say oh you should have did you guys move on with your life otherwise 69s music is as low profile as ever Number Six CEO Green in both hip-hop groups and solo soul CEO

Green was a Titan of his industry my life feels purposed and my music feels intentful and I feel empowered because of it his reputation first started to bend in the early 2010s over hostile responses to critics online it broke after he was accused of sexual battery and charged with assaulting an

Intoxicated woman green maintained his innocence by posting that victims remember the experience he is a very popular celebrity in Los Angeles the prosecutor has to consider that because the jury is going to like CEO green he made so many disturbingly ignorant comments that his account was temporarily shut down a lackluster

Apology was insufficient to save one of music’s most prolific Stars the Scandal cost him gigs and nearly destroyed his career on the screen record sales have also suffered CeeLo manages to stay busy but now largely outside of public view the accusation would it it it was so untimely and unfortunate number five Ian

Wat kins fans were devastated when the Welsh rockers lost profits broke up in 2013 the reason why was the most devastating part the previous year lead singer Ian Watkins was arrested for possession of drugs and highly obscene materials because he shows no emotion he uh shows no sympathy he shows no guilt

And in this case the evidence is overwhelming he eventually pleaded guilty to 10 counts of sexual activity with minors Watkins abuses had been reported to police as early as 2008 the police Watchdog the ipcc confirmed they’d now identified as many as five forces who since 2009 had passed on

Information about Watkins to South Wales police the horrific Scandal has even besmer merged his bandmates legacies lost profits music and merchandise have been basically blacklisted from the public thankfully most of its members have found success with the band no devotion and other beloved projects Watkins meanwhile is serving 29 years in

Prison for his heinous crimes there is no doubt in my mind that Ian Watkins has exploited a celebrity stat this number four Marilyn Manson industrial metal Pioneer Brian Warner made a career out of shocking the public as maryin Manson his subversive brand would gradually be hidden from the mainstream over several

High-profile murders committed by fans I think it’s my job as an artist to be out there pushing people’s buttons and making them question everything he was a key subject and proponent of discourse following the Columbine High School massacre I definitely can see why they would pick me because I think it’s easy

To throw my face on a TV because I’m in the end sort of a poster boy for fear because I represent what everyone’s afraid of because I do and say what I want in 2021 Manson finally lost his Niche group of supporters multiple people including ex fiance EV Rachel

Wood alleged years of abuse and sexual assault it’s a cycle and it it bleeds into so many problems in in our country and our society that we are not even aware of Manson has not released new material or toured since he’s been embroiled in legal battles with his accusers which have raised concerning

Testimony against all parties but with disturbing evidence suggesting that Manson’s horror isn’t just for show if you are still willing to defend him number three Gary Glitter I deeply regret doing what I was sent to prison for Paul Gad helped broaden glamrocks pop appeal with the flamboyant anthems and live performances of Gary

Glitter he’d still be an icon of the genre if it weren’t for his shocking criminal history in 1999 Gad was convicted of possessing obscene content and registered as a sex offender his career died on the spot glitter served 2 months in prison and upon his release he claimed he was repentant after prison

Gad tried starting a new outside of England only to be deported and banned from several countries for continuing to fraternize a conviction in Vietnam resulted in deportation to his homeland where he was convicted of multiple sex crimes in 2015 judge alist McCree told glitter I’ve read the impact statements

Of all three victims it is clear in their different ways they were all profoundly affected the Gary Glitter brand has now faded Into Obscurity and all that’s left is a criminal rejected by the whole world number two Kanye West even more astonishing than Kanye West’s Renown was his downfall he first lost

Mainstream credibility with baffling statements throughout the 2000s this included poorly phrasing racial concerns after Hurricane Katrina and hijacking an award acceptance speech by Taylor Swift Taylor I I’m really happy for you I’m let you finish but Beyonce had one the best videos of all time one of the best videos of all

Time West then polarized the black community by downplaying racism and aligning with right-wing politics through the 2010s this culminated in a representation of white supremacist culture in the 2020s especially anti-semitic conspiracy theories that dealt a destructive blow to West’s music career business brand and social media presence still he always finds a

Platform for his outrageous views I know they’re going to say whatever they want about me they’re when I bring up the truth they’re going to say you didn’t get enough sleep it’s because of your health many link the rapper Antics to mental illness or mere attention seeking

But as Wes continues to dig himself into Scandal he can’t even count on public pity there is a sense of of sadness and tragedy when you think about individuals who have known him for so long before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get

Notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one R Kelly do you like teenage girls when you say Teenage how are we

Talking the one-time king of R&B has gone from one of music’s biggest stars to one of its worst parias R Kelly’s glamorous image first cracked in 1994 when the 27-year-old briefly married underage singer Aaliyah his indiscretions were further suggested throughout the 2000s by allegations and a hardw legal battle Robert feels as if

He’s Invincible I can’t be touched and in hindsight in society we kind of made him feel that way the public was completely divided until the subsequent decades ended their debate accusations of sex Cults and horrendous abuse led to widespread boycotts before the hit docu series surviving R Kelly killed public

Sympathy I think R Kelly is on everybody’s uh permanently cancel this all of this is wrong AR Kelly has a sickness yes I believe R Kelly’s a dirt bag scumbag and somebody should press charges and try to prosecute again press charges let’s go this inspired a series of Trials leading to convictions on

Racketeering trafficking and other crimes Kelly began his 31-year prison sentence in 2023 though there’s no salvaging the musicians once celebrated art his victims have finally reive Justice which Scandal changed your tune about an artist open up in the comments I didn’t do this stuff this is not me y I’m fighting for my

Life y’all killing me with this

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